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Divide and rule with Magento 2 Customer Segmentation

Segment customers according to their sales history, buying behavior and other particular details to further personalise their experience with your store. 

‘Divide et impera’ goes the ancient Roman maxima. It tells the strategy of gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces. These pieces individually are ment to have lesser potential than the one implementing the strategy.

This is the very same control and aptitude you get with the Magento 2 Customer Segmentation extension from Aheadworks. The module enforces merchants with little but compelling effort on segmenting their shoppers. It further allows focusing more on marketing strategies for complete customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates ensured.

Ultimate control

Our unique algorithms explicitly utilize customers’ data, even those of the unregistered, logged out and guest shoppers. This key-finding further grounds our acknowledgement of and adherence to the latest trends in ensuring positive customer experience. Get use of as much information about your customers as they leave on the store: purchase track record, order details, addresses, personal info and etc.

Furthermore, the schemes for smart data collection and retrieval free merchants of routine rule adjustments to data storage nuances and significantly speed up processing of queries, fewer collisions provided.

Powerful rulemaking

Customer Segmentation brings forward a simple yet smart module to draw most demanded segmentation rules as per our in-house research. The module enables conditioning plausible rules which meet customers’ needs, reflect their buying behavior and degrees of bonding with brands, tell demographic and economic peculiarities and more. Indeed, this is when you exercise full power to have your Magento store as much for your customers as it could be.

Forward integration

The extension boasts a wide array of integration capabilities which boost the out-of-the-box Magento functionality and further empower your efforts for targeted marketing campaigns. Try out native Magento newsletter integration and Cart Price Rules to personalise your customers’ experience with the store. This way you are building a loyal community, united by appreciation of your sensitivity and care. In turn, expect higher conversion rates and customer retention, lower subscription refusal indices and minimal customer churn.  

Go ahead and read more on how to segment customers with the Customer Segmentation extention. See for yourself now what makes our product second to none. Expand your impression and learn other outstanding features of the extension. Take a look at how we do customer validation, rule reindexation. Try our demo scenario to move segments to groups or export them to your PC.

aheadWorks Newsletter – July 2013

It is high time to sum up what we have done for Magento community in June. I should say that it was the period of improvements – we updated 6 Magento modules. Besides, we released 1 new extension. Keep reading to learn the details!

New Extensions

eCommerce Gamification SuiteThe eCommerce Gamification Suite extension is an essential tool for turning your visitors from passive observers into assertive buyers and store promoters basing on gamification principles.

Your website transforms into a computer game with its gamers, competitive playing field, and passion. All customers compete with each other for gaining points, getting achievements and ranks. Not one action escapes attention, so all users know who is the best at the store and what he/she has done for it.

Try how eCommerce Gamification Suite works in live demo.

Updated Extensions

Catalog Permissions

Catalog Permissions v.1.3
3 features / 6 bugfixes
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Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments v.1.9.1
1 feature / 17 bugfixes
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One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout v.1.0.2
2 features / 9 bugfixes
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Follow Up EmailFollow Up Email v.3.5.2
5 features / 12 bugfixes
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Help Desk UltimateHelp Desk Ultimate v.2.10.3
1 features / 3 bugfixes
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Checkout PromoCheckout Promo v.1.0.2
2 features / 9 bugfixes
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aheadWorks Newsletter – June 2013

Summer is the time of vacations. That’s why I tried to make this monthly aheadWorks newsletter as short as possible. So it won’t take much of your time to find out the information on new and updated Magento extensions.


Recently we shared the review of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” where you can find our independent unbiased opinion on this recently published tutorial. And now we organized a Giveaway of the this book. Five lucky winners stand a chance to get 5 digital copies of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide”.

Go to our Blog to find out how YOU can be one of the Lucky Winners.

aheadWorks Newsletter – May 2013

I want to start this aheadWorks newsletter with the awesome news – aheadWorks leveled up to Magento Platinum Industry Partner! This transition to a new partnership level is anticipated since at present more than 25,000 Magento merchants and 40+ official partners in 100 countries are using our high-grade extensions and themes.

‘Platinum Partnership means a lot to us. It acknowledges our expertise in Magento extensions and themes development and provides guarantees that our customer service is top notch.

It was a long way to go to become leading players in Magento universe and it looks like we made it‘, – Artyom Rabzonov, the CEO at aheadWorks, states.

Magento Platinum Industry Partner


aheadWorks Newsletter – April 2013

I have a lot of information for you today in this April aheadWorks newsletter – new extension release, new service launch, new project start, posts worth your attention, and updated modules. But I won’t drag my feet and start!


New Extension

Nowadays people are more likely to buy from companies they are confident about and whom they trust. That’s why visitors always pay attention to the manufacturer of the product and look for a reliable one.

The Shop By Brand Magento extension allows you to create new brands and connect products to them. So your customers have a possibility to find the necessary manufacturer with its items or recognize the brand that the required product belongs to.

Find the list of features and demo on the Shop By Brand page.

Shop By Brand

aheadWorks Newsletter – October 2012

This month we announced two important and exciting events, so I can’t help reminding you of them once again (in case you accidentally missed this news). It is the upcoming release of two new services – aheadMetrics, for sales & customers reporting, and aheadCommerce, an innovative solution for creating tablet storefronts.

It is the end of October and naturally I prepared a brief of updated aheadWorks extensions as well as a special holiday sale for you! Keep on reading to learn the details.


Halloween Sale

Halloween, a mix of scary things and nice treats, is nearly upon us! That’s why we have decided to offer you a great deal by treating you to great savings!

You have only 3 days to get ANY Magento extension from aheadWorks with 13% OFF! Just go to, add the module you need to cart and enter the following coupon code at checkout:


Don’t forget – the offer is time-limited and active thru October 29-31.

Halloween Sale 13% off

aheadWorks Newsletter – September 2012

As usual, I gathered the most interesting events of September in monthly newsletter.

It’s always pleasant to share our experience with the community. This month we prepared a Magento optimization PDF guide based on the information provided by our Lead Developer. The document is in free access for all our readers. Download it now to learn how to optimize Magento performance without any code modifications.

I cannot resist temptation to share a secret with you! Soon in October, the totally upgraded AJAX Cart Pro will be released! You will get a fully customizable pop-up window with ability to show related products, images and any other data! New AJAX Cart Pro will support all custom themes if they meet Magento programming practices. Remember, if your support period is active, you can download the latest version of the extension absolutely for free!

As you might expect, it’s not the only thing I wanted to tell you today. Below you’ll find the details of a a special offer, the most popular posts from our Blog and the list of updated extensions.

Limited Offer

Successful business, endless number of happy and satisfied customers, perfect loyalty and affiliate programs – that’s the wish of each business owner! Open the referral opportunities for your business and create your own reward system with our Points and Rewards.

You can get this great Magento module with 15% discount! Enter the following coupon code at checkout:


Hurry up as the offer is limited and active from October 3 to October 11.

aheadWorks Newsletter – August 2012

Summer is coming to an end. I’m ready to present our monthly newsletter to share the most interesting information on what happened in aheadWorks world in August. Let’s have a look what the last month of summer gave us.

It was a hot time not only in terms of the weather, but also in terms of updates. The most important updates of our extensions are represented in a table below. Besides, there is a good piece of news – a brand new module from aheadWorks. What is more, I collected some noteworthy posts published in our Blog. I hope you will find our marketing tips helpful for your business. But let’s start with our special offer.

Limited Offer

You have a wonderful opportunity to get useful extensions with a great discount. Enhance your Magento store with powerful extensions from aheadWorks.

Our Back to School Sale has been going on for 2 week already. Hurry up, Advanced Reports, AJAX Cart Pro, Checkout Promo, Who Viewed This Also Viewed are on sale now!

No coupon codes. The offer is valid through August 29-30, 2012.

Back to School Sale

aheadWorks Newsletter – July 2012

In the heart of summer, I prepared our monthly newsletter that covers the most interesting and useful information. Let’s look what news July brought to us.

Lately we have had a lot of updates. The most significant releases of our extensions are represented in a table below. Besides, I chose the most noteworthy posts in our Blog. You can get some practical tips for making successful e-commerce business. What is more, I have an exclusive pre-order opportunity especially for you. Let’s start with it right now.


Have you heard about a new possibility to attract more customers to your web store? The Random Price Magento extension adds the ability to randomly change product price in your online store within a specified range. Draw your visitors in an interesting game and bring excitement to your website!

Pre-order our new Magento module now and get a discount!

Hurry up, the offer is time-limited!

Random Price

aheadWorks Newsletter – June 2012

The first month of this sweet summer is almost over. As usual, our monthly newsletter covers the most interesting stuff especially for you.

What really should be mentioned, is the release of our brand new Magento Affiliate extension. It has many great features for you to build a fantastic pay-per-sale affiliate marketing program. Don’t miss a chance to enhance your Magento store with this strong affiliate tool.

As you might expect, it’s not the only thing we wanted to tell you, so it’s high time for a detailed review and we’ll start with a special offer.

Limited Offer

We were thinking about a Magento extension that you would definitely like to have a discount for. You know what? This time you can get ANY of aheadWorks modules with 15% discount!

Enter GET15OFF coupon code while checkout and enjoy your purchase.
Hurry up, as the offer is limited and is active from June 29 to July 6.

15% OFF

aheadWorks Newsletter – May 2012

As usual, we gather the most useful and interesting information in one place especially for you, so this month is not the exception! Let’s go thru the main events of the outgoing May.

In anticipation of the summer, another Magento conference took place in Germany with the participation of aheadWorks. Soon we’ll provide you with an exclusive material from our conference representatives – track the information on the official aheadWorks pages on Twitter and Facebook!

The first webinar on the topic “How to Use Email Marketing More Effectively” was an unusual experience for our company, but we believe you enjoyed it. If you had no chance to attend the webinar, you can watch and download the presentation or slides.

Well, it’s time for detailed review and we’ll start from the delicious offer.

Limited Offer

Are you familiar with the Automatic Product Callouts Magento extension? I bet you are because it’s the best way of organizing your top product sets in blocks anywhere on your store. After the latest update, with the new variables, this Magento extension became even better, so now you can get even more opportunities!

Enter HIGH5 coupon code while checkout and get the Automatic Product Callouts extension with 20% discount. Don’t miss a chance, as an offer is valid only for the first 5 buyers!

Automatic Product Callouts Promo

aheadWorks Newsletter – April 2012

The spring has come and the most interesting in Magento life came with it! I want to point out that April is a noteworthy with a great event – the first of three Magento conferences has just finished in Las Vegas with the participation of aheadworks team. Stay tuned and visit our official pages on Twitter and Facebook.

Especially for you, I singled out the most interesting and useful topics of the month, the most significant updates, and of course I prepared an offer you can’t refuse!

Limited Promo

This time the Group Deals extension is under the spotlight! No one can deny the power of collective purchases. With this great extension, you can offer products and services at significantly lower prices. It helped hundreds of businesses to establish and improve their purchasing operations, now you can become one of them.

Enter GDTOP20 coupon code while checkout to get 20% discount for this great extension! Note: the offer is valid for the first 20 buyers.

Hurry up to get into lucky 20!
20% discount for Group Deals

Magento World Newsletter (March 23, 2012)

Lately we released a LOT of updated extensions. I gathered them in one simple table so that you can check below whether you run the latest version of our Magento module. Also I collected some marketing tips published in our Blog – hope they will help you run your business more efficiently.

But firstly, let’s find out what extension is on sale right now!

Magento World Newsletter (December 1, 2011)

Last month we released a LOT of updated extensions. I gathered them in one simple table so that you can check below whether you run the latest version of our Magento module. Keep reading and find out what new extension can be already pre-ordered with about 50% discount!



We have prepared a special offer for you this time! You can pre-order our brand new Magento extension and save about 50% off the original price!

The Advanced Search Magento module replaces native search with Sphinx, an external search engine, so search works much more faster, server load is decreased, and results become more trustworthy.

On the Advanced Search page, you can find the guaranteed features you’ll get with this new extension, but as a bonus after official module release this list can be enlarged with some new benefits.

Magento World Newsletter (October 20, 2011)

We’ve prepared for you a small review of our new and updated extensions. Keep reading and find out how you can place the Google +1 button, increase your cross-sells, or organize collective purchases!

Monthly Promo

If you are looking for a solution for social bookmarking your products and store pages, the Sociable Magento extension is exactly for you! This aheadWorks module allows sharing links to any page from your store on Twitter, Facebook or any social networking site.

Since 1.1. version, Sociable lets your visitors click the Google +1 button to give your website public stamp of approval. The Google +1 button allows people who love your products recommend them on Google search.

Till the end of this month, you have a chance to get this perfect solution for social bookmarking with 30% discount. No coupon code is required. Just buy the Sociable extension till October 31, 2011.