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Slimming the Prices Down: Black Friday Discounts at Aheadworks Store

Friday is back in black with lucrative discounts from Aheadworks. Get tempted now!

Black Friday 2019 at Aheadworks

By far and large, things in black look smaller, it is a fact of science. You ladies know the deal! Aheadworks is slimming the prices 25% down for an extraordinary five-day Black Friday feast of discounts starting November 28, 2019. To the pleasure of your eyes, it is not an optical illusion!

Hold on, don’t run like hell to grab your luck. There is a tiny formality: you put on something black and get a Black Russian. Remember, it’s Friday afterall. Oh, and the coupon code, apply it at the checkout. Do not mistake the order. Enjoy.


“And Cyber Monday?”, you will ask. Monday is cancelled. No one likes Mondays, call them cyber or sober. Fridays are the ever favourites, are they! This year’s Friday will reach up to December 2, the very black midnight, to be sure. But wait, you are not going to procrastinate, are you? The lady in black, Friday, is here already. Remember Ken Hensley’s “And when one day she comes to you, Drink deeply from her words so wise, Take courage from her as your prize and say hello for us” and act now!

Shop now at Aheadworks

Need a tool to design and support promo-codes for marketing and sales campaigns, like the one above or even better? We’ve got a solution for your Magento 2 store:

Coupon Code Generator for Magento 2
Treat yourself to one on Black Friday

coupon code generator Magento 2


Divide and rule with Magento 2 Customer Segmentation

Segment customers according to their sales history, buying behavior and other particular details to further personalise their experience with your store. 

‘Divide et impera’ goes the ancient Roman maxima. It tells the strategy of gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces. These pieces individually are ment to have lesser potential than the one implementing the strategy.

This is the very same control and aptitude you get with the Magento 2 Customer Segmentation extension from Aheadworks. The module enforces merchants with little but compelling effort on segmenting their shoppers. It further allows focusing more on marketing strategies for complete customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates ensured.

Ultimate control

Our unique algorithms explicitly utilize customers’ data, even those of the unregistered, logged out and guest shoppers. This key-finding further grounds our acknowledgement of and adherence to the latest trends in ensuring positive customer experience. Get use of as much information about your customers as they leave on the store: purchase track record, order details, addresses, personal info and etc.

Furthermore, the schemes for smart data collection and retrieval free merchants of routine rule adjustments to data storage nuances and significantly speed up processing of queries, fewer collisions provided.

Powerful rulemaking

Customer Segmentation brings forward a simple yet smart module to draw most demanded segmentation rules as per our in-house research. The module enables conditioning plausible rules which meet customers’ needs, reflect their buying behavior and degrees of bonding with brands, tell demographic and economic peculiarities and more. Indeed, this is when you exercise full power to have your Magento store as much for your customers as it could be.

Forward integration

The extension boasts a wide array of integration capabilities which boost the out-of-the-box Magento functionality and further empower your efforts for targeted marketing campaigns. Try out native Magento newsletter integration and Cart Price Rules to personalise your customers’ experience with the store. This way you are building a loyal community, united by appreciation of your sensitivity and care. In turn, expect higher conversion rates and customer retention, lower subscription refusal indices and minimal customer churn.  

Go ahead and read more on how to segment customers with the Customer Segmentation extention. See for yourself now what makes our product second to none. Expand your impression and learn other outstanding features of the extension. Take a look at how we do customer validation, rule reindexation. Try our demo scenario to move segments to groups or export them to your PC.

Aheadworks ConnectPOS: Seamless Shopping Experience for End-users

Nothing to be bragging about but, as one of the biggest Magento extension providers in all over the world, we know what a good solution looks like. Today we are going to cover the promising integrational plans with ConnectPOS. The improvements any merchant will be itching to adopt to their stores.

Aheadworks ConnectPOS: Seamless Shopping Experience for End-users

ConnectPOS is a major player in South East Asia on providing omnichannel POS solution for Magento-based retailers. With ConnectPOS, shop owners can create orders and accept payments quickly at their physical stores, while at the same time have all the data synchronized fully and immediately to their Magento website.

See the possible benefits open? The popular loyalty programs ― the Gift Card and Reward Points extensions ― are already enhanced with comprehensive and intuitive POS system by ConnectPOS.

It is time for the intelligent product recommendations, such as Automatic Related Products, Who Bought This Also Bought, Frequently Bought Together, to undergo the ConnectPOS integration. We are more than happy to provide more powerful toolkits for all omnichannel retailers and ensure an even better experience for all customers.

Christmas Party with Aheadworks: Сatch our Snowball with 15% Off Whole Catalog

Jingle bells and we are starting Christmas celebration at Aheadworks right now!

Christmas Party with Aheadworks: Сatch our Snowball with 15% Off Whole Catalog

All of us wants magic. All of us have made a great work during the outgoing year and want to relax now.

We can create a little magic for you these days. We can make you have fun.
Start playing snowballs with us!

Catch a snowball with 15% off whole Aheadworks catalog! Find the needed extensions or themes, buy them with this discount, install them, and spend these marvelous days with your family and friends. Our products will work for your benefit.

You have fun, and they earn money. We do care about your business.

Join our celebration from December 24 until December 28 and take your Christmas mood with a 15% discount with a MerryX18 coupon applied.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and always ready to give a magical touch to your daily business routine!

Note, please, that partner products are not covered by a discount.  

Magento Marketplace Relaunch: Leaving Magento Connect in the Past

A few months ago, a new version of Magento Marketplace completely replaced Magento Connect and became the official repository of the Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions and themes.

Magento Marketplace Relaunch: Leaving Magento Connect in the Past

One should note that this event happened with the release of renovated Magento Marketplace. In this article, we will consider the major features of the latest Magento Marketplace to find out what these changes mean for Magento store owners.

New Structure and Functionality

New Layout

The layout of the Marketplace site was radically transformed and became more user-friendly. The home page was made much shorter, and now, it contains fewer featured products compared to its previous version.

New Hosting Solutions

The new version of the Marketplace site is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud-based hosting solution that perfectly suits the needs of various business domains.

In addition, this Marketplace version works with Fastly, which provides fast and secure content delivery processes, and New Relic, helping business owners monitor site performance in real-time.

UK Magento Stores Use Aheadworks Extensions

Continuing to feature the Magento projects made by our partners this time we’d like to highlight several websites made by our authorized partner – R & W Media.

UK Magento Stores Use Aheadworks Magento Extensions

Among several other directions the R & W Media Magento team does its best creating highly functional and good looking ecommerce websites from scratch and promotes its projects through multiple shopping channels.

Founded by two young entrepreneurs, Steven Wu and Craig Randall, the agency has a vast experience in Magento and the guys kindly agreed to share their passion about it with our blog readers.

Below we selected a few projects made by the company that take advantage of our Magento extensions.

R & W Media: “We’ve been working with Aheadworks for a very long time and trusted their products and services. When it came to implementing new functionality. We don’t like to reinvent the wheel. Rather than us having to build a new feature from scratch, it’s best to use an extension, that is easy to use and cost-effective. We also found when it came to looking for a particular feature, extensions typically offer more robust features with support included.

Aheadworks Products Made and Updated in August

Here comes the next business year and we’d like to tell our customers about the work that have been done by our team in August.

Aheadworks Products Made and Updated in August

Today we’ll present a new product and latest extension updates of Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions.

Marketplace Theme for Magento 2

What is the ultimate goal of any Magento store? You may say that they are multiple, and will be be just right. However, if expressed in two plain words it’s something like ‘excellent look and great performance’. And that’s exactly what the new Marketplace Theme by Aheadworks is made for.

Aheadworks Updates June 2017

Even though June is the beginning of the bright summer and everyone wants to take so long-awaited vacation, we also know that shopping never stops and store development should be continued no matter where our dreams soar.

Aheadworks Updates June 2017

So, with no regrets and modest gladness we’d like to present you our latest extension updates of Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions.

Magento 2 Extension Updates

In June we updated our three Magento 2 extensions with some beneficial features.

Coupon Code Generator 1.2

Flexible Rule Priorities
Coupon Code Generator 1.2 allows Magento admins to flexibly set up rule priority or even discard further rules applicable to particular shopping carts. The ‘Priority’ option allows establishing the sequence of rules and the ‘Discard Subsequent Rules’ option deactivates further shopping cart rules with lower priorities.

Store Translation Service for Your Magento

The first obstacle any international business faces is the language barrier, of course. The risk of misunderstanding is even higher for niche and vertical markets, where specific terms may have meanings different from the conventional understanding.

Store Translation Service for Your Magento

So, if you want to operate on local markets successfully, you need to translate your whole webstore correctly and professionally. Obviously, machine translation services, although quite powerful, are not able to accomplish this task and often store owners resort to human interpreters, which is too slow for the fast-paced ecommerce environment.

Store Translation Service

However, we can show you an alternative way combining both high translation speed and quality. The Store Translation Service we offer includes several translation layers adjusting all the aspects of the outcoming version starting from spelling corrections to particular lexicons involvement.

Advanced Reports 2.8 is Good and Ready for Magento 1 Stores

Great news for the store owners that still take advantage of Magento 1. As promised, we continue updating our Magento 1 products and recently have rolled out a new update of the Advanced Reports extension.

Advanced Reports 2.8 is Good and Ready for Magento 1 Stores

Advanced Reports 2.8 obtained a lot of functionality enhancements, including both new features and multiple performance and usability improvements. We’ll only highlight some major features related to this update, while the whole list of amendments is available in the extensions changelog.

Advanced Reports 2.8

Include / Exclude Taxes from Profit Calculations

Although most European tax regulation rules require profit tax payments, this obligation is not globally mandatory. So, if you need to build your performance analysis reports without taking out profit related taxes from the totals, now you can configure it in the extension Settings section.

Latest Aheadworks Updates: March 2017

We usually strive to highlight all the updates of our extensions. However, sometimes one-featured enhancements are not described in individual blog posts, though quite often they are the long-expected features requested by many of our customers.

Latest Aheadworks Updates: March 2017

So, today we’d like to draw your attention to that kind of updates you possibly missed in the heavy flow of information you get on a daily basis. Please look through the provided below functions as they can be the things you’ve been waiting for some time.

Magento 2 Extensions

The Subscription & Recurring Payments extension for Magento 2Subscription & Recurring Payments 1.2 Support is one of the most popular global payment gateways and it’s just good for product subscriptions. Now your customers are able to use it for their subscriptions and automatic recurring payments.

Stripe Support
Stripe is also widely spread on the globe and used by multiple users. Starting from the 1.2 version, the Subscription & Recurring Payments extension supports this payment gateway as well. In total, the module currently supports three payment systems: PayPal,, and Stripe.

The Post Holiday Season and How to Make the Best of It

At the end of each year we look forward to the holiday season and chase away the thoughts about the post-holiday period obstinately. However, it always comes regardless of our fears and pleas.

The Post Holiday Season and How to Make the Best of It

We are accustomed to consider this period as an inevitable payoff for the holiday sales boom and strive to find the ways to mitigate and shorten its negative consequences. So, what is the way to turn the After Holiday Season to good account and retain sales or at least avoid any sufficient stress for your online business?

Aheadworks Extensions Fit Any Online Business

We continue the series of blog posts revealing the ways how different online stores take advantage of the Aheadworks Magento extensions.

This overview covers lightning, perfume and even hunting equipment online sellers. All the projects are are presented, developed and supported by our partner 121eCommerce.


Every Successful Relationship is Built on Frequent and Clear Communication

“We focus on creating and maintaining a relationship with our clients where we can leverage our experience and expertise to create ongoing value for both new and existing sites. We have found that this level of communication enables us to provide guidance and support for our client’s eCommerce initiatives and provide support for Development, Business Analysis, Client Management, UI & UX”

On average, the projects below use 3-7 Aheadworks extensions with a set of versatile functionality capabilities relevant to their particular business needs.

Lights Online

This company’s origin is a family-owned business with a 50-year history that started in 2009. The online store is based on Magento and includes 3 backend and 4 frontend related Aheadworks extensions.

Free Lifetime Updates of Aheadworks Extensions

Yes, you heard that right, from now on we provide our customers with free lifetime updates of all our Magento extensions.

Free Lifetime Updates of Aheadworks Extensions

This change of the product update terms allows you to get permanent access to the versions with latest functionality capabilities and reliable code for free. Now it’s easy to obtain:

  • Advanced functionality;
  • Improved code;
  • Most secured versions of products;
  • Less bugs;
  • More integration options;
  • More compatibility opportunities.

Free updates apply to both Magento 2 and Magento 1 extensions that are still being actively developed by our team. So, since December 8 all Aheadworks customers will be able to get access to complete changelogs of their products and download the version they need.

More November Extension Updates

Now, when the holiday bustle is gaining momentum and all online stores, including Aheadworks, offer unique discounts, customers need to find out the best products out there.

More November Extension Updates

We thought that it’s going to be beneficial for you to walk thru the latest extension updates and new features in order to choose the functionality you possibly need and take advantage of the lowest prices.

Magento 2 Extension Updates

Currently Magento 2 extensions are our main development focus, so we release and update those products at a fast pace. In addition to the already highlighted November updates and new product releases we had four large Magento 2 updates and a bunch of minor refinements.

The AJAX Cart Pro extension for Magento 2AJAX Cart Pro 1.1

Magento Native Cross-sells in Confirmation Pop-ups
This new enhancement of the success AJAX Cart Pro pop-up allows you to show native Magento cross-sell products immediately after a customer adds a certain item to his cart. Alternative products make shoppers to stay longer in your store and consider a wider range of products ensuring the best choice and purchase satisfaction.