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Useful Solutions to Prevent Cart Abandonment

Editor’s note: Cart abandonment is one of the most disturbing problems for online merchants and the most complex one. Its solution is based on numerous practical experiments and at the same time requires substantive analysis and statistics to be successfully resolved. In this article we’ll highlight some modules you can use to reduce cart abandonment in Magento-based stores.

Abandonment rate constantly increases. The aggregated data from several sources shows the following trend:

Abandonment Rate
Source: Baymard Institute

As you see, for seven years abandonment rate increased by 11.47% and seems to continue growing. Average abandonment rate really disappoints when you get the insight that customers abandon nearly four of the five shopping carts.

According to statistics customers mostly abandon their carts due to price issues (see the diagram above). Almost all of these issues are aside from the particular ecommerce software functionality and depend on specific pricing policy of every single online store.

However, aheadWorks offers some effective solutions for Magento-based stores which will mitigate customers’ perception of price and prevent them from abandonment.

Some Tips For Efficient Use Of The Product Questions Extension

Editor’s note: Prospects usually have a lot of questions about your products. They can be related to functionality, quality, price or other characteristics of the product. Answering questions about your products is the shortest way to persuade visitors to make a purchase.  Furthermore, answers to product questions solve other numerous tasks valuable both for customers and merchants.

Informational support
Online shopping has one particular feature: online customers can not touch an item and try to fill this gap by getting comprehensive information about products. Those merchants who do not provide it can’t hope for loyal attitude.

Communication is valuable in itself for some customers as it is an integral part of their purchasing pattern. Other customers just want to be sure that there is someone on the other side providing advice, technical support or refund.

The Product Questions Magento extension provides customers with all this valuable information. It can also give merchants valuable data about their customers and has several effective SEO-oriented features.

What Is the Perfect Gift For Any Occasion? Gift Card / Certificate Extension Release

Editor’s note: Wonderful time of Christmas holidays is coming. We are all inspired by the magic atmosphere of these magnificent weeks and wait for wonders and pleasant surprises. We want to receive and, even more, to give presents to our family members, friends, neighbors and the entire world… But how can we cater all the numerous wishes of our loved ones? The solution is a gift card, of course, which can meet any personal demands.


According to Nielsen, gift cards are expected to be the number one in the Top Ten Gifts in 2013

Purchasing Gift cards online is a steady modern trend and customers value gift cards even more so than gifts of the equal value. Shoppers have already appreciated gift card usability and constantly purchase them on numerous occasions. Here are some confirming facts:

  • 2/3 of American customers purchased one or several gift cards;
  • More than half of gift card recipients visit stores several times spending their gift cards;
  • Gift card receivers spend up to 20% above the value of their gift cards;
  • About 80% of customers buy gift cards for birthdays and 2/3 on other occasions.


Today we release the Gift Card/Certificate extension, which is intended to allow Magento-based stores to offer gift cards to their customers. The module equally treats fine merchants’ and customers’ needs.

aheadWorks Extensions, Which Improve Native Magento Checkout

Editor’s note: Checkout page is the last thing that separates customers from their purchases and merchants from revenues. How to prevent customers from cart abandonment? The only rational answer is to improve checkout process constantly.
According to numerous statistics, customers abandon their carts because of several reasons:

  • Registration before checkout;
  • Numerous checkout steps;
  • Slow checkout;
  • Unclear delivery details;
  • High shipping costs;
  • Hidden charges.

It’s clear that people want to make a purchase quickly and easily, and checkout process plays here a very important role.

We have several extensions in our portfolio, which greatly enhance native Magento checkout functionality.

One Step Checkout Magento Extension1. One Step Checkout

It is a must-have extension for any Magento store. It reduces the number of steps necessary for checkout. This extension contains multiple features, which will make checkout simple and quick.

  • Checkout on a single page

This is the main feature of this extension. During the checkout process customers see the full checkout page. They do not need to press annoying “Continue” button when filling the form. Six native Magento checkout steps are transferred into single checkout operation.

  • Login/registration option on the checkout page

Registered customers are able to log in on the checkout page. Unregistered customers can fill a registration form directly during the checkout. However, customers can easily make their purchases without any registration.

  • Ability to save address in address book. Auto-fill billing and shipping addresses for logged in customers

Customers are able to save billing or shipping addresses in the address book and use them for further purchases. For logged in customers corresponding fields are filled automatically.

aheadWorks Releases Layered Navigation Extension. Faster Search, Easier Navigation and AJAX Support

Today, when the current eCommerce competitive environment is so unfriendly and spontaneous we exert every effort attracting customers to our online store and retaining them there. And sometimes they just can’t find the item they need among the huge number of goods. Now this disappointing obstacle is fully removed by Magento Layered Navigation extension from aheadWorks.

This extension meets all advanced standards of Web 2.0 solutions for Magento platform. AJAX-based, it contains powerful features which greatly enhance native Magento layered navigation functionality.

Layered Navigation extension for Magento

Key Features

Easy installation and configuration (all data will be imported from Magento)

Attributes set available for filtering are added from native Magento Layered navigation during the installation and you do not need to define them again.

AJAX-based features

AJAX-based navigation
AJAX technology allows the extension to filter products fast and without page reloads. Moreover, you can use “go back” or “go forward” buttons in your browser, but, once settled, filtering configuration will be saved for your convenience.

AJAX-based pagination and sorting
Pagination and results sorting are done seamlessly, without any reloads, and do not distract customers from searching the products they need.

Guess What’s New in aheadWorks Store? We Feature Magento Extensions from Trusted Partners!

Today Magento customers are hard-headed as they have a huge choice of Magento extensions for their “lovely” shop. This may seem confusing especially when customers don’t have much time for browsing through thousands of modules. Even more to that – no guarantee is given that the final choice will be of a high quality.

We will try to stop this chaos by publishing modules from our reliable partners in aheadWorks store.

Trusted Partners Extensions

Get acquainted with great advantages of purchasing trusted partners extensions from aheadWorks.