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Meet Magento Brazil 2014 Announcement: Catchy Samba or Smooth Bossa Nova

Welcome Message from the Organizers of the Conference

Meet Magento Brazil is coming.
Ready to another one great Magento event?

The Brazilian Magento community is awaiting for the 2014 edition of Meet Magento. As in previous years, the event will take place in Sao Paulo, the major Brazilian city, gathering about 300 attendees together for the whole day of presentations and technical discussions about the leading e-commerce platform.

Hosted by the Golden Tulip hotel, near Paulista Avenue, two trails will be available for attendees: Developers and Store Owners trails. As their names say, the first is targeted to those who codes Magento and modules while the second one presents several speeches about how to run and optimize Magento stores illustrated by case studies.

By the way, it’s almost confirmed a presentation with Saraiva Library, one of the most promising cases in Magento, being developed by e-Smart, a local Magento Certified Partner. Other names like Ben Marks, Magento Evangelist, Eric Cavalcanti from Rackspace, Andre Gugliotti, author of Magento books, and Fernando Zanatta from Daffiti are already confirmed as speakers.

Welcome to Sao Paulo!

The Brazilian edition of Meet Magento is already traditional and takes place for the third time.

The choice of Brazil is absolutely natural and justified by the vast local community of Magento developers and store owners, active contributors and movers of the Magento ecosystem.

As a media partner of the conference we provide exclusive discounts for our readers or you can take part in our contest and win two double tickets to visit Meet Magento Brazil 2014 for free. So, read the article till the very end and get your benefits.


Brazil is the largest country in South America both by the territory and population. The Atlantic Ocean coastline of the country is 7,491 km. It is bordered by all other South American countries except Ecuador and Chile and occupies 47% of the continent.

Quick Facts about Brazil

  • Capital: Brasilia;
  • Official Structure: Federative Republic;
  • Time Zone: GMT/UTC – 03:00 hours;
  • Population: 202,656,788 (2014);
  • Largest cities: Sao Paulo (20,935,204), Rio de Janeiro (12,116,616), Belo Horizonte (5,783,773), Porto Alegre (4,181,836), Distrito Federal e Entorno (4,118,154), Salvador (3,919,864), Recife (3,887,261), Fortaleza (3,818,380);
  • Currency: Brazilian real, (BRL);
  • Official Language: Portuguese;
  • Main Religion: Roman Catholicism – 64.6% and Protestantism – 22.2%.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, the capital of the state of Sao Paulo, which strongly influences the commerce, finance, arts, and entertainment of the region. Founded in January 1554, Sao Paulo experienced different periods starting from a small village through the colonial, imperial, and republican periods to the eleventh largest city of the world by population.

Bring Some Cool Souvenir Magnets from the Upcoming Magento Conferences

Do you like to collect fridge souvenir magnets from different countries, cities, places, and etc.?

So, do I.  And this autumn you have a great chance to fill in the blanks on your “Magento fridge” with several “precious” pieces. Below you will find an extended list of the upcoming Magento events, which will held soon over the world.

Autumn 2014 Magento Events

Meet Magento Ukraine
About: Meet Magento Ukraine 2014 is the first Meet Magento conference in Ukraine. The conference promises to be very eventful and, except two conference tracks, will also include the Kyiv Running tour and Tour to the Magento office in Kyiv.
Date: September 6, 2014
Venue: Hilton Kyiv Hotel, Tarasa Shevchenka blvd., 30, Kyiv
Tickets: Standard – till 25 of August, 119 EUR

Meet Magento Romania
About: Cluj-Napoca is the right place for a Magento conference in Romania with about 5000 software engineers, who work for 100 companies. The conference is divided into two tracks (technical and sales/marketing one) and also includes a Hackathon and Afterparty event. As aheadWorks is a Media Partner of the conference, next week we’ll offer our customers significant discounts for this event. So, stay connected.
Date: September 13, 2014
Venue: Grand Hotel Napoca, Octavian Goga str., 1, Cluj-Napoca
Tickets: Normal – 85 EUR

Meet Magento Russia
About: This is the second Meet Magento conference held in Moscow, which is going to be the largest Magento event in Russia. This year the conference is targeted towards Magento store owners and entrepreneurs who are willing to use Magento for their new online shops. aheadWorks is going to be represented among the speakers of the conference by Cyril Golub, aheadWorks co-founder.
Date: September 20, 2014
Venue: Digital October Center, Bersenevskaya riverfront, 6, Moscow
Tickets: Standard – till August 31, 1500 RUB

Meet Magento New York
About: Meet Magento NY 2014 is the first annual Meet Magento conference in the U.S., which is held in the most populous city in the world. Combined with provided knowledge, new business opportunities, and exciting networking Meet Magento NY 2014 promises to be a truly terrific event.
The organizers of the conference provided great discounts for the aheadWorks’ social network followers and subscribers and we’ll gladly share them with you soon. So, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.
Date: September 22-23, 2014
Venue: Digital Conference Center, Broad Street, 55, New York
Tickets: Late Conference Ticket – till August 31, 499 USD