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Meet Magento Russia 2014: “See You in Moscow!”

Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.
Winston Churchill

This is the second visit of Meet Magento to Russia, and it seems that this conference is firmly settled in Moscow.

The previous event was a true success and this year we can confidently expect the same. Russia gradually integrates into the global Magento community and we would like to tell you some basic facts about this amazing country.


Russia, also officially known as the Russian Federation, is a country in northern Eurasia. Russia is the largest country in the world, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth’s inhabited land area, and one of the biggest nations.

Quick Facts about Russia

  • Capital: Moscow;
  • Population: 143.5 million (2012) World Bank;
  • Biggest cities: Moscow (11,503,501), Saint Petersburg (4,879,566), Novosibirsk (1,473,754), Yekaterinburg (1,349,772), Nizhny Novgorod (1,250,619), Samara (1,164,685), Omsk (1,154,116), Kazan (1,143,535), Chelyabinsk (1,130,132), Rostov-on-Don (1,089,261), Ufa (1,062,319), Volgograd (1,021,215);
  • Currency: Russian ruble (RUB);
  • Official language: Russian;
  • The main ethnic group: Russians – 81.0%;
  • Government: Federal republic, Semi-presidential system, Constitutional republic.


Moscow is a true city of contrasts and each visitor can find here something special for himself. This diversity of architecture, people, and lifestyles becomes an inspiration for numerous Russian famous writers and poets at all times.

You will be greatly impressed by the difference in description of Moscow, for example, by Pushkin and Bulgakov. Pushkin’s Moscow is festive and elegant with numerous balls and receptions, while Bulgakov’s Moscow is mysterious and mystical full of unexplained accidents and phenomena.

The true spirit of the city lies in that multiplicity and complexity, which is formed by the endless number of layers added to Moscow by each century and citizen.

This September Romania Welcomes Magento

Welcome Message from the Organizers of the Conference

Hi, and Welcome to Meet Magento Romania!
Meet Magento debuts in Cluj-Napoca, the leading city of the Romanian IT sector.
The event is focused on E-commerce and Magento ecosystem at the country level.
Developers, IT service providers, and online retailers meet on September 13 at Meet Magento Romania.
See you there. Thanks a lot!

Less than one month left before the start of a very busy period for Magento full of conferences, meetings, and other great events.

As we have already noted before, a lot of new countries open their doors for the Magento community for the first time this year. We hope that all these new events will become traditional and significantly accelerate the propagation of Magento all around the world.


This is the first time when Romania hosts a Meet Magento edition and we would like to tell you a couple of words about this wonderful country.

Romania is a country in the center of Europe, north of the Balkan Peninsula, and the western shore of the Black Sea. The capital of the country is Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca is the second largest city in Romania. Romanians are the main ethnic group and constitute 84% of the country’s population.

Several Facts about Romania

  • Time Zone: Seven hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Standard Time (GMT + 2);
  • Population: 19,942,000 (March 2014);
  • Largest cities: Bucharest (1,883,400), Cluj Napoca (324,600), Timisoara (319,300), Iasi (290,400), Constanta (283,900), Craiova (269,500), Brasov (253,200), Galati (249,400), Ploiesti (209,900);
  • Currency: Leu (RON) (plural Lei);
  • Official Language: Romanian;
  • Main Religion: Christian Orthodox – 81%.


Cluj-Napoca is the western city in the region of Transylvania, which is surrounded by numerous hills; and the city’s name origin comes from this hilly location. The city is full of ancient churches, palaces, and other historical buildings. At the same time it has a highly developed transportation infrastructure, advanced accommodation, shopping and entertainment facilities.

Meet Magento Romania 2014

September 13, Cluj-Napoca will host the Meet Magento Romania 2014 conference and gather all the convinced Magento followers from Romania and abroad. The geographic location and high information technology potential of the city together with numerous IT specialists and companies makes Cluj-Napoca, undoubtedly, the best place for Magento events in Romania.

Bring Some Cool Souvenir Magnets from the Upcoming Magento Conferences

Do you like to collect fridge souvenir magnets from different countries, cities, places, and etc.?

So, do I.  And this autumn you have a great chance to fill in the blanks on your “Magento fridge” with several “precious” pieces. Below you will find an extended list of the upcoming Magento events, which will held soon over the world.

Autumn 2014 Magento Events

Meet Magento Ukraine
About: Meet Magento Ukraine 2014 is the first Meet Magento conference in Ukraine. The conference promises to be very eventful and, except two conference tracks, will also include the Kyiv Running tour and Tour to the Magento office in Kyiv.
Date: September 6, 2014
Venue: Hilton Kyiv Hotel, Tarasa Shevchenka blvd., 30, Kyiv
Tickets: Standard – till 25 of August, 119 EUR

Meet Magento Romania
About: Cluj-Napoca is the right place for a Magento conference in Romania with about 5000 software engineers, who work for 100 companies. The conference is divided into two tracks (technical and sales/marketing one) and also includes a Hackathon and Afterparty event. As aheadWorks is a Media Partner of the conference, next week we’ll offer our customers significant discounts for this event. So, stay connected.
Date: September 13, 2014
Venue: Grand Hotel Napoca, Octavian Goga str., 1, Cluj-Napoca
Tickets: Normal – 85 EUR

Meet Magento Russia
About: This is the second Meet Magento conference held in Moscow, which is going to be the largest Magento event in Russia. This year the conference is targeted towards Magento store owners and entrepreneurs who are willing to use Magento for their new online shops. aheadWorks is going to be represented among the speakers of the conference by Cyril Golub, aheadWorks co-founder.
Date: September 20, 2014
Venue: Digital October Center, Bersenevskaya riverfront, 6, Moscow
Tickets: Standard – till August 31, 1500 RUB

Meet Magento New York
About: Meet Magento NY 2014 is the first annual Meet Magento conference in the U.S., which is held in the most populous city in the world. Combined with provided knowledge, new business opportunities, and exciting networking Meet Magento NY 2014 promises to be a truly terrific event.
The organizers of the conference provided great discounts for the aheadWorks’ social network followers and subscribers and we’ll gladly share them with you soon. So, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.
Date: September 22-23, 2014
Venue: Digital Conference Center, Broad Street, 55, New York
Tickets: Late Conference Ticket – till August 31, 499 USD

aheadWorks Newsletter, June 2014

This June was full of pleasant events for aheadWorks and we want to share our joy about them with our customers, partners, and readers.

In this post we would like to remind you the most thrilling moments of June 2014.

Extension Updates

We had two great updates of our modules in June: Event Tickets 1.1 and Help Desk Ultimate 3.0.

Since we have already talked about the new functionality of the mentioned above extensions in our previous posts, here we’ll just recount the main new features, which entered the updates.

Event Tickets ver. 1.1

  • Printable Tickets;
  • Flexible Tickets Redeeming System;
  • Redeem Restrictions;
  • Manage Products in Backend;
  • Manage Tickets in Backend;
  • Customer Area > My Tickets;
  • New Event Properties: Event End Date, Event Location;
  • Transactional Email Templates Support;
  • Instant Messages HTML Support.

View Changes

Help Desk Ultimate 3.0

  • Backend Ticket Page Redesign;
  • Tickets Assigned to Particular Agents;
  • Department & Engineer Statistics;
  • Tickets Search;
  • Tickets Escalation;
  • Customizable Ticket Status & Priorities;
  • Email Notifications About Ticket Re-assignation;
  • Full Contact Form Integration;
  • Product Questions 2.0+ Integration.

View Changes

We were also thrilled to tell you that all our Magento extensions are compatible with Magento CE 1.9 and Magento EE 1.14, so, you could benefit from the advanced functionality.

aheadWorks Partnership

This June became a start for beneficial mutual cooperation of aheadWorks and an outstanding representative of the Magento ecosystem – Blue Acorn.

Blueacorn partnership

We are open for cooperation in all areas and partner with many Magento companies in many ways, including offering partner products in our store. Thus, last month we presented a broad line of social media partner products in our blog.

Magento Live UK 2014 and Other Magento Events of This Summer

Summer is always great for classy vacations or spectacular trips, but it is also perfect for professional communications and making new business contacts. This summer is not very abundant with Magento events, but it can still offer true Magento enthusiasts some exciting conferences, hackathons, and meetups.

So, those who wants more Magento events this summer can take the advantage of our digest. Magento Live UK 2014, July 14-15 is the firs in our scroll.

Magento Live UK 2014

The conference is held in the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London hotel, which is situated in the true heart of the city next to Big Ben and the House of Parliament, the London Eye and the National Theater. At the same time Heathrow, one of the five London airports, is only 40 minutes away from the venue.

The schedule of the conference is very busy and starts on Monday, July 14. The pre-event day includes solution and industry partner meetings, and several tracks for developers, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs. The Opening Evening Networking Event finishes this day and proclaims the official start of Magento Live UK 2014.

The second day of the conference begins from the registration of attendees and consists of several special, three general, and four breakout sessions divided into three tracks – the technical, marketing, and business one.

Magento responsive design, the upcoming holiday season, omni-channel marketing opportunities, the personalization of sales, security and performance tips are the main topics to be presented during the conference.

Thomas Fleck Summarizes Meet Magento Italy 2014

Editor’s note: We have already noticed in our previous posts that Magento constantly enters new countries and cities. This time incredible Italy welcomed guests of the Meet Magento Italy 2014 Conference (June 3-4) and we asked Thomas Fleck – CEO at Netresearch App Factory AG – to share his impressions about the event.

You may find the summary of the event based on the conversation with Thomas below.

Thomas Fleck



Thomas Fleck is the initiator of the international event series Meet Magento. He is an entrepreneur, lawyer and idealist with over 15 years of experience in the eCommerce business and has been working with Magento from the very beginning.

It is always very exciting to hold a conference somewhere in a new country for the first time. The same happened in Italy, where Meet Magento landed a few days ago. But despite or, perhaps, thanks to this fact, the conference was really amazing, full of inspirational speeches and appreciative audience. A large part of this success belongs to Diego Semenzato and his team from Webformat.

Organizers took the best moment for the conference

The organizers took the best moment on the Italian market for the conference. The global e-commerce is booming worldwide, but you should keenly feel when the market is ready to take off and be there at the right time. All the sponsors and attendees noticed the timeliness of Meet Magento Italy 2014.

We were happy to have Kathleen, Bertrand, and Ben with us

I was greatly pleased to stay on the stage and talk about the advantages of the platform in my presentation “What makes Magento special”. And you know, it’s not so easy to distinguish the most important points of this seemingly simple issue. Anyway, I stopped at “Magento can make you successful and Magento can change your life”.

You may say it is too pathetic, but I had some good examples to prove it. You will be able to learn them in details as the recording of the conference is coming soon. Here are just few key points:

  • Market share;
  • Strategic open source;
  • For beginners and enterprises;
  • International / global;
  • Unparalleled community and ecosystem.

Milan with its open-minded people is a perfect place for this event

We were happy to have Kathleen, Bertrand, and Ben – the new Magento developer evangelist – with us at the conference. Direct contacts with Magento representatives are very important for merchants, developers and partners.

Meet Magento events are perfectly suitable to connect people, share knowledge and ideas, and find new friends. And finally, I should notice that the beautiful city of Milan with its open-minded people was a perfect place for this event.

We thank Thomas for his time and informative conversation and wish him good luck in China.

If you have something to add to this post, please share your thought and impressions in comments below.

Imagine 2014 Recap

This spring was full of Magento events, which took place on three continents.

Held in North America, Europe, and South America they played a significant role in strengthening and expanding the Magento community. In our previous posts we highlighted some of these events: Bargento Brasil, Meet Magento Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Imagine 2014, of course.

Imagine is indubitably the most notable event within the Magento ecosystem attended by all central figures of the market without exception. aheadWorks traditionally sponsors the event and this is our third year in a row as an Imagine sponsor.

Imagine 2014 Afterparty Recollections

We are strongly impressed by the scale, atmosphere, and excellent facilities of the event.

With over 2,000 eCommerce professionals gathered in one place, the air was literally crammed with fresh and revolutionary ideas, true to this year’s Imagine slogan: “Transform”. It was indeed all about transformation and revamp for quite a few attendees, including aheadWorks, as we introduced substantial changes to our partner program and the aheadMetrics project.

It was also truly exciting to hear the news regarding recent Magento releases (1.9 and 1.14), which include some of the most demanded and long-awaited features.

The event was more than worthwhile; we were happy to deal with an unending flow of inquiries mostly related to the new version of aheadMetrics (make sure to take a look at it here).

Including through Imagine, aheadWorks partner program enters a new phase, embracing truly influential companies of the Magento ecosystem (detailed announcement coming soon).

It is already an established tradition for the aheadWorks team to go on exploration of the U.S. after the conference is over. So, right after the Imagine 2014 curtain fell, we took off for a grandiose road trip from Utah to Colorado with Montana and Wyoming in between, ending up in Florida for a few days of sunbathing.

aheadWorks Explorations

We’d like to thank the organizers of Imagine for another perfectly coordinated event, enabling professional growth and providing inspiration to Magento community members.

Magento Events Enter New European Cities

Editor’s note: Every time I write about the next Magento event, it makes me travel overseas in my thoughts and imagine those amazing cities and places. Sometimes it is even more advantageous over physical presence, as you can totally concentrate on the history, architecture, and folklore of the place and have no distraction.

Meet Magento Italy 2014

Anna Akhmatova: Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.

Held in Milan, June 3-4 – the city of fashion, football, opera and reach antique history – Meet Magento Italy 2014 is, perhaps, the most thrilling Meet Magento conference. This year Italy takes its rightful place in the Meet Magento geography together with Germany, UK, Brazil, Russia, Spain and Netherlands.

The conference takes place in the Michelangelo hotel, which is a spectacular building around the corner from the Milano Centrale train station. It warmly welcomes attendees and offers special prices for them.

Board of Speakers
Meet Magento Italy 2014 is organized by Webformat – online solutions and service provider based in Milan.

The board of speakers includes Italian and international speakers, but seems to be oriented towards the domestic e-commerce market. Here are only several outstanding names, who will share  their expertise during the event:

Sebastiano Zanolli

Sebastiano Zanolli

Author and Motivation Speaker

Diego Semenzato

Diego Semenzato

CEO / Webformat

Federico Zambelli Hosmer

Federico Zambelli Hosmer

Head of Business Development / PayPal

Thomas Fleck

Thomas Fleck

Founder and CEO / Netresearch App Factory AG

Sylvain Raye

Sylvain Raye

Founder / Diglin GmbH

Ben Marks

Ben Marks

Magento Evangelist / eBay

Gianluca Diegoli

Gianluca Diegoli

Consultant /

Massimo Fubini

Massimo Fubini

Founder and CEO / ContactLab

Photos from:

The conference is divided into two sections: business and technical. The business section addresses selling and marketing issues, while the technical one reveals useful tips for Magento extension, integration and optimization.

We are Ready to Meet You at Imagine 2014

Are you ready for the coming burst of positive emotions, inspiration, and creative Imagination?

Imagine 2014 is almost here and we have already turned our heads to marvelous Las Vegas standing a bit excited in anticipation of this greatest Magento event of the year.

aheadWorks is delighted to be a part of this grandiose event and would like to welcome our partners, customers, and all attendees of Imagine 2014.

We are traditional participants and sponsors of Imagine events. This year we are pleased to invite you to our lounge in the Marketplace, where you can contact us anytime within working hours starting from the very Marketplace Grand Opening, May 12, and 3:00 p.m. and discuss your questions and ideas, share information, or just say “Hi”.

We could also catch up at PreImagine 2014 and the Official Imagine Preconference Party by Levementum with those, who arrive early, or at Magento Industry Partner Program – Panel Discussion, and Partner Reception meetings.

Our Imagine 2014 Team

Artyom RabzonovArtyom Rabzonov, CEO and co-founder. Artyom is keen to tell you about aheadWorks’ Product Strategy, and provide detailed information about our solutions, including aheadMetrics.


Alexander Galtsow

Alexander Galtsow, VP Partnership and Communications. Direct your questions regarding the benefits and opportunities of our Partner Program to Alexander.  He’d also gladly discuss any other possible options to join our close-knit team for mutual collaboration.

Apart from the warm reception by our guys, you have some more reasons to meet aheadWorks team:

  • Discuss multiple opportunities for successful product distribution;
  • Discover our most recent plans for further product development and creation of new extension functionality;
  • Discuss media partnership and plentiful options for mutual creation and promotion of Magento-related content;
  • Consider the advantages of aheadWorks Magento referral program and much more.

Note: We’ll closely follow our team during the event and provide you with their breaking news via twitter. So, stay connected. 🙂

More Magento Events

Meet Magento Germany 2014This year multiple Magento extensions are so tightly scheduled that some remarkable events are held at the same time. MM DE 2014 will also hold May, 12-13. We sincerely regret that can’t attend it, but hope it will be fabulous, as usual.

Just few names of prominent speakers, such like Vinai Kopp, Rico Neitzel, Kuba Zwolinski, Sylvain Raye, make us believe that the conference will gain a true success and favor of the European Magento Community.

Everyone still can purchase their tickets and enjoy the conference, Leipzig, and Magento.

Meet Magento Netherlands 2014 Warmly Welcomes Participants

This May promises to be very busy for the Magento community. A full train of prominent Magento events is expected to arrive and deliver many interesting presentations and beneficial networking. This time we move to Utrecht, where Meet Magento Netherlands 2014 will take place.

Meet Magento Netherlands is already a traditional event and will held on May 21-22 for the sixth time. The two-day format of the conference will cover multiple presentations and discussions describing theory and practice of Magento usage.

Note: The conference presentations are announced both in English and Dutch. Please, consider it, when you plan your participation program.


Day 1. The first day is mainly devoted to “educational” topics: what is Magento; how we can use it; and what are its advantages over other platforms. All these issues will be illustrated with actual cases of successful Magento stores.

The scheduled presentations will also touch Magento Enterprise Edition as one of the most powerful and a very popular eCommerce platforms.

Developers will be able to take part in a whole-day hackathon and present the results of their coding next day.

The After Show Party will finish this eventful day and be a great chance for networking and communication.

Day 2. The second day will cover everything around Magento: marketing tips, Magento extensions, interesting use cases, etc.


The speakers board includes many famous Magento Community names from Europe and North America.

Aron Stanic

Aron Stanic

Chief Sales Officer/ Incoo

Damian Luszczymak

Damian Luszczymak

Magento Developer / IcyApp

Gruus Van Woerkom

Gruus Van Woerkom

Managing Director / Byte

Guido Jansen

Guido Jansen

Conversion Manager / Sanoma

Ivan Chepurnyi

Ivan Chepurnyi

Magento Expert Consultant / Open Source Lover

Jary Carter

Jary Carter

Co-Founder and CEO / OroCRM

Kestrel Lemen

Kestrel Lemen

Marketing Strategist / Bronto

Sherrie Rohde

Sherrie Rohde

Community + UX / Rebellion Media

Photos from:

Meet Magento Germany 2014 Traditionally Invites to Leipzig

Meet Magento Germany is one of the greatest European Magento events. This year it traditionally takes place in Leipzig.

Two days (May 12 – May 13, 2014) of the conference promise to be full of valuable knowledge and exciting conversations. It is already the eighth event in Germany and we can definitely say that it gradually becomes a leading European Magento conference. Being a media partner aheadWorks is happy to present you a short announcement of Meet Magento Germany 2014. Furthermore, we encourage you to finish reading this post to get a valuable prize in your pocket.

Meet Magento Germany 2014 expects about 550 attendees from Germany and other European countries. It is traditionally located in the Westin Hotel, in the heart of Leipzig. The hotel is situated in the economic center of Leipzig and you will  easily get to your destination. Meanwhile, Leipzig sights will give you a lasting impression of the beautiful city with a rich history.


Meet Magento Germany 2014 will be held in two rooms and a conference hall.  As usually the conference will gather together merchants, developers, and Magento experts. Here is a short list of keynote speakers and spokespersons:

Rico Neitzel

Rico Neitzel

Magento Trainer & Community Manager / Büro 71a

Thomas Fleck

Thomas Fleck

CEO / Netresearch App Factory AG

Kuba Zwolinski

Kuba Zwolinski

CEO / Snowdog Sp. z o.o.

Vinai Kopp

Vinai Kopp

Free Magento Developer – Trainer and Consultant

Sylvain Rayé

Sylvain Rayé

Founder / Chief Ecommerce Officer / Diglin GmbH

Sherrie Rohde

Sherrie Rohde

Community + UX / Rebellion Media

Tobias Zander

Tobias Zander

CTO / Sitewards GmbH

Tim Bezhashvyly

Tim Bezhashvyly

Senior Magento Developer / 21sportsgroup

Photos from:

The scheduled presentations will cover numerous topics starting form online marketing to responsive design and payments. Magento developers will get a chance to share their ideas at the BarCamp.

Imagine 2014 Lottery Results

Last Wednesday we announced a lottery for those Magento-passionate people, who would like to attend Imagine 2014 and save money for other Magento events.

We thank all the participants, those who added to favorites, tweeted and retweeted our post link. Special thanks to Keren Aminia for great tweets.

Lottery Results

Now, here are the results. Blind choice of Fortuna, represented by random number generator, spotlighted three lucky Twitter accounts, which get desired discounted Imagine 2014 full-conference passes. Here they are:

Scott Youmans


Karthik Chidambaram




Congratulations! Hope to meet you in Las Vegas.

Partners Lottery Results

But that’s not all. One more similar lottery was held among our partners and we also want to greet its winners.

Bluecom’s expertise is in planning, development, and support of complex e-commerce platforms from medium to large international B2C and B2B companies. Bluecom has offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong & Vietnam and focuses especially on the China and APAC online markets.

Unleaded Group provides a full suite of online and traditional marketing services including: Analytics and eCommerce Strategy, Email Marketing, Pay per Click Campaign Management, Display Advertising, Rebranding, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Social Marketing, CRM Optimization and International eCommerce strategies.

We extend our warmest congratulations to the winners!

That’s really all for now, but we’ll continue providing more contests and valuable giveaways. So, stay connected and participate actively!

Magento Events Overview: Bargento Sao Paolo 2014

We are glad to welcome you aboard and want to continue our journey through Magento-related events. This time we are crossing the ocean on the way from Spain (Meet Magento Spain 2014) to Brazil and our point of destination is Sao Paolo, Bargento Brazil 2014.

Bargento Brazil unites some regular Magento events held in different Brazilian cities: Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Sao Paolo and some others.

It has its own format, different from most other Magento events. The organizers describe it as a meeting of like-minded people. Events usually take place in bars, where companies, developers, store owners and entrepreneurs carry on informal conversations. The first Bargento event of this year is Bargento Sao Paolo 2014, March 25.

Imagine 2014 Discounted Tickets Giveaway

Imagine 2014 gradually seizes minds of the community and most of us live in a pleasant anticipation of this greatest Magento event of the year.

For now we seem to know almost everything about the upcoming event: the venue, keynote speakers, sponsors, and even attendees, but it is certainly better to see everything with your own eyes.

Today we have an excellent opportunity to push those, who are still hesitating, and fulfill someone’s dream.

We have three tickets to Imagine 2014 at a discounted price. To be precise, these are full-conference passes at the rate of $1,045. It’s a good price and you can easily save $250. So, let’s see, who is the luckiest of you.

Lottery Terms

Everything is simple. You should just click the button below and tweet this post.

That’s all. A week later we’ll randomly choose three lucky beggars and hand them tickets.
The game starts today, March 19 and finishes March 26, 8 a.m. PST. Good luck for everyone!

aheadWorks is a Gold Sponsor of Imagine 2014 and we warmly invite you to visit our lounge in the Marketplace, Las Vegas, Hard Rock Hotel, May 12-14.

Imagine 2014 Trailer

Meet Magento Spain 2014 Leaves Excellent Impressions

A few weeks ago we published a Magento Events schedule for all Magento-passionate people. Meet Magento Spain 2014 was the first in that list and the first Meet Magento event in Spain. Now we know that it was a great success.

The event gathered many famous Magento people and companies – about 50 speakers and more than 30 sponsors in total. Twitter was full of positive feedback on the event and gratitude to the organizers.
So, we asked some speakers of  Meet Magento Spain 2014 to share their impressions about the event from the inside.

Question: Meet Magento Spain 2014 just finished. Could you, please, share your impressions about the event in just a couple of words for our readers? What were the most exciting things and/or presentations for you personally?

Ben Marks

Ben Marks: Ignacio, the whole interactiv4 team, the sponsors, and Netresearch did an amazing job in Madrid with Meet Magento Spain. It’s easy to forget that the Magento community experience isn’t as well entrenched outside the US, UK, and Germany. Image source:

There were many of us from the US and Germany who have been to community events, and none of us were anything less than impressed with the first Meet Magento Spain. I have to believe that one of the primary goals for this first year was to introduce the spirit and strength of Magento community to a new group of people. The organizers and sponsors accomplished this goal to an amazing degree.

The best news is that, due to this success, we know the next iteration of Meet Magento Spain will be bigger and even better (I for one cannot wait to go back). A better, broader, more diverse Magento community strengthens things for every member, for our clients, and for our clients’ customers.

Now I just hope the interactiv4 men and women can relax, get some sleep, and celebrate their success!