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Our Recently Certified Magento Plus and Zend PHP 5.3 Developers Warn: the Devil Is in the Details!

We are hardly billionaires here, but we definitely know how to grow the company to a well-to-do business: hire the team of professionals and cultivate their desire to master skills and jump higher. Eventually, it pays.

Let’s give salutations to our developers, Ilia Sokolov, Sergey Ostapchik, Michael Valushko, for achieving the statuses of Magento Certified Developer Plus and Zend PHP 5.3 Certified Engineers!

aheadWorks certified developers
Starting from the left are Ilia, Sergey and Michael

I believe there are a bunch of developers among our readers who are also pursuing the goal of becoming certified Magento or Zend PHP engineers. That’s what our guys have to say them about the certification process and how useful certificates might be.