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Migration to Magento: Is It Gonna Be a Bumpy Ride?

Editor’s Note: This post is provided for our blog by Mariana Onysko, Head of Marketing Department at MagneticOne. We are working on making aheadWorks blog a true Magento herald, where companies can highlight existing Magento issues and their ways to solve them. This article contains recommendations for merchants to consider from our Ukrainian colleagues while migrating to Magento and pitfall to be aware of.

One of the established eCommerce tendencies of 2013 is the Great Migration of the stores. 49% of today’s online merchants have considered switching their current shopping solutions within the next 2 years. Almost a half of store owners migrating today chooses Magento as their new eCommerce destination.

Nothing weird that Magento totally conquers the world with its vastness and magnificence. The widest functionality, hence unlimited possibilities, free and open source allow doing whatever you wish for free. Still, all these benefits can become a real problem when it comes to data migration.

What should you be ready for?

So, you’ve decided to migrate to Magento? No matter which way you’ll choose to do it, there are a couple of issues you had better considered.