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3 New Extensions to Import/Export Orders and Improve Your Checkout

Striving to offer only an excellent service for our customers we constantly extend the product line in our store.

Staying strictly within this strategy we’d like to offer you three new extensions in our catalog:

The Import/Export Orders Magento extension

Import/Export Orders

The Import/Export Orders extension from our partners facilitates import/export order data operations and makes those procedures safe and comfortable. Not only are orders exported, but also customer related information regarding both registered and guest customers.

Orders are the critical data of your Magento store, which have to comply with the principles of consistency and accuracy applicable to the fundamental information.

But, sometimes we need to transfer these data outside for, e.g.:

  • Third-party software data updates;
  • Magento to Magento migrations;
  • Magento store updates, including merging, branding, etc.

During this, possible data losses may harm the shopping process and create mistakes crucial for any business.

Having the Import/Export Orders extension at hand you can be confident regarding data integrity and save a lot of efforts each time you transfer your order-related data to other program applications or new Magento installations.


Import  Functionality


  • Import/export orders instantly after the extension installation (no additional configuration is required);
  • Import/export orders containing any type of products (simple, simple with custom options, configurable, grouped, bundled, downloadable, or virtual);
  • Import/export orders of any payment method, including disabled ones;
  • Export all or selected orders only;
  • Export orders in the XLS format for quick previews;
  • Eliminate any order ID conflicts assigning new IDs to orders during the import procedure or keep them old;
  • Generate order invoices and shipments at the end of the import process (optional)
  • Import/export orders from any store view.