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FAQ 1.1: Question Submission Forms on FAQ Article Pages

Each Magento store owner has a lot to tell customers, and customers have even more to ask.

FAQ 1.1: Question Submission Forms on FAQ Article Pages

That’s really the situation when you can take advantage of the FAQ extension for Magento 2 to the fullest. So, since we clearly understand that many people are in dire need of this functionality, we continue improving this extension regularly and have just recently released a new version of the module.

Below are presented the main features of FAQ 1.1 for Magento 2.

New Functionality

Ask Questions on Article Pages

This function is another step towards close communication with customers and a great opportunity to simplify the whole process of submitting questions.

From now on, customers are able to ask questions directly on article pages. A visitor has to fill three fields: name, email, and question. As soon as the question is submitted, a store admin will receive a email notification (if the corresponding option is enabled in the extension’s settings).

New FAQ for Magento 2 Dispels Any Shopping Doubts

Making a purchase online is often a challenging experience for most of your customers, unless they are your regular shoppers, of course. Product conditions, shipping terms, policy of returns, etc. – all these things are new for them each time they enter a new store.

New FAQ for Magento 2 Dispels Any Shopping Doubts

This overwhelming number of questions hold them back from prompt and peaceful shopping while most of the concerning issues are almost the same. According to the Amdocs Survey of the importance of efficient self-service customer systems, amazing 91% of customers would prefer to use a single online knowledge base if it was reliable and tailored to their needs.

So, a detailed and beneficial FAQ mechanism is able to remove the majority of support requests, decrease support costs and reduce website bounce rates. The task is only to create an effective and easily accessible knowledge system able to answer all customers’ questions and dispel their doubts.

The FAQ extension for Magento 2FAQ for Magento 2

The FAQ extension for Magento 2 stores is just the tool you need able to bring confidence to your customers and save your support team from a lot of routine. The module allows you to create a highly structured, intuitive and attractive FAQ interface on the frontend taking only a few minutes to find the required answer, rate its helpfulness or send an original question to the support team.