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Precisely Define the Audience for Your Rewards

Customers’ loyalty is the greatest prize in the “online sales” game. 

Points & Rewards and Market Segmentation Suite integration provide extremely flexible and powerful functionality for promotional incentives and creation of sustainable relations with your customers. Continue reading to learn how to create rules and assign reward points to any customer segment.

The Points & Rewards Magento extension

Reward points can turn customers into your adherents and encourage them to purchase from you. The powerful referral program of Points & Rewards allows attracting new shoppers and keep them happy providing with multiple bonuses. Great user facilities, such as advanced notifications and balance tracking in the “My Account” area, make this extension absolutely transparent and handy for customers.

However, sometimes we need to promote our products among certain audiences and the Points and Rewards extension is also helpful in this case. Additional bonuses and reward points are available via flexible point and reward rules. These rules allow you to reward customers who e.g. purchased a certain amount of products or items from the defined category. These rule conditions include product and shopping cart attribute combinations, but this functionality can be even further extended.

The Market Segmentation Suite Magento extensionAlong with product and shopping cart attributes Magento admins can use customers’ attributes for rule conditions. It becomes possible with the Market Segmentation Suite module integration.

The MSS extension segments customers by a wide range of attributes and condition combinations. Using these modules together, you will be able to assign reward points to any customer segments defined by the required attributes and purchasing history.

Segmentation opportunities in this case are almost unlimited and will help you to carry out pin-point promotions. Bellow you will find some illustrative examples of such rules.

Market Segmentation Suite Rules

Rule conditions primarily based on order attributes

Example 1. Rule conditions primarily based on order attributes

Advanced Targeting of Custom Emails with the Help of Market Segmentation Suite

Last time we described how to create static blocks and show them only to specific audience with the help of Market Segmentation Suite (hereafter MSS). Follow Up Email and MSS integration is in the spotlight today.

Follow Up Email

Magento Follow Up Email

The Follow Up Email extension is extremely powerful as its numerous features cover almost the entire possible and ever needed follow-up functionality, including abandoned cart recovery.

It can track and send notifications to Magento store visitors who abandoned their shopping carts and restores them with just one click from the link sent in the email notification. With this module you can greet customers on their birthdays, generate automatic coupons and more:

  • Specify the Google Analytics tracking code for emails and analyzes the effectiveness of your campaigns;
  • Create and deploy specially-targeted product promotions based on customer wishlists;
  • Ask your client’s opinion on the product bought suggesting him/her to leave a review;
  • Create mail log that can be accessed from the admin area with the ability to preview and manually send/delete emails;
  • Create unlimited number of tiers in mail chain;
  • Create unlimited number of rules;
  • etc.

With the MSS extension Follow Up Email obtains advanced functionality – audience targeting.

Use Case: MSS + Follow Up Email Integration

Task description: recover abandoned carts and offer various discounts to different segments of customers depending on their purchase history, country and etc. In this use case, we encourage regular US customers to complete their purchases and offer them a 20% discount for the products contained in their abandoned carts.

Step 1. Follow-Up Email Creation

Newsletter Template Creation

Create a newsletter template by filling in the required fields and specify the template content.

Note: In the Template Content field you can use predefined variables. Here you will find the complete list of variables .

Market Segmentation Suite Provides Functionality for Advanced Targeting of Custom Static Blocks

We have already announced that the Market Segmentation Suite Magento extension (hereafter MSS) is now integrated with seven aheadWorks modules: Advanced Newsletter, Points & Rewards, Z-Blocks, Follow Up Email, Checkout Promo, Pop-up+, Order Tags.

Magento Market Segmentation Suite

Its functionality, added to the extensions above, allows these modules to be perfectly targeted to the required customer segments. The MSS module segments customers by numerous criteria and makes your e-mail notifications and service notes more personal, informative and efficient. Since the 2.0 version the MSS extension process over 100K of orders and is suitable for mid-sizeed and big online merchants.

We can hardly imagine all possible segmentation variants as the offered rule conditions are numerous:

  • Orders Conditions: number of orders, sales amount (total/average), purchased quantity (total/average). Each of the Orders Conditions has the following sub-conditions: order status, order date.
  • Customer: customer address (City, State, Country, ZIP, Telephone, Company), customer group, date of birth, billing address, shipping address, email, first name, last name, newsletter subscription, advanced newsletter subscription.

Note: the extension works with registered customers only.

  • Shopping cart: grand total, number of items.
  • Products: product list (name, SKU, price, other product attributes), product history (how many times the product was viewed/ordered).

Note: For “Product was ordered X times” rules the extension will only take into account “Complete” orders. The orders of other statuses are ignored.

Using these advanced segmentation opportunities merchants are able to deliver their featured e-mails, notifications or content to the target audience with pinpoint accuracy.

Market Segmentation Suite and Z-Blocks Integration

Magento Z-BlocksZ-Blocks Magento extension is one of the aheadWorks extensions integrated with Market Segmentation Suite. The module allows you to create and place configurable static blocks on any page and in any place of your Magento site. Flexible settings allow you to display promotional, advertising or any other static blocks including:

  • Numerous blocks inside each position;
  • Unlimited number of content items inside each block;
  • Powerful block view scheduler;
  • Rotation of independent items inside each block;
  • Easy and fast block content editing.

The MSS extension adds target audience segmentation to all this diversity of valuable features.

The rules created by the MSS module and assigned to Z-Blocks control static blocks appearance. Let’s investigate the below use case describing integration of these two modules.

Address Your Marketing Efforts to Proper Audience With Market Segmentation Suite 2.0

Customers segmentation is a compulsory commercial and marketing action and only those merchants who know their customers are able to gain success and profit.

Usually the stream of commercial information is so strong that it is difficult to pick out any specific tendencies or a consistent pattern without time-consuming analytics. And it is almost impossible to make any relevant prompt decisions or actions.

Market Segmentation Suite extension by aheadWorks allows you automatically segment your customers using multiple rules with numerous flexible conditions. You can export this valuable data from your store and use it for advertising, promotion or any other purposes. Furthermore, you can use this information within your store and work with your customers more effectively by taking in account their special characteristics and features.

Today we announce Market Segmentation Suite 2.0 release. The module has been revamped and it can easily be called a new extension now, with absolutely new logic of operation.

Magento Market Segmentation Suite 2.0

The First Major Update of the Year! Points for Clients’ Birthdays and Rewards for Target Audience

Points and Rewards module
Learn More
Every Magento store is a brand new world that urges a very specific individual approach. We take into account many merchants’ needs: collect their requests, store them at one place and then consider for a new release. This is exactly how the Points & Rewards 1.6 version was brought to life.

The Points & Rewards extension offers the built-in referral system with flexible settings, so that you can reward your customers for inviting their friends as well as for their referrals’ purchases. Your customers can also earn different number of points for different actions they perform.

I bet you wonder what the update of the Points & Rewards module is about, right?

Look through its features and find out whether it contains the one you are waiting for.

Divide and conquer with the newest versions of our Magento extensions

Target marketing can be the key to business success. But what’s the secret? Divide and conquer.

This simple idea underlies the target marketing. Break the market into segments and concentrate your marketing efforts on the key group of potential customers.

Today we release the aheadWorks Magento extensions that were modified for you to get the best results in your target marketing. With their help, your promotions and sales become easier and more cost-effective.

Bulk Updates of Magento Extensions


The Sociable extension is a perfect solution for social bookmarking your products and store pages. This Magento bookmarking extension allows sharing links to any page from your store on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any social networking site.

Today we are excited to release Sociable v.1.1.1 which supports new Google code that speeds up the +1 button via an asynchronous code snippet. The code allows a web page to load with the +1 JavaScript code in parallel.

The following bugs have been fixed in Sociable v.1.1.1:

  • Integration with doesn’t work
  • Some errors in W3C validation
  • Google+1 button clicks are not counted
  • Incorrect display of more than one Google+1 buttons
  • Missing services in the administration grid

Find the extension demo and features on the Sociable page.

The Market Segmentation Suite Magento module takes the concept of customer segmentation to a whole new level. Whether you choose to target your customers on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis, you control with precision who sees what and when based on what you know about them, so that you can plan and execute marketing and merchandising strategies with pinpoint accuracy.

An updated Market Segmentation Suite v.2.1 includes a number of new rule conditions that merchants will find beneficial:

  • ‘Subtotal’ condition is added to ‘Shopping cart’ price rules block
  • ‘Category’ condition is added to ‘Products’ rules block
  • ‘Store’ condition is added to ‘Orders’ rules block

Also the following bugs have been fixed in Market Segmentation Suite v.2.1:

  • Impossible to delete ‘Advanced Newsletter Subscription’ condition
  • Incorrect titles in administration panel

Learn more about all extension features on the Market Segmentation Suite page.

Market Segmentation Suite

Welcome our extensions compatible with Magento CE and EE

The majority of aheadworks extensions are already compatible with Magento Community Edition and Enterprise Edition Today we are glad to introduce 2 minor bug-fixing releases which enlarge the list of extensions working with these Magento editions:

Market Segmentation Suite v.1.1.6

The Market Segmentation Suite Magento module by aheadWorks takes the concept of customer segmentation to a whole new level. Whether you choose to target your customers on a one-to-one (personalized) or one-to-many (customer group) basis, you control with precision who sees what and when based on what you know about them. Use your understanding of a visitor’s propensity to buy to maximize the probability of a purchase.

Visit the Market Segmentation Suite page for more details.

Pop-Up+ v.1.0.2

The Pop-Up+ Magento extension is a great solution for those who want their visitors to be aware of all hot stuff. With this powerful module, you can promote your products, news, ads, and special events through attractive popup window displayed on any page. Just load the image and create a popup and that’s all – the Pop-up+ module puts the content of your proposal in a chosen place with background-fading effect, accenting your offer.

Find more about this extension on the Pop-Up+ page.

Market Segmentation Suite 1.1.3 released

The new version of the Market Segmentation Suite extension has been released today. Since 1.1.3 version, this aheadWorks module:

  • works faster due to speed increase
  • and now is compatible with Magento Enterprise 1.9

Moreover, CSV and XML export has been fixed for Magento Community Edition 1.3

Please, find more information about this powerful and sophisticated targeted selling platform on the Market Segmentation Suite for Magento.

Market Segmentation Suite 1.1 released

Today we are ready to announce the release of Market Segmentation Suite v.1.1 – a powerful and sophisticated targeted selling platform allowing you to plan and execute your marketing and merchandising strategies with pinpoint accuracy.

The Market Segmentation Suite extension allows you to create as many rules as you need to filter customers and orders in accordance with any parameter. To ease and improve the process of such rules adding/editing the “Save as” and “Save and continue edit” buttons have been implemented in the latest version of this software.

Moreover, due to code optimization the speed and performance has been considerably increased in Market Segmentation Suite v.1.1. Now all the operations are performed in a split second and the extension functions faster than ever.

The following bug has been fixed in Market Segmentation Suite:

  • Memory errors in large stores

If you want to get some more information, please visit the Market Segmentation Suite page.

Follow Up Email – now with Market Segmentation Suite integration!

Successful businessmen know that 80 percent of their business comes from 20 percent of their customers. They also understand that maintaining good relationships with existing customers takes a lot less money and will be paid off handsomely.

Fred Reichheld (author of “Loyalty Rules”) affirms that a mere 5% increase in customer retention can result in a 75% increase in customer value. Impressive enough to ignore the role of loyalty, isn’t it?

But customer loyalty can’t be bought – it can be only earned by your caring attitude towards them. The Follow Up Email extension from aheadWorks is the very tool to help you always stay in touch with your customers and enlarge the retention of your current consumers.

With new feature – the Market Segmentation Suite extension integration – implemented in the latest version of Follow Up Email you will never lose track of your customers whatever they order, add to wishlist or leave in abandoned cart.

Specify the rule, define Market Segmentation Suite condition and your follow-up emails will be sent automatically to customers when, for example:

  • total sales amount of the products in cart equals or greater than $1000
  • T-Shirt from Dolce & Gabbana for $395 is added to wishlist
  • HTC Touch Diamond is in the abandoned cart
  • and so on

Thus sending follow-up emails becomes №1 in your plan of building customer loyalty and allows your customers to feel that they are treated with all possible care and respect.

The following bugs have been fixed in the latest version of Follow Up Email as well:

  • Incorrect processing of “Advanced Newsletter – Send only to subscribers of segments” rule option
  • Link Tracking grid sorting
  • Product type label displaying
  • adminhtml.xml added
  • Incorrect work of rule when Sale Amount condition is set to “Doesn’t matter”
  • Sender details default value in general settings
  • Edit rule page error when Advanced Newsletter extension disabled
  • Z-Blocks extension reference

You can find more information about Follow Up Email on the extension page.

Note: Market Segmentation Suite is a separate aheadWorks extension and does NOT go with the Follow Up Email package.

Z-Blocks – now with Market Segmentation Suite integration!

Today we are glad to announce the release of Z-Blocks v.2.2. The primary feature added in the new version and making the extension more flexible is the Market Segmentation Suite extension integration.

This new feature makes blocks 100% customizable – you can specify not only where and when z-blocks will appear, but whom they will be shown to.

A great variety of MSS conditions allows you to execute your marketing and merchandising strategies with pinpoint accuracy. Make the blocks displayed to target audience basing on any criterea you set up: number of products added to cart, total sum of the products bought, customers’ information, etc.

Create the proper MSS rule and the block will be displayed:

  • on the Shopping Cart page when customer adds several products to cart

    Chechout Page


  • in the content top of the page on customer’s birthday

    My Account Page


  • on the Category page when customer has already bought a certain product

    Category Page


You can even specify a combination of conditions what makes blocks displaying even more targeted and personalized.

The following bugs have been fixed in the latest version of Z-Blocks as well:

  • Incorrect message in admin section after block deleting
  • Incorrect number of displayed records when several blocks have no content items

Please find more information on the extension page.

New Magento Extension – Market Segmentation Suite!


The cardinal mantra that is a pre-requisite for marketing success is ‘Know thy customer’. Based on this fundamental principle, aheadWorks’ Market Segmentation Suite offers you a powerful and sophisticated targeted selling platform so that you can plan and execute your marketing and merchandising strategies with pinpoint accuracy.

Featuring some of the most powerful functionality of Magento Enterprise’s Rich Merchandising Suite, the Market Segmentation Suite presents an excellent enterprise-grade alternative that community version users will certainly benefit from. If More Sales, Higher Profits, and Greater Customer Loyalty mean anything to you, then you must equip your e-commerce store with the Market Segmentation Suite extension.

All the information and knowledge about customers that you glean from your e-commerce store becomes truly valuable only when this knowledge is applied effectively and contextually to deliver the most targeted content to your audience for maximum impact.

Information -> Intelligence -> Knowledge -> Merchandising & Marketing Power

aheadWorks’ Market Segmentation Suite takes the concept of customer segmentation to a whole new level. Whether you choose to target your customers on a one-to-one (personalized) or one-to-many (customer group) basis, you control with precision who sees what and when based on what you know about them. Use your understanding of a visitor’s propensity to buy to maximize the probability of a purchase.

With the Market Segmentation Suite extension by aheadWorks you can:

Market more effectively and efficiently
Accurately segment your target audience based on criteria you set up and export these segmented lists for marketing using the most appropriate channels and methods for each segment.

Take control with the innumerable rule setting options and flexibility
Set up targeting rules based on multiple conditions encompassing one or many of these broad parameters:

  • Customer personal details including name, address, date of birth
  • Newsletter subscription details
  • Product details including:
    • view and order history
    • shopping cart items
    • wishlist records



To give some simple examples of the possibilities, you could segment and export

  • customers from the US who have spent more than $300 and viewed a product more than 2 times; or

    MSS Rule


  • customer(s) from a specific ZIP code with a shopping cart value less than $100 who have viewed a product X; or

    MSS Rule


  • customers within a certain group from a certain country with certain item(s) in the shoppig cart.

    MSS Rule

Now consider combining several such conditions into a targeting rule, and we hope you get an idea of the possibilities for precision targeting.

Build customer loyalty
Let the customer always perceive the human touch of somebody who knows him intimately, using the precise segmentation to point him to items that are of greatest interest or use to him. Such customer orientation is bound to foster immense loyalty, which will translate into tangible benefits in terms of sales and referrals.

Moreover, with Market Segmentation Suite you also gain easy set up, trusted aheadWorks product quality and support

  • Easy 2-minute installation
  • 100% open source
  • 30 day money back – satisfaction guaranteed
  • Lifetime bug free guarantee
  • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility
  • Free upgrades at least in current version branch
  • Our excellent support team is on hand to assist you each business day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm GMT

You can find screenshots and backend demo of the extension on the Market Segmentation Suite page.