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MagentoLive Australia 2015: Presentations Overview

MagentoLive Australia became a milestone Magento event honored to announce the Magento 2 release. So, it gathered a lot of outstanding persons from the Magento team and community, in general.

MagentoLive Austaralia 2015: Presentations Overview

Most of them shared their vast ecommerce experience in pithy and useful presentations. So, we made a short overview of most impressing speeches and ready to offer you our coverage.

Cracking the Algorithm Code


Mark has a proven track record of helping clients get the best ROI from all of their online marketing initiatives. Mark has experience both client and agency side and has been working with Magento ecommerce sites in the UK and Australia since 2011. Introduction: Presentation/Video.

Without an exceptionб all ecommerce stores depend on organic traffic, especially from Google, and need to optimize their SEO strategy to get more visits and conversions.

The first statement provided by Mark in his presentation is that store owners should not plan and anticipate any unrealistic results from SEO. You cannot have high rankings for any unrelated to your products or content key words, it’s just impossible. With this in mind we can proceed to the ranking algorithms currently used by Google for resulting pages.

Do not anticipate any unrealistic results from SEO

Unfortunately, the scope of factors influencing the results in Google is huge, and we can’t figure out the exact formula, but we can outline some rules to follow in order to stay on top. And, the first step is to understand recent updates of the Google’s ranking algorithm.

Google Panda
Actually, Panda is a filter struggling for high-quality on-page content, but not only. The algorithm also inspects the quality of code, content uniqueness, broken links and images, images without alt tags, etc.

Google Penguin
Essentially similar to Panda, Penguin tracks your external links environment and penalize web sites with unnatural and spamming links. If you paid for or optimized your links, you also have the reason for concern, and Penguin’s reaction may be really destructive.