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aheadMetrics with Real-Time Store Analytics Is Open to the Public. Give It a Try!

Good news: today our new aheadMetrics service goes live! Many of you have already bombarded us with requests to develop easy to use comprehensive analytics tool for online stores. And we did it.

aheadMetrics, currently in beta version, will give you all-round analytics of eCommerce stores real-time with sales, customers and products data measurable in any dimensions.


In most cases you don’t need numerous reports with excessive statistics that many services offer. As a contrast, aheadMetrics is focused on in-depth sales, customers, orders and other related data.

Take a look at your sales in general or analyze them by a certain period of time, by country or by customer, get updated on your bestsellers, observe products in users’ wishlists, monitor order statuses and never lose track of how well (in terms of $) your business is doing. View all aheadMetrics features.


We charge nothing for aheadMetrics. Start using the service and collect reports indicating your profit rates by moving to aheadMetrics website and creating your account in a couple of minutes.

Browse through aheadMetrics features, try it for your webstore and get back to us with your opinion. Leave your feedback at, it will be greatly appreciated!

Looking for A Specific Magento Extension? Use Advisor for Magento Merchants and Get Help from Experienced Vendors

Remember, last week we dropped a hint for you to expect something special? And we keep our word! Today we are revealing a promising project – Advisor for Magento Merchants – where merchants ask for some particular Magento extensions and vendors are here to supply them with various relevant references.

Magento Advisor

Currently, Magento communication is facilitated on several websites mostly containing development-oriented Magento questions asked largely by programmers and answered by them. But merchants are often left alone with their queries; they feel lost in the waves of immense Magento extensions ocean or are not sure whether this or that functionality of their interest exists at all. We no longer allow this to happen.

How does Advisor for Magento Merchants work?

Merchants describe their cases, specify extensions they are looking for and later review modules that vendors have to offer them.

How to ask questions?

To submit a query, no registration is needed. Merchants just fill out the Ask Form, and the question instantly goes live. It’s easy as that. From this moment, no other actions are expected from merchants – all registered users will be notified about a new question and, we believe, hurry up to provide their solutions if they have ones.

Advisor Ask Form


How to add answers?

Only registered users are able to submit answers. For that purpose, they sign up for Advisor and wait for their account activation. After this being done, they take advantage of Advisor at full swing – raise questions and leave comments with text info and hyperlinks. Besides, all registered members receive notifications about new questions as soon as they show up.

Magento Advisor Answer Form

Are you a merchant who needs help from vendors in choosing the right extension? Visit Advisor for Magento Merchants, leave your query and just wait for the answer to come.

Are you a vendor who is eager to assist merchants in their search quest? Contact me at to request free Advisor registration in order to leave answers to questions instantly.

Use Advisor for Magento Merchants anytime you feel concerned about Magento modules and let vendors from all over the world rush to help you.

OnPulse Is Launch of the Week! Access Magento Store Statistics and Call & Email Customers Directly from Mobile Devices

Do you or your clients operate a Magento website? Do you have a smartphone or a tablet? Your double “yes” indicates that today we launch a brand-new service precisely for you.

We are thrilled to present a free exclusive web-based functionality – OnPulse – allowing merchants to view their store sales statistics right from any iOS/Android mobile device when they don’t have accesses to PC.


Getting used to the OnPulse service is very easy. You download the extension at no charge, notice QR-code in the admin panel and scan it with your mobile gadget.

After that you will be transferred to, where you obtain information on last clients and orders, browse over order statuses and review order items. You can also email customers or give them a call directly from your device.

OnPulse statistics

Benefits of the OnPulse service are quite sufficient to give it a try:

  • Free of charge
  • Installation in 5 minutes
  • No registration required
  • Works with all Magento webstores

It should be emphasized that OnPulse doesn’t store or cache client’s data. The process of data transfer is entirely transparent: a store sends data to our server and the server immediately passes it to a users’ mobile device. Our servers do not contain any client’s data and it is documented in the Privacy Policy.

We encourage you to explore the OnPulse service and leave us your feedback here. Your voice is not only helpful, but also critical – we’ll consider adding new features and altering the existing ones upon your request.

Want to be the first user of OnPulse? Perform the following:

1. Download the extension.

2. Scan QR-code in the admin panel with your mobile device.

OnPulse admin demo

3. Enjoy store statistics displayed in your smartphone or tablet and get back to us with your comments.