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Magento Hackathon Is Moving to Switzerland. Join Us!

Magento Hackathon in Berlin was a success and we wish you were there. “What’s next?”, you may ask. Are there any places in the world where you can continue grasping Magento wisdom, hack all day long and enjoy the company of soul mates? Yes, and this time we are moving to Zurich!

Join us for the Magento Hackathon in Zurich on March 8-10, 2013, inspired by the spirit of those held in Munich and Berlin. This international event is the first of its kind in Switzerland and aims at everyone who enjoys coding, learning and sharing Magento knowledge.

The Hackathon will gather Magento developers with different skill levels for collaborative projects provided by participants and picked by groups. Traditionally, the group provides project ideas and then splits up into teams to organize the work on their own.

Sylvain Rayé, one of Hackathon organizers, announces the preschedule.

Any Ideas on Brazilian eCommerce? Boleto Bancario, Installments, Bargento Brazil…

Since my first days in Magento ecosystem for over a year by now, I regularly meet smart, broad-minded and open folks who are passionate about Magento in a very extraordinary way, as it might seem.

These people educate themselves constantly and their Magento expertise is heavily based on their willingness to get and share knowledge they possess. They spend a lot to cross half the world to participate in Magento events and often invest their private funds to organize meetups and hackathons of their own.

It’s not fair that you may not know them well. From now, I will try to bring popular Magento enthusiasts to our blog and reveal their personality to you. And you can challenge them with questions and comments!

Today I’m glad to talk with Andre Gugliotti, Brazilian Magento Evangelist, the organizer of Bargento Brazil and the author of webinar series in Portuguese about basics and tricks for Magento developers.

Andre Gugliotti

Matthias Zeis: Bring Developers in One Room and in Three Hours You Will Get More Than in a Month of Reading Numerous Blogs

Matthias ZeisEditor’s Note: This post is provided exclusively for our blog by Matthias Zeis, a Magento Certified web developer who currently works at LimeSoda Interactive Marketing GmbH. Being a huge fan of Magento, he is also a co-organizer of *Magento-Stammtisch (regulars’ table) in Vienna.

I felt quite honoured when Irina approached me to write a guest post about our Magento regulars’ table in Vienna and eCommerce in Austria in general. It doesn’t happen every day that one of the best-known blogs in the community reaches out to you, so I’m happy to tell you how I experience the Austrian eCommerce market.

What does Austrian eCommerce look like?

Analyzing Austrian economic situation combined with technology spread and usage, I observe the following:

Trends that you see popping up in the US will take several years to become popular in Austria. In some fields there is a difference of up to 3 years, especially in the area of business models and logistics.

If you see that something is getting recognized in Germany, you will hit the first wave if you implement it in the next 12 months.

You have to deal with a diverse society. Austrians are diversified due to the culture and cultural background of many people living here.

aheadWorks Is First to Offer a Free Trial for Enterprise Extensions

We are announcing a free trial period for all Enterprise extensions in our store, aiming to support the Magento Enterprise Edition and demonstrate its high potential to incorporate extended functionality. All Magento Enterprise merchants are encouraged to try this service for free and leave us feedback.

At the moment the Magento Enterprise Edition is less widespread than the Community version and, in our opinion, is rather underused, although more eCommerce transactions flow through the Magento Enterprise. Being the first and so far the only company that offers a free trial service on Magento Enterprise software market, we intend to boost the EE popularity in the community and outside it.

Enterprise Free Trial

Trial conditions:

  • users may request at most 5 extensions per trial session
  • trial lasts 10 days
  • installation and deinstallation are free and provided by our support team upon request

As far as this offer is new to Magento ecosystem, I explain how to request a free trial for our EE extensions step by step.

1. Navigate to the Contact Form on our website.

2. Make sure the Enterprise Free Trial Request option in the Please select the type of your request menu is selected.

Enterprise Free Trial Request

3. Fill out the form and click Submit.

4. After a while our support team will contact you and provide the requested EE extensions (with free installation/deinstallation if needed).

5. 10 days later, our support team member will inquire whether you are interested in purchasing extensions. If yes – you will proceed with the purchase, if no – module should be uninstalled and nothing will be charged.

If you are the owner of Magento Enterprise-based store or do development and customization for Magento EE edition, do not hesitate to request a free Enterprise trial and test our EE modules on your particular website. Our support department will help you install and deinstall extensions at no cost when the trial period is over.

Magento Hackathon in Berlin: Coding like Mad in Just 3 Days

Magento Imagine, MagentoLive, local Magento meetups…They are all great for general audience, interested in Magento this way or that. But what if you are a real coder with a strong desire to learn every single facet of Magento and its PHP base? Then the Magento Hackathon in Berlin will definitely draw you attention.

The first Mage Hackathon in Berlin will be held 3 days from now – on January 11 and last till January 13. aheadWorks is glad to be the part of it and support this event distantly as much as we can.

‘Learning Magento was hard at the beginning. I still find new angles of Magento everyday and it is fun. As soon as you’ve worked your way into it, you can do anything with Magento,’Fabian Blechschmidt admits. Fabian is a Magento developer and enthusiastic organizer of the Berlin Hackathon, and recently I got the chance to have a small talk with him.

Top Ten Problems Every Magento Store Will Inevitably Face. Part 2

To developers, savvy merchants and support teams…

I have already reviewed the first 5 problems from the Top Ten Magento Store Problems List. If you were busy or occasionally missed them last week, it’s a good time to open the Part 1 right now: chances are high you were stuck with these issues before, so you can compare our recommendations with your experience. When nothing similar happened to you, don’t take trouble-free situation for granted. The best way to deal with potential difficulties is to be prepared for them.

As a head of support team in aheadWorks I strongly advise you to study below-mentioned cases and get equipped with knowledge which will never be wasted. When one of these challenges arises, you will be done with it in a moment.

Top Ten Problems Every Magento Store Will Inevitably Face. Part 1

To developers, savvy merchants and support teams…

Magento stores require tons of efforts to run them smoothly and easily. Merchants install extensions that may get in conflict, upgrade Magento to a new version and encounter compatibility issues or just open a website one morning and see that it is down for no clear reason.

Well, it may feel quite embarrassing, but let’s face the truth – none of us is immune to website crashes and “404 Not Found” cases, regardless of whether you are a reputable eCommerce development company or a newbie in online trading. Basically, there are some typical issues that inevitably arise in every Magento webstore.

Below we review 10 typical Magento store problems and 10 most handy and practical ways to solve them (with code provided).

Meet Magento Poland and How We See It 2 Days Later

We are back from the first Meet Magento Poland! Two days ago I could hardly collect my thoughts about the event – I was overwhelmed with emotions. Now with my excitement settled down, I feel ready to stop and analyze different aspects of the conference, its organization level, communication and Poland in general. So let’s get started!

       Artyom Rabzonov, CEO, and Dmitry Martsinkevich, CFO at aheadWorks

I visited Poland millions of years ago when I was a kid, so basically not many things were left in my mind and I discovered Warsaw for the first time. As soon as we arrived, I was immersed into this bright, shiny and luminous city that was already prepared for Christmas celebration. The early onset of Christmas came with decorated stores, Christmas songs and overall agitation in shopping malls.

Meet Magento Poland: Certificate from aheadWorks, 100 PLN Reward and Reduced Ticket Price

Magento ecosystem expands globally and locally, and despite the awesomeness and high magnitude of MagentoLive UK, it’s time to bring a difference to regions we live in. Rested a bit after London, we are moving to our closest western neighbor and a longtime comrade – Poland. Warsaw will host the first Meet Magento PL, which takes place on November, 23-24 in Hotel Mariott.

This local meetup consists of two days with a business track (general conference), developers track (developers day) and after-party, of course 😉 Attendees will have a chance to listen to best speakers from Magento, PayU, Baobaz, Divante, aheadWorks, Freshmail, MaxROY, Critical, Atwix and others.

Don’t miss a speaker from aheadWorks, Dmitry Martsinkevich, who knows how to find developer contractors of your dream and to choose them properly to keep Magento stores alive. His topic – “Guiding Rules for Choosing Reliable Magento Development Partner” – will be presented November, 23 at 5:05 pm.

MagentoLive UK Participants, Let’s Get in Touch!

aheadWorks team continues exploring the world with Magento and visiting different corners of the globe to embrace and shake hands with locals – the same Magento fans, as we are. Shortly after Meet Magento Brazil comes to an end, we will get packed again and land on Albion right away. This time we are heading to MagentoLive UK 2012 in London.

MagentoLive is a new form of Magento gathering that is intended to bring ‘more intimate, locally relevant, forward thinking experiences, besides existing meetups and annual Imagine eCommerce Conference,’ as organizers say. This year it will be held in London on Tuesday, November 13 with over 400 leading eCommerce store owners, partners and developers to learn, teach, share news and talk generally about Magento.

As one of the participants and a Silver Sponsor of the event, aheadWorks will be glad to schedule meetings with Magento professionals in advance. We might get really busy and overloaded with conversations, so we are afraid to overlook great partners and smart folks. This way we recommend you to send emails to Artyom Rabzonov – aheadWorks CEO – at or Matvei Krivoshein – aheadWorks CMO – at and make appointments beforehand to be sure you will have our full attention.

Keep in mind that the venue will be space-limited and it will be very easy to find aheadWorks booth in the center.

We love networking and partnerships and treat our companions generously. Therefore, we prepared something really special for MagentoLive attendees and will share a secret bonus (actually, there are a few of them) upon arrival.  See you soon in London!

AW Impressions from MageConf’12

Hello you all! This weekend was hot and I’m talking not only about the weather, but about MageConf’12 🙂 The conference took place in Kiev, Ukraine. It was divided into three branches: Magento, Workshop, and PHP. Though all reports were informative and worth listening, the PHP hall was much sought after.

aheadWorks Participation in Autumn Magento Events

The summer has passed, but the life in Magento community continues to gain momentum. This autumn is full of great events and we are glad to tell you about them.

aheadWorks, as Magento Silver Industry and Solution Partner, keeps abreast of all Magento events, and this autumn is not the exception. As always, we are pleased to contribute the common cause of the Magento World Community. It’s fun to get together and share the experience in a pleasant family atmosphere, so can’t wait to start!

aheadWorks is pleased to assist in the organization of events in the USA, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, Ukraine, Poland and many other countries. Such events help create strong relationships inside the Magento community, so our company plans to continue work in this direction.

The autumn marathon of the Magento events starts today in San Paulo, Brazil! We wish the very best of luck to all participants!

Our company looks forward to meet you! If you have any ideas or suggestions, we will be glad to discuss them. Feel free to contact us. 😉

Magento Got a Third Slice of Pie

Taking into consideration the fast growing e-commerce market, this time I included more platforms into my survey (20 against 14 in the previous study). It should be reminded that we use not absolute values. The analysis is carried out according to the number of stores that got into Alexa Top 1 Million.

Even with a greater number of platforms compared in the chart, Magento continues its rise and dominance as the industry’s most popular platform. In comparison with the previous survey, the number of stores based on Community Edition has increased by over 500 ones (5699 sites in August). As a result, it has undeniable advantage with 26.2% of the market at the moment. The usage of Enterprise Edition has also risen from 801 to 1005 sites. All versions of Magento have 31.4% in total that makes the platform beyond the reach.

e-Commerce statistics

Magento Covers the Quarter of the e-Commerce Market

To be aware of the current reality and keep pace with the modern tendencies, aheadWorks has researched the popularity of e-Commerce platforms. It’s far from a comprehensive analysis but we hope it’s a good indication of the actual situation at the market. Having studied and compared the results of the recent surveys, we came to some appealing conclusions.

aheadWorks becomes Magento Silver Industry Partner

aheadWorks is proud to announce our Silver Partnership with Magento! We are happy to be a part of the fastest-growing wave in the eCommerce market.

The Industry Partner Program is focused on technology product and service companies that provide new functionality and solutions complimentary to Magento, help establish greater awareness, and drive broader adoption of Magento in the market.

aheadWorks extensions and development group is the most active in Magento world and we are extremely happy of this fact. We are working hard to fulfill the ecommerce needs of our clients and are pleased that Magento store owners do appreciate this.

We’re really looking forward to further expanding Magento-based solutions to end users enabling store merchants to offer completely smooth experience for their customers!