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St. Valentine’s Day Special Offer + Promising Infographics

A festive time is always a busy period for both merchants seeking to introduce products in the best manner, and for customers rushing to give presents to their dear people.

Today we all are getting ready for beautiful St. Valentine’s Day, which is going to be amazing this year, as always. And the great news is that Magento Merchants still have enough time to make their in-store promotions just great, and take advantage of our special offer.

St. Valentine’s Day Offer

In order to give you some extra chances for plentiful sales we’d like to make you an advantageous offer.

19 Promotional Tools to Boost Your Sales

It allows you to purchase one or several sales motivation Magento extensions and save 15%. Additionally to the discount we provide you with the free installation service you could prepare for the upcoming shopping boom. The offer is valid through February 15.

Vivid in-store promotions and competent sale motivations are able to attract new customers and boost your sales, especially that this year you have all chances for the hit.

St. Valentine’s Day Sales 2015

According to National Retail Federation, this year St. Valentine’s Day is going to be a true success for merchants since they seem to be able to get benefits from the serious purchasing intentions recently voiced by the majority of customers. Refer to the infographics below.

The Product Questions Module Leaves No Unanswered Questions

The aheadWorks store contains numerous high-quality Magento extensions and themes, and sometimes it’s easy to get confused with all this variety of products.

In this case, we suggest you to refer to our blog, where you can get comprehensive information about the module you are interested in.

For easy browsing each product page in our store contains the “Docs & Articles” tab, where you can find all blog articles related to a particular product.

This time, the Product Questions extension is in focus; and in this post we’ll revise the features of the extension and benefits you can get with this great Magento module.

Product Questions

The Product Questions extension for MagentoGeneral Description

This extension allows customers to ask questions directly on the product pages, meanwhile Magento admins can answer them on their own or ask other customers share their experience about the product. The questions and answers appear together on the same page below the product description.

Why is it important?

This module makes you store more customer oriented and improves the overall quality of the provided customer service, which is greatly important for every online store. See the infographics below.

So, customers want to get their questions answered quickly and you can provide them this very opportunity. Product Questions extension allows you to avoid customers dissatisfaction and make their experience on your site more comprehensive.

Infographic Time: What is aheadWorks Media?

By now aheadWorks is more than a company majoring in Magento extensions and themes development. Over time we created a strong media department which made aheadWorks famous for its exposure in various Magento events, active engagement with Magento community, communication with opinion leaders and series of eCommerce-related analytical reviews.

A pool of experienced staff marketers and content managers are working daily to deliver the most actual Magento news and eCommerce info through aheadWorks blog, newsletters and social services. We are also very appreciative of guest writers’ regular contributions to aheadWorks blog.

Eventually, aheadWorks media became a recognizable brand we all are proud of. Check the infographic as a proof.

Vote for aheadWorks Promotion Story in Magento Imagine Challenge!

aheadWorks values innovation and healthy competition above all, so we can’t help sharing our passion for Magento and the work we do on it for our customers. The Magento Imagine Challenge is undoubtedly the best way to prove our commitment to user success.

This infographic showcases valuable functionality we use for our own Magento store to boost sales and generate revenue (and these are exact same modules we offer to our clients). Look how promotions work for us with the help of Points & Rewards, Checkout Promo, Follow Up Email and Help Desk Ultimate extensions.

Please, VOTE for aheadWorks if you believe these site promotion techniques are really effective.

aheadWorks Promotion Story

How to Make SWOT Analysis of Your Business

Have you ever heard about SWOT-analysis?

SWOT-analysis is one of the best ways of making environmental scan: examine external and internal factors, which affect farther development of your business.

If you want to build a strategy, find your position in market, or identify possible directions for developing your company, product or project, you should use this effective tool.

Its strengths lie in its flexibility, but remember that its capture is a part of the complete picture.

While preparing e-commerce SWOT analysis, some managers are facing difficulties, so to avoid them follow my advice to have a success:

  • be realistic when allocate the strengths and weaknesses
  • think about where’s your company today, and where it could be in the future
  • take in account your competitors
  • keep it short and simple, but as long as it does not distort the reality
  • unnecessary complexity can lead to over analysis

It’s always easier to perceive new information when you have an obvious example. That’s why I’ve made SWOT-analysis of e-commerce industry for you, so now you can move from vision to action.

SWOT analysis

There is an opinion that SWOT is not an analysis, but summary of the analyses that were made previously. Anyway, as a decision-making tool it works perfectly. SWOT is evident, systemized, and easily perceived.

No matter what are you doing: constituting your strategic plan, choosing future directions, or estimating existing opportunities – you definitely can rely on SWOT analysis. Consider all those factors in your work to achieve the best possible results!

10 Tips to Make Your Subscribers Open Your Next Email

On May 3, 2012, I held a webinar on “How to Use Email Marketing More Effectively” which was recorded and is in free access now. Although it was one of the Magento Go webinars series, every Magento store owner can find helpful information for him or her.

At webinar, I told about best practices for subject lines as well as explained how to set up the “From” and “Reply To” fields and how to avoid spam filters. Moreover, I’ve shared 10 tips for improving the open rate of the next newsletter which you can find below:

You can watch and download the presentation or slides.