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Commerce Hero Co-founder Kalen Jordan: “We See a Lot of Potential for this Marketplace Going Forward”

We all know that Magento is a huge ecosystem engaging numerous merchants, developers, marketers, investors, etc.

However, the more options you have the harder is the best choice when you need to hire a Magento developer, contract a dedicated agency, or find an inspiring project to work for.

That’s exactly the main goal of the new service Commerce Hero that brings together store owners and developers for their mutual benefits. Today we are talking to Kalen Jordan, Commerce Hero co-founder, about this new project and its particular advantages.

Commerce Hero Co-founder, Kalen Jordan: "We See a Lot of Potential for this Marketplace Going Forward"


AW: Hi, Kalen. We are glad to welcome you here and appreciate this great opportunity to ask some questions on your new project It is quite a unique initiative for the Magento community, isn’t it?

SmartOSC Co-founder, Thai Son: “The Trend We See in APAC Is that Marketers Are Willing to Push the Envelop”

Lately we’ve been told much about the marvelous rise of ecommerce in the Asia-Pacific region and convinced that it’s getting to become a driving force of global digital trade for the next decade.

So, where does the future of ecommerce lie? Is it really moving east and does Magento keep up with that great resettlement? We asked Thai Son, SmartOSC co-founder and our partner, to shed some light on the disposition firsthand.


“SmartOSC is a premium, full-service E-commerce agency for leading brands and e-tailers, with a sharp focus on developing user-centric and commercially successful online stores.”

Aheadworks Product Owner Stanislav Golodov: “Often, a Challenge Requires Thinking Out of the Box”

What is the way a new product passes from the idea to market? What does the Magento extensions market require most of all? Is product management mostly about brilliant insights or routine data analysis?

We are talking to Stanislav Golodov, Aheadworks product owner celebrating today his 5-th anniversary in the company.


5+ Years of Product Management Experience

AW: Hi Stanislav, great to talk to you on this day when you are celebrating such a notable anniversary. First of all, I congratulate you on this occasion. Hope you’ll continue your great mission in our company making more and more high-quality products for Magento stores.

Our readers are keen on diving deep into the specific features of the product owner’s work at Aheadworks and hearing the latest product news and future plans. So, tell us a bit about your duties and what your work is about.

Stanislav: The main task for me is to look for the Magento functionality bottlenecks disturbing most of our customers, find appropriate solutions for them, and determine if a certain product solving that problem is going to be in demand. Of course, we aim to resolve issues with our products in the most efficient ways.

In order to offer only hottest product features you need to track both customer feature requests and global ecommerce shifts.

The process for designing a product is the following. I investigate market demands, find some possible solutions, estimate them and choose the best variant, and then prepare a detailed product specification. As soon as the product is at the development stage, I also look through the very  process of coding in order to make sure that the implementation doesn’t differ from my initial idea.

Upon the release I still follow the product in the market and determine the functionality scopes for updates. In order to offer only hottest product features you need to track both customer feature requests and global ecommerce shifts.

aheadWorks CTO on Introducing Automated Tests to M2 Products

We’ve talked a lot about shifting more attention to the quality of our code and working towards easier customization of our products.

Today we’ve called out our CTO to talk about what is being done in that direction and what is yet to be done in the future.

aheadWorks CTO, Peter Samoilov

10+ Years of Development Experience

aW: So, Peter, we understand it’s all about automated testing currently. Would you mind giving a quick intro?

Peter: An automated test is, basically, an additional code that checks the validity of the software or a part of the software. There are multiple benefits to having it, some of which include higher product quality, lower costs of consecutive version development, testing software in a specific environment, easier code refactoring, etc.

Automated tests provide higher product quality, lower costs of consecutive version development, testing software in a specific environment, easier code refactoring, etc.

aW: Why do M2 modules require automated testing?

Peter: Tech-wise, M2 is much more complicated than M1, and that goes for modules as well. This means that writing code requires a much more thorough approach. On top of that M2 is a young platform and there is not much expertise out there and virtually no experienced specialists. Put all of this together and you get a pretty high risk of screwing something up, starting from algorithms and ending with architecture. Automated tests help to mitigate that risk.

Also, unlike with M1, with M2 we get a testing framework out of the box, which is another hint to all module vendors.

aW: What are your expectations from automated test implementation?

Peter: First, we simply want to take our extensions to the level above what we had at M1. Our intention is to have high quality products, closer to what you get at “enterprise” level.

New aheadWorks CEO Natallia Kukuruzina: “We Implement New Advanced Development Principles”

Today we talk to Natallia Kukuruzina, a new aheadWorks CEO, who brings new approaches to the development of our products and company as a whole.

New aheadWorks CEO, Natallia Kukuruzina

Master of Business Administration, Master of Engineering.

Natallia Kukuruzina is a highly-experienced strategic manager working for 10 years in IT mainly focusing on foreign contractors and early project launches. Natallia possesses vast experience in team building, process establishing, and business administration.


aW: Hi, Natallia! Do you mind answering a few questions about the future of aheadWorks, the prospects of Magento 2, and the market in general?

Natallia: Sure! I’ll be glad to take this chance to talk to our customers and share our plans for the future.

aW: Great! Let’s start with an introduction then.

Natallia: Well, I’m an involved person, I love working with other people, I enjoy my work and I welcome challenges.  (smiling…) I’ve been an aheadWorks CMO for over a year now and today I’m  excited to join the company as a CEO. I’m extremely intrigued with the Magento 2 platform and new opportunities it promises.

Our primary task is to provide early adopters with must-have tools and ensure quick and smooth uptake of the new technology.

aW: Welcome aboard! And, since you mentioned it, let’s focus on Magento 2 for a minute. What are your expectations for the platform and how does it affect aheadWorks? Scared? Excited?

Natallia: A little bit of both, naturally. But, it’s worth mentioning that we came prepared for Magento 2. By the time it launched we already had 5 fully tested extensions in our M2 portfolio which are available for the purchase now and we are planning to expand it by a few more before the year runs out. So, for now, our primary task is to provide early adopters with must-have tools and ensure quick and smooth uptake of the new technology.

As to the platform itself, I expect great things. Magento 2 is extremely powerful, compared to the first version it provides store owners with many more e-commerce opportunities. Recent innovations have streamlined the checkout process, created wider SEO opportunities,  offered improved admin grid,  better PCI compliance, and much more.

As an extension provider, our job is to embrace these changes and find a way to take them a step further. We look carefully at new opportunities, at needs of our clients, and we find ways to add value to their business.

We already have 5 fully tested extensions in our Magento 2 portfolio.

aW: Are you planning any changes in your business strategy and product development process with the advent of Magento 2?

Natallia:Yes, it’s inevitable. We currently stand on the edge of new era, when previous approaches are no longer applicable, while the new ones are not yet entirely formed. And I’m not just talking about the code, the whole ecosystem is about to change.

Kimberely Thomas about MM15NY: “B2B and Small Business are Hot Topics This Year”

The first Meet Magento conference in New York was a great inspiration for multiple local community members and international Magento fans, while the second edition promises to be even more splendid.

Meet Magento New York 2015

No matter who you are, if you believe in yourself and your dream, New York will always be the place for you.
Michael Bloomberg

This year Meet Magento New York gathers together many outstanding companies and speakers, which clearly reflects its magnitude and value. So, we asked Kiberely Thomas, co-organizer of MM15NY, to share some insights and express her own vision of the conference.

And, if you intend to visit New York this autumn, we can offer you a discount on the event tickets. Continue reading and you’ll find it below.

Kimberely Thomas


Kimberely Thomas is a developer, entrepreneur, Magento evangelist and is presently the Managing Partner at interactiv4 in New York City. She started web consultancy 10 years ago and focused on custom Magento implementations that extend the core platform functionally.

Kimberly is an active Magento Community member and organizes several events, including #PreImagine, the NYC Magento Meetup and Meet Magento NY.


aW: Just like last year, Meet Magento New York 2015 starts from the Hackathon on September 20. Could you please expand on the last year’s results and shed some light on this year’s expectations?

Kimberely: The hackathon last year was a great meeting place for top developers in the Magento Community. It was really great to see them all, get together, talk and code. A lot of great ideas were shared and they worked on a few projects, notably “Promo Code Messages”, which is a published extension that is in use across the ecosystem. This year I expect to see some projects more focused on Magento 2.

Magento 2 Extensions: Our View

Now, with the advent of the Magento 2 Merchant beta we realize that just a short time remains before the great shift in the ecommerce world – the final launch of Magento 2. This long-awaited leap is going to be quite a hard challenge for the whole community and for us personally as a Magento extension provider.

So, what are the main features of Magento 2 plugins and how will they affect both vendors and merchants? We asked our Magento 2 Development Team to answer our questions on the topic.

Magento 2 Extensions Development Process



aW: What are the differences of the Magento 2 extensions development process compared to Magento 1?

Fedor: Magento 2 extensions development involves a more structured approach: more classes, objects, new code patterns, xml, xsd. Today, Magento is much closer to the “enterprise style”. You also need some time to embrace Magento 2 coding standards, but it is actually not more complicated than to port to Magento 1 from other ecommerce solutions.

Thanks to the new mechanisms, the integration into the system became simpler and more transparent. And, the architecture of Magento 2 provides a big order, encapsulation, and modules’ independence.

Meet Magento Vietnam 2015: Responsible Contribution to the Community

For many years we witness the new steps of Magento on the path of its own development and expansion. The platform provides the community with strong incentives, while the community perfects the platform and gladly uses its advantages.

This symbiosis allows Magento to constantly rich new countries and proselytize multiple users, including Vietnam now. In less than one month the first Vietnamese Meet Magento conference will take place in Hanoi.

And, in anticipation of Meet Magento Vietnam 2015 we asked ourselves: “What do we know about this country?” Vietnam is one of a few single-party socialist states, one of the most opened and growing Asian economies, and an exotic tourist destination.

Meet Magento Vietnam 2015

These common facts mostly form our picture of Vietnam, but seem to be too poor to describe it properly. So, we asked the organizers of the conference (SmartOSC) and particularly Nguyen Hieu, SmartOSC co-founder and chairman, to share main news about the event and their expertise of modern Vietnam and its ecommerce.

In addition to the first-hand information the organizers provide us with a great chance to visit Meet Magento Vietnam 2015 and save. Below we feature a discount code, which guarantees a 20% discount applicable to 10 foreign ticket requests. So, keep reading.

Moods Before Imagine 2015

Editor’s note: One month before the greatest annual event in the Magento world we all live in anticipation of news about Magento 2, new Magento Connect, and further directions of the platform’s development.

In order to find out the moods inside the ecosystem we asked well-known Magento experts and Imagine breakout speakers about their own expectations from Imagine 2015. Karen Baker, Christian Larsen, Brent Peterson, and Gian Genovesi share thoughts in their forthright answers below.



Karen has the successful Magento extension company, WebShopApps, which has been a Magento Gold Technology Partner since 2011. She is also the founder of the SAAS based Shipping solution that launched in 2014. With offices in the UK and Dublin, Ohio and key partnerships with the likes of NCR, Endicia and UPS, Karen now heads up a multi-national team rewriting the rules around shipping rate calculation logic in eCommerce.

Imagine 2015 Breakout Speaker: Session IV | 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM. 50 SHADES OF GLOBAL SHIPPING.

aW: What do you expect from Imagine 2015?

Our hope is that Magento 2 really lifts the bar in terms of the merchant experience

Karen: First and foremost we are looking forwards to meeting up with the people we work with every week in the Magento ecosystem, whether that be merchants, web design agencies, developers, technology partners or Magento/eBay. For us this event is a chance to thank our clients for their continued support of WebShopApps and to show our new offerings, including

In terms of the actual content we are looking forwards to seeing new innovations from the ecosystem, and to hearing announcements from eBay/Magento. We would like to see some clarity around the eBay Enterprise possible sell-off and what the possible impact of that is for technology partners such as ourselves.

And we (actually “I”) expect to get drunk and lose a few dollars on the craps tables 😉

aW: This year is expected to be a starting point of the new era for Magento with the release of Magento 2. What changes should this release bring to the ecommerce environment and Magento community, in your opinion?

Karen: Our hope is that Magento 2 really lifts the bar in terms of the merchant experience around building a store on the Magento platform. From what we have seen the new offering should improve the quality of code produced by the ecosystem, I’m definitely impressed that they are including various testing frameworks, and personally hope this encourages PHP developers to take up more of a TDD (or at the least an automated test) approach to software development.

aW: This year Magento also plans to launch new Magento Connect Marketplace. How do you estimate this initiative?

Viacheslav Kravchuk: ” I’d start with checkout…”

Editor’s note: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

At this festive time we’d like to offer you not just a business information, as it really sounds boring today, but a valuable advice. In this post we’ll focus on some tips of the conversions optimization and the best ways of its analysis.

For this purpose, we asked Viacheslav Kravchuk, CEO and founder of Atwix, to answer our questions on the topic.




Viacheslav has more than 7 years of experience in e-commerce and a Master Degree in Computer Science. He is also a Certified Scrum Master and Qualified Google Analytics professional. Image source:

Being a CEO and owner of Atwix, Viacheslav manages all aspects of the business and customer relationships. He started building websites in 2002 and worked as a freelancer for the next 4 years. In 2006,  he founded his first company CRE Help, specializing in OSCommerce and custom PHP work.

In 2010, CRE Help added Magento Community and Enterprise to its profile, was re-branded, and now is known as Atwix.

aW: We know that you are an active member of the Magento Community and often take part in different Magento dedicated events as a speaker. What is the most exciting Magento event for you personally?

Viacheslav: Personally for me the most exciting event was Meet Magento Ukraine, as we were co-organising it and this was the first time that we have took part in the event’s organisation at all.

aW: Tell us a couple of words about your impressions of Meet Magento Ukraine 2014, please.

Viacheslav: Meet Magento Ukraine was quite a challenge for us. After I have made a decision together with Sergiy Lysak, CEO of Eltrino, that we’re going to make a Meet Magento Ukraine event in Kyiv back in November 2013, a lot has happened.

We do it for people, and the people’s opinion is what really matters

Our country has went through the mass protests, dramatic violence of public authorities, escape of the former president, russian annexation of Crimea and attempts to capture some of the eastern regions of Ukraine, shooting of MH17 airplane over Donbass. All this along with the economical crisis. So, as you can imagine, that did not help us much to gather attendees.

My opinion will definitely be subjective, as I’ve seen the event only from the inside. Like pretty much all of the Meet Magento organisers, we do it for people, and the people’s opinion is what really matters. In this context, I was really glad to hear the pleasant and warm feedback. So, overall I am happy with what we were able to accomplish.

aW: The conversion rate optimization is the latest subject of your public speeches. Why is the analytical background so important for proper researches and what primary tools would you recommend for newbies?

Viacheslav: I believe that today’s technology does not really require you to have an analytical background to set up A/B tests with what the majority of store owners are willing to experiment. I’d suggest Optimizely and Google Analytics as the main tools for beginners.

Piotr Kaminski: “We Try to Focus on Core eCommerce Functionality”

Editor’s note: The recent updates of the Enterprise and Community Magento Editions brought customers a lot of new great features and enhancements. In this connection, we asked Piort Kaminski, Magento Senior Product Manager, about the current strategy of the Magento EE development and plans for the future.




Piotr has 12+ years of experience with e-commerce solutions.
Throughout his career Piotr participated in every part of eCommerce implementation process (scoping, development, QA, deployment, SEO, project management, migration, integration, sales). He has a vast experience in web and mobile based e-commerce solutions.
Currently he is responsible for Magento 1.x Community and Enterprise editions. Image source:

aW: Magento EE is already an extremely powerful e-commerce platform, but you still continue to improve its functionality and performance. Tell us please, is it difficult to look for new valuable features for Magento and what is the main source of your innovation ideas?

Piotr: eCommerce is limitless. Every merchant is different and has unique needs, and you can see from over 6000 Magento Connect extensions that there are many things you can change in Magento. However, when Magento weighs adding new features, we try to focus on core eCommerce functionality that is a shared need across a large group of merchants or a clear gap in functionality. We look at the market, merchant needs, developer needs, and internal sources to prioritize what we add to the product.

aW: The competition among e-commerce platforms is fierce nowadays. Do you accept any competitors’ findings sometimes or does Magento pave its own unique way in development?

Magento is unique as it covers both, small stores and really large ones.

Piotr: Magento is pretty unique as it covers a very large segment of the market from small stores to really large ones. We try to find our own way based on the needs of our merchants and the community.

aW: In your opinion, what functionality improvements are more competitive today, frontend features for customers or backend refinements for Magento admins?

Piotr: Both are critical. We need to continue to empower merchants with tools to create compelling shopping experiences that differentiate them from competitors. But, we also need to invest in Admin enhancements to help improve merchant operations and productivity, so that they can cost-effectively and efficiently manage their sites.

aW: What made you choose these particular features for the current Magento EE update? They do not seem to concentrate on any particular functionality while improve a wide range of the platform’s performance.

Peter Samoilov, aheadWorks CTO, Chooses Hiking and Riding a Mountain Bike

Editor’s note: The Magento community is rich in outstanding people and our blog is always open for guests. However, the community is so widespread that we can also find them just round the corner or even inside our company and today we want to present you the interview with our CTO, Peter Samoilov.

Many of you are surely know him well, while the others have a great opportunity for this now.



Peter is a Magento certified developer with the vast experience in Magento development. He started his career as a programmer at aheadWorks and today he heads the development department of the leading Magento extension provider.
Peter is an active member of the Magento community and often attends Magento conferences as a speaker.

aW: How did you come to Magento?

Peter: aheadWorks started working with Magento many years ago, I can already say. That was the time of the 1.1 and 1.2 versions of the platform, and the Magento Community just began its formation. In those days, if you tried to get search results for the “how to create a Magento extension” query, you would just receive a couple of links to forum threads with the same question.

It was the time of our pilot project – the Product Question extension for Magento. I was assigned to develop the module and started with wild imprecations against the platform. That was my first acquaintance with Magento.

aW: How many years do you develop Magento extensions and for how long you head the development department at aheadWorks. What are your most exciting impressions within that period?

Peter: We work with Magento since 2008; at least, this is the year of our profile registration on the site. I have been heading the development department for about two years or even more. Time is ticking fast, besides I’ve always been bad with dates 🙂

The first year was full of coffee, broken keyboards, and new experience. Then we started to hire developers and had to teach them coding on Magento, and that was, perhaps, the most challenging and exciting experience for me.

aW: Tell our readers a bit about your life, hobbies, and activities outside the work please.

Peter: Actually, I’m a lazy couch potato, and in order to get some new impressions I usually hike on forests during my annual vacations. I also like to ride a MTB through the city. My new passion is the Suzuki Dirt Bike, which is perfect for forest and swamp rides with friends 🙂

aW: In your opinion, what features do SMB companies need to be included into Magento Community Edition (or Magento in general) out of the box?

Peter: I think, advanced reports and drop shipping are mandatory. Magento 2.0 is going to offer something like that, as far as I know. However, we are an extension vendor and need to enhance some Magento functionality, which is not still perfect.

Kimberely Thomas: “MMNY14 – Gathering in NYC with All Our Magento Friends”

Editor’s note: Organizing a Magento conference is always difficult especially when you do this for the first time. We asked the organizer of Meet Magento NY 2014 to share with our readers the experience and impressions about this extremely complex challenge.

Please welcome Kimberely Thomas, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Interactiv4.



Kimberely Thomas is a Magento Developer and Consultant in NYC where she started a web consultancy 10 years ago. She focuses on custom Magento implementations that extend the core functionally to expand the platform’s offerings.
Kimberly is an active Magento Community Member leading collaborative development for responsive design via github. She also organizes NYC Magento Developer Meetup and Pre Imagine Community Tweetup.


aW: Interactiv4 was created in 2001 as an E-commerce consulting and development company. Does it mean that you started working with Magento from the very beginning of the platform?

Kimberely: Yes. Our CTO, Ivan Cherpyuni was one of the original developers of the Magento Platform, so yes he has been working with it since 2007. Interactiv4 started working with Magento with the first beta version 1.0 a year later.

aW: I know that Interactiv4 organized the Spanish edition of Meet Magento in Madrid this year. What made you start a new conference on the other continent? Is this caused by the merging of Interactiv4 and Red Light Blinking companies?

Kimberely: When we were in Spain for Meet Magento, the group was excited about the idea of having an event in NYC – a place they all wanted to visit. After RLB and Interactiv4 merged, it was the next logical step.

aW: It was always interesting for me, how difficult it is to unify two separate companies into one effective unit. Especially when two companies had own business strategies and even products before.

KimberelyWe are really very similar so it has been an easy process. Although we havent’ fully combined our tools – NY favors Assembla and Spain uses Jira. The biggest challenge is that we speak (and write) in different languages! But, we all speak PHP/HTML/CSS so it works.

aW: Well, now let’s proceed directly to Meet Magento NY. What is the main purpose of the event?

Kimberely: The main purpose of MMNY is to allow members of the Magento community to come together and share information, ideas and network. Also, to have fun!

Sylvain Raye – about Magento, Composer, and Meet Magento Switzerland

Editor’s note: The Magento community, among other things, consists of numerous true professionals and gains power from the dedicated events, which develop and push the platform ahead.We thought that it would be great to make these events even closer to the entire community and highlight some interesting conference presentations in our blog.

This time, we asked Sylvain Raye, a computer engineer with more than 10-year experience in web development, answer our questions about his participation in the Meet Magento Italy 2014 conference and reveal some key points of his presentation.



Sylvain Rayé is a computer engineer having more than 10 years experience in web development and 6 years in Magento. Recently he founded Diglin GmbH in Zurich (Switzerland), a company providing development for eCommerce projects, including Magento, Akeneo and OroCRM.
He is a Magento enthusiast and actively contributes to the community as a Co-organizer of Meet Magento Switzerland and board member of the German Magento Community Assosiation. He also helps to organize hackathons in different countries and participates as a speaker in different conferences.


aW: I know that you take the active stance within the Magento community and often participate in different Magento events. Please tell our readers about the most recent ones?

The idea behind my presentations is to help developers avoid routine

Sylvain: Recently I attended two Meet Magento events, in Leipzig, Germany, May 5 and in Milano, Italy, June 3-4. In both cases I was a speaker at the developer track presenting Varnish (Magento: I varnish you) and Composer (Manage your Magento dependencies with Composer). The idea behind my presentations is to help developers discover the topics, which are not always well known, but are closely related to their day-to-day activity.

aW: Your presentation at Meet Magento Italy 2014 was dedicated to Composer – a dependency manager for PHP. Why did you choose this topic?

Sylvain: The Firegento Association, a German Magento Community Association, regularly organizes Magento Hackathons in Germany and Switzerland. They also participate as Magento Doctors at Meet Magento Germany and Switzerland. The purpose of the Association is to support developers and the Magento community in general through hackathons and develop tools, which help us make our life easier or even to share knowledge and experience throughout the community.

The Magento Composer Installer project is an example of a community driven project developed by a team during the Munich hackathon in 2012 by the following core contributors:

Composer is very useful, but not very famouse in Magento world

  • Daniel Fahlke aka Flyingmana (Maintainer)
  • Jörg Weller
  • Karl Spies
  • Tobias Vogt
  • David Fuhr
  • Amir Tchavoshinia
  • Vinai Kopp (Maintainer)

Composer is largely used in the Symfony2 eco-system and other PHP projects. It is very useful, but unfortunately not so very famous in Magento world. For those reasons and as a member of the Firegento Association, I wanted to promote the Magento Composer Installer project and share my experience of its implementation.

Thomas Fleck Summarizes Meet Magento Italy 2014

Editor’s note: We have already noticed in our previous posts that Magento constantly enters new countries and cities. This time incredible Italy welcomed guests of the Meet Magento Italy 2014 Conference (June 3-4) and we asked Thomas Fleck – CEO at Netresearch App Factory AG – to share his impressions about the event.

You may find the summary of the event based on the conversation with Thomas below.

Thomas Fleck



Thomas Fleck is the initiator of the international event series Meet Magento. He is an entrepreneur, lawyer and idealist with over 15 years of experience in the eCommerce business and has been working with Magento from the very beginning.

It is always very exciting to hold a conference somewhere in a new country for the first time. The same happened in Italy, where Meet Magento landed a few days ago. But despite or, perhaps, thanks to this fact, the conference was really amazing, full of inspirational speeches and appreciative audience. A large part of this success belongs to Diego Semenzato and his team from Webformat.

Organizers took the best moment for the conference

The organizers took the best moment on the Italian market for the conference. The global e-commerce is booming worldwide, but you should keenly feel when the market is ready to take off and be there at the right time. All the sponsors and attendees noticed the timeliness of Meet Magento Italy 2014.

We were happy to have Kathleen, Bertrand, and Ben with us

I was greatly pleased to stay on the stage and talk about the advantages of the platform in my presentation “What makes Magento special”. And you know, it’s not so easy to distinguish the most important points of this seemingly simple issue. Anyway, I stopped at “Magento can make you successful and Magento can change your life”.

You may say it is too pathetic, but I had some good examples to prove it. You will be able to learn them in details as the recording of the conference is coming soon. Here are just few key points:

  • Market share;
  • Strategic open source;
  • For beginners and enterprises;
  • International / global;
  • Unparalleled community and ecosystem.

Milan with its open-minded people is a perfect place for this event

We were happy to have Kathleen, Bertrand, and Ben – the new Magento developer evangelist – with us at the conference. Direct contacts with Magento representatives are very important for merchants, developers and partners.

Meet Magento events are perfectly suitable to connect people, share knowledge and ideas, and find new friends. And finally, I should notice that the beautiful city of Milan with its open-minded people was a perfect place for this event.

We thank Thomas for his time and informative conversation and wish him good luck in China.

If you have something to add to this post, please share your thought and impressions in comments below.