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Let’s Go to New York – Meet Magento NYC 2016

Not sure about New Yorkers, but for the European citizen ‘New York’ sounds like a symbol of the United States and surprisingly something very familiar.

Let's Go to New York - Meet Magento NYC 2016

You know, just like a grocery store around the corner you have never visited, but passed by a million times on your way home. That’s the amazing power of proper promotion and branding. By the way, one of the presentations at Meet Magento NY 2016 is going to unveil the story behind a successful Magento-powered brand. More details are below.

Meet Magento NY 2016

So, it is going to be the third edition of Meet Magento NY that is organized by two companies Interactiv4 and Atwix. To be held on October 5 MMNY16 is going to be a great chance to meet a lot of famous persons from the local Magento community, as well as around the U.S. and the globe.


The list of speakers is impressive as usually and includes a lot of well-known Magento enthusiasts. This staring cast promises to make attending Meet Magento NY beneficial and useful. Here are just a few names:

  • Ignacio Riesco, Interactiv4 , CEO & Founder;
  • Viacheslav Kravchuk, Atwix, CEO / Owner;
  • Paul Boisvert, Magento, Vice President of Product Management;
  • Kurt Theobald, Classy Llama, CEO;
  • Joshua Warren, Creatuity Corp, CEO;
  • Jerry Eadeh, Nexcess, Senior Vice President of global Marketing and Sales;

… And many more.

Kimberely Thomas about MM15NY: “B2B and Small Business are Hot Topics This Year”

The first Meet Magento conference in New York was a great inspiration for multiple local community members and international Magento fans, while the second edition promises to be even more splendid.

Meet Magento New York 2015

No matter who you are, if you believe in yourself and your dream, New York will always be the place for you.
Michael Bloomberg

This year Meet Magento New York gathers together many outstanding companies and speakers, which clearly reflects its magnitude and value. So, we asked Kiberely Thomas, co-organizer of MM15NY, to share some insights and express her own vision of the conference.

And, if you intend to visit New York this autumn, we can offer you a discount on the event tickets. Continue reading and you’ll find it below.

Kimberely Thomas


Kimberely Thomas is a developer, entrepreneur, Magento evangelist and is presently the Managing Partner at interactiv4 in New York City. She started web consultancy 10 years ago and focused on custom Magento implementations that extend the core platform functionally.

Kimberly is an active Magento Community member and organizes several events, including #PreImagine, the NYC Magento Meetup and Meet Magento NY.


aW: Just like last year, Meet Magento New York 2015 starts from the Hackathon on September 20. Could you please expand on the last year’s results and shed some light on this year’s expectations?

Kimberely: The hackathon last year was a great meeting place for top developers in the Magento Community. It was really great to see them all, get together, talk and code. A lot of great ideas were shared and they worked on a few projects, notably “Promo Code Messages”, which is a published extension that is in use across the ecosystem. This year I expect to see some projects more focused on Magento 2.