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Aheadworks Attends Imagine 2018!

This year, Imagine, a Magento global eCommerce conference, will take place from April 22 till April 25 at Wynn, Las Vegas.Aheadworks Attends Imagine 2018!

We are happy to announce that our Strategic Partnerships team, including Vitaly Verbitsky, Aheadworks  VP of Partnerships and Sales, and Ekaterina Sobolkova, Aheadworks Partnerships and Sales manager, will represent our company at the upcoming conference!

At Imagine 2018, our colleagues will be happy to meet current and potential Aheadworks partners, discuss the topics related to partnership, the options for its further development, and answer all the related questions.

Please contact them personally to negotiate a meeting:

Vitaly Verbitsky –

Aheadworks Strategic Partnerships team

Let’s Go to New York – Meet Magento NYC 2016

Not sure about New Yorkers, but for the European citizen ‘New York’ sounds like a symbol of the United States and surprisingly something very familiar.

Let's Go to New York - Meet Magento NYC 2016

You know, just like a grocery store around the corner you have never visited, but passed by a million times on your way home. That’s the amazing power of proper promotion and branding. By the way, one of the presentations at Meet Magento NY 2016 is going to unveil the story behind a successful Magento-powered brand. More details are below.

Meet Magento NY 2016

So, it is going to be the third edition of Meet Magento NY that is organized by two companies Interactiv4 and Atwix. To be held on October 5 MMNY16 is going to be a great chance to meet a lot of famous persons from the local Magento community, as well as around the U.S. and the globe.


The list of speakers is impressive as usually and includes a lot of well-known Magento enthusiasts. This staring cast promises to make attending Meet Magento NY beneficial and useful. Here are just a few names:

  • Ignacio Riesco, Interactiv4 , CEO & Founder;
  • Viacheslav Kravchuk, Atwix, CEO / Owner;
  • Paul Boisvert, Magento, Vice President of Product Management;
  • Kurt Theobald, Classy Llama, CEO;
  • Joshua Warren, Creatuity Corp, CEO;
  • Jerry Eadeh, Nexcess, Senior Vice President of global Marketing and Sales;

… And many more.

2016 Magento Partner Top Contribution Awards (Mapped)

Magento Imagine 2016 was a clear affirmation of the community cohesion and common interest to bring Magento to the top of global eCommerce.

Multiple companies worldwide work hard for this unifying goal and Top Contributions Awards across the Magento global partner ecosystem became a well-deserved recognition of their ongoing efforts. And, it is great that alongside the companies with established reputation Magento also commends the merits of rising newbies encouraging them to stay on the track.

Below, we offer you to walk through an interactive map presenting the geography of the 2016 award winners and may be find someone in your location. All the winners are divided into two groups: Solution and Technology partners with their own nominations marked with particular signs on the map.

2016 Global Partner Ecosystem Top Contribution Award Winners Map

Map Key

Solution Partners

star-30 – Magento Shooting Star Award
award-30 – Spirit of Excellence Award
award 1 - 30 – The Magento Digital Commerce Partner of the Year Award
starы-30 – Magento Omnichannel Partner of the Year Award

Technology Partners

award 2-30 – Spirit of Excellence Award
stars-2-30 – Shooting Star Award
laurel-wreath-30 – Most Innovative Extension Developer Award

Most Innovative Extension Developer Award

Imagine 2016 and the whole previous year were absolutely amazing for our team and we are just happy to be named Most Innovative Extension Developer in 2016. We thank Magento, the community and our customers for this great privilege and trust. Needless to say that we’ll make every effort to prove this honorable title.

The award above was made possible thanks to our joint efforts embodied in this trophy. So, congrats to all of us!

See You at Imagine 2016: Where and When

Imagine, the biggest and most influential Magento event, is ready to go again this April, and we are happy to join the entire community, meet old partners and friends.

Imagine 2016

However, the conference is so huge, just like the community behind it, so below we also walk through some major company events within the conference and a little beyond. Hope this small guide will help you save your time, have fun and meet us at Imagine 2016.

aheadWorks at Imagine 2016

Imagine 2016 is going to become a unique event edition since it is held just after the M2 release primarily aiming to establish the new platform a rightful Magento 1 successor among community members and worldwide.

We also share the passion and thrill about the new platform opportunities and will bring them in the news regarding our latest Magento 2 extensions, their functionality and technical background. In the last six months we developed 12 fully operational Magento 2 solutions including high-priority features, integration, functional and unit tests.

Even more, we have a lot of modules to be developed this year in our roadmap and are ready to discuss our plans with our customers and partners during the conference. So, we invite you to join us on April 11-13 in Las Vegas.

aheadWorks, Booth #32, Sponsors Marketplace

aheadWorks, Booth #32, Sponsors Marketplace

This year aheadWorks is a Silver Sponsor of Imagine 2016 and we welcome our customers and friends to visit us in the booth # 32 on Tuesday, April 12, 8:30 AM—6:30 PM and Wednesday, April 13, 9:00 AM—2:00 PM. Please feel free to provide partnership offers, functionality improvement suggestions, business cards, hugs, and high fives. 🙂

Our Imagine 2016 Team

While you stopped for a moment considering and planning your visit, let us introduce our Imagine 2016 team.


The atmosphere of openness makes Imagine for me a pure flash of inspiration and long-awaited event. This year I will be happy to share our plans regarding aheadWorks Magento 2 solutions and discover new ideas and opportunities. I’m looking forward to meet old friends and new people. So, join us there.


Imagine is much more than another business conference. It’s rather a yearly family event to me, a chance to reconnect with old friends, meet new ones, and spend three days surrounded by thousands of people sharing the same passion – Magento.


Imagine 2016 is a great opportunity for me to meet other guys and companies from the Magento ecosystem, share experience and learn more about Magento 2. This year is going to be exciting for all community members and Imagine is an awesome chance to bring us together to improve the best Ecommerce solution.

Except the meetings welcomed in the Sponsor area in our booth, we also invite you to appoint one-on-one conversations with our CEO, Natallia Kukuruzina. You can schedule a meeting to discuss strategic partnership, sales cooperation or any other issues here.

Pre-Imagine Events Start the Fun

#RoadToImagine 2016
For some people Imagine 2016 will start long before the official opening and far from Las Vegas. Four friends (Bret Rasmussen, Steve Deckert, Brendan Falkowski, and Kuba Zwolinski) are going to take a 2700 mile motorcycle tour through the desert to reach the 2016 Magento conference.

These guys are seemingly the first to take their trip to Imagine 2016, and we wish them the best of luck.

4th Pre-Imagine MageHackathon 2016
Still, the majority of attendees will start arriving on Saturday, April 9, which is the time for the 4-th edition of Pre-Imagine MageHackathon. This is going to be a two-day event providing food, drinks, and a lot of coding for all dedicated Magento developers.

  • Web Site 4th Pre-Imagine MageHackathon 2016;
  • Organizer – Fabrizio Branca, AOE;
  • When – Saturday, April 9, 2016 at 10:00 AM – Sunday, April 10, 2016 at 3:00 PM (PDT);
  • Where – Wynn Las Vegas – 3131 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

For the First Time in Prague: Meet Magento CZ 2016

On March 31 – April 1, 2016 in Prague there will take place the first Meet Magento CZ 2016.

This will be the first time ever the leading and most influential eCommerce conference comes to the Czech Republic and the first eCommerce event of such scale ever held in Prague.


Meet Magento CZ 2016

Devoted to the practical issues of running business online and focused on the latest industry trends, this Conference is of a particular interest to merchants, business owners, developers and IT enthusiasts wishing to expand their business or move to the next career level.

Meet Magento in Prague will gather more than 300 participants, including international mass media representatives, business owners, merchants and developers, both from the Czech Republic and abroad. This Conference is a great chance for everyone taking part to make contacts, find new partners and open up the world of amazing new opportunities for their business online.

Welcome to Prague

Meet Magento CZ 2016 will feature a 3-day rich program and will start on March 30 with a welcoming guided walking tour across the magnificent Prague for all the Conference’s participants and Speakers to enjoy the splendid views of the city and tune in to the right mood.

Milan E-commerce Guide: Visit Meet Magento Italy 2016

Italy is a great touristic destination with a plethora of antiquities and historical sites.

Wonderful climate and friendly people make it just perfect for any forums, including Meet Magento Italy 2016. And, if you visit Milan this year, you will certainly find the city truly wonderful and remarkable.

Meet Magento Italy 2016

Online purchases are greatly popular in Italy, and Magento does not stay away from this rising trend. Multiple merchants already successfully use or take an interest in the platform, especially in Lombardy, according to And, the local community is truly proactive organizing already the third edition of Meet Magento Italy this year.

Meet Magento Italy 2016

The conference will take place on March 3-4 in Milan. This year Michelangelo hotel gathers multiple domestic and foreign speakers in the center of Milan within two topical tracks: business and tech.

tipsMichelangelo Milan HotelMichelangelo Milan is the hotel of the Starhotels privately owned chain operating 24 luxury hotels located mostly in Italy and providing true Italian spirit, look and feel.

Venue Location

Meet Magento Italy is traditionally widely represented by local experts that is especially valuable since they have a vast experience of local and international sales.

Totally, Meet Magento Italy 2016 expects 450 attendees and 30+ talks on Magento and ecommerce in one place. Below is the full enumeration of currently announced presentation topics in order you could plan and schedule you staying at the conference.

Meet Magento Italy, MagentoLive France and Other Events in 2016

As always this year the Magento community provides its members with numerous opportunities for communication and networking.

Meet Magento Italy 2016

There is nothing better serving this purpose than different dedicated Magento and ecommerce events around the globe sharing our mutual views and aspirations. So, below we offer you some really noteworthy possibilities to meet friends and present your companies during some incredible local and international conferences devoted to Magento or ecommerce in general.

The season starts already in February with MagentoLive France, continues in March with Meet Magento Italy and goes further until the end of the year. This year you’ll be able to attend either commercial or developers meetings, find answers to burning questions and open new business horizons.

MagentoLive Australia 2015: Presentations Overview

MagentoLive Australia became a milestone Magento event honored to announce the Magento 2 release. So, it gathered a lot of outstanding persons from the Magento team and community, in general.

MagentoLive Austaralia 2015: Presentations Overview

Most of them shared their vast ecommerce experience in pithy and useful presentations. So, we made a short overview of most impressing speeches and ready to offer you our coverage.

Cracking the Algorithm Code


Mark has a proven track record of helping clients get the best ROI from all of their online marketing initiatives. Mark has experience both client and agency side and has been working with Magento ecommerce sites in the UK and Australia since 2011. Introduction: Presentation/Video.

Without an exceptionб all ecommerce stores depend on organic traffic, especially from Google, and need to optimize their SEO strategy to get more visits and conversions.

The first statement provided by Mark in his presentation is that store owners should not plan and anticipate any unrealistic results from SEO. You cannot have high rankings for any unrelated to your products or content key words, it’s just impossible. With this in mind we can proceed to the ranking algorithms currently used by Google for resulting pages.

Do not anticipate any unrealistic results from SEO

Unfortunately, the scope of factors influencing the results in Google is huge, and we can’t figure out the exact formula, but we can outline some rules to follow in order to stay on top. And, the first step is to understand recent updates of the Google’s ranking algorithm.

Google Panda
Actually, Panda is a filter struggling for high-quality on-page content, but not only. The algorithm also inspects the quality of code, content uniqueness, broken links and images, images without alt tags, etc.

Google Penguin
Essentially similar to Panda, Penguin tracks your external links environment and penalize web sites with unnatural and spamming links. If you paid for or optimized your links, you also have the reason for concern, and Penguin’s reaction may be really destructive.

Meet Magento Russia 2015 Consolidates Potentially Huge Ecommerce Market

Meet Magento Russia 2015 is the third Meet Magento conference held in Moscow indicating close attention to this emerging market demonstrated by the community and ecosystem, as a whole.

Meet Magento Russia 2015

The ecommerce market in Russia is just establishing its standards and standing far from the saturation. The number of online shoppers is pretty large and mostly consists of young and middle-aged people with an average income and above. Still, the revenue generated online takes only 2% of total retail sales, which is five time lower than the ecommerce share e.g. in the total U.S. retail expenditures (Sources:, Naturally, this potential needs some efficient ecommerce solutions and no one could be better suited for this role than Magento.

Meet Magento Russia 2015

This year the conference is divided into two tracks: technical and commercial. The technical track is intended to Magento developers and comprises next topics: Magento 2 development, Magento performance and hosting, new online stores development tips, etc.

The commercial track features effective business processes, new stores creation peculiarities, Magento business advantages, etc. The conference will take place on October 30.


Digital October is already a traditional venue for Moscow Magento conferences and meets all participants’ requirements.

Meet Magento Spain 2015: More Ecommerce, More Community, More Magento

Mid-autumn is usually the end of the fruitful period, while most Meet Magento conferences just grow ripe this time. Six European and one Latin-American event take place in October, which makes it the busiest month of the whole year.

Meet Magento Spain 2015

Cluj-Napoca, Sao Paolo, Athens, Poznan, Zurich, Moscow and finally Madrid are seven great destinations, appointments and communities waiting us shortly.

The meaning of each event cannot be overstated for every country and Magento in general, but as for us we travel to Madrid, which welcomes about 50 domestic and international Magento experts, including our VP Communications and Partnerships Alexander Galtsow.

Magento in Spain

Spain, and Madrid in particular, is a traditional place for Magento conferences cherished by the profound local Magento community. Here are some facts about Magento in Spain:

  • Catalonia (100% of the domestic Google search volume) and Valencia (96% of the domestic Google search volume) are the most interested in Magento Spanish regions (source Google Trends);
  • Catalonia (28.7% of the total number) and Madrid (24% of the total number) are the regions with the biggest number of Magento stores (source: BuiltWith);
  • Spain currently hosts two Magento conferences – Meet Magento Spain and the Spanish edition of Bargento. Magento Developer Paradise, which currently moved to Croatia, has also been held in Spain for several years;
  • Spain has three official Magento Solution Partners: Gfi Informatique,, and On4U Global Services SL (source: Magento);
  • Spain has 31 officially certified Magento developers. Madrid – 9 people, Barcelona – 6, Valencia – 4, Zaragoza – 4. (Source: Magento);
  • Most of domestic Meet Magento 2015 speakers come from Madrid.

Meet Magento Spain 2015

The second edition of Meet Magento in Spain will take place on October 28 in Madrid continuing the great success achieved by the last year conference.


Teatro Goya, the official venue of the conference, is a new business destination in Madrid and exceptional place for conferences and large conventions. It is located in the heart of Madrid next to the Manzanares river and offers visitors all necessary business facilities and beyond.

Second Meet Magento Romania will Continue for Two Days

Continue the word chain: Southeastern Europe, Romania, Transylvania, computer geeks… Right, Cluj-Napoca.


Cluj-Napoca is considered to be the Romanian’s technopolis hosting multiple successful IT companies, including Magento-oriented inhabitants. So, it is no wonder that Meet Magento Romania is helding here for the second time.

aheadWorks traditionally offers you to save using the coupon code provided by the organizers of Meet Magento Romania 2015. Keep calm and stay till the end. 🙂

Meet Magento Romania 2015

This year it’s going to be a two-day conference and organizers expect to involve 50% more participants than in 2014 both from Romania and world-wide. It’s a great number, especially when we take into account that the first edition attracted 300+ attendees.

Kimberely Thomas about MM15NY: “B2B and Small Business are Hot Topics This Year”

The first Meet Magento conference in New York was a great inspiration for multiple local community members and international Magento fans, while the second edition promises to be even more splendid.

Meet Magento New York 2015

No matter who you are, if you believe in yourself and your dream, New York will always be the place for you.
Michael Bloomberg

This year Meet Magento New York gathers together many outstanding companies and speakers, which clearly reflects its magnitude and value. So, we asked Kiberely Thomas, co-organizer of MM15NY, to share some insights and express her own vision of the conference.

And, if you intend to visit New York this autumn, we can offer you a discount on the event tickets. Continue reading and you’ll find it below.

Kimberely Thomas


Kimberely Thomas is a developer, entrepreneur, Magento evangelist and is presently the Managing Partner at interactiv4 in New York City. She started web consultancy 10 years ago and focused on custom Magento implementations that extend the core platform functionally.

Kimberly is an active Magento Community member and organizes several events, including #PreImagine, the NYC Magento Meetup and Meet Magento NY.


aW: Just like last year, Meet Magento New York 2015 starts from the Hackathon on September 20. Could you please expand on the last year’s results and shed some light on this year’s expectations?

Kimberely: The hackathon last year was a great meeting place for top developers in the Magento Community. It was really great to see them all, get together, talk and code. A lot of great ideas were shared and they worked on a few projects, notably “Promo Code Messages”, which is a published extension that is in use across the ecosystem. This year I expect to see some projects more focused on Magento 2.

Meet Magento Vietnam 2015: Responsible Contribution to the Community

For many years we witness the new steps of Magento on the path of its own development and expansion. The platform provides the community with strong incentives, while the community perfects the platform and gladly uses its advantages.

This symbiosis allows Magento to constantly rich new countries and proselytize multiple users, including Vietnam now. In less than one month the first Vietnamese Meet Magento conference will take place in Hanoi.

And, in anticipation of Meet Magento Vietnam 2015 we asked ourselves: “What do we know about this country?” Vietnam is one of a few single-party socialist states, one of the most opened and growing Asian economies, and an exotic tourist destination.

Meet Magento Vietnam 2015

These common facts mostly form our picture of Vietnam, but seem to be too poor to describe it properly. So, we asked the organizers of the conference (SmartOSC) and particularly Nguyen Hieu, SmartOSC co-founder and chairman, to share main news about the event and their expertise of modern Vietnam and its ecommerce.

In addition to the first-hand information the organizers provide us with a great chance to visit Meet Magento Vietnam 2015 and save. Below we feature a discount code, which guarantees a 20% discount applicable to 10 foreign ticket requests. So, keep reading.

MagentoLive UK 2015: Presentations Overview

The UK has the biggest online market share worldwide in 2014 – 13.5%, and expected to reach 15.2% in 2015. (Source: And, Magento is one of most popular shopping cart technologies there.

British online merchants widely and effectively use Magento Community and Enterprise editions and willingly share their sophisticated ecommerce experience.

Magento Live UK 2015

In our post we highlight some picked presentations from MagentoLive UK 2015 (from both local and international speakers) and provide you with the announcement of Meet Magento Vietnam 2015, the first ever Meet Magento conference in Asia. So, be sure to reach the cover.

MagentoLive UK 2015 Picked Presentations

How to Create a Persuasive Customer Journey

Kath PayKath Pay, Marketing Director, Cloud.IQ
Kath is an internationally renowned speaker and trainer. She is recognized as the UK’s leading Email Marketer and heads up training for eConsultancy on Personalization and Email Marketing. Presentation / Video (Photo:

According to the presentation, unconscious decisions determine much of our behavior.  So, marketers should build their campaigns largely on this consideration. In her presentation, Kath describes some driving forces of human conduct and highlights the examples of their successful use.

People tend to appreciate reciprocity while communicating with merchants. For example, if you want visitors to sign up to your newsletter, it would be wise to offer them a discount or other tangible in exchange for time and loyalty. Still, the process should be pretty easy and not embarrassing. The form should include only several compulsory fields, and other fields should be optional.

Cognitive Ease
As far as most of us are quite lazy, we need an explicit guidance through actions, because it is much easier to follow recommendations rather than to go for a bumpy ride.

Marketer should always lead customers to actions, which is a good start for great customer journeys. So, use visual clues widely.

Loss Aversion
Most of people prefer avoiding losses more than gaining any benefits. Marketing incentives like “the last 10 items left” or “only one day left”, greatly influence buyers and make them complete their purchases.

Imagine 2015: Unbound Recap

The greatest annual Magento event was as usually stunning and incomparable. Each year it gives new impetus to the Magento ecosystem and, according to many opinions, it was simply amazing this year.

Imagine 2015

Imagine 2015 provided the long-awaited inspiration to all parties of the Community and empowered merchants, technologists and solution providers to move faster stepping over the obstacles and removing the boundaries on their way to the collective success.

Imagine 2015 in Figures

  • 3+ days;
  • 2400+ attendees from 45 countries;
  • 100+ speakers;
  • 23 special sessions, 10 breakout sessions, 3 general sessions;
  • 100 sponsors;
  • 2000+ tweets.

Imagine 2015 Timeline

Saturday, April 18
Saturday was the day of Pre-Imagine MageHackathon 2015. Organized by the Magento community it was not an official event, still it gathered together many famous Magento developers and activists: Fabrizio Branca, Tobias Zander, Alan MacGregor, Joshua Warren, Ben Marks, Karen Baker, and many others.