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Image Slider 2.0: Responsive Sliders, Video Rotations, Interaction Statistics, and More…

The decision to make your Magento site more appealing and attractive for customers will sooner or later lead you to the solution to try sliders on its pages.

The Image Slider Magento ExtensionAccording to most opinions of designers and store owners, backed by multiple tests, sliders are especially useful for the merchants selling eye-catching and stylish products.

Still, sliders are able to solve diverse tasks except simple product presentations, e.g. detailed product usage showings, deep explorations of the products’ value, advanced brand awareness building, etc.

Of course, you will need video slides in those cases, which is exactly one of the main features of Image Slider 2.0. So, let us introduce the latest update of this extension and explain how it can enrich and expand the functionality of your Magento store.

New Features

Responsive Slider
Since the 2.0 version, the Image Slider extension becomes responsive. Slider boxes and slides, accordingly, now possess the ability to resize following the current size of parent elements.

As you have possibly guessed, the slider is responsive, if the store has a responsive theme installed.

This behavior is optional and can be specified while creating a new or editing existing slider at CMS -> Manage Image and Video Sliders -> Representation Section -> Representation field.

Responsive Slider Setup

Responsive Slider Setup

Videos in Sliders
The updated version of the Image Slider module allows you to insert videos into your sliders, which enhance promotional and marketing abilities of slider boxes significantly. Using this feature you can provide customers with more valuable and comprehensive information regarding your products or brands.

Now, you can add video to newly created or existing slides easily from the Slider Information section in the backend. For the purpose you should just choose the Video option in the Content Type field of the Add Image or Video popup and add your video content to the slider.

You can embed a video code (via iframe) from the next video-sharing services:

  • Youtube;
  • Vimeo;
  • Yahoo! Screen;
  • DailyMotion;
  • VK.

The provided configuration options allow you to determine the slide displaying period and its sort order within the current slider box.

Video Slides

Video Slides

Additional Animation Effects
The Image Slider extension contains multiple animation effects applied for slide changes. Nonetheless, we constantly provide new attractive solutions and the last update is not an exception. This time we added the slide and blink effect and now the entire list looks just like that:

Prepare your Magento Store for Valentine’s Day and Make the Most of this Event

Valentine’s Day is one of the major events on the retail shopping calendar and one of the largest spending holidays following winter shopping season. According to Statistic Brain, the average annual Valentine’s Day spending is $13.19 billion.

To attract the attention of your customers and make the most of this holiday, you have to start preparing your Magento store right now.

Consider the following ideas for your To Do List, which, by the way, show great results for our own store too.

Big promotion on homepage

Make sure visitors know you have something they will be interested in right from the home page. Prominently displayed Image Sliders on your site is a sure-fire way to boost sales and attract holiday shoppers. Configure the animation, speed, and effects of banners rotation and let this Magento module do the whole job for you.

Image Slider

Image Slider

Grab your visitors’ attention with a limited time offer

You may also want to consider putting in a countdown promotion showing how much time longer the sale/promo is going to last. The visitor will see an eye-catching timer on Home page or any product pages with a small description and call to action text, e.g.: ‘Hurry up, this knock out offer only available for 24 hours’. Countdown has proved to be a great ready-made solution that will do this for you.

Countdown on aheadWorks home page

Countdown on aheadWorks home page

Images Are the Best Way of Grabbing Attention

According to the recent surveys, visitors need only 4 seconds to decide to leave or stay at a site. When people visit a web store for the first time, they instinctively scan it. Images can capture visitors’ interest immediately and maintain it for a few seconds, long enough to stick around and explore your Magento store.

Today we release new versions of Magento modules that will be helpful in making your website appealing for your clients.

Easy Categories
Learn More

The Easy Categories extension is a perfect tool to provide your customers with easy-to-understand navigation. Your clients will be able to find what they need without efforts.

Best of all, you can place your category listings wherever you’d like — home page, a special category page or another CMS page.

Easy Categories v.1.1 has been released today. The new version of the module includes minor bugfixes.

Besides, flat category problem has been solved.

Learn more about the extension features on the product page of the Easy Categories Magento module.

With the Image Slider Magento extension, you will improve your banner advertising experience. You can use this module to display random linked images at any place of your store with nice visual effects.

Image Slider v.1.3 is available now. The new version contains AW_All update.

Moreover, the following bugs have been fixed in Image Slider v.1.3:

  • images uploading problem
  • wrong date format for sliders
  • incorrect URLs to images
  • CSS issues
  • incorrect translation in locale

Visit the Image Slider product page to find the complete description of the module.

Image Slider
Learn More

Magento Extensions Updates – Featured Products 3 v.3.2 and Image Slider v.1.1.

Today we are glad to announce the release of two updated extensions for Magento: Featured Products 3 v.3.2 and Image Slider v.1.1.

Featured Products 3

Featured Products 3 v.3.2

The Featured Products 3 Magento extension offers different ways of the featured products representation, i.e. static grid or slider with various switchable effects – fade/appear, blind up / blind down, slide up / slide down. This module allows you to easily specify all block parameters and display the block at any place and on any page of your Magento store.

Since the 3.2 version of Featured Products 3 released today, new features have been implemented:

  • Several current category automation types
    The new 3.2 version of Featured Products 3 allows displaying different item types within a certain category. Now you can display random products, top sellers, top rated, most reviewed, or recently added products.
  • Block height auto-detection
    In this updated version it’s not obligatory to specify the block height as the extension auto detects it.
  • Compatibility with On Sale extension
    Featured Products 3 v. 3.2 is now compatible with one more aheadWorks’ module – On Sale, making the extension a great marketing solution.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Change image grid page issue
  • Flat Catalog Product problem
  • Errors in system.log
  • No Magento placeholder in block if product has no image
  • Slider view with 1 product issue

Find more on the Featured Products 3 page.

Rotate images and banners on your store pages with ease!

Now you don’t need to edit your Magento website template for each new image, banner, or advertisement anymore. With the brand new Image Slider Magento extension from aheadWorks, you get a highly-professional and easy-customizable images rotator which will improve your banner advertising experience.

Whether you need a powerful ad tracking and banner rotation system with high clickthrough rate, the Image Slider extension is perfect solution for you. Our module will never let your banners stagnate by rotating them automatically in an eye-catching manner on any page of your Magento store.

If you want to create a recency effect at your Magento website with a changing head image or lure your visitors to content on your own or others’ sites, the Image Slider Magento module is the most attractive tool. You can use this extension to display random linked images at any place of your store with joyful visual effects.

With a set of the following features, you can configure the Image Slider extension in the way you need:

  • Ability to specify first frame timeout
  • Ability to specify animation speed
  • Ability to hide images navigation automatically
  • Multistore support
  • Customizable slider width and height
  • Different types of animation effects:
    • simple slider
    • fade\appear
    • blind up \ blind down
    • slide up \ slide down
    • jalousie
    • random effect for each slider

  • Unlimited quantity of sliders per page
  • Ability to insert slider via widgets, CMS, and layout
  • Predefied slider positions – left column, right column, and before content
  • Ability to specify period for image displaying
  • Clicks statistics

Get more on the Image Slider page.

Image Slider Community Edition
Enterprise Edition