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What Is the Perfect Gift For Any Occasion? Gift Card / Certificate Extension Release

Editor’s note: Wonderful time of Christmas holidays is coming. We are all inspired by the magic atmosphere of these magnificent weeks and wait for wonders and pleasant surprises. We want to receive and, even more, to give presents to our family members, friends, neighbors and the entire world… But how can we cater all the numerous wishes of our loved ones? The solution is a gift card, of course, which can meet any personal demands.


According to Nielsen, gift cards are expected to be the number one in the Top Ten Gifts in 2013

Purchasing Gift cards online is a steady modern trend and customers value gift cards even more so than gifts of the equal value. Shoppers have already appreciated gift card usability and constantly purchase them on numerous occasions. Here are some confirming facts:

  • 2/3 of American customers purchased one or several gift cards;
  • More than half of gift card recipients visit stores several times spending their gift cards;
  • Gift card receivers spend up to 20% above the value of their gift cards;
  • About 80% of customers buy gift cards for birthdays and 2/3 on other occasions.


Today we release the Gift Card/Certificate extension, which is intended to allow Magento-based stores to offer gift cards to their customers. The module equally treats fine merchants’ and customers’ needs.