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Top 3 Cross-Selling Scenarios in Magento 2 eCommerce

Learn from the use cases of Aheadworks Add Free Product To Cart extension for Magento 2 to effectively convert advanced cross-selling scenarios.

Magento 2 Cross-Selling Scenarios - Use Cases of Add Free Products to Cart extension

The Add Free Product to Cart extension by Aheadworks facilitates powerful cross-selling scenarios for Magento 2 stores. It helps online merchants build rule-governed promos which suggest customers free or discounted products in response to their topping-up the Cart. Such scenarios are meant to increase both customer retention and average order value. It is time we show some real-life use-cases of Add Free Product to Cart and expand on the scenarios in use by the extension, namely:

  • Buy X Get Y
  • Spend $X get Y
  • Coupon

Use Case 1: Buy X Get Y

We want to be able to do the following:

  • offer customers the Y Product(s) with a discount should the X Product(s) be added to Cart
  • decide how often the scenario is to respond: first, every or every Nth time the condition is met
  • condition scenarios against the multiple attributes of the X Product(s)
  • condition scenarios against X Products subselection


Although part of the native Magento 2 Cart Price Rules, the Buy X Get Y cross-selling scenario receives further functionality in Aheadworks M2 Add Free Product to Cart. The extension allows creating explicit rules for the promo. This involves conditioning the scenario against the many product attributes and setting the frequency of response to the condition. Merchants are able to select the Y Product(s) and indicate how many of them customers can add to Cart within one offer. Moreover, the extension enforces this scenario with advanced configuration of the promo look. This is essential to make a Buy X Get Y offer clear, attractive and informative – customer-centered, in fact.


Infographic Time: What is aheadWorks Media?

By now aheadWorks is more than a company majoring in Magento extensions and themes development. Over time we created a strong media department which made aheadWorks famous for its exposure in various Magento events, active engagement with Magento community, communication with opinion leaders and series of eCommerce-related analytical reviews.

A pool of experienced staff marketers and content managers are working daily to deliver the most actual Magento news and eCommerce info through aheadWorks blog, newsletters and social services. We are also very appreciative of guest writers’ regular contributions to aheadWorks blog.

Eventually, aheadWorks media became a recognizable brand we all are proud of. Check the infographic as a proof.

Six Simple Steps for Developing Marketing Plan (part 2)

As I promised last week, we’ll go through the last three simple steps that act as a framework for developing your sales and marketing process.

Convert sales

Let’s pretend you’ve got enough traffic to your site. Another step is to convert visitors into paying customers, as you won’t get any profit from watchers. There are some tricks you can use to increase transaction amounts and reduce the number of abandoned carts.

Shopping carts.Shopping cart gives you the ability to use upsell strategy to increase transaction amounts. Upsell offers are most effective when they are closely related to the current order. You can also use targeted campaigns. Segment customers into groups and prepare campaign for each of it. One of the most effective campaign is to offer a discount on the products that customer was viewing.

Six Simple Steps for Developing Marketing Plan (part 1)

Inspired with the “The Perfect Customer Lifecycle” white paper from Infusionsoft, I decided to provide you with the simple six steps that act as a framework for developing your sales and marketing process. Don’t miss a chance to increase your sales and get a greater profit. Let’s dig a little deeper into each of the steps.

Entice traffic

Consumers became more adapted to the modern world full of advertising. Paid advertising is not the key to the traffic to your website anymore. Now you have to create valuable content for earning traffic and attracting visitors.

After you’ve created interesting content, you’re facing another problem: how would people find it?

Search engine optimization.SEO is a technique which helps search engines to find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites. The higher search engine ranking, the more people will see your site.

10 Tips to Make Your Subscribers Open Your Next Email

On May 3, 2012, I held a webinar on “How to Use Email Marketing More Effectively” which was recorded and is in free access now. Although it was one of the Magento Go webinars series, every Magento store owner can find helpful information for him or her.

At webinar, I told about best practices for subject lines as well as explained how to set up the “From” and “Reply To” fields and how to avoid spam filters. Moreover, I’ve shared 10 tips for improving the open rate of the next newsletter which you can find below:

You can watch and download the presentation or slides.

50 Magento SEO Tips and Hints

Magento Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving website to increase its visibility in search engines. It’s often used as an Internet marketing strategy, and, moreover, SEO has become the strongest Internet marketing tool ever.

The fact that it is very topical at the moment, let’s talk about simple but sufficiently effective ways of improving your online store. More traffic doesn’t mean more purchases but it’s definitely a big step towards it.

According to the latest research of a global search engines market share, Google is still a confident leader with 87,6% of market. That’s why it makes sense to orient theMagento SEO optimization for Google search. Bellow you will find some advices on how to make you online store ranking better than it is, how to pick correct keywords, work with links, and which Google sources you can use to check the data of your store and control the changes.

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