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What Is the Perfect Gift For Any Occasion? Gift Card / Certificate Extension Release

Editor’s note: Wonderful time of Christmas holidays is coming. We are all inspired by the magic atmosphere of these magnificent weeks and wait for wonders and pleasant surprises. We want to receive and, even more, to give presents to our family members, friends, neighbors and the entire world… But how can we cater all the numerous wishes of our loved ones? The solution is a gift card, of course, which can meet any personal demands.


According to Nielsen, gift cards are expected to be the number one in the Top Ten Gifts in 2013

Purchasing Gift cards online is a steady modern trend and customers value gift cards even more so than gifts of the equal value. Shoppers have already appreciated gift card usability and constantly purchase them on numerous occasions. Here are some confirming facts:

  • 2/3 of American customers purchased one or several gift cards;
  • More than half of gift card recipients visit stores several times spending their gift cards;
  • Gift card receivers spend up to 20% above the value of their gift cards;
  • About 80% of customers buy gift cards for birthdays and 2/3 on other occasions.


Today we release the Gift Card/Certificate extension, which is intended to allow Magento-based stores to offer gift cards to their customers. The module equally treats fine merchants’ and customers’ needs.

AJAX Evolution and Application in Magento Extensions

aheadWorks always delivers to customers the best and the most advanced technologies in its extensions and themes.  Magento is a source-consuming platform, so using AJAX technology in functional Magento extensions allows saving server resources and reduces site response time.  We have several AJAX-using modules in our portfolio (twenty, to be precise). Some of them are fully AJAX-based and the others simply include features that use AJAX technologies.

AJAX-based modules

What is AJAX?

It is an abbreviation of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.  According to Wikipedia AJAX is a group of interrelated web development techniques used on the client-side to create asynchronous web applications.

AJAX provides asynchronous updates of small pieces of web pages content. It allows avoiding excessive server bandwidth and makes updates invisible for users. Actually it updates page content without page reloads.

aheadWorks Releases Layered Navigation Extension. Faster Search, Easier Navigation and AJAX Support

Today, when the current eCommerce competitive environment is so unfriendly and spontaneous we exert every effort attracting customers to our online store and retaining them there. And sometimes they just can’t find the item they need among the huge number of goods. Now this disappointing obstacle is fully removed by Magento Layered Navigation extension from aheadWorks.

This extension meets all advanced standards of Web 2.0 solutions for Magento platform. AJAX-based, it contains powerful features which greatly enhance native Magento layered navigation functionality.

Layered Navigation extension for Magento

Key Features

Easy installation and configuration (all data will be imported from Magento)

Attributes set available for filtering are added from native Magento Layered navigation during the installation and you do not need to define them again.

AJAX-based features

AJAX-based navigation
AJAX technology allows the extension to filter products fast and without page reloads. Moreover, you can use “go back” or “go forward” buttons in your browser, but, once settled, filtering configuration will be saved for your convenience.

AJAX-based pagination and sorting
Pagination and results sorting are done seamlessly, without any reloads, and do not distract customers from searching the products they need.

Address Your Marketing Efforts to Proper Audience With Market Segmentation Suite 2.0

Customers segmentation is a compulsory commercial and marketing action and only those merchants who know their customers are able to gain success and profit.

Usually the stream of commercial information is so strong that it is difficult to pick out any specific tendencies or a consistent pattern without time-consuming analytics. And it is almost impossible to make any relevant prompt decisions or actions.

Market Segmentation Suite extension by aheadWorks allows you automatically segment your customers using multiple rules with numerous flexible conditions. You can export this valuable data from your store and use it for advertising, promotion or any other purposes. Furthermore, you can use this information within your store and work with your customers more effectively by taking in account their special characteristics and features.

Today we announce Market Segmentation Suite 2.0 release. The module has been revamped and it can easily be called a new extension now, with absolutely new logic of operation.

Magento Market Segmentation Suite 2.0

Add Free Product to Cart Extension Ver. 1.1 Release

Add Free Product to Cart Magento extensionThe biggest section in our store is ‘Sales Motivation’. It contains 18 extensions аnd it is not an accident, the abundance is justified by the requirements of the market. Add Free Product to Cart is a newbie in that scope (only 1.1 version old). However, it can give your customers a strong incentive to complete the purchase and commit a subsequent one.

According to its name the module automatically adds free products to customers’ carts. You can notify customers about that in a pop-up window or make a surprise for them. It is really nice when you see a useful product added to your cart for free, alternatively extra products can be added to cart with substantial discounts. The aforementioned points pretty much sum up the main functionality of Add Free Product to Cart Extension.

In our blog we wrote about the initial release of the module, so I will only highlight newly added features. This release comes with the following useful additions:

Points and Rewards Extension by aheadWorks Becomes More Functional

Editor’s note: Merchants often ask themselves: who are our customers? A lot of books and posts examine this question. As for me, after reading you always catch yourself thinking that these notorious men are still in the shade. However, the fact is that they are people. And people are the customers of that sort who mostly like giving less and getting more. This is exactly the thing you can give them with Points and Rewards extension.

Points and Rewards Magento extension by aheadWorks gives you an excellent opportunity to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Comprehensive functionality and simplicity of this extension are the keystones of its popularity. Let’s revise the features.

Magento points ahd Magento Rewards

1. You can reward customers for:

  • Registration on a site;
  • Newsletter subscription;
  • Reviews;
  • Product tags;
  • Poll participation;
  • Customer’s birthday;
  • Video testimonials*;
  • Likes**.

Magento Price-related Extensions Review

Pricing is a complicated process that determines existence of any business. Its proper organization, when all essential aspects of price modeling are taken into account, lets a company receive greater revenue and profit. But serious pricing mistakes may even lead to bankruptcy.

Most merchants set the selling price after the analyses of two factors. The first one is the company’s average costs. The second one is how their customers perceive the products value in comparison with the one offered by competitors.

Magento Price - related Extensions Review

Numerous extensions offered by developers of Magento modules are aimed to prevent merchants from pricing errors, simplify and automate the process of product pricing in their stores. These powerful solutions allow store owners to boost sales, set tier prices, create various discounts etc.

aheadWorks is always ready to give Magento merchants a hand with business improvement. The following modules, created by our high class developers, turn the process of pricing into effective eCommerce tools:

Update Refer a Friend to v.2.1 and Limit Rule Triggering

Refer a Friend is considered to be the most powerful referral system for Magento. Its mechanism is quite simple – existing consumers invite friends and get % or flat rate discount for referrals. The amount of rewards is specified by store administrator.

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend is an efficient tool for conversion of customers into partners. Encouraged by attractive discounts clients attract all possible friends and relatives to join the store community. As a result consumers save money, store owners get more clients who are also eager to get discounts for referred people. This process can become endless and cause a stable revenue growth.

You Ask – We Answer. aheadWorks Support FAQ

Editors note:We continue posting about aheadWorks support service. This time there will be more practical advices and useful tips. We want to show our customers and all Magento users that support ticket submission is necessary only in exceptional cases.

Yoг might know that we created and constantly fill up a section of our e-commerce store called Kbase or Knowledge Base. This section aims at answering the most frequent customers’ questions regarding our extensions. In this post we will examine some of these questions and if you have any that are not covered by this article, please, refer to our Kbase.

Answers to questions for those who plan to buy our extensions.

1. I run several web-stores. Do I have to purchase several copies of the extension?

How to Find the Best Magento Extension?

Launched March 31, 2008, Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform worldwide. According to Magento Commerce, more than 200,000 businesses choose Magento. Impressive number, isn’t it?

Of course, all these enterprises have their own characteristics and needs. So, it is safe to say that a clean Magento installation is hardly able to handle all the requirements Magento owners might have to run their business successfully.

So, the question is: who can satisfy all these needs? Thanks to a flourishing Magento ecosphere, there are numerous IT companies developing functional extensions for the platform, but it might be a huge problem for any merchant to choose among them, as options are numerous.

Any store owner, administrator or developer who starts a “selection process”, have to work out certain criteria to be able to find the module they want.

We would like to offer the main ones and hope this will help you make proper choice.


Top 10 aheadWorks Magento Extensions in September

Editor’s note: Flying back in my thoughts to that “sweet” September I grasped that it was not autumn yet. It was actually the end of summer with still hot days and beautiful nights. Lots of red and dark yellow apples hanging down and ripe pumpkins scattered over the field. The pumpkins were a little scary…

Top 10 aheadWorks Magento Extensions in September

Anyway, September 2013 was very fruitful (see the paragraph above). Numerous modules were sold, but there is always someone on top. Here is the list of top 10 aheadWorks extensions in September 2013.

  1. Follow Up Email
  2. Advanced Reports
  3. Ajax Cart Pro
  4. RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)
  5. Automatic Related Products
  6. Help Desk Ultimate
  7. iPhone Theme
  8. One Step Checkout
  9. Refer a Friend
  10. Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

8 Convincing Reasons to Buy aheadWorks Magento Products

Merchants who run Magento stores know that this feature-rich platform has a global community of partners and developers. Most of these specialists are highly qualified and offer a great variety of robust extensions and certified professional integration help.

That’s why when a store owner needs to implement additional functionality in a store he or she faces the difficult choice: which provider to give preference to? In this post you’ll find out about the benefits offered by aheadWorks to its customers. Let’s start!

Use Magento products from aheadWorks

Guess What’s New in aheadWorks Store? We Feature Magento Extensions from Trusted Partners!

Today Magento customers are hard-headed as they have a huge choice of Magento extensions for their “lovely” shop. This may seem confusing especially when customers don’t have much time for browsing through thousands of modules. Even more to that – no guarantee is given that the final choice will be of a high quality.

We will try to stop this chaos by publishing modules from our reliable partners in aheadWorks store.

Trusted Partners Extensions

Get acquainted with great advantages of purchasing trusted partners extensions from aheadWorks.

Organize Gift Wrapping Service with the Gift Wrap Magento Extension

People get pleasure from gifts in different ways: someone prefers receiving presents, others like giving out. And it doesn’t matter what occasion a present is dedicated to, it needs to be wrapped.

The Gift Wrap Magento extension helps organizing gift wrapping service right at a website. We are glad to inform you that such a useful module is released and you can order it at $99 in aheadWorks Magento store.

Gift Wrap