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Llama Commerce – an Excellent Option for Transition from Magento Go and ProStores

Recently Magento announced the upcoming transition of all merchants using Magento Go and ProStores to other eCommerce platforms, as the support and further development of these products are terminated by February, 2015.

Such migration raises several issues to the affected merchants and the first one of them is the choice of a worthy successor for their business among other eCommerce platforms. Still taking care about customers, Magento offers several transition options most suitable for smooth and full-value migration, which are featured in the newly created Migration Centers.

One of the few recommended products is the Llama Commerce Platform.

This product is designed for those merchants who need more flexibility and control than provided by SaaS solutions and seek a platform for development and enlargement.

Llama Commerce Platform

The Llama Commerce Platform extends Magento with extremely valuable features, such as advanced user interface, new predefined widgets, or ready-installed Magento extensions for clear and straightforward shopping experience. As a result, Magento Community or Enterprise editions together with the Llama Commerce Platform are able to provide the necessary impact to your business.

The platform is available in three options: Quick Launch, Jumpstart, and Custom build. All the provided options have their own advantages and are aimed to handle different sizes of businesses.

In order to make your transition even easier, Classy Llama developed a special offer for its customers. So, if you enter the platform with the Simple Helix hosting, you receive the next additional benefits within the Quick Launch or Jumpstart options:

  • Free migration of your Magento Go data (customers, orders, products);
  • Free 60 days of hosting for e-Cart hosting plans;
  • Free SSL certificate.

Thus, the challenge you face is more an unexpected offering rather than unpleasant event, as the transition to Llama Commerce Platform provides a new promising opportunity for your business. So, examine all the pros of the product and step forward without regrets.

If you have something to add to this product, please share your ideas in comments below.


Magento Solutions – How to Make the Right Choice

MagentoWith growing popularity of eCommerce, it’s not surprising that more businesses move online where they can reach new customers.

Selecting which software platform you’ll use for your web store is an important decision. If you have fixed upon Magento to sell some products on the Internet, but you are still confused among choosing different solutions, this article is for you.

5 reasons to choose Magento:

1. Magento gains momentum every year and at the moment has over a third of the global eCommerce market.

2. The Magento platform is trusted by more than 150,000 businesses, including some of the world’s leading brands.

3. The platform suits not only for savvy merchants, but also for newcomers and those migrated to Magento from other platforms.

4. The Magento solutions enable businesses of all sizes to control and customize the look and feel, content and functionality of their online stores.

5. Magento offers their customers, partners, and community members a wealth of experience and resources in commerce – related technologies as well as access to world-class capabilities from eBay Marketplaces, PayPal, eBay Enterprise, and others.

Let’s compare the Magento solutions bringing out the best in each one.

Magento Go Store Owner Feedback

Today we’d like to announce that a new section is now live in our Blog. So, what can you expect from this section? We’re going to talk to our amazing clients, go behind the scenes with their Magento stores, post their experience in using aheadWorks extensions, spill secrets on customization, and much more. We’re going to describe pros and cons of the extensions they use, their impact on the sales, thus promoting the stores, including backlinks and screen shots.

Want to boast about your store? So go ahead and let us help you promote your website. Send us an email at korol @ and provide the store URL and a brief store description. We’ll look through your site and maybe your Magento store will be featured next month.

Who is leading among the eCommerce platforms now?

Being a leading provider of Magento extensions, aheadWorks certainly takes great interest in Magento position among different eCommerce software. We are also interested to see if Magento can retain or perhaps even extend its lead.

Recently, we’ve come across an informative eCommerce survey made by our colleague in Magento promotion Tom Robertshaw in June 2011.

The top 1 million Alexa sites were analyzed through the use of special signatures that match for different types of eCommerce software. At the same time, the research took into account the country those sites were located in and whether they were using HTML 5. During this survey there were found 25,592 online stores.

Magento Go Add-ons launched

Today Magento Go launched an online store at
Here you can find all the extensions and themes you need for your Magento Go store. Now you have more opportunities to enrich your store with our professional and up-to-date features that clearly make your business look attractive for customers.
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