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New Extension in Our Portfolio: Multi-Warehouse Management

The larger business you have, the more sophisticated ecommerce solution you need to manage multiple commercial operations and correspond to various market conditions.

Those merchants who deliver products from multiple locations are not able to find any appropriate and sufficient management system in Magento by default.

The Multi-Warehouse Management Magento extensionMain Functionality

The Multi-Warehouse Management extension from our partners fills this gap and provides Magento merchants with the required functionality. The module introduces a new entity – Magento warehouses, and allows you to arrange shipments of orders containing products, which originate from different locations.

This functionality is advantageous for both, customers and merchants. The extension differentiates shipping costs of multiple warehouses and charges them separately depending on the location, instead of using an average rate. This results in lower shipping costs for customers and higher competitiveness for merchants.

Note: 44% of customers abandon their carts due to unexpectedly high shipping costs. Source: North American Technographics.

The module automatically splits order items into several compositions owned by particular warehouses and, thus, saves much time and eliminates human mistakes during the shipping. Customers don’t know the locations their items come from, but simply check out, as it should normally be.


The configuration of the extension is provided as an additional shipping method in the Configuration panel. The Warehouse Shipping section allows Magento admins to enable the extension, provide its title and determine the handling fee calculation method.

Note: You should disable all previously used shipping methods before the extension configuration.

The initial configuration requires at least one created warehouse to be added to the Default Warehouse field. Otherwise, the “Select Default Warehouse” option from the drop-down list can be selected.

The “Shipping Methods for Warehouse” configuration option allows Magento admins to select all Magento shipping methods they actually use.

The “Ship to applicable countries” option should be set to “All Countries”, what disables the “Ship to Specific countries option.