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Layered Navigation: Optimized vs. Unfit

Complicated navigation is among the most often reasons why visitors leave online stores. According to Statista*, it stands just behind the price related drivers and total purchase refusals.

In order to reduce that frustrating number of exits online retailers make considerable efforts to optimize in-store search and product filter options. But the obtained value is not always clear and some stop on the halfway without going into finer details.

However, if you compare good and bad options, you will certainly feel the difference and below we provide you with the chance to see this on your own.

Conventional Filter Design

Customers are always in a hurry still no one knows the destination point. Anyway, browsing and purchasing are only welcomed in the case when it takes a few seconds to look around and get to shopping.

Most people do not like novelties and customers as well. So, you need to make your layered navigation interface simple and familiar allowing customers to select products just immediately. Try to avoid any specific colors, ornate backgrounds, exotic thumbnails and everything else that can distract from the final purpose to find and purchase products.

Just a Few Snowmen Make You Stop for a Second Before You Start the Navigation.

Just a Few Snowmen Make You Stop for a Second Before You Start the Navigation

Wrap Long Attribute Option Lists

In general, simplicity and effectiveness should be the motto of each digital store and simplicity is usually the best contributor to effective shopping.

Knowledge Base 1.4: Rank Your Knowledge Better

A lot of businesses selling complicated devices and software or providing compound services like building and medical care are difficult to understand by trivial customers and new coming clients.

Knowledge Base 1.4: Rank Your Knowledge Better

In the first step to their purchase decision they have a tremendous number of questions and can heavily load your customer service seeking for the answers they need. The Knowledge Base extension is able to help product and service customers to choose the right option and avoid some obvious detail clarifications.

Possible Implementation Areas

The knowledge base can be utilized in different areas, including:

  • Clinical information systems;
  • Software knowledge bases;
  • Industrial knowledge bases;
  • Commercial information bases;
  • Multi-area expert systems;
  • Help centers;
  • Product tutorials;
  • Public knowledge bases;
  • Documentation repositories.

The Knowledge Base Magento extensionThe module provides customers with all required options for effective article search and sorting. It allows them to rate most valuable documents and improve the quality of the provided consultancy this way.

The process of integration into Magento is also thoroughly developed and refined making the module its natural and efficient part. We also pay much attention to SEO enhancements, as far as technically the knowledge base functionality is related to content distribution able to bring additional traffic to your store.

Knowledge Base 1.4 for Magento 1 Stores

So, the latest update adds two new SEO-related features to the extension’s functionality.

Google Sitemap Options

All those merchants who made large and multi-page commercial knowledge bases naturally strive for having all the articles properly indexed and updated by search engines. Knowledge Base 1.4 provides you with this very opportunity and allows submitting all knowledge base URLs to a Google sitemap, including article, category and tag pages.

You can also set some instructions for Google bots, including scanning frequency and knowledge base pages priority related to other store pages.

Google Sitemap Options

Google Sitemap Options

Italian Magento Stores Take Advantage of the Aheadworks Extensions

We are happy that many Magento stores prefer our extensions and find them really useful and advantageous.

But our products would certainly never became so popular without our Partners that help merchants to get professional advice and make the right choice. The result of this cooperation always brings us a lot of pleasure as we can see those convenient and capable projects operating either on local or international eCommerce markets.

Italian Magento Stores Take Advantage of Aheadworks Extensions

Today, we’d like to present you several Magento stores integrated with some Aheadworks products and developed by our Select Partner Advanced Logic.

Advanced Logic is a full-service eCommerce agency and Magento Silver Partner with a vast experience and expertise within the platform. It specializes in multi-channel ecommerce solutions and is a partner of many well-known vendors of Magento extensions and themes.


Originating in Italy, but selling to 100+ countries worldwide, Wondersmall is an online store of luxurious accessories aimed at customers looking for products that combine style, exclusivity and attention to details. The store uses three of our extensions: Follow Up Email, One Step Checkout, and Shop by Brands.

One Step Checkout
You will hardly surprise someone with the one-step-checkout functionality and experience, but it looks great each time you start the checkout procedure. The page is clean and intuitive taking only several minutes to complete a purchase.

Wondersmall One Step Checkout

Wondersmall One Step Checkout

Shop by Brand
The store also utilizes our Shop by Brand extension as far as brands are among the most important attributes of the luxury products on sale in this store.

Welcome Our August Product Updates

Now, when the new high commercial season starts gaining momentum, we’d like to present you our latest product updates.

Welcome August Updates

The new features are going to be useful for both our existing customers and perspectives, so we welcome you to note some Magento extensions able to make your stores good and ready for new sales.

Magento Gift Card / Certificate extensionGift Card / Certificate 2.0.3

Gift cards become especially popular during holiday seasons, so this extension receives some valuable features just in time.

Backend Gift Card Orders

From this very moment Magento admins are able to create the orders containing gift card products directly from the backend. This functionality is necessary, when you process offline gift card requests, e.g. by phone or from physical stores.

Backend Gift Card Redeems

Furthermore, with the latest Gift Card / Certificate extension Magento admins are able to apply gift card codes to new orders from the backend, as well. This way, they can both sell gift cards and sell products using gift card codes from the backend.

How It Helps

This functionality widens your chances to accept and process offline gift card requests and allows you to improve provided services. Below we’ll enumerate just several cases you can take advantage of this functionality in:

  • Let customers purchase and use gift cards offline;
  • Let customers check their gift card balances in one call;
  • Create corporate gift cards with specific features;
  • Allow customers to restore lost or stolen gift cards.

Aheadworks Discounts or How to Get More for Your Magento Store Profitably

Getting great stuff and great discounts – that’s the dazzling dream of every shopaholic. However, sometimes you just don’t know the ways to find lower prices of the desired products. Well, we are going to remove this snag, at least for Aheadworks modules.

Aheadworks Discounts

Below we present you a short description of the discounts, coupons, sales and other promotions in use in our store you could have all chances to get good products and save. As soon as you reach the bottom line of text below, you will know exactly how to purchase from us profitably.

Ongoing Sales

In general, our promotional strategy includes two kinds of price-related promotions: time-limited and infinite (long-term at least). The first ones are more price attractive, but happen only from time to time, while the last ones are your guaranteed benefits.

Buy More, Save More (time-limited, valid till Aug 31, Magento 1 extensions)

We always encourage our larger buyers, but this time they can get even more than usual.

  • 1 product – 10% off;
  • 2 products – 20% off;
  • 3 products – 35% off.

That’s it. Simple and profitable.

Magento 2 Extension Pack (time-limited, valid till Aug 31, Magento 2 extensions)

Of course, we never forget about our Magento 2 store owner as well and at the end of this summer offer them to buy Magento 2 extensions at good prices. You can save up to $600 purchasing any three Magento 2 extensions within the pack till the end of August.

Get All Magento 2 Products at Half Price (long-term)

In the case you need just one or two Magento 2 modules and have no need to get their ‘handy-packs’ you can take advantage of our long term promotion aimed at our Magento 1 customers. If you have ever purchased our Magento 1 extensions, you can save 50% on all Magento 2 products.

RMA 1.6 Gives You More Automation

Included into our featured Magento 1 extensions block RMA is widely used and popular among our customers.

Passing through multiple functionality improvements the module became one of our most sophisticated extensions both by the implemented logic and number of available features.

RMA 1.6 New Features

Recently we’ve updated the RMA extension with new valuable features entirely based on feature requests from our customers. So, now RMA provides you with even more opportunities to handle RMA requests properly and keep shoppers loyal to your brand no matter what happens, including product returns.

The RMA Magento extensionRMA 1.6 New Features

Automated Stock Updates

The most frequently asked feature is automatic stock updates available for Approved or Resolved (Refunded) requests. As soon as a request goes into the Approved or Resolved status the Save and Update Stock button appears in the RMA edition area. It enables you to update the stocks of all returned items in just one click without necessity to edit each product one by one. The functionality saves much time and eliminates any manual errors during inventory updates.

In the case you try to update it once again, you will get a popup notification warning that this operation has already been performed.

Automated Stock Updates from the Backend

Automated Stock Updates from the Backend

Automated RMA Request Approvals

The next enhancement available with the latest extension version is the automatic RMA request approvals feature that allows you to accept all requests by default regardless of their reasons and relevance. Of course, such attitude is greatly impressive for customers and makes them change their negative attitude from the outset.

Shop By Brand 1.5: Tailor Brands to Multiple Magento Websites, Stores and Store Views

We continue updating our Magento 1 extensions and today announce the new features provided in Shop By Brand 1.5.

Shop By Brand 1.5: Tailor Brands to Multiple Magento Sites and Store Views

As far as Magento stores are constantly increasing the number of customers, expand geography, and boost revenues, they often need advanced configuration scopes able to maintain versatile stores and store views for different customer segments. The current update of the Shop By Brand extension allows you to settle unique brand sets for multiple stores and store views with original brand titles, descriptions and Meta tags.

The Shop By Brand Magento extensionShop By Brand 1.5 New Features

Multi-store Brand Association

Starting from the 1.5 version of the extension the new brand General section (Catalog -> Shop By Brand -> Manage Brands -> Add New) allows you to select the website or store view to be associated with a particular brand.

So, if your Magento installation includes two or more stores or multiple store views in several different languages, you can add necessary and relevant brands to the selected Magento scopes.

Associate Brands with Selected Web Sites and Store Views

Associate Brands with Selected Stores and Store Views

Multi-store Support for Brand Fields

Furthermore, not only can you add brands to different store views, you can also alter their page titles, brand descriptions, and Meta tags depending on the scope. The configuration scope selector added at the top left throughout the Edit Brand area allows you to switch scopes within one brand and specify separate brand attributes for distinct stores and store views.

Magento Gift Card / Certificate 2.0: Gift Value is Beyond the Price Tag

Gifts are among the best pleasures in life, and to our delight it works both for presenters and recipients. And, if you want to keep that pleasant feeling and make no mistakes, the smartest choice is to present a gift card.

Gift Card / Certificate

The gift card functionality  is absolutely indispensable for Magento stores, and today we announce the Magento Gift Card / Certificate 2.0 extension release.

The Gift Cart / Certificate Magento extensionMagento Gift Card / Certificate 2.0 Features

Gift Card / Certificate 2.0 for Magento 1 enables customers to create and purchase personal virtual, physical or combined gift cards. On the product page customers are able to specify gift card amounts, add personal messages to emails, or select their preferable design.

Gift cards are a new type of Magento products with specific attributes necessary to maintain the required functionality. Magento admins manage and fully control the gift card options depending on their sales policy and buying audience. Also, they have an opportunity to track and control the number and value of purchased and used gift cards.

Backend Functionality

Gift Card Products
Everything starts on the backend and we advise you to begin with new gift card products. For the purpose, follow the Catalog -> Gift Card by aheadWorks -> Gift Card Products path and press the Add Gift Card Product button. The New Product area contains the dedicated Gift Card Information section created by the extension to add necessary attributes to gift card products.

Acquire Magento Extensions for the Whole 2016 Profitably

Now, when 2016 is here most of us make plans for the future and figure out upcoming needs and essentials necessary for plentiful sales throughout the year.

We clearly realize this concern and have a great offer for you in this connection. In order to satisfy the technical need to provide your Magento store with relevant and valuable functionality extensions aheadWorks slashes prices for the whole catalog by 10%. And, that’s not all.

Package Deal

For the merchants starting new Magento 1 stores or just planning to boost sales in 2016 we offer great Package Deal. The deal allows you to grab any five Magento 1 extensions for just $499. We believe that this freedom of choice is the best option as far as you certainly better know your plans and demands.

How It Works

  • You purchase the Package Deal product on its product page;
  • You send the list of required extensions to our support team and get the accesses to requested extension packs from your account in our store;
  • After the purchase you can make use of the purchased extensions any time you like.

What You Should Now

  • Package Deal is valid for only aheadWorks Magento 1 Community Edition extensions and themes. No partner products, services or Magento 2 extensions are included;
  • The offer is active until the end of January 2016;
  • Package Deal provides you with the 90-day support period for all selected products.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Profitable for absolutely all Magento store owners;
  • Especially profitable for new Magento stores;
  • Up to $500-$1000 maximum savings depending on the set of chosen extensions.

In order to get more information regarding the Package Deal product refer to its page in our store. If necessary, send all your questions on the offer to our support team.

Choose your most required  Magento extensions out of 100 modules in our store profitably! 

The Dark Side of Holiday Sales or Post-holiday Routine Adjustments

“No more champagne and the fireworks are through…”

So, the holiday season is nearing the end and we need to return to daily routines and restore the level of customer support and maintenance.


Especially that plentiful holiday season sales create a lot of post-purchase issues demanding close attention and prompt resolution. This time multiple customers start to return items and ask for refunds, so we need to decently withstand this period or better pass it attracting new sales and customers.

In this post we’d like to offer you some valuable solutions able to facilitate your efforts and simplify customer service.

The RMA Magento ExtensionRMA

The ultimate goal of item returns processing is “keeping customers happy” with their returns in any case and circumstances. According to NetDespatch, easy returns are becoming an important competition factor and carefully considered by most customers. The inability or difficulty of returns often prevents customers from further purchases and make them unhappy with definite retailers.

The RMA extension is ready to smooth out numerous pitfalls on the way of excellent return services and make customers satisfied with their return experience.

The module builds a comprehensive and holistic RMA process transparent for customers and fully controlled by merchants. It starts an RMA procedure from scratch and covers all necessary stages with required functionality, including a live chat, user-friendly frontend visualization, powerful backend management system, request statuses, and forceful notification system.

Advanced Reports 2.7 Includes 23 Report Types

In the absence of information, we jump to the worst conclusions.
Myra Kassim

But, sometimes even having a lot of information is not enough to make a right decision, since you always need to view the obtained data from multiple angles in order to notice certain trending patters within the huge set of seemingly unrelated indicators.

Advanced Reports 2.7

For example, the rising of online spending observed during Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2015, according to Adobe Digital Index, is really great, but the AOV decrease adds some bitterness to the resulting joy and makes us search some incentives to increase average order amounts.

But, we’d never have had a chance to discover that fact, if we had no a robust and reliable reporting system. The Advanced Reports extension is exactly that required for numerous Magento users reporting tool, and today we release a new version of the module containing one more report type.

New Features

Orders Detailed Report

Starting from the current version Advanced Reports receives a new report added to the standard kit – Orders Detailed.

The Orders Detailed Report

The Orders Detailed Report

This report allows users to analyze sales by orders, the quantity of items per order, order shipment amounts, taxes, costs, revenues, and many other order attributes. This allows you to examine orders in details, find most profitable orders and outline the most promising and beneficial business model.

Moreover, following several requests from our customers we added the “Customer phone number” and “Customer address” columns to the Sales Detailed table in this version.

This way, the standard kit of the Advanced Report Magento extension contains already 13 default and 10 extra reports in the extended pack. And, the pack price of additional reports is much more beneficial than per unite purchases.


Farsighted and effective decisions are absolutely impossible without powerful and intelligent analytical software and the Advanced Reports extension is an advantageous option for that purpose. The standard reports kit amplified with the extended pack is able to highlight multiple facets of your business and create a full vision of your online store.

You can update and purchase this module on the product page in our store, get its detailed description from the Readme file, or try it in our live demos.

30% OFF: Pre-order Magento 2 Extensions and Save

Recently released Magento 2 is not only the subject of discussions among multiple ecommerce experts, but also closely studied by multiple merchants considering it as the main option for their future retail and b2b ecommerce projects.

As we have mentioned, we work hard to pave this yet unexplored path for aimed merchants and strive to provide more valuable Magento 2 extensions. And, today we’d like to announce and feature our next products currently being designed and developed.

Pre-order Magento 2 Extensions and Save

Our road-map will help you move your planning horizons forth and save greatly. Yes, you heard that right. Today you can pre-order our upcoming extensions and save 30% of their original price.

Pre-order Your Extensions

Magento 2 Pre-order Terms

The products available for pre-ordering are located in the regular Magento 2 catalog, still they carry pre-order labels to show you their current statuses. Pre-order extensions will be released within one month since their announcement with the release terms available on product pages.

As soon as you proceed through the standard checkout procedure, you will see purchased products in your customer account still without download links that will be available immediately after the corresponding release.

attention_greenWe’ll notify all our pre-order customers on this occasion via email.

Currently, two of our products are ready for pre-ordering: RMA and Layered Navigation. Apparently, you will need to evaluate the benefits provided by these extensions and discover their functionality features. Well, below we offer you short descriptions of main functions and novelties brought by them to Magento 2.

The RMA Magento 2 extensionRMA

The RMA extension facilitates the full cycle of the return management process and makes it transparent for both store owners and customers. All steps of the process are covered by the intuitive submission form, status and email notifications, dedicated chat threads and additional RMA request attributes.

Advanced Usability
Customers are able to easily fill in the submission form for their returns either directly from the order or from My Account area choosing the items they need and attaching files.

Gift Card / Certificate 1.1: Better Gift Cards – More Happy Customers

We continue to update and add new value to our Magento 1 products, and it’s the Gift Card / Certificate extension turn today.

Gift Card / Certificate 1.1

The gift card functionality is currently much in demand, and we want our customers to get into this holiday season equipped with the latest and most efficient technology. We recently announced the release of the Gift Card extension for Magento 2, and now, just a few days later, we report the next version of the solution tailored for the Magento 1.x branch.

Gift Card / Certificate 1.1 New Features

Email Delivery Date

From now on the Gift Card / Certificate module enables customers to specify a delivery date for their purchased gift cards. It is especially useful when a gift card is being purchased long before the festive occasion. According to the functionality logic, the card will be sent to your friend on the specified date, and for virtual gift cards the expiration term will start to run from the email delivery.

Notifications about Gift Cards Created in Backend

Starting from the latest version of the extension you are able to create gift cards from the backend and send corresponding email notifications containing gift card codes to recipients. The dedicated section contains several mandatory and optional fields, including recipient’s name and email, email delivery date and message.

New Gift Card Section

New Gift Card Section

Option to Re-Send the Notification with a Gift Card Code

In those cases when the initial notification containing a gift card code is lost on the way and doesn’t reach the recipient, you are able to resend such codes manually. To this end, you need to opt the required gift cards in the Manage Gift Card table and run the Send Now mass action selected from the Actions dropdown menu.

New Automatic Related Products for Magento 2: Create Efficient On-Page Product Promos

Making great product pages is absolutely necessary for any online store owner.

Great product and category pages are full of high-quality product images, smart merchandising, compelling product descriptions, well-placed call-to-actions, social media inventory, and … relevant and in-time product suggestions.

New Automatic Related Products for Magento 2

Although it goes without saying that related products are a compulsory element of any web store, the recollected benefits provided by this functionality look really impressive:

  • Cross-sells and upsells;
  • Relevant content environment and professional advice;
  • Improved store navigation;
  • Related product suggestions during the checkout process;
  • Authentic and original promotions perceived naturally by users.

And, taking advantage of the benefits above is just easy with the new Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2. The module allows you to put related product blocks to product and shopping cart pages and determine their place and content for your best business efficiency.

The Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2General Description

The Automatic Related Products extension performs mainly backstage, while customers only witness the results.

Related Products Setup

Rule Conditions
Related product rules define both destination pages and the related products block content. The provided rule conditions and condition combinations specify the pages to be used for placing related products based on product attributes.

New Gift Card Magento 2 Extension: Associate Pleasant Moments with Your Store

Gift cards are greatly beneficial sales and marketing incentives increasing revenue and attracting new customers.

New Gift Card / Certificate Magento 2 Extension

Absolutely all global brands issue gift cards, either digital or physical: Visa, Apple, American Express, Amazon, Walmart, Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks, Nike, IKEA, Best Buy, iTunes, eBay, Burger King, Hyatt, Skype, Fridays, Adidas, GAP, Columbia, and so on.

Annually, digital gift card market rises by 29% and customers do not only use their values, but spend by 20% more than the initial gift card nominal, according to

All these make gift cards a mandatory element of any marketing strategy, but you need to find the most advantageous and beneficial way to introduce this functionality to your customers.

The Gift Card extension is designed specifically for Magento 2 based stores and offers you all necessary functionality to tap this beneficial area.

Magento 2 Gift CardGeneral Description

The module allows you to create a new product type – Gift Card. This product is purchased by consumers and further sent to their friends via emails or physically.

Recipients get gift card codes and enter them in shopping carts. They can use gift cards fully or partially, once or several times, if the price of products they purchase is smaller than the gift card amount.


Customer Experience

As far as birthdays are the most popular occasions for purchasing gift cards (according to, 81% of customers purchase gift cards for birthdays) the module allows you to create a festive mood and greatly pleasure your customers and their friends. We all know that giving gifts is as nice as getting  them.