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We Give Visibility to Magento Extensions That Are Currently ‘In Development’ Status

We expect you to be that type of a reader who regularly visits aheadWorks Magento extensions store and keeps track of alterations we bring to it. Anyways, it pays to do it, because we often announce time-limited sales saving you as much as 50% of the module price.

Most likely you could not help noticing that something new happened in our store. You might have detected it while browsing through our Magento extensions and suddenly spotting some products marked with the ‘Coming Soon’ label and not available for purchase. What is it and why are we doing this?

Modules in development

Create Events and Sell Tickets for Them Online with The Event Tickets Magento Extension

If your e-business deals with distribution of tickets for various events, this news is for you! Today we are glad to introduce our new Magento extension Event Tickets. You can order it for $199.

The module helps with creation of numerous events such as concerts, seminars, conferences, moving-picture shows, theatrical performances, and selling tickets for them.

As a rule, tickets differ according to the quality of seats or the date of purchase. The extension solves this problem dividing tickets into classes: VIP and Standard, Free and Paid or Adult and Child. The quantity of classes is unlimited. Each class has its own price and quantity. These figures are taken into account in the process of selling.

How to Pay Less and Save a Lot of Money on aheadWorks Magento Extensions

From time to time aheadWorks Magento store visitors and blog readers can see our extensions available for PRE-ORDER. If you haven’t pre-ordered anything before, you wasted so much money, whereas you could save it.

In this post I’ll give you a solid $ reason to use the pre-order option whenever it is presented and describe the process behind the scenes.

How to Pay Less and Save a Lot of Money on aheadWorks Magento Extensions

Wikipedia defines a pre-order as “an order placed for an item which has not yet been released”. During the first half of the 2013 our customers have pre-ordered over 100 extensions among which the most popular were One Step Checkout, Add Free Product to Cart, Better Thank You Page, Extra Downloads.

Did users benefit from pre-orders? Absolutely! They saved up to 50% of the module price, and you can do the same. Read further how the pre-ordering option works for aheadWorks extensions and how to pay twice less for the module you need.

Ease the Problem of Choice with Product Color Swatches Magento Extension

What color is preferable: green or red, orange or black? What material is the most appropriate for this or that item? Tastes differ, and customers face the problem of choice each time they buy a configurable product. Merchants need to give them a hand in solving this dilemma.

Product Color Swatches

With the Product Color Swatches Magento extension, creation of configurable products becomes as easy as pie. Picture swatches added by a store administrator show visitors what variations for each product attribute are available. All they need is hover the mouse over these swatches to see how the item looks in the chosen color, material, size, etc.

The Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento Extension v.3.3 Allows Your Visitors to Search by Tags

Search Autocomplete and Suggest

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Among key navigation elements of eCommerce stores the advanced search occupies nearly the first place. Do you know that there are a lot of people who spend their time browsing through numerous items endlessly? The Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento extension lets visitors save time and find any product as quickly as possible.

Search Autocomplete and Suggest shows visitors relevant matches when just a part of the word is typed in, thus, improving usability of online stores.

Today we announce the release of Search Autocomplete and Suggest v.3.3! The module offers some powerful features which enhance store functionality and make product search effortless.

  • Backend and frontend options are refactored
  • Search by tags

Search by tags

  • Alphabetical sorting of results
  • Option to specify a custom text in case no results are found

No results found

The following issues have been fixed:

* SAAS overrode default page in System->Configuration

* Issue with translation in backend

* Incorrect behavior after pressing ‘Enter’

Find the whole list of extension features, demo and screenshots on the Search Autocomplete and Suggest page.

Simplify the Checkout Procedure with One Step Checkout Magento Extension v.1.1

When a customer made a decision to buy a product, the last thing to do is to pay for it. Sometimes this action becomes the most complicated one. To simplify checkout procedure, merchants implement a wide range of methods and tools.

The One Step Checkout extension improves the standard Magento checkout page, allowing customers to process their transactions quickly. All necessary checkout steps are available on one page. Checkout fields can be filled without numerous page reloads.

One Step Checkout reduces the number of steps customers need to pass at checkout. As a result – products and services can be bought in one simple click.

One Step Checkout

Today we announce the release of the One Step Checkout extension version 1.1. Look at new features we have implemented.

Add Files to Products with Extra Downloads Magento Extension

It’s time to announce something so basic and natural to eCommerce stores that I am surprised it’s not already included in Magento package by default.

How many of your products do have user manuals and different sorts of certificates? I think a whole lot of them! You may want to show your customers additional info about the product, often far exceeding the size of the description area.

We release Extra Downloads Magento extension to help you upload additional product documents in a moment!

Extra Downloads

Extra Downloads module allows you adding and sharing different types of files with customers on any product page.

We believe that the process of file uploading should be dead simple, and now it is! Look what you can do with Extra Downloads:

  • Share files with customers
  • Add documents to a separate block on a product page
  • Upload files of different types as many as you want
  • Upload files while editing products
  • Limit the size of uploaded files
  • View the statistics of downloads (!)

Want to clarify some Extra Downloads extension features? Visit a product page or drop a comment!

Save $30 on New Order Attributes Magento Extension!

Sometimes online merchants need much more information about the order or customer than native Magento functionality can involve. It leads to additional emails, calls and negotiations. Finally, heaps of time goes by before customers get their order. No wonder that next time they prefer your competitor.

There is only one solution – ask all required information at checkout! The Order Attributes Magento extension from aheadWorks allows you to add as many fields as you need. With Order Attributes, various field types are at your disposal. So you can let your customers specify, for example, the preferable delivery date and a notice for a postman. You can ask different questions and allow customers to answer Yes/No or offer multiple select.

The Order Attributes Magento module is very flexible for configuration. When creating a new attribute or edit the existing one, you can specify various parameters. Make sure:

Wanna more features and screenshots? Find all of them at the Order Attributes page!

Good news for everybody who has been waiting for such module from aheadWorks. You can pre-order the Order Attributes for $69 and save $30 before its release.

Order Attributes Pre-Order

Stop wasting time on finding out the additional information! Get all you need to know at once!

The Add Free Product to Cart Magento Extension Caters Customers with Pleasant Gifts

People like different kinds of surprises. Promotions, when customers get free products after placing an order, give such pleasure to them. Little presents become positive experience for customers and they don’t hesitate to return to the store.

The Add Free Product to Cart Magento extension allows the store manager to set up numerous rules and add free products to shopping carts automatically. Promotions must be updated from time to time, because customers get used to them.

The module gives merchants a possibility of creating such promotions as “Buy a TV-set & Get 2 Years Free Service”, “Buy 3 Items and Get 50% Discount on Sony DVD Player” or “Spend $100 & get Samsung Mobile Phone with Free Delivery”.

With Add Free Product to Cart, merchants can give products for free or suggest getting them with a specified discount. The information about these items appears in the form of a pop-up or products are added to the cart without any notice. What can be more attractive for a customer than getting goods for free?

Today is the day to buy the Add Free Product to Cart extension at $79 in our store!

Add Free Product to Cart

Tell Customers the Product Price Personally with the Call for Price Magento Extension

The Call for Price Magento extension is the perfect solution for merchants who are looking for a way to display products without exposing the price. It is extremely important while setting up a new product when its price is not established yet or additional negotiations with clients are needed before closing the deal.

Call for Price

Product price and the default ‘add to cart’ button can be replaced by image, link, block, pop-up or any other piece of HTML code. The Call for Price flexible rules can be applied to a single product, product category, subcategory or the whole store. But when it is necessary to disable this feature for certain items, Magento store administrator can do it with a couple of clicks.

The Call for Price Magento extension is used to encourage customers to contact merchants and discover the pricing. During their dialogue the quote for a product can be discussed and the suitable price for both parties can be agreed.

Now when this new module has been officially released, become one of its first buyers! The main features of the extension:

  • Hide price and “add to cart” button
  • Display custom messages on catalog and product pages (HTML support)
  • Flexible settings via rules
  • Product level settings

Don’t lose the opportunity to buy this highly useful module for the popular Magento eCommerce framework. Visit the Call for Price page and learn more about the extension now.

Get 50% off! Pre-order the Call for Price Magento Extension

Among numerous offers merchants have products and services where prices should be hidden. It’s very important due to different reasons. These items are free, out of stock or their prices change frequently and need to be verified by phone. But store owners usually face various difficulties while adding such goods to their websites.

The Call for Price Magento extension removes price and the default ‘add to cart’ button and allows placing any piece of html code instead. It can be the image telling that you have no price for this product now, the URL to another store, any text message or pop-up that attracts viewers to contact the store owner and find out the price of a product.

Call for Price motivates customers to contact store administrators. They prove the interest in purchasing these or that goods. So merchants get a better chance of selling if they speak to clients directly. Additional goods can be offered as well.

Good news for everybody who has been waiting for such module from aheadWorks. You can pre-order the Call for Price extension for $49 and save $50 before its release.

Call for Price

Magento eCommerce Gamification Suite Involves Your Customers into Exciting Game

A large number of companies try to integrate game mechanics into different kinds of consumer-facing websites. Now, when the eCommerce Gamification Suite extension is officially released, this business practice is also available for Magento stores owners.

eCommerce Gamification Suite

Due to eCommerce Gamification Suite, merchants can drive wanted behaviors and promote friendly competition within the site community. The module brings game fun and excitement to the shopping process. It allows to stimulate users with game points, achievements and ranks for performed positive actions.

Customers are involved into the catching game created by the eCommerce Gamification Suite extension. Clients do their best to fulfill the conditions set by store administrators and occupy the leading positions in the Top Chart.

We are glad to inform that the eCommerce Gamification Suite extension is available in our store to help you motivate the activity of users.

Look at the key extension features:

  • Points
  • Achievements
  • Ranks
  • Live Stream
  • Top Chart
  • User Public Profile

Interested in this module and want to get it? Visit the eCommerce Gamification Suite page right now.

Get More Control Over the Catalog Permissions Magento Extension

Catalog Permissions

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If you want to configure the visibility of different categories, products or their prices for specified customer groups, you should install Catalog Permissions from aheadWorks. This Magento extension allows you to run more targeted marketing by customizing your product catalog.Today we release the updated version of the Catalog Permissions extension. The following issues have been fixed in version 1.3:

  • Product wasn’t restricted in anchor category
  • Some customer actions caused errors in system.log
  • Issue with products which were not assigned to any category
  • Problem with products from several categories when one of them was disabled
  • Issue with ‘Browse by price’ filter (layered navigation)
  • Issues with search results

This release is also remarkable for the new features which make the Catalog Permissions Magento extension more flexible for configuration and give you more control over the global module settings.

Turn Shopping into Game in Your Store! The eCommerce Gamification Suite Extension Is Available for Pre-order

Gamification model is finally adapted for Magento stores! Merchants tell us every day that they are daydreaming of gamification functionality: the way it will affect customer shopping experience and the amount of money clients will be eager to spend. Magento gamification solution from aheadWorks is currently baked in the development oven, and it’s a high time to introduce it to the public.

The eCommerce Gamification Suite Magento extension is an absolutely new solution that allows to engage customers and stimulate desirable user behavior. This module is built on people’s natural tendency to strive for high statuses via competition and achievements.

eCommerce Gamification Suite embraces the strategy of game rewards for customers who accomplish certain conditions. These rewards include points, achievements and ranks.

Pre-order this unique new eCommerce Gamification Suite extension for $159! Save $90 before its official release, when the price will be increased to $249.

eCommerce Gamification Suite

Look through the list of implemented features.

Better Thank You Page Extension: A Powerful Marketing Tool Far Exceeding ‘ThankYouing’ Purposes

As a rule, successful merchants always keep an eye on customer conversion rate. And they use any opportunity to increase it. But sometimes store owners forget the Thank you page which can be easily turned into a powerful tool.

When Magento order process is completed, this success page becomes an ideal possibility for further conversion. Any information merchants want to show to customers can be placed here. People need to be sure that transactions haven’t failed and that’s why the content of this page will be read.

The Better Thank You Page extension replaces Magento native order success page with a new one that is more catching and attractive. The page created by the module provides customers with different types of sections and increases your Magento store’s benefits.

Now you have a chance to pre-order Better Thank You Page for $69. After the official release its price will be raised to $89.

Better Thank You Page