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Meet Magento Spain 2015: More Ecommerce, More Community, More Magento

Mid-autumn is usually the end of the fruitful period, while most Meet Magento conferences just grow ripe this time. Six European and one Latin-American event take place in October, which makes it the busiest month of the whole year.

Meet Magento Spain 2015

Cluj-Napoca, Sao Paolo, Athens, Poznan, Zurich, Moscow and finally Madrid are seven great destinations, appointments and communities waiting us shortly.

The meaning of each event cannot be overstated for every country and Magento in general, but as for us we travel to Madrid, which welcomes about 50 domestic and international Magento experts, including our VP Communications and Partnerships Alexander Galtsow.

Magento in Spain

Spain, and Madrid in particular, is a traditional place for Magento conferences cherished by the profound local Magento community. Here are some facts about Magento in Spain:

  • Catalonia (100% of the domestic Google search volume) and Valencia (96% of the domestic Google search volume) are the most interested in Magento Spanish regions (source Google Trends);
  • Catalonia (28.7% of the total number) and Madrid (24% of the total number) are the regions with the biggest number of Magento stores (source: BuiltWith);
  • Spain currently hosts two Magento conferences – Meet Magento Spain and the Spanish edition of Bargento. Magento Developer Paradise, which currently moved to Croatia, has also been held in Spain for several years;
  • Spain has three official Magento Solution Partners: Gfi Informatique,, and On4U Global Services SL (source: Magento);
  • Spain has 31 officially certified Magento developers. Madrid – 9 people, Barcelona – 6, Valencia – 4, Zaragoza – 4. (Source: Magento);
  • Most of domestic Meet Magento 2015 speakers come from Madrid.

Meet Magento Spain 2015

The second edition of Meet Magento in Spain will take place on October 28 in Madrid continuing the great success achieved by the last year conference.


Teatro Goya, the official venue of the conference, is a new business destination in Madrid and exceptional place for conferences and large conventions. It is located in the heart of Madrid next to the Manzanares river and offers visitors all necessary business facilities and beyond.

Meet Magento Spain 2014 Leaves Excellent Impressions

A few weeks ago we published a Magento Events schedule for all Magento-passionate people. Meet Magento Spain 2014 was the first in that list and the first Meet Magento event in Spain. Now we know that it was a great success.

The event gathered many famous Magento people and companies – about 50 speakers and more than 30 sponsors in total. Twitter was full of positive feedback on the event and gratitude to the organizers.
So, we asked some speakers of  Meet Magento Spain 2014 to share their impressions about the event from the inside.

Question: Meet Magento Spain 2014 just finished. Could you, please, share your impressions about the event in just a couple of words for our readers? What were the most exciting things and/or presentations for you personally?

Ben Marks

Ben Marks: Ignacio, the whole interactiv4 team, the sponsors, and Netresearch did an amazing job in Madrid with Meet Magento Spain. It’s easy to forget that the Magento community experience isn’t as well entrenched outside the US, UK, and Germany. Image source:

There were many of us from the US and Germany who have been to community events, and none of us were anything less than impressed with the first Meet Magento Spain. I have to believe that one of the primary goals for this first year was to introduce the spirit and strength of Magento community to a new group of people. The organizers and sponsors accomplished this goal to an amazing degree.

The best news is that, due to this success, we know the next iteration of Meet Magento Spain will be bigger and even better (I for one cannot wait to go back). A better, broader, more diverse Magento community strengthens things for every member, for our clients, and for our clients’ customers.

Now I just hope the interactiv4 men and women can relax, get some sleep, and celebrate their success!