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Magento Marketplace Relaunch: Leaving Magento Connect in the Past

A few months ago, a new version of Magento Marketplace completely replaced Magento Connect and became the official repository of the Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions and themes.

Magento Marketplace Relaunch: Leaving Magento Connect in the Past

One should note that this event happened with the release of renovated Magento Marketplace. In this article, we will consider the major features of the latest Magento Marketplace to find out what these changes mean for Magento store owners.

New Structure and Functionality

New Layout

The layout of the Marketplace site was radically transformed and became more user-friendly. The home page was made much shorter, and now, it contains fewer featured products compared to its previous version.

New Hosting Solutions

The new version of the Marketplace site is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud-based hosting solution that perfectly suits the needs of various business domains.

In addition, this Marketplace version works with Fastly, which provides fast and secure content delivery processes, and New Relic, helping business owners monitor site performance in real-time.

Acquire Magento Extensions for the Whole 2016 Profitably

Now, when 2016 is here most of us make plans for the future and figure out upcoming needs and essentials necessary for plentiful sales throughout the year.

We clearly realize this concern and have a great offer for you in this connection. In order to satisfy the technical need to provide your Magento store with relevant and valuable functionality extensions aheadWorks slashes prices for the whole catalog by 10%. And, that’s not all.

Package Deal

For the merchants starting new Magento 1 stores or just planning to boost sales in 2016 we offer great Package Deal. The deal allows you to grab any five Magento 1 extensions for just $499. We believe that this freedom of choice is the best option as far as you certainly better know your plans and demands.

How It Works

  • You purchase the Package Deal product on its product page;
  • You send the list of required extensions to our support team and get the accesses to requested extension packs from your account in our store;
  • After the purchase you can make use of the purchased extensions any time you like.

What You Should Now

  • Package Deal is valid for only aheadWorks Magento 1 Community Edition extensions and themes. No partner products, services or Magento 2 extensions are included;
  • The offer is active until the end of January 2016;
  • Package Deal provides you with the 90-day support period for all selected products.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Profitable for absolutely all Magento store owners;
  • Especially profitable for new Magento stores;
  • Up to $500-$1000 maximum savings depending on the set of chosen extensions.

In order to get more information regarding the Package Deal product refer to its page in our store. If necessary, send all your questions on the offer to our support team.

Choose your most required  Magento extensions out of 100 modules in our store profitably! 

aheadWorks in 2014: The Sum of the Year

At the end of each year we are accustomed to summarize our achievements and make plans for the future.
This year was very busy for us and Magento in general. Still, we can rightfully mark the 2014th year as a successful time for our company, as it put a lot of new extensions into our portfolio and draw numerous new customers.

We thank all our customers and want you to know that we greatly appreciate your loyalty and trustful attitude.

Summing Up the Year

Bestsellers 2014
We know that many of you like our products and prefer them when extending the functionality of your Magento stores. But, if you possibly missed some extremely useful modules, we’d like to highlight our bestselling extensions, according to the opinion of our customers.

Bestsellers 2014

Other Bestsellers

  • Advanced Reports – improves the functionality of native Magento reports. Can be expanded with additional units;
  • Subscriptions and Recurring Paymentscreates subscription products using flexible settings and sells them on a recurring basis;
  • AJAX Cart Promakes Magento cart UI absolutely customer friendly by the means of AJAX;
  • RMAcontrols the return or exchange of items sold to customers;
  • Points and Rewards is one of the most powerful solutions for enhancing customers’ loyalty, improving user experience, and increasing sales rates;
  • Automatic Related Products 2defines the rules for related products and offers people alternatives to the current product automatically.

New Extensions 2014
This year we have placed some new extensions and themes in our store, which greatly expanded our portfolio and the sphere of Magento functionality improvements.

The newly added Magento modules extend different Magento functionality areas, including products browsing and viewing, products and web forms management, social media widgets adding, age verification implementation, store credit functionality, and payment gateways integrations.

10 New Magento Themes in Our Store

Fine dress helps to impress

Nothing better affects the appearance of an e-commerce store as a gorgeous and UX-friendly web store theme and today we glow to announce you our new products – 10 fine-designed responsive Magento themes from our partners.

Professionally looking and easy-to-browse online stores have much more chances to grab customers’ attention and hold it until the very checkout.

10 New Magento Themes in Our Store

The mentioned below themes all deserve to be installed on your store and you should just choose the one, which perfectly fits you customers and products. All the themes are multipurpose, modern, and functionality rich:

  • Activa Theme a high-quality responsive theme suitable for any kinds of devices;
  • Electra Theme a highly-customizable theme, which allows you to create exclusive appearance of your store easily;
  • Vespa Theme – the theme is suitable for leading brands and retailers and provides a cutting-edge design and functionality;
  • Pulsar Themesimplicity and elegance is the slogan of this theme;
  • Glamour Themea stylish and modern theme adaptive to all kinds of devices, designed for trendy brands and customers;
  • Maestro Themesoft and gentle, it meets all the requirements applicable to a modern and superb theme;
  • Deluxe Themethis theme brings to your store great appearance and rich functionality;
  • Access Theme – it is all about style and usability;
  • Duke Theme – highly configurable and feature rich, the Duke theme makes your store 100% responsible;
  • Karizma Thememakes your site recognizable and exclusive with its own flavor and style.

Browse those excellent Magento themes in our store and you will find the one perfectly suitable for you. Great functionality, clean code, and smooth integration with Magento make them all worthy of your choice.

From Avon to Sylvan: New Partner Themes in Our Store

aheadWorks continues to extend the line of products and would like to present four new Magento themes from our partners.

Purchasing partner products is beneficial and easy:

  • Choosing Magento extensions and themes in our store you profit from the trusted vendor reputation;
  • We look for new great Magento extensions and themes in order to offer our customers more high-quality items in one place;
  • The products of our partners contain a high-quality code and valuable functionality. We are confident in their seamless integration with Magento and our extensions;
  • If you purchase partner products, you get dedicated and responsible support within one Help Desk and do not need to switch among multiple providers.
  • Our reward program allows you to get points for the purchased products, including partner ones, and buy more.

Avon Theme

Avon is a stylish and elegant theme designed for beauty care, perfume, or cosmetics shops. It makes your customers fill special and exceptional. They will certainly perceive the individual attitude and exclusive customer approach inspired by this theme.

Akoha Theme

Akoha is a multipurpose Magento theme, which makes you site attractive and user-friendly. The theme is highly-customizable, SEO-friendly and creates an exclusive appearance of your store.

Sylvan Theme

The Sylvan Theme is universal and able to handsomely dress any store. Besides it possess all the necessary features typical for high-quality modern themes.

Laza Theme

This truly appealing theme is primarily designed for apparel, accessories and shoe stores. Multiple customization options of this theme will make your store attractive and comfortable for your customers.

The table below provides a list of features related to the themes given above. Below the table you will find an extended description of that features.

Choosing Magento Themes. Revision Points

Exclusive and attractive commercial sites are impossible without high-quality themes.

Magento site owners have a great advantage over other e-commerce merchants as they can use the power of the vast Magento community and choose among numerous Magento theme providers.

Let multiple offers make you confused and overwhelmed sometimes, but it is certainly better compared to no choice at all.

At the first sight, all themes are great and you already imagine the way they will look like in your site, but hasty decisions, unfortunately, bring no benefit, as a rule. You should better start your patient examination from some obligatory features possessed by most high-quality themes.

Step 1. Advanced Functionality

For now, it is a must-have functionality, even if you do not get much traffic from mobile devices. Things will certainly change soon and a responsive theme is the first step towards these positive changes.

Note: 30% of mobile customers will likely abandon a transaction, if they do not face mobile-friendly experience (Source: MoPowered)

Retina ready
If you seek true satisfaction for your customers, this functionality is indispensable. Sharp images without any distortions make store look professional and trustworthy.

Retina ready Magento themes make your site look professional

Color schemes 
Most Magento themes offer multicolor and easily-customizable color schemes, including several predefined ready-made options.

Layout schemes
Some theme providers offer multiple built-in layout options (1, 2, 3 column layouts in one theme) for home pages or the whole site. Usually we use a certain layout scheme, but multiple options are definitely an advantage.

Admin panel
The overwhelming majority of Magento themes includes powerful admin panels, which allow Magento owners to use all built-in features without any coding. Make sure your theme provides the same.

E-commerce nature imposes multiple additional requirements on Magento themes, which are specific to commercial shops.