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Are you among 74 percent who develop a mobile strategy?

According to a study of the National Retail Federation, 74% of online retailers either have in place or are developing mobile commerce strategies, while 20% have already implemented their complete plans.

If you want to be ahead of your competitors or at least to keep pace with them, you just can’t ignore participating in m-commerce and adopting your Magento website to mobile devices. We are glad to introduce our smart iPhone Theme for Magento which helps you consider all top mobile platforms while working out your mobile commerce strategy!

The Magento iPhone Theme makes shopping in your store fast and easy. This extension automatically detects the device used for browsing your website – iPhone\Android\desktop – and switches your store to the required theme.

Today we released iPhone Theme v.1.3 which has been improved with the following new features:

  • Multi-shipping checkout
  • PayPal Express support
  • Image slider optimization for Android Safari

aheadWorks store goes mobile-friendly

As smartphones spread like a wildfire upon the world, we decided it’s high time we had a mobile-friendly version of our store. Looking at our traffic logs we notice that more and more people are visiting our website from a mobile device. Definitely, we want to be accommodating and make your experience more seamless.

Not so long ago aheadWorks has released the iPhone Theme for Magento, which has become one of the favorite extensions among our clients. Now it works at our mobile version of Magento extensions and themes store too.

So, there’s a good reason to give you a discount of 15% on the Magento Mobile module. Starting from today through August 8th, add the extension to your cart and launch a mobile version of your site that looks professional in a matter of minutes!

The iPhone Theme for Magento – now with BlackBerry compatibility!

Our revolutionary product for mobile commerce – the iPhone Theme for Magento – is already compatible with the Android OS as well as iOS 4.2. Since the 1.2 version released today, it is compatible with the BlackBerry OS as well. Now you can consider all top mobile platforms while working out your mCommerce strategy!

In v.1.2, we improved the iPhone Theme GUI for those your customers who use desktop browsers and mobiles with joystick when wandering through your store. Now the navigation buttons for image slider and buttons to delete items from cart are at their disposal for more convenient shopping.

Moreover, we’ve implemented the feature which was frequently discussed in our Forum. Today we are happy to announce that with the 1.2 version of the Magento iPhone Theme you can easily specify copyright and footer links exactly in the backend.

The list of new features is completed with two native Magento functionalities implemented in our just released product: the iPhone Theme supports gift messages and multistore. Gain from your mobile version store as much as you benefit from the desktop version, or even more!

The following bugs have been fixed in the Magento iPhone Theme v.1.2:

  • No link to the order when it was placed
  • Wrong image switcher width after Android rotation
  • Menu sticking after swiping back
  • Grey screen after AJAX request timeout
  • Wrong displaying of My Cart button title with products in cart
  • Incorrect work of virtual keyboard in the Search field
  • Fatal error when editing address at My Account page
  • Incorrect work of gift card in Magento EE
  • Some other minor bugfixes

Find more information on the iPhone (Blackberry) Theme for Magento page.

Wanna know how the iPhone Theme was developed? Read about it in aheadWorks Blog!

Look behind the scenes and learn how we developed the iPhone Theme

Hi everyone! My name is Stasia Harlamova and I am a content-manager in aheadWorks Co. Not so long ago, I’ve decided to interview the creators of our iPhone Theme – Igor Goltsov, developer, and Peter Samoilov, project manager – and question them about the process of this revolutionary product development.

Magento has already developed a theme for mobile devices. How do you find it? Which impression does it produce?

Standard Magento theme is a high quality and professionally developed product, but it doesn’t support many features available for today’s mobile device:

  • there is no device rotation and the theme is fixed in resolution to 320px, so it becomes nasty on mobiles with different screen width, e.g. Android or BlackBerry devices;
  • the standard Magento mobile theme has annoying always-expanded menu that forces you to scroll long list of categories to reach the one you need;
  • it doesn’t allow showing more than one item image at the product page;
  • the theme is not switched on automatically when the store is visited via mobile device;
  • after all, original theme wasn’t compatible with Magento 1.4.1 and Enterprise Edition at the moment of our iPhone Theme creation.

And all that inspired you to create a mobile theme meeting all modern requirements. Where have you started from?

The first serious task we faced was to make the menu to slide from left to right and vice versa. At first, we took on board jQTouch (an Open Source JQuery plugin), but later we had to decline it and preferred WebKit (used in the Safari browser) and JavaScript.

Why? As far as I know, the jQTouch plugin with native animations, automatic navigation, and themes was developed especially for mobile web development on iPhone.

Yes, you are right. Exactly because of that we selected jQTouch (a beta version) at the very beginning. But while working with it, we’ve found out that we could only nicely display pages. It was good, but not enough for us – we wanted to animate ANY element of the store and unfortunately jQTouch was incapable for this. The WebKit and JavaScript usage turned to be the best solution here.

And later we convinced we had made a wise choice. When we worked with the image switcher, it was the native WebKit translate functions which allowed us to make the switcher work fast.

iPhone admirers will definitely appreciate the way you adopted the AppStore practice of using additional images on the product page.

Yeah, we craved for this! The smartphones users will also like the enlarged images’ size. The standard Magento mobile theme makes it up to 65×65 what is hardly enough to get the idea of the product, especially if it is something chosen by the exterior view – clothes, adornment, etc. The pictures in our iPhone Theme are up to 270×270.

While developing the iPhone Theme, you have obviously met a number of hardships which was quite a puzzle to solve. Could you share some tricks or any unexpected discovery?

We faced many “surprises” as it was our first experience in developing products of such kind. But as an example, I can tell you one interesting thing. When working with the image switcher, we aimed to make it fast on iPhone 4 as well as on 3GS. We had to rack our brains before we finally found a solution. It seemed to be quite illogical, but it worked – if you want Safari to do things fast, use WebKit 3D translate instead of 2D. The 3D translate function switches on the iPhone’s 3D accelerator and everything becomes really fast and device-independent.

How did this solution impact on mobile devices with the Android OS which doesn’t have the implemented 3D accelerator?

This trick not only excellently worked in Android OS but even enlarged the image switcher productivity. Frankly speaking, this small achievement greatly pleased us because by that time we faced many problems while “teaching” the iPhone Theme work equally good on Android and iOS.

Is it connected with the fact that Apple was awarded a patent on multi-touch and all associated gestures such as pinch, swipe, and rotation?

Yes, exactly. The browsers set up on devices with Android OS are lack of the Touch class which represents a single touch on the surface, and that’s why iPhone and Android have different touch detection mechanisms.

I see that it was not easy-breezy to make the iPhone Theme work on both operating systems. But you haven’t any serious problems with Magento versions, do you?

It depends 🙂 Magento 1.3 has different behavior in processing the xml layout files. By default, it includes all xml files in all design packages, so all third-party modules layout updates and blocks are loaded in the iPhone Theme design. To bypass that, we had to change the way Magento 1.3 processes these files for the iPhone Theme by rewriting core design model.

Were all your expectations realized? Did you manage to implement all initially planned features or something still wasn’t a success?

We even exceeded the primary targets and expectations. Planned as a skin at the very beginning, our product became a full-featured Magento extension. It has its own events observers, models, controllers, and so on. Some things we have implemented are the following:

  • Catalog Top Navigation
  • Catalog List Pager
  • Catalog Product List Price Renderer
  • Catalog Cart View
  • Customer Account Dashboard
  • Cart Controller
  • Downloadable Product’s Controller
  • Changed Catalog Design Model
  • Changed Catalog Design Package Model
  • Observer for Before Frontend Init Event
  • Observer for Predispatch Event

We still have many plans on the iPhone Theme improvement and further development, e.g. the BlackBerry OS 6 compatibility will be implemented in the nearest minor version. So subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and be hip to the latest aheadWorks news!

Mobile shopping is on the rise – do you keep abreast?

According to one of the researches conducted by ForeSee in the USA, 69% used their mobile device to access a retailer’s website while in the store. Another 46 percent have visited a competitor’s website while in a store. It has also been estimated that 56% of people used their mobile devices for comparison shopping.

If you still didn’t adapt your store for mobile shopping, you’d better think over which percent of sales (and customers) you may lose every day. Today we release the new minor version of the Magento iPhone Theme which will help you win the niche in mobile commerce.

With the 1.1.1 version of the iPhone Theme, browsing in your store has become more convenient and faster. Now your store visitors should only double tap any menu item to open the category and there is no matter whether it has subcategories or not.

Moreover, the iPhone Theme was improved for Magento Enterprise edition. Since 1.1.1 version, our mobile template supports gift cards, reward points, customer credit, and email invitations what allows you to take advantage of all Enterprise Edition features even in mobile shopping.

The following bugs have been fixed in the new version of the Magento iPhone Theme:

  • Registration error in Magento CE
  • Options aren’t displayed for configurable products in cart
  • Fatal error on resending confirmation email
  • JS errors
  • Incorrect work with custom layout
  • Incorrect work in Magento
  • .csv locale file
  • Some other minor bugs
iPhone Theme $149

Test drive Magento iPhone Theme compatibility with BlackBerry to get it at half price!

Not so long ago, we released the long-awaited iPhone Theme for Magento. Later we made it compatible with Android. Today we gladly announce the planned release of the new version of the Magento iPhone Theme, now with BlackBerry compatibility.

Don’t miss the lucky chance: we are searching for 10 volunteers who would help us test the new iPhone Theme on their BlackBerry OS 6 with touch screen and without it. As a thank-you, our pioneers will get it with a 50% discount!

If you have a BlackBerry smartphone with OS 6 and wish to be our volunteer, please enroll by sending an email to Peter Samoilov, Project Manager at aheadWorks Co., at samoilov[at]aheadworks.com.

Make mobile shopping in your store a snap for both Android and iPhone users

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, 59% of mobile consumers plan to make use of their phone for shopping and planning purposes this holiday season. Those who simply ignore or just underestimate this trend risk missing out on a tremendous opportunity for increasing their sales conversion rate.

With the iPhone Theme from aheadWorks Co., your 2010 holiday strategy will have an advantage in winning the niche in mobile commerce. Since 1.1 version, this Magento theme offers iPhone OS 4.2 and Android compatibility what will be definitely appreciated by all smartphones wannabes.

With the resolution independence feature, the iPhone Theme provides the best user experience and allows avoiding forcing users to squint at everything they do on-screen. All buttons and other elements are now displayed as good as possible irrespective of display resolution.

The following bugs have been fixed in the iPhone Theme v.1.1:

  • Desktop links in footer menu
  • Incorrect center alignment of AJAX cart loader
  • All web service’s responses to store with iPhone Theme failed
  • Search doesn’t work in Magento EE
  • Viewport width defined incorrectly
  • Any order with comments crashes in customer account in Magento 1.3.*
  • PayPal UK Direct method displayed incorrectly
  • iPhone Theme doesn’t work in category with custom design
  • Customer’s registration area with additional fields displayed incorrectly

You can find more information about this aheadWorks product on the iPhone Theme page.

Hurry up – the iPhone promo expires today!

Today is the last chance for those who subscribed to the iPhone Theme newsletter in our Magento extensions and themes store and haven’t applied their coupon code yet.

November 30, 2010 is the last day when you can get the significant discount on the iPhone Theme on Magento and save $50 on Community Edition or $167 on Enterprise Edition.

Moreover, all our customers who have at least one completed order will get the discount automatically – you can find the coupon in your customer area.

To find out more information about this template for Magento, watch the video preview, and try the demo, please visit the iPhone Theme page.

iPhone Theme for mobile Magento has been released

iPhone ThemeMore than a skin.

It’s not just a simple mobile Magento template – actually it’s a revolutionary hybrid of a superior theme and a full-value extension.

We’ve enriched its functionality with AJAX cart and integrated advanced navigation.
Say goodbye to annoying page reloads when adding items to cart or searching the store, and browse with ease and simplicity.

Fully automatized.

The iPhone Theme for Magento has its own automatic identification.
It detects device, when your visitors get to your website using iPhone, switches between iPhone or desktop theme, and then pushes them to the right one.

Advanced User Interface.

Theme layout and UI elements are developed especially for mobile devices:

• Large fonts and buttons,
• Instant search without page reloads,
• Cart access from any page,
• and much more

Everything eases your iPhone clients browsing.

All our existent customers, who have at least one completed order, get the discount automatically – you can find the coupon in your customer area.

Remember that this offer runs only till the end of this month. So you’d better hurry up!

The cost of the iPhone Theme for Magento Community Edition is $149.00 and for Enterprise Edition – $499.00

With the discount, you’ll get

  • Community Edition for $99.00 (save $50)
  • Enterprise Edition for $332.00 (save $167)