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Aheadworks Attends Imagine 2018!

This year, Imagine, a Magento global eCommerce conference, will take place from April 22 till April 25 at Wynn, Las Vegas.Aheadworks Attends Imagine 2018!

We are happy to announce that our Strategic Partnerships team, including Vitaly Verbitsky, Aheadworks  VP of Partnerships and Sales, and Ekaterina Sobolkova, Aheadworks Partnerships and Sales manager, will represent our company at the upcoming conference!

At Imagine 2018, our colleagues will be happy to meet current and potential Aheadworks partners, discuss the topics related to partnership, the options for its further development, and answer all the related questions.

Please contact them personally to negotiate a meeting:

Vitaly Verbitsky –

Aheadworks Strategic Partnerships team

Imagine 2015: Unbound Recap

The greatest annual Magento event was as usually stunning and incomparable. Each year it gives new impetus to the Magento ecosystem and, according to many opinions, it was simply amazing this year.

Imagine 2015

Imagine 2015 provided the long-awaited inspiration to all parties of the Community and empowered merchants, technologists and solution providers to move faster stepping over the obstacles and removing the boundaries on their way to the collective success.

Imagine 2015 in Figures

  • 3+ days;
  • 2400+ attendees from 45 countries;
  • 100+ speakers;
  • 23 special sessions, 10 breakout sessions, 3 general sessions;
  • 100 sponsors;
  • 2000+ tweets.

Imagine 2015 Timeline

Saturday, April 18
Saturday was the day of Pre-Imagine MageHackathon 2015. Organized by the Magento community it was not an official event, still it gathered together many famous Magento developers and activists: Fabrizio Branca, Tobias Zander, Alan MacGregor, Joshua Warren, Ben Marks, Karen Baker, and many others.

Moods Before Imagine 2015

Editor’s note: One month before the greatest annual event in the Magento world we all live in anticipation of news about Magento 2, new Magento Connect, and further directions of the platform’s development.

In order to find out the moods inside the ecosystem we asked well-known Magento experts and Imagine breakout speakers about their own expectations from Imagine 2015. Karen Baker, Christian Larsen, Brent Peterson, and Gian Genovesi share thoughts in their forthright answers below.



Karen has the successful Magento extension company, WebShopApps, which has been a Magento Gold Technology Partner since 2011. She is also the founder of the SAAS based Shipping solution that launched in 2014. With offices in the UK and Dublin, Ohio and key partnerships with the likes of NCR, Endicia and UPS, Karen now heads up a multi-national team rewriting the rules around shipping rate calculation logic in eCommerce.

Imagine 2015 Breakout Speaker: Session IV | 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM. 50 SHADES OF GLOBAL SHIPPING.

aW: What do you expect from Imagine 2015?

Our hope is that Magento 2 really lifts the bar in terms of the merchant experience

Karen: First and foremost we are looking forwards to meeting up with the people we work with every week in the Magento ecosystem, whether that be merchants, web design agencies, developers, technology partners or Magento/eBay. For us this event is a chance to thank our clients for their continued support of WebShopApps and to show our new offerings, including

In terms of the actual content we are looking forwards to seeing new innovations from the ecosystem, and to hearing announcements from eBay/Magento. We would like to see some clarity around the eBay Enterprise possible sell-off and what the possible impact of that is for technology partners such as ourselves.

And we (actually “I”) expect to get drunk and lose a few dollars on the craps tables 😉

aW: This year is expected to be a starting point of the new era for Magento with the release of Magento 2. What changes should this release bring to the ecommerce environment and Magento community, in your opinion?

Karen: Our hope is that Magento 2 really lifts the bar in terms of the merchant experience around building a store on the Magento platform. From what we have seen the new offering should improve the quality of code produced by the ecosystem, I’m definitely impressed that they are including various testing frameworks, and personally hope this encourages PHP developers to take up more of a TDD (or at the least an automated test) approach to software development.

aW: This year Magento also plans to launch new Magento Connect Marketplace. How do you estimate this initiative?

Magento Events 2015

The last year was full of Magento events and meetups. We broadly highlighted all the conferences held on different continents as we sincerely beleive that the Magento community is one of the most propelling factors for the overall platform success.

Magento Conferences 2015

The new local conferences, started in 2014, brought their additional impact to the growth of Magento in local markets and allowed developers and merchants establish even closer connections for their mutual benefits.

Europe is, of course, the busiest region for Magento conferences, and it is not surprising that three new conferences started just here: Meet Magento Romania, Meet Magento Switzerland, and Meet Magento Ukraine.

According to their names, the main merit for their success belongs to Meet Magento, which is now can be rightfully called a leading communication platform for Magento enthusiasts around the globe. So, in confirmation of this, last year it added New York to its wide geography.

Managing a great number of events, Meet Magento is still not the only organizer of Magento conferences. There are at least two more multi-conference formats, such as Magento Live and Bargento, which run Magento events globally.

In addition to the mentioned above conferences, there are several single Magento events, among which Imagine is the biggest and most popular.

Except Europe and North America, Magento is also presented on other continents. For instance, Magento Live Australia consolidates the vast and developed local community with plenty of Magento merchants and long traditions of the platform usage.

The raising markets of Asian countries kicked off a new conference in China – Magento Com.

The South America ecommerce market, and especially the Brazilian one, also exploits the benefits of Magento for a long time. So, Brazil has two main Magento dedicated conferences – Meet Magento Brazil and the Bargento Brazil edition.

This way, basing on the events of the last year, we created a map displaying the locations of biggest Magento conferences around the globe. Despite, many organizers has not yet determined the dates of their upcoming events, we hope that 100% of them will certainly continue to connect and stimulate the community development in 2015.

original– Magento Live; green– Meet Magento; purple – Bargento; yellow – Imagine; blue – other Magento events.

Please bookmark this post and use it for planning your visits to these conferences, especially that we’ll further add new information to it as soon as it becomes public.

Your comments on this post are much appreciated. Leave them below, please.
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Imagine 2014 Recap

This spring was full of Magento events, which took place on three continents.

Held in North America, Europe, and South America they played a significant role in strengthening and expanding the Magento community. In our previous posts we highlighted some of these events: Bargento Brasil, Meet Magento Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Imagine 2014, of course.

Imagine is indubitably the most notable event within the Magento ecosystem attended by all central figures of the market without exception. aheadWorks traditionally sponsors the event and this is our third year in a row as an Imagine sponsor.

Imagine 2014 Afterparty Recollections

We are strongly impressed by the scale, atmosphere, and excellent facilities of the event.

With over 2,000 eCommerce professionals gathered in one place, the air was literally crammed with fresh and revolutionary ideas, true to this year’s Imagine slogan: “Transform”. It was indeed all about transformation and revamp for quite a few attendees, including aheadWorks, as we introduced substantial changes to our partner program and the aheadMetrics project.

It was also truly exciting to hear the news regarding recent Magento releases (1.9 and 1.14), which include some of the most demanded and long-awaited features.

The event was more than worthwhile; we were happy to deal with an unending flow of inquiries mostly related to the new version of aheadMetrics (make sure to take a look at it here).

Including through Imagine, aheadWorks partner program enters a new phase, embracing truly influential companies of the Magento ecosystem (detailed announcement coming soon).

It is already an established tradition for the aheadWorks team to go on exploration of the U.S. after the conference is over. So, right after the Imagine 2014 curtain fell, we took off for a grandiose road trip from Utah to Colorado with Montana and Wyoming in between, ending up in Florida for a few days of sunbathing.

aheadWorks Explorations

We’d like to thank the organizers of Imagine for another perfectly coordinated event, enabling professional growth and providing inspiration to Magento community members.

We are Ready to Meet You at Imagine 2014

Are you ready for the coming burst of positive emotions, inspiration, and creative Imagination?

Imagine 2014 is almost here and we have already turned our heads to marvelous Las Vegas standing a bit excited in anticipation of this greatest Magento event of the year.

aheadWorks is delighted to be a part of this grandiose event and would like to welcome our partners, customers, and all attendees of Imagine 2014.

We are traditional participants and sponsors of Imagine events. This year we are pleased to invite you to our lounge in the Marketplace, where you can contact us anytime within working hours starting from the very Marketplace Grand Opening, May 12, and 3:00 p.m. and discuss your questions and ideas, share information, or just say “Hi”.

We could also catch up at PreImagine 2014 and the Official Imagine Preconference Party by Levementum with those, who arrive early, or at Magento Industry Partner Program – Panel Discussion, and Partner Reception meetings.

Our Imagine 2014 Team

Artyom RabzonovArtyom Rabzonov, CEO and co-founder. Artyom is keen to tell you about aheadWorks’ Product Strategy, and provide detailed information about our solutions, including aheadMetrics.


Alexander Galtsow

Alexander Galtsow, VP Partnership and Communications. Direct your questions regarding the benefits and opportunities of our Partner Program to Alexander.  He’d also gladly discuss any other possible options to join our close-knit team for mutual collaboration.

Apart from the warm reception by our guys, you have some more reasons to meet aheadWorks team:

  • Discuss multiple opportunities for successful product distribution;
  • Discover our most recent plans for further product development and creation of new extension functionality;
  • Discuss media partnership and plentiful options for mutual creation and promotion of Magento-related content;
  • Consider the advantages of aheadWorks Magento referral program and much more.

Note: We’ll closely follow our team during the event and provide you with their breaking news via twitter. So, stay connected. 🙂

More Magento Events

Meet Magento Germany 2014This year multiple Magento extensions are so tightly scheduled that some remarkable events are held at the same time. MM DE 2014 will also hold May, 12-13. We sincerely regret that can’t attend it, but hope it will be fabulous, as usual.

Just few names of prominent speakers, such like Vinai Kopp, Rico Neitzel, Kuba Zwolinski, Sylvain Raye, make us believe that the conference will gain a true success and favor of the European Magento Community.

Everyone still can purchase their tickets and enjoy the conference, Leipzig, and Magento.

Imagine 2014 Lottery Results

Last Wednesday we announced a lottery for those Magento-passionate people, who would like to attend Imagine 2014 and save money for other Magento events.

We thank all the participants, those who added to favorites, tweeted and retweeted our post link. Special thanks to Keren Aminia for great tweets.

Lottery Results

Now, here are the results. Blind choice of Fortuna, represented by random number generator, spotlighted three lucky Twitter accounts, which get desired discounted Imagine 2014 full-conference passes. Here they are:

Scott Youmans


Karthik Chidambaram




Congratulations! Hope to meet you in Las Vegas.

Partners Lottery Results

But that’s not all. One more similar lottery was held among our partners and we also want to greet its winners.

Bluecom’s expertise is in planning, development, and support of complex e-commerce platforms from medium to large international B2C and B2B companies. Bluecom has offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong & Vietnam and focuses especially on the China and APAC online markets.

Unleaded Group provides a full suite of online and traditional marketing services including: Analytics and eCommerce Strategy, Email Marketing, Pay per Click Campaign Management, Display Advertising, Rebranding, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Social Marketing, CRM Optimization and International eCommerce strategies.

We extend our warmest congratulations to the winners!

That’s really all for now, but we’ll continue providing more contests and valuable giveaways. So, stay connected and participate actively!

Imagine 2014 Discounted Tickets Giveaway

Imagine 2014 gradually seizes minds of the community and most of us live in a pleasant anticipation of this greatest Magento event of the year.

For now we seem to know almost everything about the upcoming event: the venue, keynote speakers, sponsors, and even attendees, but it is certainly better to see everything with your own eyes.

Today we have an excellent opportunity to push those, who are still hesitating, and fulfill someone’s dream.

We have three tickets to Imagine 2014 at a discounted price. To be precise, these are full-conference passes at the rate of $1,045. It’s a good price and you can easily save $250. So, let’s see, who is the luckiest of you.

Lottery Terms

Everything is simple. You should just click the button below and tweet this post.

That’s all. A week later we’ll randomly choose three lucky beggars and hand them tickets.
The game starts today, March 19 and finishes March 26, 8 a.m. PST. Good luck for everyone!

aheadWorks is a Gold Sponsor of Imagine 2014 and we warmly invite you to visit our lounge in the Marketplace, Las Vegas, Hard Rock Hotel, May 12-14.

Imagine 2014 Trailer

Keren Aminia: “The Magento Community is Stronger than Ever”

Editor’s note: 2014 has just begun and the entire Magento community is keen to know about Magento plans and strategic ideas for this year. We were curious to hear about the brightest upcoming events and new educational opportunities we can apply to study Magento deeply and extensively. So, we addressed all our questions to one of the most competent persons in the Magento world – Keren Aminia.

Keren Aminia Twitter Profile


As Director of Business Operations, Keren leads Events Strategy and Execution for Magento and is the Executive Producer of Magento events spanning the globe, including the award winning Imagine conference. Keren’s tenure with the company has seen her champion many successes while under the previously held role of CFO, including oversight of the Finance and Operation Organizations, HR, Business Affairs and Administration.

Keren kindly found time in her busy schedule and answered our most pressing questions about Magento, and we are highly grateful to her for this exclusive interview.

aW: How do you assess the results of the previous year for Magento?

Keren: Magento closed 2013 on a high, surpassing 208,000 Community Edition customers and over 2,600 Enterprise Edition customers. The Magento community is stronger than ever. Our 200+ partners and 7K+ extensions represent a $1B service ecosystem, a real juggernaut of innovation, which we’re taking aggressive steps strengthen and improve.

We took an important step in November by becoming part of eBay Enterprise. This combination of the extensive ecommerce, multichannel and marketing capabilities of eBay Inc. together under one umbrella offers an unmatched portfolio of capabilities that seamlessly deliver integrated commerce solutions to drive merchant revenue and growth.

aW: What are the strategic plans of Magento for 2014?

Is Everything Over After the Imagine?

aheadWorks in Las VegasaheadWorks team has been actively participating in the Imagine events for two years in a row. We’ve talked to a bunch of people there and realized – many of them take advantage of that opportunity to build business relations as well as to have fun, relax and stay in Vegas area for a while for some traveling.

Thanks to Magento Imagine, many guests learn more about gambling (which generally is not allowed in the United States ;)), get stunned by the majesty of giant Sequoias, enjoy fabulous waterfalls, and deserts of Grand Canyon…

As for aheadWorks team, Magento Imagine 2013 was absolutely great. We had a chance to communicate with many solution partners about our partnership program and shed some light on the recently released aheadMetricks service and OnPulse.

It was such a pleasure to meet nice folks from On Tap, Razoyo, Classy Llama, i.cube, Rocket Web, Smile, Scandiweb, Inchoo and discuss the idea of free trials for Magento Enterprise extensions. I also send personal greetings to Brent Peterson (Wagento), who turned out to be a giant geek madly in love with Magento and running.

We also traveled a lot and now are happy to share some pics from that ‘Magento-style’ journey. Thank you, Brent Peterson, Laura Boylan (NCR) and Jason Boslow (Razoyo) for your kind advice on what to see. 🙂


aheadWorks Levels up to Magento Platinum Industry Partner

Platinum Partnership

Cheers to aheadWorks team for making a big step forward and embracing the highest possible level of commitment with Platinum Industry Partner status!

This transition to a new partnership level is anticipated since at present more than 25,000 Magento merchants and 40+ official partners in 100 countries are using our high-grade extensions and themes.

‘Platinum Partnership means a lot to us. It acknowledges our expertise in Magento extensions and themes development and provides guarantees that our customer service is top notch. We participate in almost every Magento event and are always ready to support big and small related happenings.

It was a long way to go to become leading players in Magento universe and it looks like we made it‘, – Artyom Rabzonov, the CEO at aheadWorks, states.

Do not forget that aheadWorks takes part in the Imagine eCommerce Conference 2013. If you are in Las Vegas, make sure to stop by our booth #54! Here is the Marketplace plan for you to spot us.

aheadWorks booth at Imagine

Follow aheadWorks on Twitter and be the first to get the hottest Imagine news from Matt and Artyom.

Heading to the Imagine Conference? Join Las Vegas City Tour with aheadWorks for Free

The biggest Magento event of the year, the Imagine eCommerce Conference, is almost around the corner and aheadWorks team is already packing its suitcases to fly to Las Vegas shortly. This time the third annual Imagine conference will be held in Las Vegas on April 8-10.

Being a Silver Sponsor of the event, we would like to offer you SOMETHING SPECIAL if you are also moving to Las Vegas to participate in the Imagine.

Join Las Vegas City Tour with aheadWorks on April 7 (Sunday) for free to get acquainted with this sin city full of temptation. To hop on a bus with us and make a short trip through all main attractions of Vegas, just REGISTER HERE with your Facebook account or by email and let’s have fun together before the main happening will take place next day.

The number of seats is limited, so be sure to register as soon as you see this announcement!

For all other participants: here are 4 big reasons for you to find aheadWorks booth in the exhibition hall and come talk to us.

  1. Claim the Certificate of your Imagine eCommerce Conference Attendance
  2. Get free tickets to Las Vegas Tour with aheadWorks on April 9 if you missed the first trip on April 7
  3. Learn about best deals and obtain discounts for all products in our store
  4. Find out aheadWorks Partnership Program benefits

aheadWorks team

I strongly recommend you to memorize these two smart, decent looking guys. You will get private coupon codes along with their business cards if you talk to them in person. Make appointment with them beforehand by dropping informal emails to the following addresses.

Artyom, Chief Executive

Matt, Chief Marketing

See you there! Do not hesitate to initiate dialogue with us anytime you meet our team at the Imagine, next to our booth or somewhere in the crowd. We’ve prepared for you much more. 😉

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aheadWorks values innovation and healthy competition above all, so we can’t help sharing our passion for Magento and the work we do on it for our customers. The Magento Imagine Challenge is undoubtedly the best way to prove our commitment to user success.

This infographic showcases valuable functionality we use for our own Magento store to boost sales and generate revenue (and these are exact same modules we offer to our clients). Look how promotions work for us with the help of Points & Rewards, Checkout Promo, Follow Up Email and Help Desk Ultimate extensions.

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