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Meet 5 Winners of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” Contest

Last month we organized a giveaway of the “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide”. We received a lot of feedback from our Blog readers and it’s really great – thanks to all of you!

We took all your comments for both posts (the “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” review and contest) and randomly selected 5 readers. They got free digital copies of this Magento tutorial. So meet the winners:

Kamil Borkowski,
Miguel Ignacio Balparda,
Mario SAM,
Yogesh Sharma,
Susan Kieser,
the USA

In a private conversation, it turned out that almost all of them are Magento developers – no wonder taking into account the contest prize 😉 I wish “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” will help you improve your Magento knowledge!

As 4 of the winners are our regular Blog readers, I asked them what they would like to read in our Blog about. Here are their answers:

Kamil: “About some custom development solutions, some ideas, tutorials, examples.”

Miguel: “Regarding the blog, I think more technical articles will be really good for developers!”

Mario: “You could show good development standards models for Magento, and how it can help in time to take a certification.”

Yogesh: “I would like to read articles about eCommerce logistics, different integrations and of course Magento.”

Susan: “Out of the box ideas or unusual ways to utilize the different extensions.”

Thank you for your ideas! We’ll definitely consider them when planning our future posts.

Win Free Copies of Magento PHP Developer’s Guide from aheadWorks!

Recently we shared the review of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” where you can find our independent unbiased opinion on this newly published tutorial.

Now we prepared some cool stuff for our blog readers! I have teamed up with Packt Publishing to organize a Giveaway of the “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide”. Five lucky winners stand a chance to get 5 digital copies of their new book. Keep reading to find out how YOU can be one of the Lucky Winners.

How to Enter?
All you need to do is head on over to our review of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” page. Then look through it and drop a comment below this post to let us know what interests you the most about this book. It’s that simple.

Winners will get an e-copy of the guide.

The contest will close June 30, 2013. Winners will be contacted by email, so be sure to use your real email address when you comment!

Magento PHP Developer’s Guide: Detailed Review from aheadWorks Experts

Magento PHP Developer's Guide

We were lucky to get one of a few copies of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide“. It was published in April 2013 by Packt Publishing Ltd., one of the most prolific and fast-growing tech book publishers in the world.

Allan MacGregor, the author of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide”, has a reputation for being professional, skilled and accurate developer easy to work with. I have happened to communicate with Allan and I should say that he is very responsive and friendly as well.

Allan MacGregor started working with Magento when he was a freelance developer little over 4 years ago and now he is a Magento Certified Developer Plus.

“Before Magento, creating an ecommerce website was difficult, expensive and slow,” tells Allan. “Magento changed all that! I enjoy working with Magento because it’s challenging, the framework is very powerful and flexible. And overall, I have fun working with Magento!”

Allan understood that there was a lot of information online, but he felt that there was a need for book that was an easy entry point for new developers and a bit of reference for developers that are not so new to Magento.

“I wanted to write the book that I wished I had when I was starting with Magento. A guide that covers the fundamentals, that gives me the tools to start developing with Magento.”

And Allan did it. Though it was his first writing experience, “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” turned to be an easily accessible tutorial, designed and written to give the reader maximum understanding of the powerful Magento framework.

Continue reading this post to find out aheadWorks impressions on guide illustrations, contents, and writing style.

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