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‘Top 10 Magento Store Problems’ Free User Guide

Top 10 Magento Store Problems Free User Guide

Managing an e-Commerce website using Magento as backend platform requires tons of efforts and skills. It often leads to some issues, which are difficult to solve especially for novice users.

Every day our technical specialists help merchants fix the same problems that arise in their Magento stores. Over and over again.

That’s why Slava Kostukovich, head of support team at aheadWorks, posted an article in two parts where he handpicked 10 most common Magento problems and provided the solutions how to fix them.

We decided to make a PDF guide, which is in free access for all our blog readers. Download it right now to have it always at your fingertips!

From ‘Top 10 Magento Store Problems’ User Guide, you will:

  • discover 10 main Magento store problems;
  • find practical ways to solve them;
  • enrich your knowledge in Magento.

to download it for free (597 KB)! In exchange we just ask you to post a Tweet or Facebook post about it.

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Top Ten Problems Every Magento Store Will Inevitably Face. Part 2

To developers, savvy merchants and support teams…

I have already reviewed the first 5 problems from the Top Ten Magento Store Problems List. If you were busy or occasionally missed them last week, it’s a good time to open the Part 1 right now: chances are high you were stuck with these issues before, so you can compare our recommendations with your experience. When nothing similar happened to you, don’t take trouble-free situation for granted. The best way to deal with potential difficulties is to be prepared for them.

As a head of support team in aheadWorks I strongly advise you to study below-mentioned cases and get equipped with knowledge which will never be wasted. When one of these challenges arises, you will be done with it in a moment.

Top Ten Problems Every Magento Store Will Inevitably Face. Part 1

To developers, savvy merchants and support teams…

Magento stores require tons of efforts to run them smoothly and easily. Merchants install extensions that may get in conflict, upgrade Magento to a new version and encounter compatibility issues or just open a website one morning and see that it is down for no clear reason.

Well, it may feel quite embarrassing, but let’s face the truth – none of us is immune to website crashes and “404 Not Found” cases, regardless of whether you are a reputable eCommerce development company or a newbie in online trading. Basically, there are some typical issues that inevitably arise in every Magento webstore.

Below we review 10 typical Magento store problems and 10 most handy and practical ways to solve them (with code provided).

Improve your Magento site – make users’ life easier

No matter what kind of store you’re running, or what kind of goods you’re selling – turning visitors into customers is the main goal of every online business owner. So if you’re getting enough targeted traffic but aren’t making many sales, it’s time to try to identify the potential hot spots and improve your site. What always works – is to make user’s life easier. The more difficult it is to use a web site, the less people buy.

Six ways to make life easier for Magento store administrators

The modern life is increasing its speed. You can’t afford to spend your precious time on constant improvements of your Magento store’s functionality and usability. Instead, with proper tools once installed, you’ll have the possibility to focus on your business strategies and development. Here’s the list of six Magento extensions that can ease your administrator’s duties and take your store to the next level regarding its functionality and features.