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MagentoLive Germany 2014 Handpicked Presentations

MagentoLive Germany is always a terrific event for the Magento Community in Europe, as it gathers numerous experts and outstanding people all around the world.

This year, powered by PayPal, eBay, and other e-commerce major players, the conference was, once again, an excellent opportunity to strengthen the community. Multiple invited persons, speakers, and attendees shared their vision of the future, discussed successes and obstacles, and delivered their knowledge about Magento and e-commerce in general.

And, as usually, we offer our readers an overview of some noteworthy presentations in our blog. It contains only a several abstracts, while you can look through the entire list of videos and presentations on the conference website.

Win New Online Customers and Build Relationships with a Direct to Consumer Business Model

Win New Online Customers and Build Relationships with a Direct to Consumer Business ModelPresentation

Boris LokschinBoris Lokschin, eCommerce Business and Delivery Manager, CGI Sarah SchachenhoferSarah Schachenhofer, Product Manager, HEAD

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The presentation covers some peculiarities of a comparatively uncommon, but currently trendy business model – D2C (direct to customer) sales. Based on the example the authors briefly touch the features of the D2C model and explain the advantages of this marketing and business positioning.

According to the authors, direct to customer sales is a global trend and provide several advantages over other business models:

  • Direct contact to customer;
  • Two-way communication;
  • Unique user experience;
  • Differentiation from competitors;
  • Special product range;
  • New markets.

The modern and powerful site fulfills all the mentioned above tasks and allows customers to create their own unique Head Racquet online or send their expectations about the product and new services directly to the manufacturer.

This still developing project is a great success among Head’s customers and allows the management of the company to plan new initiatives towards further D2C implementation using Magento as a foundation for their online embodiment.

Beyond the Curve, Staying Ahead of your Customer’s Journey


Sebastian GutierrezSebastian Gutierrez, Senior Project Manager, eBay Enterprise
Richard BettinsonRichard Bettinson, Senior Digital Media Strategist, eBay Enterprise

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The mainstream of the presentation is in guiding customers during their online journey, rather than just following them behind. The authors offer several trendy tips for that.

Location Based Marketing
Using customers’ location marks merchants are able to offer them products or services available for immediate consumption creating a sense of constant brand presence and useful assistance.

Bring Some Cool Souvenir Magnets from the Upcoming Magento Conferences

Do you like to collect fridge souvenir magnets from different countries, cities, places, and etc.?

So, do I.  And this autumn you have a great chance to fill in the blanks on your “Magento fridge” with several “precious” pieces. Below you will find an extended list of the upcoming Magento events, which will held soon over the world.

Autumn 2014 Magento Events

Meet Magento Ukraine
About: Meet Magento Ukraine 2014 is the first Meet Magento conference in Ukraine. The conference promises to be very eventful and, except two conference tracks, will also include the Kyiv Running tour and Tour to the Magento office in Kyiv.
Date: September 6, 2014
Venue: Hilton Kyiv Hotel, Tarasa Shevchenka blvd., 30, Kyiv
Tickets: Standard – till 25 of August, 119 EUR

Meet Magento Romania
About: Cluj-Napoca is the right place for a Magento conference in Romania with about 5000 software engineers, who work for 100 companies. The conference is divided into two tracks (technical and sales/marketing one) and also includes a Hackathon and Afterparty event. As aheadWorks is a Media Partner of the conference, next week we’ll offer our customers significant discounts for this event. So, stay connected.
Date: September 13, 2014
Venue: Grand Hotel Napoca, Octavian Goga str., 1, Cluj-Napoca
Tickets: Normal – 85 EUR

Meet Magento Russia
About: This is the second Meet Magento conference held in Moscow, which is going to be the largest Magento event in Russia. This year the conference is targeted towards Magento store owners and entrepreneurs who are willing to use Magento for their new online shops. aheadWorks is going to be represented among the speakers of the conference by Cyril Golub, aheadWorks co-founder.
Date: September 20, 2014
Venue: Digital October Center, Bersenevskaya riverfront, 6, Moscow
Tickets: Standard – till August 31, 1500 RUB

Meet Magento New York
About: Meet Magento NY 2014 is the first annual Meet Magento conference in the U.S., which is held in the most populous city in the world. Combined with provided knowledge, new business opportunities, and exciting networking Meet Magento NY 2014 promises to be a truly terrific event.
The organizers of the conference provided great discounts for the aheadWorks’ social network followers and subscribers and we’ll gladly share them with you soon. So, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.
Date: September 22-23, 2014
Venue: Digital Conference Center, Broad Street, 55, New York
Tickets: Late Conference Ticket – till August 31, 499 USD

aheadWorks Attends Magento Live Germany 2013

Artyom Rabzonov, aheadWorks CEO and Co-founder

Magento-dedicated events are constantly held all around the world and help connecting people and evolving whole Magento ecosystem. Broad geography of occurring events convinces really international expansion of Magento, from South America to Europe, from the USA to Asia.  Magento Live Germany 2013 is the next prominent Magento-oriented event of this year.

The next noteworthy options make it valuable for numerous merchants, developers, Magento partners and all interested people:

  • Great list of speakers;
  • Merchant to Merchant Session;
  • Industry and solution partners meetings;
  • Networking evening event and even more.

We are sure Magento Live Germany 2013 will be a nice opportunity to meet old friends and new people. aheadWorks company is going to do just that, and we hope you will also be glad to see us there.

Artyom Rabzonov, aheadWorks CEO and Co-founder, is attending Magento Live Germany 2013 and, as many of you know Artyom personally, it will precisely be a pleasant meeting. We have lots of news about aheadWorks and have much to talk over about Magento. So we are looking forward to the opportunity to discuss it.