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Dealing with the new, resource-intensive platform

Many store owners often ask me how to take part in our regular ‘Store of the Month’ section and submit their store. Well, there are no explicit steps. Some merchants showcase their stores in our forum, others left reviews on the extensions they’ve bought on the product pages. So, any activity is welcome!

This time I had the opportunity to interview Stefan Schwann, the chief of web development and design of electronic4you, to gain some insights into what goes into creating a Magento store from scratch and why the platform continues to be so popular.


What: This Austria based retailer sells electronic items, like TV’s, audio products, handies, smartphones, tablet computers, etc. They sell products online and provide shipping within the country and outside Austria.

electronic4you has eight stores were customers can pick up their online orders or take a look at a product before buying it.

The company’s goal is to provide the best quality, price and customer service.

Where: Klagenfurt, Austria

Q. What attracted electronic4you to Magento?

A. Back in 2010, when we began the development of our store we faced the problem of choosing a platform.

We carefully analyzed pros and cons of existing ecommerce platforms and the decision fell to Magento. It was the best platform existing on the market at that time.

Magento can handle a huge amount of products and orders without any problems and the customization of the look and feel is also easy.

aheadWorks extensions in use

Focusing on a better product visibility with Magento extensions

I had a chance to prove the theory that you are just six degrees of separation from anyone in the world recently. Reviewing our customers stores to choose the one for my ‘Store of the Month’ section I stumbled on Dip ‘N Dive.

The first thing that attracted my attention was the fact that the store used 12 aheadWorks extensions, quite many, I thought. Secondly, they had been involved with Magento for two years.

As chance would have it, Oleksiy Chaukin, the person I contacted, appeared to be our former countryman. Moreover, the friend who recommended Oleksiy extensions happened to know aheadWorks owners. In my case the chain of acquaintances had four intermediaries. 😉


What: Established in 1976, Dip ‘N Dive maintains a full service retail store, travel department, teaching facility and repair center. For over 30 years Dip ‘n Dive has been instructing and outfitting divers all over the world. At they train new divers, advanced divers, master divers, or even dive masters and instructors. The retail store features the latest in diving equipment from nationally recognized manufacturers.

Where: Buffalo, NY, USA

aheadWorks extensions in use

Moving from Magento Community to Enterprise

Thousands of companies are using Magento Enterprise to grow their online businesses. Today I sat down with Michael Carlisle, CTO at MusicShop, to learn more about the challenges they faced moving from Magento CE to Magento EE edition.


What: The Music Shop Online originally started out as an eBay store. It ran out of the Brisbane office of The Music Shop retail store in Australia. As the eBay store grew, the Managing Directors could see the potential for the online market space, and decided to launch its own website called in 2007 and consequently had to move into their own 400m square warehouse in Salisbury, Brisbane Australia.

Over the past 4-5 years, has grown considerably and has added to their online business, which sells cycling accessories and components. Because of this growth, and moved into a much larger distribution centre boasting 2500m square warehouse space at the start of 2012.

Where: Salisbury, Brisbane Australia

Q: You own two stores. How long have you been running each of them?

A: has been running since 2007. commenced on July 2011.

Q: Tell us a little about your business, and how you became involved with Magento.

A: We initially became involved with Magento very early on when the platform was in Beta stage in 2007.

Even in Magento’s Beta form, it still boasted better features and options than what was offered at the time on other platforms. And of course, it was open source.

More so than, Magento offered a very active community on their forums for support, and a positive development path which was key to us joining so early on.

aheadWorks extensions in use

Store spotlight: Magento as a natural progression of change

Hi there and welcome back to our ‘Store of the Month’ series. It has been always interesting to learn how our customers came up with Magento platform, what features attracted them most of all, and what issues they probably faced.

Today I had a chance to speak with Jerome Ng, an aheadWorks community member and a General Manager of online audio products shop TREOO. Jerome can be rightfully considered a pioneer for Magento, as they started to use the platform when Magento was at its infant stages.

In this interview, Jerome expands on moving from Zen Cart and his attempt to self code.


What: is a Singapore based e-retailer of genuine portable audio products. They provide an online platform that connects distributors & manufacturers of audio brands to audiophile clients.

Where: Singapore, Singapore

Q: How long have you been running your store?

A: We have been in business since October 2008, so up to 3 years and running.

Q: Tell us a little about your business, and how you became involved with Magento.

A: We started with simple accessories shop on Zen Cart, drop shipping products from Apple accessories to even sex toys during our startup period. It was a period of trial and error, learning to code and to design. Nobody saw it coming to today’s success.

We improved on our site design till we meet Logitech who wanted to utilize our platform to develop their eCommerce project. We realized that this was a great opportunity to tap on and to improve the site.

Magento was new but it was a platform that people were talking about. There were so many great things about an eCommerce store that allowed people to easily upgrade their sites (as compared to Zencart). So, it was a natural move (except for the harder migration part).

aheadWorks extensions in use

Venturing into Magento: customer experience

It’s always a pleasure to aheadWorks to promote our customers’ stores and see how our extensions help your busyness thrive.

This time we reached out to Carlos, eCommerce manager at In this interview, Carlos speaks about high level of professionalism that reveals in the services he provides to customers as well as in professional software they use in their Magento store. So I asked him to expand on the idea.

What: Beauty online store with perfumes, cosmetics, makeup and hair care.
Where: Sevilla, Spain

Q: How long have you been running your store?

A: The store opened in January 2012, but we changed its name in March 2012.

Q: Why did you choose Magento as your current platform?

A: We have pitched on Magento for its flexibility to use only one catalog, admin site and settings in only one platform for different sites. Also we had experience in PHP development and use of open source software.

aheadWorks extensions in use

How One Plain Magento Extension Increased Sales

Hi there and welcome back to the store of the month showcase! In this section we call our clients to share tips how to run a successful Magento store and what extensions help merchants fulfill unique business needs and even the not-so-obvious store requirements.

Please meet Magento merchant Jan-Christoph Gack in our monthly store showcase.


What: offers a wide range of approximately 4,500 products of the following categories: biological (organic) food, natural cosmetics, ecological washing agents, baby care and baby and child nutrition.

Where: Bruchsal, Germany

Q: How long have you been in business? Can you tell me a little about your company and network?

A: Our company was founded by my father Hans-Georg Gack back in 1994. We’re an official dealer of many well-known brands, like e.g. Rapunzel Naturkost, Naturata, Lebensbaum, and many more.

Our customers mainly intend to consume healthy food, partly vegetarian or vegan food. Many of them want to use natural cosmetics, produced without animal-testing and partly without perfume.

aheadWorks extensions in use

Magento extensions for any idea you may have

Three weeks ago I put out a call on our Facebook fan page for submitting your store URLs. I’ve had a great time looking through all of them and have picked one favorite to tell our community about this Magento store success & experience. Thanks to everybody who has sent one in.

So, meet Magento merchant Bart Nanka in our monthly store showcase.


What: Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm is a family owned business. The store sells organic herb plants, dried herbs, spices, and herbal teas.

Where: Gold Coast, Australia

Q: How long have you been running your store?

We have been running our store on Magento since November 2009.

Q: Why did you choose Magento as your current platform?

I researched a lot of the good ecommerce platforms around, but none have the flexibility and the amount of users and developers contributing to the platform. Making it easy to find answers to your problems and extensions for any idea you may have.

What keeps me trying new AW extensions? – Their return policy.

Hi there. Here’s another post in our Store of the Month series. Today I’m talking to Brian M. Balster, Director of Marketing at MorterSupplements.


What: These stores sell alkalizing supplements, vitamins, minerals, and herbal tinctures.

Where: Monticello, IA, United States

Q: How long have you been working with Magento, and what attracted you to the platform?

A: I have been running my store for 6 years already. We previously were with X-cart and wanted a more robust software system. We researched many of the popular ecommerce options and Magento seemed to be the most customizable. So we just started fresh with Magento.

aheadWorks’ extensions in use

Magento Store Showcase – Part 2

We continue our conversation with Steve Tallent, President at, who was one of the first adopters of Magento.

Be sure to read Part 1 of this interview where Steve describes the first years of using Magento and the positive changes happened in the past few years.

Q: What’s the most powerful extension/s for you and why?

A: Well, Z-Blocks has been a dream. We’re exploring new ways to use it all of the time. Right now we’re looking at getting the RSS Reader to bring in multiple feeds, from our blogs, our Forums, our Facebook page, put them into Z-Blocks and start displaying them in different places, so we have dynamic content to engage our customers and encourage them to interact with us in those settings.

We also have on tap to try to get polls into Z-Blocks, so that we can schedule the old poll to go offline and a new one to come online weekly without us having to be there at that time to make that change. Z-Blocks is SO powerful.

Although I’ve had it for a long while and the shine has worn off and I’m not quite as enamored as I once was, the Review Rotator is a powerful tool. Marketers know just how powerful reviews are, and having them out in a sidebar where they might attract some attention to a previously untried product, is invaluable. The extension allows you to apply a filter so that you don’t get the really horrible reviews rotating through either. There aren’t very many, but you know there are those people that just like to complain.

aheadWorks’ extensions in use

Magento Store Showcase – Part 1

Once a month we feature our partners and their Magento stores on the aheadWorks Blog. Meet Steve Tallent, President at, who was one of the first adopters of Magento.

Steve will tell us about the first frustrating years of using Magento, the money he has spent to get a theme that was breaking with every upgrade. He also talks over the positive changes happened in the past few years and describes the extension of his dream.

Already intrigued? Keep on reading to know the lack of what extension can make his staff literally cry.


What: sells vitamins and other nutritional supplements, as well as some natural skin and hair products.

Where: Centerville, TN, USA

Confessions of a Magento Store Owner

One of my jobs here at aheadWorks is to highlight our clients’ stores and listen to what vendors say about Magento extensions they have chosen to organize their day-to-day operations.

This time I had a chat with Nicolò Bottazzi, the founder of a web store who two years ago faced the necessity to move from a custom platform to Magento as more reliable and stable platform.


What: Salustore is an Italian wellness store that has been operating since 2000 and has a strong reputation for the sale of haircare products. It sells more than 200 different products.

Where: Bergamo, Italy

aheadWorks’ extensions in use

22+ aheadWorks extensions on 1 store

Hello and welcome to our monthly section ‘Store of the month’! These posts are meant to give all of our blog readers a closer look at the extensions used by Magento merchants in their day-to-day operations and how the modules help them solve business needs and requirements.

This time I offer a sneak peek at one of aheadWorks awesome clients’ store – ClickGolf. Alex has submitted his shop on our Forum in the Showroom section and we found it’s a good example of a Magento store running aheadWorks extensions.


What: Click Golf is a popular and successful on-line golf shop, which offers excellent service and a big choice of golf clubs, golf sets, golf clothing and bags from the top manufacturers.

Where: München, Germany

Interview with Magento Store Owner

Hi there! It’s a perfect day for Magento store owners! Each month we highlight a store from our clients base and listen to what vendors say about Magento extensions they have chosen to organize a proper work and make their customers’ experience a smooth one. This is one of the most important things the store owner needs to accomplish when selling anything online, whether that includes services or products.

If you would like to share your site with Magento society, please contact us at and provide us with the details of your website.

Today we are talking to Raul Zendejas, who invited us to view his website MJR sales is a warehouse store known for buying and selling in the discount business for almost 20 years.

Magento Go Store Owner Feedback

Today we’d like to announce that a new section is now live in our Blog. So, what can you expect from this section? We’re going to talk to our amazing clients, go behind the scenes with their Magento stores, post their experience in using aheadWorks extensions, spill secrets on customization, and much more. We’re going to describe pros and cons of the extensions they use, their impact on the sales, thus promoting the stores, including backlinks and screen shots.

Want to boast about your store? So go ahead and let us help you promote your website. Send us an email at korol @ and provide the store URL and a brief store description. We’ll look through your site and maybe your Magento store will be featured next month.

aheadWorks interview for design4magento popular blog

Two days ago aheadWorks Co. gave an interview for one of the most popular blogs among Magento users and developers – design4magento. Today the interview has been published and you have a chance to know what secrets we have shared.