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OnPulse Update: Сhoose Order Statuses to Be Displayed in Statistics


Hi, our dear OnPulse users! There are over 7.5K (!) of you who downloaded the extension and took advantage of store statistics on mobile gadgets.

Just a quick reminder for newbies: a free exclusive web-based service OnPulse allows merchants to view their store sales statistics right from any iOS/Android mobile device when they don’t have accesses to PC.

You leave your feedback for OnPulse at and we keep the promise – we implement the most requested functionality you are actively voting for.

As a result of the first public voting round, today we announce the release of the feature letting merchants choose order statuses to be displayed in statistics. From now, you can instantly view completed, on hold, new, pending, processing, and other types of orders on the go right on your mobile screen.

Order statuses in statistics

According to user wishes, bestsellers report feature is also at a premium. And you know what? Ability to browse through bestsellers will be delivered in the next update!

Continue building a mobile administration service of your dream! Add and evaluate new ideas for OnPulse here and high-ranked ones will be applied.

Why is OnPulse worth giving a try?

  • Free of charge
  • Installation in 5 minutes
  • No registration required
  • Works with all Magento webstores

Enjoy store statistics displayed in your smartphone or tablet and get back to us with your comments.

OnPulse Is Launch of the Week! Access Magento Store Statistics and Call & Email Customers Directly from Mobile Devices

Do you or your clients operate a Magento website? Do you have a smartphone or a tablet? Your double “yes” indicates that today we launch a brand-new service precisely for you.

We are thrilled to present a free exclusive web-based functionality – OnPulse – allowing merchants to view their store sales statistics right from any iOS/Android mobile device when they don’t have accesses to PC.


Getting used to the OnPulse service is very easy. You download the extension at no charge, notice QR-code in the admin panel and scan it with your mobile gadget.

After that you will be transferred to, where you obtain information on last clients and orders, browse over order statuses and review order items. You can also email customers or give them a call directly from your device.

OnPulse statistics

Benefits of the OnPulse service are quite sufficient to give it a try:

  • Free of charge
  • Installation in 5 minutes
  • No registration required
  • Works with all Magento webstores

It should be emphasized that OnPulse doesn’t store or cache client’s data. The process of data transfer is entirely transparent: a store sends data to our server and the server immediately passes it to a users’ mobile device. Our servers do not contain any client’s data and it is documented in the Privacy Policy.

We encourage you to explore the OnPulse service and leave us your feedback here. Your voice is not only helpful, but also critical – we’ll consider adding new features and altering the existing ones upon your request.

Want to be the first user of OnPulse? Perform the following:

1. Download the extension.

2. Scan QR-code in the admin panel with your mobile device.

OnPulse admin demo

3. Enjoy store statistics displayed in your smartphone or tablet and get back to us with your comments.

Tablet Customers Spend More and Enjoy Weekend Shopping More than Others

Our fast flowing life runs in an environment of screens. We work with their help, entertain ourselves and, of course, do shopping. Have you ever watched TV and caught yourself thinking ‘I like these shoes. I want to get them now! Where is my smartphone?’ Associating smartphones and tablets with online shopping is very common today, and we eagerly perceive them as normality rather than innovative tech. To prove this, let`s look at bare facts.

Growth of tablet use
Tablets are expected to overtake PCs by 2016. And in terms of eCommerce, tablets grew four times in comparison with 2011.
Higher AOV (Average order value by device)
According to research by Adobe Digital Index, people who use tablets usually spend more. The average order value brought by a tablet is $123 (compare: desktop users place $102, mobile ones – $80). Tablet conversion rates are not different from PCs (2.3% provides tablets against 2.5% from PC).

Shopping at weekend
While entertaining themselves, people place orders with the help of their devices. If we analyze shopping trends by device at weekend, we will see that tablets occupy the leading position. Even computers are behind. 34% online shoppers use tablets while 24% prefer computers.


This metric is very important, because it shows whether tablets can substitute computers and other devices. It turned out, that for media consumption (video, audio, etc.) tablets are as effective as PCs. (Financial – 99%, retail – 78%, travel – 63%).

These facts give a lot to think over. It`s evident that tablets may outshine PC soon, so it’s a high time to optimize websites the way to make them tablet-friendly.

Amazing Fit: Pre-Christmas Shopping Rush, Mobile Purchases and New aheadCommerce Service

Mobile technologies manifest a new era of doing things on the go – reading, watching, working, chatting and, of course, shopping. It’s near impossible to get lost or disconnected from a real world today: smartphones and tablets simply won’t allow that.

A while ago, we asked ourselves to what extent customer shopping experience can be improved and how aheadWorks can contribute to it. By now the answer is clear as well as the solution we come up with – creating and displaying tablet storefronts with the help of aheadCommerce.

We assign aheadCommerce release just in the midst of busy Christmas time on purpose, since there is no such a strong desire for customers to make quick purchases and for merchants to provide the best customer service than during the pre-Xmas period. Look what miracle we have prepared for you.


All our readers are encouraged to create aheadCommerce accounts and start using the service at full power (it doesn’t cost a penny).

To get started with our service, you need to pass an easy one-step registration of your account in the aheadCommerce Merchant Center first and then to create a new storefront. Note: it requires no special background and considerable efforts.

Furthermore, every holder of an active account will get 50% discount on the first-year subscription period after aheadCommerce is switched from beta to a stable version.

Introducing aheadCommerce – Innovative Solution for Creating Tablet Storefronts

Introducing aheadCommerce

Mobile version of a store – is it a guarantee of success?

The number of smartphones sold exceeded the number of PCs sold in 2011. According to the latest research, the market of smartphones has a great potential and this fact will lead to a huge sales growth in the next few years.

At the moment, there are 5,9 billion mobile phone users, including 835 million of smartphone users. Only in the USA the ownership of this smart device increased by 11% from March 2011 to February 2012. It means that the number of mobile devices will dwarf the number of PCs very soon.

With the growing number of mobile owners, the amount of mobile internet users is also increasing. There are 1,2 billion mobile web users worldwide, that’s 17% of the global population. Mobile Internet usage doubles every year since 2009!

Be Mobile and Get More Potential Traffic

According to Experian Simmons, more than 33.3 million U.S. consumers already engage in shopping-related activities on their mobile phones. If your Magento store is not mobile friendly, you are likely to lose a lot of potential traffic.

Learn More

The iPhone Theme from aheadWorks is compatible with iOS5, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone; thus, it will help your customers remain connected to your Magneto store on the go. Allow your clients to make purchases when they are bored being stuck in a traffic jam or waiting in the queue at the beauty salon.

Today the iPhone Theme v.1.4.1 has been released. The new version detects iPad automatically that means the desktop version of your online store will be displayed. Besides, the Magento iPhone Theme v.1.4.1 contains the following bugfixes:

  • no child categories in navigation if Flat Catalog Category is used
  • images are duplicated in product images gallery
  • system messages at checkout/cart are not shown
  • no background of “Next” and “Previous” buttons at catalog in Windows Phone 7
  • incorrect pagination in iPhone and Windows Phone 7
  • no pagination at List mode selecting at catalog
  • minor bugfixes

Be proactive, and get ahead of your competitors by creating a mobile version of your Magento store with the iPhone Theme from aheadWorks!

Mobile Success Formula

Nowadays it’s really trendy to optimize websites for mobile devices. We do our utmost to let Magento store owners be in step with the times. After great success of the iPhone Theme for Magento we are glad to introduce a new mobile module which is available with 50% discount right now.

The Mobile Order Tracking Magento extension from aheadWorks will help you express caring attitude towards your clients. Undoubtedly, it will improve your customer service and enhance the level of customer satisfaction.

With Mobile Order Tracking, your customers can track the shipment & payment statuses all the way through the delivery process using mobile devices or desktop computers. They can get updated information about their orders at any moment.

Now it’s so easy to track orders. Your clients get the real-time access to the information without logging-in to your web store. It’s really convenient. The customers receive a completely protected link by email. Following it they get admission to the details of shipment & payment statuses via mobile phones or PC’s.

Moreover, Mobile Order Tracking Magento extension gives the opportunity to check shipment & payment statuses from your Magento store easily and quickly. Your customers have to enter only their order ID and email address.

Cater to your clientele. Pleasantly surprise your customers with new possibilities. The Mobile Order Tracking Magento extension will give them a positive experience and encourage future purchases.

Hurry up and get it now! The 50% OFF price is only available for a limited time.

Everything you Need to Start Mobile Commerce

iPhone Theme

As smartphones spread upon the world, it is high time Magento store owners have mobile-friendly versions of their web sites. No wonder the iPhone Theme for Magento has become one of the favorite extensions among our clients.

This extension automatically detects the operating systems used for browsing your website – Android OS, iOS, BlackBerry OS – and switches your store to the required theme.

Today we released the iPhone Theme v.1.3.1 which supports Points & Rewards aheadWorks extension and is compatible with Magento

The following bugs have been fixed in the Magento iPhone Theme v.1.3.1:

  • Full page cache compatibility
  • Incorrect number of lines in a street address tab
  • Any action in the cart leads to another page
  • Incorrect CSS for “Send Check to” text
  • PayPal button on product page works incorrectly
  • Incorrect work with Magento native MAP

Learn more about all extension features on the iPhone Theme page.

Are you among 74 percent who develop a mobile strategy?

According to a study of the National Retail Federation, 74% of online retailers either have in place or are developing mobile commerce strategies, while 20% have already implemented their complete plans.

If you want to be ahead of your competitors or at least to keep pace with them, you just can’t ignore participating in m-commerce and adopting your Magento website to mobile devices. We are glad to introduce our smart iPhone Theme for Magento which helps you consider all top mobile platforms while working out your mobile commerce strategy!

The Magento iPhone Theme makes shopping in your store fast and easy. This extension automatically detects the device used for browsing your website – iPhone\Android\desktop – and switches your store to the required theme.

Today we released iPhone Theme v.1.3 which has been improved with the following new features:

  • Multi-shipping checkout
  • PayPal Express support
  • Image slider optimization for Android Safari

aheadWorks store goes mobile-friendly

As smartphones spread like a wildfire upon the world, we decided it’s high time we had a mobile-friendly version of our store. Looking at our traffic logs we notice that more and more people are visiting our website from a mobile device. Definitely, we want to be accommodating and make your experience more seamless.

Not so long ago aheadWorks has released the iPhone Theme for Magento, which has become one of the favorite extensions among our clients. Now it works at our mobile version of Magento extensions and themes store too.

So, there’s a good reason to give you a discount of 15% on the Magento Mobile module. Starting from today through August 8th, add the extension to your cart and launch a mobile version of your site that looks professional in a matter of minutes!