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Knowledge Base 1.4: Rank Your Knowledge Better

A lot of businesses selling complicated devices and software or providing compound services like building and medical care are difficult to understand by trivial customers and new coming clients.

Knowledge Base 1.4: Rank Your Knowledge Better

In the first step to their purchase decision they have a tremendous number of questions and can heavily load your customer service seeking for the answers they need. The Knowledge Base extension is able to help product and service customers to choose the right option and avoid some obvious detail clarifications.

Possible Implementation Areas

The knowledge base can be utilized in different areas, including:

  • Clinical information systems;
  • Software knowledge bases;
  • Industrial knowledge bases;
  • Commercial information bases;
  • Multi-area expert systems;
  • Help centers;
  • Product tutorials;
  • Public knowledge bases;
  • Documentation repositories.

The Knowledge Base Magento extensionThe module provides customers with all required options for effective article search and sorting. It allows them to rate most valuable documents and improve the quality of the provided consultancy this way.

The process of integration into Magento is also thoroughly developed and refined making the module its natural and efficient part. We also pay much attention to SEO enhancements, as far as technically the knowledge base functionality is related to content distribution able to bring additional traffic to your store.

Knowledge Base 1.4 for Magento 1 Stores

So, the latest update adds two new SEO-related features to the extension’s functionality.

Google Sitemap Options

All those merchants who made large and multi-page commercial knowledge bases naturally strive for having all the articles properly indexed and updated by search engines. Knowledge Base 1.4 provides you with this very opportunity and allows submitting all knowledge base URLs to a Google sitemap, including article, category and tag pages.

You can also set some instructions for Google bots, including scanning frequency and knowledge base pages priority related to other store pages.

Google Sitemap Options

Google Sitemap Options

Knowledge Base – Useful Functionality for Any Online Store

A well-structured and content-rich knowledge base is able to accomplish several important tasks in your ecommerce store.

The Benefits of Knowledge Bases

It Reduces the Workload on Your Support Team
Answering most common and often questions about your products and services knowledge bases reduce the number of calls to the support team. This allows your staff to thoroughly concentrate on other important requests and make their best to resolve them properly.

It Saves Your Money
Since the number of requests directed to the support team is reduced, you need no additional employees in your help desk. This way, knowledge bases save your money.

It Increases Traffic and Conversions
The Knowledge Bases containing multiple useful articles are able to significantly enlarge the number of visitors from search engines. Landing on the pages of your knowledge base they continue to browse the store and make purchases. So, this traffic can also bring additional conversions and revenue.

As soon as we realize the value and necessity to create knowledge bases in our stores, we face the next challenge – to make them effective and attractive for customers.

How to Write Useful Knowledge Base Articles

Follow the Questions Commonly Asked in Your Help Desk
As the main purpose of any knowledge base is to answer most common questions of your customers, your help desk is the primary source of knowledge base article ideas. Usually customers want to clarify a really limited number of questions, so your first knowledge base articles will likely cover the majority of them. Thus, these comparatively minimal efforts are able to provide great benefits for your support team.

Answer Customers Questions Beforehand with Knowledge Base v.1.3!

The shortest way to turn visitors to customers is to convince them that they are looked after and their needs are taken into consideration. Make your customers feel confident by answering their potential questions beforehand with our Knowledge Base module.

Knowledge Base
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The Knowledge Base Magento extension allows you to create a base of answers to customers’ frequently asked questions and display them in an easy-to-read way.

Today we have great news for you – Knowledge Base has become much more SEO-friendly. The updated Knowledge Base extension v.1.3 allows adding meta data for articles and categories. Now you can define meta title, keywords, and description to provide your site with a higher ranking on search engines.

Besides, the following bugs have been fixed in Knowledge Base v.1.3:

  • incorrect articles and categories filtering
  • error if footer block was removed from layout
  • problem with KB block customization

Remember, if your support period is active, you can download the latest version of the extension absolutely for free!

Find the complete list of features on the Knowledge Base extension page.

3 Ways to Make Your Clients Stay with You

More than 7 out of 10 internet users are online buyers, and the number is growing. Having a popular website means that you would enter the largest world market reaching potentially billions of homes and businesses. But every day hundreds of e-stores are created all over the world.

With the abundance of online shops, it’s difficult to make out an individual. To withstand severe competition and allure customers to stay with you, your e-store should stand out from the crowd and offer as many opportunities for its clients as possible.

Below you will find 3 tips how to make your clients stay with you and not sneak away to your competitor.

Caring Attitude Is the Key to Long Term Client Relationship

To build business relationships, you need to pay great attention to your clients’ needs and interests. An ideal way to keep customers for life is to exceed their expectations consistently and provide services that are always at a high level. Clients are attracted to businesses that care about their convenience.

Advanced Search
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If a site is large and content-rich, a user-friendly search engine will be an indispensable aid for customers. With the Advanced Search extension, your clients will be able to find any product in your Magento store within a few seconds.

Today Advanced Search v.1.2 has been released. The new version of the extension supports search through articles of Knowledge Base, an aheadWorks extension for Magento. Moreover, some other features have been added:

  • stripping tags in search request
  • ability to specify path to Sphinx searchd daemon

Besides some minor bugs, in Advanced Search v.1.2 the issue of disabled indexes state in grid has been fixed.

To find the complete description of the module features, visit the product page of the Advanced Search Magento extention.

The Knowledge Base module for Magento contributes into making your online store informative and convenient for clients. The Knowledge Base page can contain FAQ that might occur regarding products or services.

We are glad to present Knowledge Base v.1.2. Now you can find ‘Store views’ column in ‘Articles’ and ‘Categories’ grids in backend.

The updated version contains the following bugfixes:

  • Magento PE compatibility
  • incorrect redirect if article suffix is not defined
  • incorrect page titles in administration panel
  • multibyte string problems
  • incorrect attachment name on file uploading
  • fatal error occurs in ‘Articles’ grid if administrator has limited rights

Learn more about the Knowledge Base Magento extension on the product page.

Knowledge Base
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Increase Your Converted Traffic from Watchers to Buyers

If you want to increase search engine traffic and attract more visitors to your Magento store, it’s really important to make your website informative and content-rich. The site should contain plenty of useful information, while your content should be authentic and unique.

The Product Questions and Knowledge Base Magento extensions from aheadWorks are helpful in achieving these goals. They make your site popular and successful among the target customers and keep the users informed and pleased at the same time.

Answer your customers’ questions before they’ve been asked

Some analysts say that FAQs can raise your business by 5, 10, or even 20%. Answer questions before they’ve been asked – rational enough taking into consideration that people like caring attitude and thank by becoming your regular customers.

The Knowledge Base Magento extension allows you to add FAQ page to your store. This software implies the usage of a knowledge base to store solutions on problem issues which are referred to periodically or any other documentation required for your site needs.

Since the 1.1 version released today, Knowledge Base is compatible with Magento EE and Moreover, now you can specify whether to use secure URLs for the extension in the frontend or disable this option.

The following bugs have been fixed in Knowledge Base v.1.1:

  • articles from deleted categories aren’t accessible
  • incorrect rating calculation
  • list tags doesn’t work in the article content
  • incorrect tags view
  • incorrect store view switching
  • issue with short description content
  • hardcoded footer link
  • incorrect translation file
  • global record search doesn’t work with Knowledge Base articles

Learn more about this Magento extension on the Knowledge Base page.

Knowledge Base 1.0.3 released

Today the 1.0.3 version of the Knowledge Base extension has been released. The new version is distinguished by an ability to limit the quantity of tags displayed in tags block what gives you more control over the extension functionality.

The following bugs have been fixed in Knowledge Base 1.0.3:

  • Users with limited permissions can’t manage articles and categories at backend
  • Disabled category is accessible through direct link
  • Title changes are not applied to footer links and page header titles
  • Minor bugfixes

To view the extension demo and screenshots, please visit the Knowledge Base page.

First-rate customer service is vital for any business

Proper customer service is the very thing that oils the wheels of your business. While maintaining first-class consumer support you are keeping customers – that is much easier, cheaper and more efficient than obtaining and attracting new clientele. Your customers should feel that you are doing everything possible to resolve their doubts and troubles. If it is so – you have won their loyalty.

aheadWorks development team provides you with a perfect opportunity to take your support service to the highest level with the help of a powerful set of three independent extensions – Help Desk Ultimate, Product Questions and Knowledge Base.

Help Desk Ultimate is a turnkey solution that enriches and refines the process of resolving your customers’ problems. It is easy-to-use system of tickets managing. You can create unlimited number of tickets and edit them from admin panel, link tickets with orders, reassign ticket to other department or lock it so no other department could edit it.

As for the already well-proven Product Questions extension that works with customers’ questions on your store items, it can be integrated with Help Desk Ultimate. The questions are automatically converted into Help Desk tickets and then administrator deals with a properly ranked and arranged list of issues. This greatly facilitates the process of customer care and support management and provides you with an ability to differentiate the hottest topics and afterwards, for example, clarify all the points in the form of a Frequently Asked Questions page.

The perfect assistant in creating FAQs is the Knowledge Base extension. It implicates the usage of the knowledge base to grasp all the information on most popular points, create articles, group them in categories and display on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Customers should know that they are not left face to face with their problems. Provide first-rate customer service and you would be amazed how thankful satisfied customers are – they will surely prove their appreciation coming back to your store over and over again.

Have you ever thought how essential the FAQ pages are?

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page allows you to provide your existent and potential customers with the information people are usually interested in – supported payment gateways, delivery date & time, guarantees, refunds, confidentiality and so forth. In fact, it is the place where your site visitors can get the immediate answers to the majority of their requests.

In spite of the seeming single role of the Frequently Asked Questions page, it serves at least 4 purposes:

  1. Gives answers to the most popular questions
    People don’t like to purchase blindly. They have the right to know what and under which circumstances they are buying. If they don’t find such information on your site, they will turn to your competitors.
  2. Helps to improve your sales conversions
    Answer questions before they’ve been asked – people like caring attitude and thank by becoming your regular customers.
  3. Increases SEO ranking
    The formula is simple – the more unique content, the more traffic to your site.
  4. Decreases requests to support
    Having placed the frequently asked questions on your site, you will reduce the number of customers’ appeals to your support team.

Thus thoroughly prepared information for FAQ page helps you to build customer loyalty, raise your business and increase your site’s rating on search engines. Rather solid argumentation to ignore this marketing springboard of capturing your audience.

Information grouped to categories, tags assigned to articles, automatically generated Top Articles and Latest Articles blocks – all these features available in the Knowledge Base extension from aheadWorks work hand in hand to ease finding required information.

If you want to learn how to add and manage the FAQ page with Knowledge Base, visit the extension page.

New Magento Extension – Knowledge Base!


Thinking over building a knowledgebase to store important business-related information? Want to add FAQ page to your store? Then Magento Knowledge Base from aheadWorks is the very extension you are looking for. This software implies the usage of a knowledge base to store solutions on problem issues which are referred to periodically or any other documentation required for your site needs. Buy Knowledge Base now!

Some analysts say that FAQs can raise your business by 5, 10, or even 20%. Answer questions before they’ve been asked – rational enough taking into consideration that people like caring attitude and thank by becoming your regular customers.

All the documentation created by store owner is displayed by means of articles assigned to admin-defined categories. The process of documenting is intuitively understandable and uses familiar standard Magento interface.

A rich set of Knowledge Base settings makes the extension fully customizable – you can define articles listing type (short or full), limit article description length, manage articles rating, upload attachments for articles, etc. You are also able to specify the options of each block – Category, Top Articles, Latest Articles and Tags – by setting up their title, sort order and number of articles displayed.

The Knowledge Base extension offers you a number of powerful features:

  • Ready-to-use interface with CMS-friendly blocks
  • Frontend section combined with Search, Category Articles, Top & Latest Articles independent blocks
  • Knowledge Base Page

  • Search articles by combination of words or exact phrases
  • Search articles by tag or category
  • SEO-friendly direct links
  • Articles sorting by date and rating
  • Article text WYSIWYG editor
  • Article attachments
  • Article author
  • Article status
  • Article Information Page

  • Article categories
  • Multiple categories per article
  • Article Information Page

  • Per-store categories
  • Category Information Page

  • Article rating voted from frontend and controlled from backend
  • Article rating voting limitation
  • Article Information Page

  • Configurable article listing type
  • Module Title, URL key, Frontend, etc. configurable from backend
  • Configurable Title & Sort order of main blocks
  • Articles tag cloud
  • Proportional tag size in Article Tags block
  • Printer-friendly blocks
  • Global search articles in Admin panel
  • Global Search

  • Simple CSS & layout to set custom view style
  • Knowledge Base Page

You can visit the Magento Knowledge Base page and find more information about this extension.