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Meet Magento Netherlands: Get Treatment from Magento Doctor Peter Samoilov and Welcome to Our Stand #6

Hey guys, what are you up to in May? If this breezy month is too charming for you to stay home and devote your entire time to work, go pack your stuff and join aheadWorks on the trip to Ede, the Netherlands. On May 29-30 this Dutch city will become a national meeting point for Magento merchants and developers, where we all will have fun, practice active networking and do business at the same time. Yes, Meet Magento Netherlands is coming and we know what might blow your mind.

Meet Magento NL

As Meet Magento NL participants and friends of organizers, we have 5 FREE tickets available for merchants to visit Meet Magento NL.

One Free Ticket and Discount Coupons for Meet Magento Germany from aheadWorks! Read How to Get Them

It’s been a year since we visited Leipzig, met local Magento fans there and shared our impressions on it in our blog. But the best moments should always be renewed, and today we are glad to inform our readers about Meet Magento Germany coming back to Leipzig on June 3-4, 2013. This event is held by dear friend of ours, Netresearch, and we help them spread the word about it.

Meet Magento Germany

Good news! Being close friends with organizers, we have an opportunity to offer exclusive bonuses for aheadWorks blog readers only – one FREE 2-day ticket and a couple of €45 discount coupon codes to attend Meet Magento Germany.  

Wanna get them? Write a message on our Facebook wall or in Twitter with #aheadWorks hashtag, explaining why you are interested in the Magento Meetup in Leipzig. A free ticket will be given away according to the ‘first come, first serve’ principle.

Info about the conference: More than 500 participants from Germany and the neighboring countries will be expected for this annual conference. The event offers a unique opportunity to interchange with many enthusiastic decision makers and experts about Magento eCommerce. The target groups of the Meet Magento Germany are merchants, eCommerce leader, developers and online agencies.

Do not forget to examine your conference bags carefully and find some special offers from aheadWorks! Bis dahin wünschen wir Ihnen alles Gute!

aheadWorks Giveaway: Two Free Tickets to Bargento São Paulo

While the whole Magento world is expecting Bargento São Paulo 2013 to be held on April 9, we got two free tickets for the event from its organizers! We want to give them away to someone who is checking our blog regularly and rather active at the same time. Here are 3 simple steps you need to perform:

1. Apply for free tickets here.
2. Enter your Email, Name and Twitter ID
3. Click “Enter Contest” and share the suggested tweet

When the contest is over on Friday, the system then will automatically choose two lucky devils and they’ll get 100% discount coupon codes from aheadWorks for Bargento São Paulo 2013.

Good luck to you!

The contest is over.