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Meet Magento Italy, MagentoLive France and Other Events in 2016

As always this year the Magento community provides its members with numerous opportunities for communication and networking.

Meet Magento Italy 2016

There is nothing better serving this purpose than different dedicated Magento and ecommerce events around the globe sharing our mutual views and aspirations. So, below we offer you some really noteworthy possibilities to meet friends and present your companies during some incredible local and international conferences devoted to Magento or ecommerce in general.

The season starts already in February with MagentoLive France, continues in March with Meet Magento Italy and goes further until the end of the year. This year you’ll be able to attend either commercial or developers meetings, find answers to burning questions and open new business horizons.

MagentoLive UK 2015: Presentations Overview

The UK has the biggest online market share worldwide in 2014 – 13.5%, and expected to reach 15.2% in 2015. (Source: And, Magento is one of most popular shopping cart technologies there.

British online merchants widely and effectively use Magento Community and Enterprise editions and willingly share their sophisticated ecommerce experience.

Magento Live UK 2015

In our post we highlight some picked presentations from MagentoLive UK 2015 (from both local and international speakers) and provide you with the announcement of Meet Magento Vietnam 2015, the first ever Meet Magento conference in Asia. So, be sure to reach the cover.

MagentoLive UK 2015 Picked Presentations

How to Create a Persuasive Customer Journey

Kath PayKath Pay, Marketing Director, Cloud.IQ
Kath is an internationally renowned speaker and trainer. She is recognized as the UK’s leading Email Marketer and heads up training for eConsultancy on Personalization and Email Marketing. Presentation / Video (Photo:

According to the presentation, unconscious decisions determine much of our behavior.  So, marketers should build their campaigns largely on this consideration. In her presentation, Kath describes some driving forces of human conduct and highlights the examples of their successful use.

People tend to appreciate reciprocity while communicating with merchants. For example, if you want visitors to sign up to your newsletter, it would be wise to offer them a discount or other tangible in exchange for time and loyalty. Still, the process should be pretty easy and not embarrassing. The form should include only several compulsory fields, and other fields should be optional.

Cognitive Ease
As far as most of us are quite lazy, we need an explicit guidance through actions, because it is much easier to follow recommendations rather than to go for a bumpy ride.

Marketer should always lead customers to actions, which is a good start for great customer journeys. So, use visual clues widely.

Loss Aversion
Most of people prefer avoiding losses more than gaining any benefits. Marketing incentives like “the last 10 items left” or “only one day left”, greatly influence buyers and make them complete their purchases.

From Paris to Milan: Magento Live and Meet Magento Start the Season

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.
– Leonardo da Vinci.

These words of the great engineer and inventor like nothing better display the urgency of an active position for any business. So, the new season of Magento events begins starting from two large conferences – Meet Magento Italy 2015 and Magento Live France 2015.

Starting from Italy, we can certainly say that it is really fabulous.


Officially, Italy is a unitary republic in Southern Europe and occupies more than 300 thousand square kilometers of the Italian peninsula and nearby islands.

Italy is the cradle of numerous civilizations eventually conquered by Rome, which has for centuries remained the main religious and political center of Western World.

The particular blossoming of the Italian culture and science falls on the Renaissance, when most of prominent artists, inventors, and scholars appeared, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Polo, Columbus, Vespucci, etc.

Quick Facts about Italy

  • Capital: Rome;
  • Time Zone: CET (UTC +1);
  • Population: 60,782,668 (2013);
  • Largest cities: Rome (2,863,322), Milan (1,324,169), Naples (989,111), Turin (902,137), Palermo (678,492), Genoa (596,958);
  • Currency: Euro (EUR);
  • Official Language: Italian;
  • Main Religion: Roman Catholicism – 81.2% (2010).


Milan, the city, where the conference will take place, is the second most populous city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy. Established by Insubres, a Celtic tribe, it was later captured by Romans and through the following centuries Milan became the capital of the Italian commerce and banking.

Magento Events 2015

The last year was full of Magento events and meetups. We broadly highlighted all the conferences held on different continents as we sincerely beleive that the Magento community is one of the most propelling factors for the overall platform success.

Magento Conferences 2015

The new local conferences, started in 2014, brought their additional impact to the growth of Magento in local markets and allowed developers and merchants establish even closer connections for their mutual benefits.

Europe is, of course, the busiest region for Magento conferences, and it is not surprising that three new conferences started just here: Meet Magento Romania, Meet Magento Switzerland, and Meet Magento Ukraine.

According to their names, the main merit for their success belongs to Meet Magento, which is now can be rightfully called a leading communication platform for Magento enthusiasts around the globe. So, in confirmation of this, last year it added New York to its wide geography.

Managing a great number of events, Meet Magento is still not the only organizer of Magento conferences. There are at least two more multi-conference formats, such as Magento Live and Bargento, which run Magento events globally.

In addition to the mentioned above conferences, there are several single Magento events, among which Imagine is the biggest and most popular.

Except Europe and North America, Magento is also presented on other continents. For instance, Magento Live Australia consolidates the vast and developed local community with plenty of Magento merchants and long traditions of the platform usage.

The raising markets of Asian countries kicked off a new conference in China – Magento Com.

The South America ecommerce market, and especially the Brazilian one, also exploits the benefits of Magento for a long time. So, Brazil has two main Magento dedicated conferences – Meet Magento Brazil and the Bargento Brazil edition.

This way, basing on the events of the last year, we created a map displaying the locations of biggest Magento conferences around the globe. Despite, many organizers has not yet determined the dates of their upcoming events, we hope that 100% of them will certainly continue to connect and stimulate the community development in 2015.

original– Magento Live; green– Meet Magento; purple – Bargento; yellow – Imagine; blue – other Magento events.

Please bookmark this post and use it for planning your visits to these conferences, especially that we’ll further add new information to it as soon as it becomes public.

Your comments on this post are much appreciated. Leave them below, please.
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Three Continents for Late Autumn Magento Events

This September the high season for Magento events has just started.

We were pleased to see successful Meet Magento Ukraine and Meet Magent Romania conferences, and we hope to tell you about the presentations and other interesting facts from these events in our future posts. Besides we still expect something equally astonishing in Russia and New York.

Meet Magento Brazil 2014

But that’s not all for this autumn and for the festive mood and good weather. If you are going to visit Brazil this October, you’ll be able to return into summer. 25 centigrade degrees above is the average temperature value for Sao Paolo in October. Delightful! So, you can visit South America on October 6 with great pleasure.

Our next post is going to be solely about the Meet Magento Brazil 2014 conference, where we’ll not only highlight the main details of this great event, but will also share ticket discounts for our readers and give away four full-pass tickets for free. So, stay connected.

Magento Live Germany 2014

The next stop is good old Europe, to be precise – Germany. As usually, Magento Live Germany it is going to be a meeting of true minded people and upscale professionals in Munich, October 13-14.

Meet Magento Switzerland 2014

Switzerland, the homeland of high-class Magento developers, welcomes guests on October 24. We also have some discount coupons for you to visit this event and will share them a bit later, perhaps in late September.

The agenda of this event is defined almost completely and you can make sure that it worth to visit Zurich and Glattfelden.

rsz_mark83Did you know that Brazil has 38 Magento certified developers, Germany – 174, Switzerland -11, Australia – 58, Poland -81. Source: Magento.

Magento Live Australia 2014

Those who are excited about exotic countries and distant voyages will be definitely pleased to visit Australia this autumn, November 13-14. Sydney is wonderful in November with mild simmer climate and average temperature +24°. The Sydney Hilton hotel is ready to welcome participants of Magento Live Australia 2014 and will heartily open its business and leisure facilities.

Meet Magento Poland 2014

And the last event of this autumn is Meet Magento Poland 2014, November 24-25. It has just started selling tickets, so you can get advantage of early bird tickets sold for 499 zl per one full-pass ticket.

But if you want to try your luck, you can also take part in our contest and try to get a free ticket to this Magento event. The contest is scheduled to start late October, so mark this period in your calendar and visit our blog.

Thus, our readers have multiple opportunities to visit different  Magento conferences at discounted prices or even free of charge. Please, do not miss them – let’s learn and cooperate profitably.

Please share you ideas about this post in comments below.

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Magento Live UK 2014: Best Presentations Overview

In our blog we widely announce upcoming Magento conferences, but most likely our readers still miss the main value of these events – the word of wisdom provided by conference speakers in their presentations.

So, we want to correct this omission and provide you small summaries of the most interesting and useful presentations from multiple Magento events. We are going to post main points and most valuable tips from those presentations you could easily choose the best for your taste and read them in details, if necessary.

We are starting from the latest Magento conference of this summer – Magento Live UK 2014. It was actually full of noticeable speeches, but we are going to highlight only those ones focused on marketing and sales.

MLUK14 Presentations

Transforming Retail into Me-Tail


Ben StavelyBen Stavely, Head of eCommerce, dotMailer Jonny DixonJonny Dixon, eCommerce Channel Manager, dotMailer

Photos from:

The main idea provided behind this presentation is treating customers as individuals rather than just data in your reports. Shopping is a personal experience and requires from you a personal attitude to each customer.

Each customer has a lot of individual characteristics, including gender, age, habits, etc. These data is not obvious, but still can be derived from various sources as Magento store or social networks. For example, we can outline the profile of each customer basing on his purchase volume, dates of purchases, shipping addresses, and the data from multiple social media.

People also like to provide you the feedback about their purchasing experience, so do not hesitate to ask them about it. Furthermore, using of different available analytic services will additionally enrich your customer statistics, including their in-store behavior.

So, show customers that you care about them, send them only personal notifications, and remember: “A 5% increase in retention yields profit increases of 25 to 100%.” (Source: dotMailer).

Optimize Your Site Conversion for Holiday 2014


Matt AlthauserMatt Althauser, General Manager EMEA, Optmizely

Photos from:

In his presentation Matt shares the experience gained by Optimizely through multiple tests made for their clients and defines several most important optimization areas you should pay attention to in your Magento store: user flows, category and product pages, and customer segmentation.

User Flows
This section of the presentation examines four cases of site forms optimizations, which confirm that the simplicity is the main principle of the interaction with customers within your online store. The reduced number of form fields in each case leaded to significant increasing of sign ups, conversions, or other types of engagement.

Category Product Pages
The best variant of a category or product page is not always obvious and the wisest decision is to test the changes before their actual implementation. Sometimes seemingly effective and attractive changes are not leading to real improvements, while truly efficient variants are not always conspicuous.

Magento Live UK 2014 and Other Magento Events of This Summer

Summer is always great for classy vacations or spectacular trips, but it is also perfect for professional communications and making new business contacts. This summer is not very abundant with Magento events, but it can still offer true Magento enthusiasts some exciting conferences, hackathons, and meetups.

So, those who wants more Magento events this summer can take the advantage of our digest. Magento Live UK 2014, July 14-15 is the firs in our scroll.

Magento Live UK 2014

The conference is held in the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London hotel, which is situated in the true heart of the city next to Big Ben and the House of Parliament, the London Eye and the National Theater. At the same time Heathrow, one of the five London airports, is only 40 minutes away from the venue.

The schedule of the conference is very busy and starts on Monday, July 14. The pre-event day includes solution and industry partner meetings, and several tracks for developers, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs. The Opening Evening Networking Event finishes this day and proclaims the official start of Magento Live UK 2014.

The second day of the conference begins from the registration of attendees and consists of several special, three general, and four breakout sessions divided into three tracks – the technical, marketing, and business one.

Magento responsive design, the upcoming holiday season, omni-channel marketing opportunities, the personalization of sales, security and performance tips are the main topics to be presented during the conference.

Magento Events 2014

It goes without saying that one must keep pace with the latest news and trends to succeed in modern world, and in eCommerce world in particular.

But where to get these news from? What is the best place to hear important announcements, get insider information, establish beneficial relations?

The most obvious answer is attending specialized conferences. At the moment, everybody is getting ready for the upcoming Imagine Conference, surely the most important Magento event in existence. Being a Gold Sponsor of this conference, aheadWorks welcomes everyone to stop by our booth in Las Vegas.

Moreover, we have prepared something special, related to the Imagine Conf, for our fans and followers – just subscribe to our Blog to learn when the details are revealed.

But besides Imagine, there’re plenty of other important events in Magento ecosystem. The problem is that these events are scattered across the world – and across web. It is somewhat hard to keep track of them all.

To help you with that, we have compiled a reference list of the most interesting and promising Magento and IT events for 2014. Make sure to bookmark this page, and check it back – new events get confirmed and announced daily, and we will be updating this post with new entries as soon as any news appear.

*Updated on March, 25th: 3 new Meet Magento events have been recently confirmed, the dates are added to the list.


Nature flourishes in Spring, and so does Magento community. The number of major events and conferences scheduled for Spring 2014 is incredible, lucky is the one who has a chance to attend them all!

Dates Event Location
March 3-4 Meet Magento Spain Madrid, Spain
March 3-6 eTail West San Antonio, USA
March 5-6 Dx3 Toronto, Canada
March 7-8 CMS Africa Summit Nairobi, Kenya
March 10-14 CeBIT Hannover, Germany
March 11-12 Retail Business Technology Expo London, UK
March 18-20 eCommerce One to One Monaco
March 25 Bargento São Paulo São Paulo, Brazil
March 26-27 Internet Retailing Expo Birmingham, UK
May 5-7 eTail Canada Toronto, Canada
May 12-13 Meet Magento Germany Leipzig, Germany
May 12-14 Imagine eCommerce Conference Las Vegas, USA
May, 21-22 Meet Magento Netherlands Utrecht, Netherlands

Magento Live Germany 2013. aheadWorks Gratitude for the Fantastic Event

Magento Live Germany 2013

Magento Live Germany 2013 is over and we want to say “Thank you” for that great event to all participants, speakers and organizers. We really enjoyed the visit.

We highly appreciate and are pleased to see that Magento team is increasingly interested in European Market and finds it valuable and perspective.

Magento Live Germany 2013 was very revealing in this sense as we greeted a really large Magneto team headed by famous Roy Rubin, Co-founder & COO.

I won’t be wrong, if I say that all the participants were excited to get first-hand inside information about Magento future plans and goals. Roy Rubin’s report caused a flurry of tweets as everybody understood that these several slides would determine the ways of Magento ecosystem development in the next two or three years.

Let us revise the main keynotes from Roy:

  • Mobile shopping increases and changes the pattern of e-commerce;
  • Magento is: 200 000+ merchants, 2 500+ enterprise merchants, $26+ Billion MECV in 2013, 5+ million downloads, $1+ Billion service ecosystem capacity, 2 000+ Partners, 6 000+ 3-rd party extensions, 2 000+ certified developers;
  • Magento share of Alexa 1 million sites is 26%;
  • 50 billion – expected transaction volume on Magento in 2016.