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Magento 2 Security Posts

Magento 2 Security

Transactions and sensitive data security requires from store owners thorough and constant monitoring and upgrade.

Magento 2 Security

With the improvement of protection methods the ways of hacking and fraud advance in absolutely the same degree and their scale sometimes is just staggering.

Global Cybercrime

Suffice it to say that among the major crimes committed on the internet in 2015 were the following cases (Source: Forbes.com):

  • Anthem Inc. – 80 million patient and employee records stolen, including birth dates, home and email addresses, Social Security IDs, etc.
  • Ashley Madison – 37 million clientele records hacked and made public;
  • Office of Personnel Management – 21-25 million federal worker records, including unchangeable credentials like fingerprints;
  • Kaspersky Lab reported in their blog that they found some facts of spying on famous people, including participants in the international negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program.

In the digital world we currently leave these are really dangerous and scarring cases affecting our wealth and privacy. Usually we deal with less impressive data volumes, of course, still it doesn’t relieve us of the obligation to keep secured every handed record.

Despite that the above examples are not connected with ecommerce directly this area suffers not less than other digital areas. According to Trustwave, 43% of all data breaches investigated in 2014 were made in the ecommerce retail industry and 23% in 2015, accordingly. Well, it was a great improvement, but e-commerce still remains the most attacked retail digital sphere worldwide.

Most often, victims are located in the US, UK, and Australia. And, the most desired targets for digital thieves are credit cards data (POS environment), CNP (Card Not Present) transactions, proprietary information, financial credentials, etc.