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New Blog for Magento 2: Sway the Audience

Since the beginning of 2015 and even earlier content marketing takes its place among most popular and demanded marketing strategies worldwide.

Blog for Magento 2 Release

And, multiple observations notice that its huge influence on future marketing decisions will remain significant in 2016:

  • Content marketing is considered to be the marketing activity with the second greatest commercial impact in 2016 (Source:;
  • The content marketing industry tops the list of important tech investments in 2016 (Source:;
  • 64% of PR and marketing pros are inclined to increase their content marketing spending this year (Source:;
  • Nearly 50% of companies have content marketing strategies in their marketing mixes in 2016 (Source:

The Blog extension for Magento 2 storesBlog for Magento 2

This way, content marketing is still a highly-effective marketing tool, and most of you definitely know this since our Blog extension is highly popular among our Magento 1 customers.

So, today we announce that Blog is good and ready for Magento 2 stores as well. And, it has a lot of new features and enhancements making it even more beneficial for your content marketing activities.

Frontend Facilities

Of course, most features of the Blog extension are placed “under the hood”, but it has also obtained an updated interface and other functionality improvements obvious on the frontend.

New Magento 2 AJAX Cart Pro: Browse and Purchase without Disruptions

According to the Google Analytics Benchmarking report, an average session duration of the Apparel shopping segment for medium-sized stores was 3 minutes and 16 seconds in 2015. So, it doesn’t seem that customers have any extra seconds to waist visiting unnecessary pages and waiting for reloads.

Magento 2 AJAX Cart Pro

Reaching for better shopping experience is the high priority goal of our products and today we are making one more step ahead and presenting AJAX Cart Pro extension for Magento 2.

The Magento 2 AJAX Cart Pro extensionMagento 2 AJAX Cart Pro

The module improves the native Magento 2 AJAX shopping cart functionality and makes shopping more streamlined and swift. With this Magento 2 plugin customers no longer need visiting product pages in order to put their items to shopping carts. Now they can do this immediately from category pages in AJAX-powered shopping cart pop-ups.

AJAX Pop-up

The dedicated pop-up consists of several topical and functional areas. Depending on the settings it can include: product name and image, product short description, attribute options area, quantity field, add to cart button, and reviews summary block.

AJAX Cart Pro Pop-up

AJAX Cart Pro Pop-up

Moreover, the AJAX Cart Pro pop-up supports a wide range of product attribute field types, including checkboxes, text fields and areas, dropdowns, radio buttons, and multiselect.

Customer Experience

AJAX Cart Pro allows customers to add products to carts on the spot without opening any extra pages or waiting for reloads.

Store Locator for Magento 2 to Find Most Suitable Physical Locations

Mutual integration of online and physical stores today is absolutely common and requires merchants to settle the shopping experience within this business concept simply perfect.

Striving to provide only excellent services retailers closely integrate both channels and build a holistic model of sales allowing customers to easily move between online and offline stores and vice versa.

The Store Locator extension for Magento 2

If this is just about your business, you certainly need the Store Locator extension made for Magento 2 stores. With this extension you can offer customers freedom of choice while they select most suitable locations of your physical stores, offices, service facilities and other outlets online. Rich-content descriptions are able to provide customers with all necessary information from working hours and contact information to store pictures and links to their web sites.

Similar software is widely used by globally leading companies, including Apple, Walmart, UPS, etc. So, now our customers also have a chance to benefit from the same functionality since today we release the Store Locator extension for Magento 2 stores.

The Store Locator extension for Magento 2Store Locator Functionality

Store Locator for M2 helps customers find nearby locations in two ways: by addresses and radius searches. As far as the extension is integrated with Google Maps it provides the information clearly and via a familiar interface.

Fronted Features

Convenient Search Options
The module provides customers with two straightforward location search options: Search by Distance and Search by Address. The Search by Address option allows them to find store locations near a certain address. Customers just need to fill the address form and then get nearby suggestions.

Store Locator Search Options

Store Locator Search Options

In the case someone does not know the address exactly, he can take advantage of the Search by Distance option (default). Here a customer needs to provide his current location and search within a certain radius to get some destination location suggestions. This option is more advantageous for new customers without specific preferences.

Equip Your Magento 2 Stores with High-quality Extensions Profitably

No doubt, Magento 2 will become the next ecommerce destination for numerous Magento users.

So, if you consider migration as the next step of your improvement or just build a new M2 store, we are ready to make you two great offers.

All M2 Essentials in One Place

Coming into this innovational Magento 2 era we have a hankering to enter it with our new and existing customers continuing the long-term beneficial partnership. And, since we sincerely believe that Magento 2 is currently the best available ecommerce software, we offer you to equip your M2 online stores profitably right now.

M2 Extensions PackM2 Extension Pack

M2 Extension Pack provides you with a unique and original chance to access all M2 extensions either currently available for purchase or expected to be released. The pack includes free extensions installation and the 360-day support period.

Our Magento 1 extension buyers are provided with the 30% discount on M2 Extension Pack (use the M2PACK coupon code):

  • CE M2 extension Pack: the discounted price is $979 (only for our M1 customers) and $1399 is the full price of the pack;
  • EE M2 extension Pack: the discounted price is $2099 (for our M1 customers) and $2999 is the full price of the pack.

Totally, we expect all 12 extensions to be good and ready by the end of March. The modules cover most significant functionality fields, including sales and marketing, administration, user experience, and content management. As soon as you purchase the pack, all the extensions above will appear in you customer account area. For the launched extensions you will get the links for downloading immediately, while the coming soon extensions will appear after their final release.

The Dark Side of Holiday Sales or Post-holiday Routine Adjustments

“No more champagne and the fireworks are through…”

So, the holiday season is nearing the end and we need to return to daily routines and restore the level of customer support and maintenance.


Especially that plentiful holiday season sales create a lot of post-purchase issues demanding close attention and prompt resolution. This time multiple customers start to return items and ask for refunds, so we need to decently withstand this period or better pass it attracting new sales and customers.

In this post we’d like to offer you some valuable solutions able to facilitate your efforts and simplify customer service.

The RMA Magento ExtensionRMA

The ultimate goal of item returns processing is “keeping customers happy” with their returns in any case and circumstances. According to NetDespatch, easy returns are becoming an important competition factor and carefully considered by most customers. The inability or difficulty of returns often prevents customers from further purchases and make them unhappy with definite retailers.

The RMA extension is ready to smooth out numerous pitfalls on the way of excellent return services and make customers satisfied with their return experience.

The module builds a comprehensive and holistic RMA process transparent for customers and fully controlled by merchants. It starts an RMA procedure from scratch and covers all necessary stages with required functionality, including a live chat, user-friendly frontend visualization, powerful backend management system, request statuses, and forceful notification system.

Pre-order Magento 2 Store Locator and Save 30%

The next chance to purchase a valuable Magento 2 extension with the 30% discount appears today since we introduce M2 Store Locator available for pre-ordering in our store.

Pre-order Magento 2 Store Locator and Save 30%

Now, when the extension is on the fast track, we can reveal its essential features and functionality peculiaritiesStore Locator for Magento 2 is a pretty straightforward still valuable solution for merchants running multiple stores, warehouses or offices with physical locations.

The Store Locator extension for Magento 2 pre-orderFor Customers

Using this extension customers are able to search nearest or most suitable store/warehouse locations in two simple ways.

Search by Address

If a customer knows the address of the preferred store, either just country or e.g. country and city, he can easily determine its exact location on the map.

Search by Distance

The second option allows customers to find stores near their current location. For the purpose, customers should specify their current location, search radius and radius measurements and the extension will find, if available, locations corresponding to this input data.

For Merchants

Creating new locations merchants are able to specify their addresses, descriptions, store views, location photos or relevant images and custom Google map markers. The module can determine necessary coordinates automatically by the provided address or you can specify the longitude and latitude of the location on your own.


The configuration of the extension is both clear and flexible allowing you to determine the URL key of the location page, Google API key, page’s link position, search radius options, default search radius values, etc.


More information is available on the product page of the extension. As usually, we plan to release the Magento 2 Store Locator extension within a month, still you can purchase it just now and save 30% of the full price.

aheadWorks CTO on Introducing Automated Tests to M2 Products

We’ve talked a lot about shifting more attention to the quality of our code and working towards easier customization of our products.

Today we’ve called out our CTO to talk about what is being done in that direction and what is yet to be done in the future.

aheadWorks CTO, Peter Samoilov

10+ Years of Development Experience

aW: So, Peter, we understand it’s all about automated testing currently. Would you mind giving a quick intro?

Peter: An automated test is, basically, an additional code that checks the validity of the software or a part of the software. There are multiple benefits to having it, some of which include higher product quality, lower costs of consecutive version development, testing software in a specific environment, easier code refactoring, etc.

Automated tests provide higher product quality, lower costs of consecutive version development, testing software in a specific environment, easier code refactoring, etc.

aW: Why do M2 modules require automated testing?

Peter: Tech-wise, M2 is much more complicated than M1, and that goes for modules as well. This means that writing code requires a much more thorough approach. On top of that M2 is a young platform and there is not much expertise out there and virtually no experienced specialists. Put all of this together and you get a pretty high risk of screwing something up, starting from algorithms and ending with architecture. Automated tests help to mitigate that risk.

Also, unlike with M1, with M2 we get a testing framework out of the box, which is another hint to all module vendors.

aW: What are your expectations from automated test implementation?

Peter: First, we simply want to take our extensions to the level above what we had at M1. Our intention is to have high quality products, closer to what you get at “enterprise” level.

Magento 2 RMA Release: Manage Returns Efficiently

Product returns are absolutely natural for retail and sometimes wholesale businesses, but without proper control the process may turn into the real chaos irritating for customers and devastating for businesses.

Magento 2 RMA Release

Efficient management provides both sides with the confidence that their interests are met and they are able to achieve their goals. Usually, customers want to get their money back or replace items, while merchants strive to prevent fraud payments and try to retain customers by all means.

Return Merchandise Authorization is the common practice covering and handling the whole process of product returns and today we release an ad-hoc Magento 2 extension for this purpose – RMA. RMA is a one-stop solution taking care of all aspects of the Return Merchandise Authorization process, including the intuitive RMA submission form, dedicated chat, and additional settings necessary to personalize and streamline product returns of any specific business.

The Magento 2 RMA extensionMagento 2 RMA Functionality

Frontend RMA Request Submission

The My Returns section of the My Account area provides customers with the opportunity to create new requests, edit and track the statuses and updates of existing inquiries.

Our commitment to offer only great experience to your customers is implemented in the intuitive and user-friendly RMA submission form. It takes only several minutes to create a new request since the form offers customers all necessary information on one page.

My Returns Grid

My Returns Grid

Customers need to only select the order and items to be returned, specify return details and fill three default custom fields: favorable resolution (replacement or return), package conditions and return reason. As soon as the request is submitted, customers will find it in the request list pending approval from the Magento store admin.

Great Offer for Our Customers: 50% Discount on Magento 2 Extensions

Today, when Magento 2 is released, most of you consider it as the next ecommerce destination and explore the existing M2 environment in order to estimate the advantages of migration.

50% Discount on Magento 2 Extensions for Our Customers

The new platform grows exponentially constantly attracting new dedicated extensions and services, vendors and providers, technical approaches and price strategies. Within the Magento 2 ecosystem, we are committed to providing our customers with a reliable way for smooth and rapid switching to the new platform as soon as they are ready for this transformation.

50% Discount for M1 Customers

Coming into the Magento 2 era we do our best to provide extensions covering most required functionality areas and offer our M1 customers tools necessary to get up to speed with their Magento 2 stores.

Today, aheadWorks Magento 1 customers have a unique opportunity to purchase Magento 2 extensions at the 50% discount.

Any of our M1 customers, regardless of the products they purchased* and regardless of the license statuses, are able to get any Magento 2 products from our catalog 50% off.

In order to streamline you successful launch on Magento 2 we also offer free installation and extended up to 180 days support and updates period for all M2 products.

* Excluding free products, their support licences and Advanced Reports units.

How It Works

  • Ensure you are under the account you used for M1 purchases;
  • Enter coupon M1M2 on the shopping cart page;
  • Use it for any number of products.

30% OFF: Pre-order Magento 2 Extensions and Save

Recently released Magento 2 is not only the subject of discussions among multiple ecommerce experts, but also closely studied by multiple merchants considering it as the main option for their future retail and b2b ecommerce projects.

As we have mentioned, we work hard to pave this yet unexplored path for aimed merchants and strive to provide more valuable Magento 2 extensions. And, today we’d like to announce and feature our next products currently being designed and developed.

Pre-order Magento 2 Extensions and Save

Our road-map will help you move your planning horizons forth and save greatly. Yes, you heard that right. Today you can pre-order our upcoming extensions and save 30% of their original price.

Pre-order Your Extensions

Magento 2 Pre-order Terms

The products available for pre-ordering are located in the regular Magento 2 catalog, still they carry pre-order labels to show you their current statuses. Pre-order extensions will be released within one month since their announcement with the release terms available on product pages.

As soon as you proceed through the standard checkout procedure, you will see purchased products in your customer account still without download links that will be available immediately after the corresponding release.

attention_greenWe’ll notify all our pre-order customers on this occasion via email.

Currently, two of our products are ready for pre-ordering: RMA and Layered Navigation. Apparently, you will need to evaluate the benefits provided by these extensions and discover their functionality features. Well, below we offer you short descriptions of main functions and novelties brought by them to Magento 2.

The RMA Magento 2 extensionRMA

The RMA extension facilitates the full cycle of the return management process and makes it transparent for both store owners and customers. All steps of the process are covered by the intuitive submission form, status and email notifications, dedicated chat threads and additional RMA request attributes.

Advanced Usability
Customers are able to easily fill in the submission form for their returns either directly from the order or from My Account area choosing the items they need and attaching files.

New aheadWorks CEO Natallia Kukuruzina: “We Implement New Advanced Development Principles”

Today we talk to Natallia Kukuruzina, a new aheadWorks CEO, who brings new approaches to the development of our products and company as a whole.

New aheadWorks CEO, Natallia Kukuruzina

Master of Business Administration, Master of Engineering.

Natallia Kukuruzina is a highly-experienced strategic manager working for 10 years in IT mainly focusing on foreign contractors and early project launches. Natallia possesses vast experience in team building, process establishing, and business administration.


aW: Hi, Natallia! Do you mind answering a few questions about the future of aheadWorks, the prospects of Magento 2, and the market in general?

Natallia: Sure! I’ll be glad to take this chance to talk to our customers and share our plans for the future.

aW: Great! Let’s start with an introduction then.

Natallia: Well, I’m an involved person, I love working with other people, I enjoy my work and I welcome challenges.  (smiling…) I’ve been an aheadWorks CMO for over a year now and today I’m  excited to join the company as a CEO. I’m extremely intrigued with the Magento 2 platform and new opportunities it promises.

Our primary task is to provide early adopters with must-have tools and ensure quick and smooth uptake of the new technology.

aW: Welcome aboard! And, since you mentioned it, let’s focus on Magento 2 for a minute. What are your expectations for the platform and how does it affect aheadWorks? Scared? Excited?

Natallia: A little bit of both, naturally. But, it’s worth mentioning that we came prepared for Magento 2. By the time it launched we already had 5 fully tested extensions in our M2 portfolio which are available for the purchase now and we are planning to expand it by a few more before the year runs out. So, for now, our primary task is to provide early adopters with must-have tools and ensure quick and smooth uptake of the new technology.

As to the platform itself, I expect great things. Magento 2 is extremely powerful, compared to the first version it provides store owners with many more e-commerce opportunities. Recent innovations have streamlined the checkout process, created wider SEO opportunities,  offered improved admin grid,  better PCI compliance, and much more.

As an extension provider, our job is to embrace these changes and find a way to take them a step further. We look carefully at new opportunities, at needs of our clients, and we find ways to add value to their business.

We already have 5 fully tested extensions in our Magento 2 portfolio.

aW: Are you planning any changes in your business strategy and product development process with the advent of Magento 2?

Natallia:Yes, it’s inevitable. We currently stand on the edge of new era, when previous approaches are no longer applicable, while the new ones are not yet entirely formed. And I’m not just talking about the code, the whole ecosystem is about to change.

New Automatic Related Products for Magento 2: Create Efficient On-Page Product Promos

Making great product pages is absolutely necessary for any online store owner.

Great product and category pages are full of high-quality product images, smart merchandising, compelling product descriptions, well-placed call-to-actions, social media inventory, and … relevant and in-time product suggestions.

New Automatic Related Products for Magento 2

Although it goes without saying that related products are a compulsory element of any web store, the recollected benefits provided by this functionality look really impressive:

  • Cross-sells and upsells;
  • Relevant content environment and professional advice;
  • Improved store navigation;
  • Related product suggestions during the checkout process;
  • Authentic and original promotions perceived naturally by users.

And, taking advantage of the benefits above is just easy with the new Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2. The module allows you to put related product blocks to product and shopping cart pages and determine their place and content for your best business efficiency.

The Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2General Description

The Automatic Related Products extension performs mainly backstage, while customers only witness the results.

Related Products Setup

Rule Conditions
Related product rules define both destination pages and the related products block content. The provided rule conditions and condition combinations specify the pages to be used for placing related products based on product attributes.

Magento 2 Release Blossoms Forth the New Era of Ecommerce

Magento 2.0 is finally out. We witness a historical day!

Magento 2 Release

We are very excited with this great moment touching the whole formidable Magento community and, no doubt, global eCommerce as well.

A New Era of  Commerce Innovation is Here

Magento 2 is available in two new products: Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 and Magento Community Edition 2.0. The new platform embodies the future of ecommerce software functionality and development.

Based on its open source traditions Magento 2 provides all online customers and store owners with an enterprise-level performance and productivity. It rises on the basis of innovative architecture, amazing shopping experience, and advanced scalability.

It’s been definitely a long way full of complex challenges and ardent work. And, the result is fully worth the effort providing the pioneering state-of-the-art digital commerce platform.

Today, we are sincerely happy for the Magento team and hope that the new ecommerce solution will strengthen its position among most powerful and popular e-platforms worldwide.

aheadWorks is Headed for Magento 2.0

aheadWorks passionately welcomes this glorious milestone taking a proactive position in order to make Magento 2 even more sterling ecommerce solution.

We made a great leap forward in our approach to design and development of our M2 extensions. We improve our  products betting on the easily customizable code, approved frontend functionality, refined backend interface and usability.

At this very moment our Magento 2 portfolio contains five ready-to-go extensions, representing our best ecommerce experience. Starting from Advanced Reports, Follow Up Email, Product Questions, Gift Card, and Automatic Related Products we gradually speed up the process of development and soon will be able to announce our next Magento 2 modules.

Currently, the above extensions are passing the Magento 2 compatibility verification procedure and will be available for purchase shortly. Still, right now you can find their demos in our store.

Follow us for further updates in our blog and social media.


With the advent of Magento 2 our ultimate goal is to cover main business areas with M2 functionality extensions as soon as possible without any quality compromises. For this purpose, we have significantly revised our approach to code, usability, and functionality of our modules and are confident that we can provide even better products as a result.

Once again, we congratulate Magento on this historical and revolutionary achievement and wish it to reach new business horizons.

New Gift Card Magento 2 Extension: Associate Pleasant Moments with Your Store

Gift cards are greatly beneficial sales and marketing incentives increasing revenue and attracting new customers.

New Gift Card / Certificate Magento 2 Extension

Absolutely all global brands issue gift cards, either digital or physical: Visa, Apple, American Express, Amazon, Walmart, Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks, Nike, IKEA, Best Buy, iTunes, eBay, Burger King, Hyatt, Skype, Fridays, Adidas, GAP, Columbia, and so on.

Annually, digital gift card market rises by 29% and customers do not only use their values, but spend by 20% more than the initial gift card nominal, according to

All these make gift cards a mandatory element of any marketing strategy, but you need to find the most advantageous and beneficial way to introduce this functionality to your customers.

The Gift Card extension is designed specifically for Magento 2 based stores and offers you all necessary functionality to tap this beneficial area.

Magento 2 Gift CardGeneral Description

The module allows you to create a new product type – Gift Card. This product is purchased by consumers and further sent to their friends via emails or physically.

Recipients get gift card codes and enter them in shopping carts. They can use gift cards fully or partially, once or several times, if the price of products they purchase is smaller than the gift card amount.


Customer Experience

As far as birthdays are the most popular occasions for purchasing gift cards (according to, 81% of customers purchase gift cards for birthdays) the module allows you to create a festive mood and greatly pleasure your customers and their friends. We all know that giving gifts is as nice as getting  them.

New Product Questions for Magento 2: Feasible Completeness of Product Descriptions

During this transitional period Magento especially needs a lot of great features able to prove once again its power and value worthy of the most popular ecommerce platform worldwide. In this regard, we also strive to make necessary efforts and increase the number of ready to go Magento 2 extensions.


The Product Questions Magento 2 extension by aheadWorks is responsible for the operations closely knitted to products and eventually sales. It provides additional product value without any extra expenses or exceptional efforts.

The Product Questions Magento 2 ExtensionCustomers appreciate great products most of all, but today this concept is much wider than just a set of straightforward functionalities providing operational effectiveness. Amid this, products should fully satisfy customers’ needs and in this case the angle moves to the individual perception and personal communications. And, this is what the Product Questions extension makes best of all:

  • Information about Your Products. Your desire to reveal all the best features of your products is incomplete without dispelled customers’ concerns and removed pitfalls. So the Product Questions extension makes your product sheet complete.
  • Loyalty through Communication. Live communications convey the spirit of a trusted destination and make customers feel safe and loyal to the store and products.
  • Extra Content. Questions and answers make your web store live and full of constantly updated content in the eyes of search engines and this way improve your SERP rankings.
  • Genuine Feedback. Using the extension customers get a chance to display their thrilling questions priceless for merchants as the basics for further service improvements. All the improvements based on customers’ suggestions show them their significance and make them fill involved.

Product questions allow you to meet the above goals alone, however, when supplied with reach and capable backend functionality, they make the module a real communication and educational tool in your hands.

M2 Product Questions Functionality

Customer Interaction

Ask a Question
Asking questions about products is the main functionality of the extension shaping its main ecommerce value.

Customers' Product Questions

Customers’ Product Questions

Customers are able to ask public and private (sent directly to Magento admin without public sharing) questions. They just need to type them to the Question section and press the Send Question button. If a customer wants to make his question private, he just checks the Private Question check box.