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The Dark Side of Holiday Sales or Post-holiday Routine Adjustments

“No more champagne and the fireworks are through…”

So, the holiday season is nearing the end and we need to return to daily routines and restore the level of customer support and maintenance.


Especially that plentiful holiday season sales create a lot of post-purchase issues demanding close attention and prompt resolution. This time multiple customers start to return items and ask for refunds, so we need to decently withstand this period or better pass it attracting new sales and customers.

In this post we’d like to offer you some valuable solutions able to facilitate your efforts and simplify customer service.

The RMA Magento ExtensionRMA

The ultimate goal of item returns processing is “keeping customers happy” with their returns in any case and circumstances. According to NetDespatch, easy returns are becoming an important competition factor and carefully considered by most customers. The inability or difficulty of returns often prevents customers from further purchases and make them unhappy with definite retailers.

The RMA extension is ready to smooth out numerous pitfalls on the way of excellent return services and make customers satisfied with their return experience.

The module builds a comprehensive and holistic RMA process transparent for customers and fully controlled by merchants. It starts an RMA procedure from scratch and covers all necessary stages with required functionality, including a live chat, user-friendly frontend visualization, powerful backend management system, request statuses, and forceful notification system.

Help Desk Ultimate 3.3 Reveals Your Customers’ Attitude

Someone may say that ecommerce is all about plentiful sales, but you should clearly realize that the basic reason for the success is the customer-centric approach and personalization.

According to the latest Econsultancy’s survey, the most exciting opportunity for this year is customer experience. 22% of marketers rank it as the top chance in 2015 and in next five years.

And who is the main generator of the perfect customer experience in your store? Of course, it is your support or customer service team. But, a careful attitude to your customers is impossible without some sophisticated tools, which help to reflect your care through a reliable and correct processing of multiple support tickets and customers’ appeals.

Now, you have that solution – Help Desk Ultimate from aheadWorks. Actually, multiple Magento merchants have already tried and appreciated it, but now it is better than ever before. Here it comes, Help Desk Ultimate 3.3.

New Features

Ticket Ratings
Further enhancing the excellence of customer service we added to the module an opportunity to rate tickets and the quality of the obtained support.

In addition to the ability of direct dissatisfaction expressions using the Escalate ticket button, now they can rate the quality of the provided help. Customers are able to provide their own sincere attitude and change it anytime they like during the ticket processing or after its resolution.

Help Desk Ultimate 3.1 Accelerates the Processing of Tickets

Streamline your communications into a single channel!

The Help Desk Ultimate Magento extensionHelp Desk Ultimate – a robust ticket management module continues to improve and now the new 3.1 ver. is available to customers. The current release got numerous new features, which make the use of the extension even more comfortable and valuable. Most new features accelerate tickets processing and make clients feel satisfied with the quality of the customer service.

Pay a well-deserved attention to the features below, which naturally and effectively save you time and retain customers.

New Features

Order number in the “Ticket Information” block
If any processed ticket contains an order number, then this number is displayed in the “Ticket Information” block of the My Account area. This number represents a link to the initial order on frontend and helps customers to quickly recall issue details.

Order number in the "Ticket Information" block

Order Number in the “Ticket Information” Block

Pre-selected tickets order in the “Tickets” grid
All new and open tickets in the “Tickets” grid are now displayed first, which makes the selection of a new ticket for processing even simpler.

5 Reasons to Use Help Desk Ultimate 3.0

No doubt, all merchants know that the quality of customer service is of great importance for every business, but to what extent?

It turns out that customers’ satisfaction crucially affects the success of any company and is able even to ruin all your preceding efforts by leaps and bounds. Here are just few picturesque stats, which are able to make you inspect your customer care service instantly.


  • 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service. – RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report
  • A customer is 4 times more likely to buy from a competitor, if the problem is service related vs. price or product related. – Bain & Co
  • A dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people about their experience. Around 13% of dissatisfied customers tell more than 20 people. – White House Office of Consumer Affairs

Quite convincing, isn’t it? But the other side of the coin is much more attractive and we clearly understand that an upscale and helpful service is able to elevate you to the highest pitch.


  • A 5% reduction in the customer defection rate can increase profits by 5 – 95%. – Bain & Company
  • 55% of consumers would pay more for a better customer experience. – Defaqcto Reasearch
  • In 73% of cases, the business made no attempt to persuade dissatisfied customers to stay; even though 35% said that a simple apology would have prevented them from moving to the competition.  – NOP

So, here it is – make your support quick, helpful, and customer oriented and make customers happy. But in this case, you need a first-class customer support system, which contains the necessary functionality and, if you are a Magento user, you can find it in just one extension – Help Desk Ultimate 3.0 (HDU 3.0).

This extension contains truly advanced functionality for broad application presented in five convincing reasons to use it in your Magento store.

I. Scalable to Any Size of Business

This extension is perfectly suitable for all kinds and sizes of businesses and easily serves both start-ups and multi-branch enterprises. It allows you to create an unlimited number of support departments across multiple Magento stores and storeviews.

You won’t need to look for a new solution as your company grows, since HDU 3.0 copes with any number of queries.

II. Provides Transparent and Effective Communications with Customers

The HDU 3.0 extension records the history of all communications with customers and among support agents. Сustomers are able to follow the communication stream, which specifies the name of the agent and response time.

73% of consumers love a brand because of friendly customer service, Source

The “Escalate Ticket” functionality enables them to draw attention to a particular case in the Help Desk, if a customer feels dissatisfaction with the provided service. Help Desk supervisors have an opportunity to track these incidents via email and align the process.

Flexible web-form configuration provides customers an opportunity to choose necessary departments and the priory of their tickets. Magento admins can also enable customers attach multiple files to their inquiries and specify the maximum attachment file size.

Help Desk Ultimate 3.0: Advanced Statistics, New Design, and Powerful Functionality

The loyalty of customers is often fragile, and retention or loss of a shopper sometimes depends on a few simple actions or even words.

But something always prevents us from doing these “right” things while the consequences may be destructive for the whole business.

The Held Desk Ultimate Magento extensionHigh-quality support is a major part of post-sales services of many businesses, but it requires upscale dedicated functionality and Help Desk Ultimate ver. 3.0 is ready to offer the one you need. The new features of this module provide extended facilities for managing customers’ requests and great opportunities to make them your devoted adherents.

Below you will find the description of the new features, which entered the current release of the extension.

Backend Ticket Page Redesign

Backend ticket pages have undergone tremendous changes and got an absolutely new, clear, and attractive design. Just several major modifications create a long list of advanced features.

Backend Ticket Page

Backend Ticket Page

AJAX-based ticket changing
The module widely uses AJAX, including for ticket assignations and customer notes.

Ticket thread improved with colors and filtering
The Ticket Thread section got a user-friendly design improved with threads highlighted by colors and divided into four main streams: “All”, “Discussion”, “Notes”, and “History”.

Last Customer Orders and Last Customer Tickets blocks
The Last Customer Orders block provides quick access to the customer-related sales data, and the Last Customer Tickets block allows you to browse his latest tickets.

Note about the current customer
You can add individual notes to each customer in the Customer Summary section. This notification is visible for only Help Desk agents and appears in all customer-related tickets.

Multiple file attachments
Help Desk agents, the same as customers, are able to attach multiple files to certain tickets and share them.

Private backend messages
An individual approach to customers is strongly recommended for every business and support activities should not stay aside of this modus operandi. So, if you have a number of support engineers within one or several departments, and your customer tickets may pass from one to another due to definite needs, they can post messages inside the tickets, which are visible for only backend users. These messages exactly describe the ways to treat the issue or some specific ticket characteristics.

This functionality is located: Help Desk -> View Tickets -> Open Ticket -> Ticket Thread section -> “Add Note” button.

Top 10 aheadWorks Bestselling Extensions of 2013

Editor’s note: 2014 is here, and at the beginning of each year we are used to sum up the results of the previous year and make plans for the future. Today we highlight the most successful aheadWorks extensions of 2013 and give you their following characteristics: MC star rating, number of reviews, and updates frequency.

Magento Follow Up Email extension

Follow Up Email

  • Magento Connect star rating: 4.6 (4.6/5)
  • Reviews: 95 (44 in 2013)
  • Version: 3.5.8 (ver. 3.5.2 – 3.5.8 released in 2013)

New features added in 2013:

+ SKU limit of 255 characters was eliminated;
+ Option to disable triggering of duplicate events;
+ Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) locale added;
+ Abandoned cart emails can contain cross sells block.

Top-10 aheadWorks Extensions of 2012

Year 2012 didn’t fade into obscurity and be sure we didn’t cover up the results of the year and its accomplishments. Let’s open the calendar and take a look at milestones that defined the past 12 months for aheadWorks team. Amazing thing – this “apocalyptical” leap year turned out to be really successful and rich in pleasant events for us and our partners and customers.

As one of the leading providers of Magento extensions, aheadWorks joined the conferences in the USA, Germany, France, Ukraine, the UK and Poland. In most of them we were entitled to Silver Sponsorship.

We are not used to rest on laurels and 2012 proved it right. As many as 9 new extensions were released, including your favorite One Click Checkout and Magento Affilate. A lot of existing extensions were updated as well as 6 significant themes that are compatible with Magento CE v. and v.

We are also proud of a new service, aheadCommerce, an innovative solution for creating tablet storefronts, released in 2012.

To complete the picture of the previous year, we display the Top-10 bestselling aheadWorks extensions of 2012. This top-listing also includes the quantity and quality of extensions feedback, written by our customers. The most interesting reviews accompany the modules below.

Never Lose Track of Customer Requests with Help Desk Ultimate v.2.10

 Help Desk Ultimate module
Learn More
It’s wise of you to stimulate dialogue with customers and listen carefully to their needs and complaints. But here we expose one major problem – numerous customer requests can be mixed, lost or left unnoticed. Sounds familiar? Prevent this from happening once and for all with the Help Desk Ultimate extension.

Help Desk Ultimate is a perfect customer care and support Magento module with an efficient case tracking and resolution system indispensable for a successful eCommerce business.

We never stop improving our products, and this is the main reason why we release the Help Desk Ultimate 2.10 version. If you are itching to know about 7 new features this extension possesses, welcome to read further.

Best customer care with the newest version of Help Desk Ultimate

Help Desk Ultimate

Learn More

The Help Desk Ultimate Magento extension is a turnkey solution for customer care and support. This Magento module has an efficient case tracking and resolution system indispensable for a successful e-commerce business. With the feature-packed latest version, Help Desk Ultimate is the best choice to make.

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Help Desk Ultimate v.2.9 with key improvements and bug fixes.

The following bugs have been fixed in Help Desk Ultimate v.2.9:

  • Performance issues
  • Attachments issues
  • Page titles are not specified in backend
  • “Paste Template” does not work with WYSIWYG editor
  • Some labels missing in CSV file

Since the latest update, the extension functioning has been considerably enhanced:

  • Parser improved
  • Code refactoring
  • Selecting order from backend
  • Lock ticket functionality
  • Backend grids displaying
  • Extension log displaying
  • Extension integration
  • Grid filters saved to session in backend

Please visit the product page to find the complete extension description and try the Help Desk Ultimate demo.

Our premium extension is updated to be compatible with Magento CE 1.6.

The Help Desk Ultimate Magento extension is considered to be the best case tracking and resolution system among customer service solutions and the most downloaded module for Enterprise Edition at Magento Connect.

Help Desk Ultimate helps you raise your customers care and support level. No more lost emails, forgotten answers, and inquiries. Our module converts customer emails into tickets making your help desk to be a seamless experience.

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Help Desk Ultimate v.2.8.1 compatible with the new Magento CE 1.6 version.

Check out the minor bugs fixed in this update:

  • Issue when answering a ticket as not logged in customer
  • Contact form integration issue

Please find more information about this Magento module on the Help Desk Ultimate page.

Help Desk Ultimate v 2.8 makes the work with tickets easier and faster

The Help Desk Ultimate extension is a turnkey solution for Magento-based websites. It’s a perfect customer care and support Magento module with an efficient case tracking and resolution system indispensable for a successful e-commerce business.

Help Desk Ultimate v.2.8 is packed with new features that will help you make the work with tickets easier.

New features in this update include:

  • Email rejecting patterns functionality implemented
    The Help Desk Ultimate Magento module is empowered with email rejecting option, which helps to configure the incoming emails and omit creating tickets from auto reply messages or spam messages.

Benefit from the enhanced interface of ticket-order interaction

The Help Desk Ultimate Magento extension is a powerful auto-responder and customer relationship tool that helps to keep your site in the customer’s mind always. Use this automated email follow up Magento module and you’ll never lose track of your customers even if they have abandoned their shopping carts.

We have just released the 2.6.6 version with the following new features implemented:

  • Improved interface of ticket and order integration
    A new View Order button has been added which allows you to get to the order page exactly from the Ticket Information page.

    You can view the list of all assigned tickets in the Order View page as well as create new tickets from the order.
  • CC (carbon copy) of all HDU emails
    Now you can receive a carbon copy of all emails sent through the Help Desk Ultimate extension.
  • Improved spam protection
    With the new extension version you get a higher level of spam protection for your tickets created in the frontend.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Wrong notification in multistore mode
  • Problems with ticket creation from admin area in a single store mode
  • Popup notification on departments’ statistic page
  • CSS compatibility
  • Wrong redirect after clicking the Save and Continue button
  • Multistore department problem
  • Assign new ticket to order
  • Attachments with special symbols in the file

To learn the complete feature list, please visit the Help Desk Ultimate page.

How can you make your customers feel valued, wanted, and loved?

Professional relationship with your customers should be built as thoroughly as your personal relationship. Many online merchants lose their clients because of lack of communication and poor customer service.

Help Desk Ultimate is the very extension which will help you raise your customers care and support level up to the mark. It’s a perfect Magento module with an efficient case tracking and resolution system indispensable for a successful e-commerce business.

Today we release the 2.6.5 version of Help Desk Ultimate, which makes the work with this Magento extension easier, faster, and more efficient for your customer support team as the following new features have been implemented:

  • Ability to hide departments for frontend
    You can create as many departments as you need and make visible for frontend only some of them.
  • Default status for tickets created by admin
    In the extension settings, you can specify which status the ticket will get by default if the ticket is created from the backend.
  • Custom statuses for tickets
    The new extension version allows creating additional statuses for tickets. Moreover, the information on these statuses is displayed in the Departments Statistics as well.
  • Ability to work in “save and continue” mode
    We added the Save and Continue Edit button to make the work with tickets easier and faster for your support department.
  • New improved order assignation interface
    Now you can start typing the order number and a list of all corresponding orders will appear in the field below.
  • Email attachment validation
    When Help Desk Ultimate fetches emails from gateway, it checks the attached file size and if it is more that specified, the attachment is ignored.

The number of bugs has been fixed in Help Desk Ultimate v.2.6.5, including:

  • Wrong store ID in tickets created from email
  • Incorrect special chars converting in ticket body
  • Wrong departments’ statistics
  • Incorrect count of replies
  • Wrong URLs in a ticket body
  • Incorrect attached images with more than 64kb size
  • Wrong “From” field in notifications sent to admin
  • Incorrect guest name in ticket created from contact form
  • Some other minor bugfixes
Help Desk Ultimate $199

Lead the process of customer support in a convenient and efficient way

Help Desk Ultimate is a feature-rich module helping website owners to enhance their consumers’ satisfaction level. It is a perfect customer care and support solution with an efficient case tracking and resolution system.

Today this Magento extension has been updated up to 2.6.4 version. In this minor release, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Order incremental ID of the ticket can be missed
  • Last customer/department reply incorrect logic
  • All the store tickets are shown in the “Customer Tickets” tab when admin creates new customer

You can find more information about this aheadWorks add-on on the Help Desk Ultimate page.

Help Desk Ultimate 2.6.3 released

To make work with tickets much easier and faster, the following new features have been implemented in Help Desk Ultimate 2.6.3:

  • Mass tickets assignation
    Select all the tickets you need and assign all of them to required department at a time
  • “Last department reply” column
    You can learn the date and time of the last department reply exactly from the Tickets page


  • “Test connection” button for the Edit Email Gateway form
    You can check the connection of the created gateway
  • Mask passwords for the Edit Email Gateway form
    For reasons of safety, we masked gateway password


  • Custom ticket statuses
    Change the default ticket statuses (open, waiting for customer, closed) to your own values


  • Customer’s Tickets List in the Ticket Information form
    The new tab allows you to check the whole ticket history

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Help Desk Ultimate can’t connect to IMAP gateways
  • Problems when upgrading from 2.5 to 2.6
  • Incorrect customer’s area interface in Magento 1.4*
  • Quotes in Customer’s Email and Department fields in backend in Magento 1.4*
  • Unregistered customers are not allowed to download files
  • Help Desk Ultimate and Product Questions incorrect cooperation
  • Email notifications are not sent if gateway was not set up
  • Email attachments problems
  • Some other minor bugfixes

Please, visit the Help Desk Ultimate page for more information about this extension.