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Monthly Updates – August 2019

At the edge of the season, with changes in mind, it is time to analyze the past and see prospects for the future. August review of monthly updates to Aheadworks extensions prompt change!

August monthly updates to Aheadworks extensions

Each monthly review of extensions updates makes it evident, that here at Aheadworks we spare no effort to keep our radars up to the latest developments in the field. Furthermore, we always look into your feedback with a close eye and project wisely for the future of our extensions. With the wheels turning, we gear your business towards success!

This summer, when speaking about updates, we focused on:

  • code refactoring;
  • improving UI and UX;
  • enhancing native Magento functionality;
  • detecting and fixing bugs;
  • and of course, empowering our modules with new features.

The vibrant energy of summer at Aheadworks was generously given to:

Layered Navigation: Optimized vs. Unfit

Complicated navigation is among the most often reasons why visitors leave online stores. According to Statista*, it stands just behind the price related drivers and total purchase refusals.

In order to reduce that frustrating number of exits online retailers make considerable efforts to optimize in-store search and product filter options. But the obtained value is not always clear and some stop on the halfway without going into finer details.

However, if you compare good and bad options, you will certainly feel the difference and below we provide you with the chance to see this on your own.

Conventional Filter Design

Customers are always in a hurry still no one knows the destination point. Anyway, browsing and purchasing are only welcomed in the case when it takes a few seconds to look around and get to shopping.

Most people do not like novelties and customers as well. So, you need to make your layered navigation interface simple and familiar allowing customers to select products just immediately. Try to avoid any specific colors, ornate backgrounds, exotic thumbnails and everything else that can distract from the final purpose to find and purchase products.

Just a Few Snowmen Make You Stop for a Second Before You Start the Navigation.

Just a Few Snowmen Make You Stop for a Second Before You Start the Navigation

Wrap Long Attribute Option Lists

In general, simplicity and effectiveness should be the motto of each digital store and simplicity is usually the best contributor to effective shopping.

New Magento 2 Layered Navigation: Intuitive and Comfortable Products Filtering

Our Magento 2 extensions catalog is being constantly updated with new products and you can even track our next and upcoming solutions.

Magento 2 Layered Navigation 1.0 Release

We add new products available for pre-ordering and highlight following products with Coming Soon labels, so you can plan your purchases and save. And, at the beginning of this new year we are happy to announce the Layered Navigation Magento 2 extension release. Now you can purchase and download this extension in our store.

The module improves native Magento 2 functionality with an advanced user experience and new valuable features making products filtering intuitive and comfortable. Furthermore, customers can use the functionality both on category and search results pages.

M2 Layered Navigation Frontend Functionality

Improved Design

Layered Navigation is mostly oriented towards excellent user experience, so the fronted functionality is in priority here. The module replaces default Magento 2 layered navigation with its own layout and makes the search by product attributes more convenient.

M2 Layered Navigation Improved Design

M2 Layered Navigation Improved Design

New Special Filters

Additionally to the existing filtering options the module provides three new filters: In Stock, On Sale, and New. These filters cover several commonly used filtering requests especially popular among most customers.

30% OFF: Pre-order Magento 2 Extensions and Save

Recently released Magento 2 is not only the subject of discussions among multiple ecommerce experts, but also closely studied by multiple merchants considering it as the main option for their future retail and b2b ecommerce projects.

As we have mentioned, we work hard to pave this yet unexplored path for aimed merchants and strive to provide more valuable Magento 2 extensions. And, today we’d like to announce and feature our next products currently being designed and developed.

Pre-order Magento 2 Extensions and Save

Our road-map will help you move your planning horizons forth and save greatly. Yes, you heard that right. Today you can pre-order our upcoming extensions and save 30% of their original price.

Pre-order Your Extensions

Magento 2 Pre-order Terms

The products available for pre-ordering are located in the regular Magento 2 catalog, still they carry pre-order labels to show you their current statuses. Pre-order extensions will be released within one month since their announcement with the release terms available on product pages.

As soon as you proceed through the standard checkout procedure, you will see purchased products in your customer account still without download links that will be available immediately after the corresponding release.

attention_greenWe’ll notify all our pre-order customers on this occasion via email.

Currently, two of our products are ready for pre-ordering: RMA and Layered Navigation. Apparently, you will need to evaluate the benefits provided by these extensions and discover their functionality features. Well, below we offer you short descriptions of main functions and novelties brought by them to Magento 2.

The RMA Magento 2 extensionRMA

The RMA extension facilitates the full cycle of the return management process and makes it transparent for both store owners and customers. All steps of the process are covered by the intuitive submission form, status and email notifications, dedicated chat threads and additional RMA request attributes.

Advanced Usability
Customers are able to easily fill in the submission form for their returns either directly from the order or from My Account area choosing the items they need and attaching files.

Effective Navigation in Online Stores

When we talk about an effective website navigation functionality we usually mean one important characteristic – ability to make shopping convertible on our site.

Today customers expect only instant and intuitive access to products and lightning checkout. Otherwise, they will not hesitate to leave you without purchases. And no regrets, don’t be naive.

Fortunately, we have some benchmarks indicating the necessary level of service, which leaves you a chance to stay afloat or even prosper, perhaps. Here are just few of them:

  • Back in 2007 Amazon discovered that every 100ms of latency cost them 1% of sales;
  • People spend only 5 minutes on shopping out of every hour spent online, according to Experian Marketing  Services;

So, these stats convince that an effective shopping is to be convenient, intuitive, persuasive, and fast. An efficient navigation is undeniably very important in this process as it takes the majority of the purchasing time.

The Fundamentals of the Effective Website Navigation

Visitor should Easily Find the Website Navigation
As shoppers are impatient they should immediately locate navigation tools and be able to use them instantly.

Website Navigation should be Consistent
Place navigation tools on every page of your site and do not change their design very often. This makes users get accustomed to their interface and understand their functionality clearly.

Do not Use Multiple Navigation Options
Multiple navigation options confuse customers and force them to leave your site, as usually people do not have much time to run through numerous options, while they want just a simple choice.

Use Generic Design for Your Navigation
Customers better perceive a familiar design of navigation elements, but try to clearly differentiate them from each other, as similar visualizations may be confusing and lead to the abandonment.

Keep Your Visual Support Realistic
The pictures used should clearly represent the supported options and naturally comply with surrounding design.

Minimize Information Access Costs
When visitors switch from one piece of information to another, it always requires some mental efforts from them. In this case, you should make this process as smooth as possible avoiding any unnecessary actions, including returns to the main menu or just page reloads. But avoid positioning multiple navigation options too close to each other or you will create an overwhelming clutter on your site.

Layered Navigation v.1.1 Gains 9 New Powerful Features

In most cases, layered navigation is the starting point of interaction with e-commerce stores and it is not only a filtering tool, but also an integral part of layout and design.

The Layered Navigation Magento Extension

Layered navigation directly affects sales and customers loyalty. We clearly understand these two functions of Magento layered navigation and offer our customers and prospects an update of the Layered Navigation extension, containing nine new features serving both purposes.

The Layered Navigation Magento Extension

New Features

“Use Layered Navigation In Search Results” support
This feature allows you to enable layered navigation on native Magento search results page. This option can be configured from the backend.

See navigation filters on the Search results page in our demo.

Magento AJAX Navigation

Layered Navigation in Search Results

Set up visibility of attributes in certain categories
Some categories may not require layered filtering as they are simple and intuitive for users. Since version 1.1 Magento admins are able to hide a filter in specific categories.

Not Visible in Categories

Not Visible in Categories

“Yes/No” attribute

Product attributes with only ‘yes/no’ options can be easily created in just one click. You should only navigate to Catalog -> Manage Attributes -> Add New Attribute -> Catalog Input Type for Store Owner and choose ‘yes/no’ option in the drop-down list.

aheadWorks Releases Layered Navigation Extension. Faster Search, Easier Navigation and AJAX Support

Today, when the current eCommerce competitive environment is so unfriendly and spontaneous we exert every effort attracting customers to our online store and retaining them there. And sometimes they just can’t find the item they need among the huge number of goods. Now this disappointing obstacle is fully removed by Magento Layered Navigation extension from aheadWorks.

This extension meets all advanced standards of Web 2.0 solutions for Magento platform. AJAX-based, it contains powerful features which greatly enhance native Magento layered navigation functionality.

Layered Navigation extension for Magento

Key Features

Easy installation and configuration (all data will be imported from Magento)

Attributes set available for filtering are added from native Magento Layered navigation during the installation and you do not need to define them again.

AJAX-based features

AJAX-based navigation
AJAX technology allows the extension to filter products fast and without page reloads. Moreover, you can use “go back” or “go forward” buttons in your browser, but, once settled, filtering configuration will be saved for your convenience.

AJAX-based pagination and sorting
Pagination and results sorting are done seamlessly, without any reloads, and do not distract customers from searching the products they need.