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Product Navigation Filters in a Web Store: Best Ideas

Product filters is one of the ways customers use to navigate products in an online store and an indispensable tool for convenient customer catalog browsing.

Product Navigation Filters in a Web Store: Best Ideas

Product filtering by such traditional criteria as size, color, etc. just adds to the overall navigation usability but can hardly bring any sufficient competitive advantages.

Rather, you should consider adding some original filter attributes able to make your navigation unique, comfortable, and, this way, standing out of the trivial filtering patterns.

Today, we will determine how product filters can be originally implemented on the example of several e-commerce stores.

Filter by Feature

A few years ago, the H&M world clothing brand offered users the possibility to sort products in catalog by their distinct features. In fact, this filtering option suggested picking items according to a particular occasion: festival clothing, off-duty events, random occasions, etc.

After all, let’s agree that when we are looking for an item to dress on some occasion, sometimes, we just cannot be satisfied with only, say, color and size attributes. Rather, we need an item that fits not only our size and taste but also a particular purpose.

Another good example of filtering products by their features is the Hunter clothing store. Here, the brand placed focus on physical characteristics of particular items. This way, shoppers could sort, say, shoes by such features as:

  • Waterproofing
  • Water resistance
  • Grip, etc.

Again, here the brand allowed shoppers to find the items that corresponded to their specific needs and not just to some general preferences.

Purchase Magento 2 Themes from our Partners and Take our Extensions with the 10% Discount

Magento is a functionality-rich ecommerce platform and, unarguably, is one of best choices for any online retailer.

Purchase Magento 2 Themes from our Partners and Take our Extensions with the 10% Discount

Still, rich and powerful selling and purchasing options provided by the platform need to be finalized and even enhanced with a high-quality theme.

A great theme is able to make the whole functionality scope properly provided to customers and, in fact, is a final touch for any Magento 2 store. There are a lot of ways to improve the look of your store. For example, you can create a custom theme, resort to free themes, or you can purchase a great theme for reasonable money and enjoy the quality.

The last option, apparently, is the most popular among Magento store owners, and, perhaps, one of the most reasonable solutions, as soon as theme providers have already resolved most of the important issues and offer you:

  • Well-thought usability and advanced UX experience;
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly template and layout;
  • Visually attractive design;
  • And extra valuable functionality.

So, other thing being equal, a reasonable decision about a Magento theme leads you to the themes that correspond to all the points above, including the scope of extra functions either added to the theme or provided by some Magento extensions compatible with this particular theme by default.

So, we are glad to announce that now, our Magento extensions are compatible with some great themes for Magento 2.

Aheadworks Theme Provider Partners

In order to add some more value to our extensions and make your experience with Magento holistic and comprehensive, we partnered with several Magento theme providers, and now, you can use their themes and our extensions together with no issues. So, welcome the themes provided by our partners:

  • Claue by ArrowHiTech;
  • Milano by Alotheme;
  • Market by Magentech.

This offer is equally valuable for both current and future theme customers and our extension users looking for a chance to improve the look of their Magento 2 stores with a new professional theme. Moreover, if you purchase the above themes, we are glad to offer you a 10% discount on the Aheadworks extensions compatible with the partner themes.

Layered Navigation 1.8 Adds a Horizontal Filter Bar on Category Pages

The possibility to adjust the layered navigation bar to the layout and design of a web store’s category pages is able to improve overall usability and the convenience of catalog navigation for customers.

Layered Navigation 1.8 Adds a Horizontal Filter Bar on Category Pages

The latest Layered Navigation 1.8 extension for Magento 2 adds this very feature that has been long awaited by online merchants – horizontal filter bar.

Horizontal Filter Bar on Category Pages

The ability to use horizontal filter bars is undoubtedly beneficial for small business owners whose stores has the one-column layout on category pages. This way, shoppers get a great opportunity to smoothly navigate through the store catalog.

Horizontal Filter Bar Provided by Layered Navigation 1.8

Horizontal Filter Bar Provided by Layered Navigation 1.8

Free Webinar by Aheadworks: Advanced Filter Management Opportunities

On February 15, 10-00 AM (PST), we invite everyone to join our discussion on the features of our latest Layered Navigation 1.7 extension for Magento 2.

Free Webinar by Aheadworks: Advanced Filter Management Opportunities

In the course of our ‘Advanced Filter Management with Layered Navigation 1.7’ free webinar, Magento 2 store owners will learn about the new options of our extension that allow shoppers to find products in catalogs flawlessly.

The webinar will also be useful for digital agencies looking for the ways to integrate time-proven navigation functionality and high-quality code.

Our speakers will gladly share their expertise on the subject.



Dmitry Shatkov, Aheadworks Chief Content Officer Dmitry Shatkov, Aheadworks Chief Content Officer
Artem Kuznetsov, Aheadworks Product Owner Artem Kuznetsov, Aheadworks Product Owner
Vitaly Verbitsky, VP Partnership and Sales, AheadworksVitaly Verbitsky, VP Partnership and Sales, Aheadworks

Layered Navigation 1.7: Fine-tune Your Product Filters

The process of filtering products is one the shortest ways to the desired products and the quality of the layered navigation filters may significantly influence the entire journey and final result of the browsing in your online store.

Layered Navigation 1.7: Fine Tune Your Product Filters

If your customers are able to quickly and conveniently find the products they need, you have much better chances to witness multiple completed orders in your store. Layered Navigation is one of our first Magento 2 extensions and has already passed through multiple updates and functionality enhancements. Here comes one more functionality improvement with Layered Navigation 1.7.

So, we have to offer you some really valuable new features you will hopefully like.

Layered Navigation 1.7

Manage Filters Page

The most significant enhancements that determined greatly the entire course of the current update is the Manage Filters section added to the backend configuration scope. Available in the following way Catalog -> Layered Navigation by Aheadworks -> Manage Filters, it enumerates all the available either Magento native or added by the extension navigation filters.

Layered Navigation 1.6 for Magento 2: Less Filters, More Clues

Following the development roadmap we continue updating our Magento 2 extensions and here comes the next version of our Layered Navigation extension.

Layered Navigation 1.6 for Magento 2: Less Filters, More Clues

We update our products regularly, so please check the latest Magento 2 product changelogs to find the features you possibly missed. And, let us remind you that our customers take advantage of free lifetime updates, so you can improve your stores without any extra charge.

Layered Navigation 1.6

Hiding Void Filters

This feature makes the Layered Navigation filter more clear and comfortable as far as it disables the filters having only null attributes. No matter, either you start with a particular category or negate some filters during the filtration process, the module will hide the whole product attribute filter with all blank options.

Layered Navigation 1.5 for Magento 2 Focuses on SEO

Regular updates of our priority extensions are just common for our current development track and here comes the next update of the Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2.

Layered Navigation 1.5 for Magento 2 Focuses on SEO

Layered Navigation 1.5 for Magento 2

Active Filters at the Top of Page

Layered navigation sidebars of the stores with multiple product attributes and attribute values may be quite long so that it becomes inconvenient for customers to recall all the applied filters. They need to scroll down the whole bar and usually as soon as a customer reaches bottom filters he forgets the previous way completely.

Active Filters at the Top of Page

Active Filters at the Top of Page

The newly added feature displays all active filters at the top of the layered navigation results page just above the block of selected products. Thus, customers are able to see them all in one place and manage them conveniently. They can disable either selected or all filters in just one click. For their convenience, filters are shown in the order they appear in sidebars from top to bottom.

SEO-related Features

The next feature, or rather a set of features, is related to SEO-oriented improvements of the extension. Layered Navigation creates multiple quite similar pages able either to grab additional traffic or harm website rankings without proper configuration.

Starting from the current version, the extension is provided with the ‘SEO’ configuration field set located in the Configuration section. It contains multiple configuration options, so let’s take a look at them from the very beginning.

Layered Navigation for Magento 2 Obtains Shop by Brand Functionality

High quality search and navigation are among the most demanded online shopping features providing customers with great purchasing experience and making them shop willingly.

Layered Navigation for Magento 2 Obtains the Shop by Brand Functionality

Advanced and powerful layered navigation functionality for Magento 2 stores is a must-have product filtering opportunity that allows buyers to find items quickly and intuitively. And, shop by brand features incorporated into the Layered Navigation module make it even more beneficial and convenient for any customer.

Layered Navigation and Shop By Functionalities Mutual Advantages

Selling products like brands is especially advantageous for the retailers with multi-brand collections that consist of fashion and luxury products, watches, furniture, sporting goods, etc. So, it’s a wide and crowded segment of the stores based on Magento 2.

The chance to filter brands using layered navigation is a double advantage for such stores, since their customers are able to look for the items from their favorite brands on catalog pages and beneficially utilize layered navigation opportunities on brand pages with numerous products.

Layered Navigation: Optimized vs. Unfit

Complicated navigation is among the most often reasons why visitors leave online stores. According to Statista*, it stands just behind the price related drivers and total purchase refusals.

In order to reduce that frustrating number of exits online retailers make considerable efforts to optimize in-store search and product filter options. But the obtained value is not always clear and some stop on the halfway without going into finer details.

However, if you compare good and bad options, you will certainly feel the difference and below we provide you with the chance to see this on your own.

Conventional Filter Design

Customers are always in a hurry still no one knows the destination point. Anyway, browsing and purchasing are only welcomed in the case when it takes a few seconds to look around and get to shopping.

Most people do not like novelties and customers as well. So, you need to make your layered navigation interface simple and familiar allowing customers to select products just immediately. Try to avoid any specific colors, ornate backgrounds, exotic thumbnails and everything else that can distract from the final purpose to find and purchase products.

Just a Few Snowmen Make You Stop for a Second Before You Start the Navigation.

Just a Few Snowmen Make You Stop for a Second Before You Start the Navigation

Wrap Long Attribute Option Lists

In general, simplicity and effectiveness should be the motto of each digital store and simplicity is usually the best contributor to effective shopping.

Layered Navigation 1.2 for Magento 2 Simplifies Difficult Choices

How to create the best shopping experience and allow customers to find the most suitable products on the go? That’s the eternal question of ecommerce and a daydream of all shoppers.

Layered Navigation 1.2 for Magento 2: Simple Difficult Choice

Trying to find it daily we have recently moved towards that advantageous solution with our Layered Navigation for Magento 2. And now, when the holiday sales season is just around the corner it seems to be even more timely.

The Layered Navigation Extension for Magento 2Layered  Navigation 1.2 for Magento 2

The latest Layered Navigation 1.2 for Magento 2 stores received one more valuable feature able to provide your customers with straightforward and convenient way to filter products by their attributes. Still, the new feature is switchable, as usually, and depends on your preferences.

New Feature

Disable “Show X Items” Pop-over

Now, you have two options to filter products with the provided layered navigation functionality. The first one (belongs to the previous version of the extension) allows customers to select all necessary product attributes and then receive the target selection. That’s quite great, if they don’t want to see the catalog page updated upon each attribute selection.

But, if your visitors prefer consistent movement to the required solution and gradually narrow down the search area, you can disable the “Show X Items” pop-over and come back to the traditional approach to filtering. However, even though you choose the second way, this functionality is AJAX-based and doesn’t involve any page reloads.

Easy Journey with Layered Navigation 1.1 for Magento 2

It certainly takes time, but we steadily make our Magento 2 extensions more capable and conforming to all Magento development requirements.

Cleaner code, optimized structure, full compatibility with Magento 2 – these are the main new characteristics we add, and they are worth those efforts for sure.

Make the Trip Easy with Updated Layered Navigation

This time we announce the next Layered Navigation 1.1 for Magento 2 stores.

The Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2Layered Navigation Refactoring

Advanced functionality is nothing without high-quality code, like a powerful engine is useless on a weak frame.

All the under-the-hood enhancements of Layered Navigation 1.1 greatly improve the quality and performance of the extension. These changes are not so noticeable, but they take the extension to the next level and make it a high-end product.

Extension Structure Improvements

The whole structure of the extension was revised and optimized according to the Magento recommendations. We got rid of all precarious development practices able to provide any rough going during the implementations on next Magento versions.

This makes easier both our lives and your chances to move to next Magento versions without any issues. Moreover, the class structure of the extension became more logical that simplifies its support and customization.

Code Optimizations

Before the refactoring stage the code of extension was a bit complex, so we truncated all excessive fragments without any functionality or productivity losses.

Unit Tests

From now on, the module is covered with unit tests almost entirely that makes it reliable and prepared for further development and customizations.

New Magento 2 Layered Navigation: Intuitive and Comfortable Products Filtering

Our Magento 2 extensions catalog is being constantly updated with new products and you can even track our next and upcoming solutions.

Magento 2 Layered Navigation 1.0 Release

We add new products available for pre-ordering and highlight following products with Coming Soon labels, so you can plan your purchases and save. And, at the beginning of this new year we are happy to announce the Layered Navigation Magento 2 extension release. Now you can purchase and download this extension in our store.

The module improves native Magento 2 functionality with an advanced user experience and new valuable features making products filtering intuitive and comfortable. Furthermore, customers can use the functionality both on category and search results pages.

M2 Layered Navigation Frontend Functionality

Improved Design

Layered Navigation is mostly oriented towards excellent user experience, so the fronted functionality is in priority here. The module replaces default Magento 2 layered navigation with its own layout and makes the search by product attributes more convenient.

M2 Layered Navigation Improved Design

M2 Layered Navigation Improved Design

New Special Filters

Additionally to the existing filtering options the module provides three new filters: In Stock, On Sale, and New. These filters cover several commonly used filtering requests especially popular among most customers.