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Tips for the Effective Use of the On Sale + Product Labels Extension

Online sales are amazing as they offer merchants multiple great opportunities to personalize products and make unique offers.

Still, having a vast variety of available tools for that purpose we are not always confident about all the possibilities and options of their application. So, in this post we’ll discuss some valuable tips on using the On Sale + Product Labels extension in your Magento store.

On Sale + Product Labels

The On Sale + Product Labels extension for Magento

The On Sale + Product Labels extension adds visually appealing labels and call-to-action texts to the images of your products. Although the main functionality looks simple, the module has numerous configuration opportunities, which allow you to tune the appearance of your products and make them even more attractive.

The initial configuration make take definite time, but since it is done, the specified rules will automatically trigger your promotions.

The product page of the extension highlights 20 functionality features, but we’ll flag only the most significant ones:

  • Customize a label for every product;
  • Add your own images for catalog and product labels;
  • Nine predefined label positions: top-left, top-center, top-right, middle-left, middle-center, middle-right, bottom-left, bottom-center, and bottom-right;
  • Create an unlimited number of label rules;
  • Define multiple conditions to trigger a rule;
  • Limit rules duration;
  • Insert any product’s features into a label text using a specialized “attribute” code;
  • Utilize special variables to include in label texts.

On Sale + Product Labels Usage Tips

Each online store has its own product line, buying audience, and marketing approaches and no one can offer any universal and successful method of sales applicable to all companies. So, we do not offer any amazing solutions just provide some proved tips, based on the psychology of sales and practice.

Don’t offer multiple promotions simultaneously
Even though the module provides you an opportunity to settle multiple kinds of promotional labels, don’t rush to use it. The main principle of the Gestalt psychology is simplicity. It says that people tend to simple things and clear offers as they believe that complex terms are often used for frauds.

Don’t offer multiple promotions simultaneously

Multiple Promotional Labels Look Suspicious

Make your notice and image predictable
People are conservative by their nature and better perceive experienced in the past incentives rather than absolutely new ones. Due to pre-defined patterns of behavior, people easily accept only well-known images, shapes and phrases.  So, you should better use familiar symbols like stars, circles, ribbons for your labels and regular promotional phrases.

Featured Products 3 and On Sale + Product Labels on Their Way to Excellent Functionality

Our developers work hard on updating our extensions aiming at meeting the requirements our customers claim. If you already own the On Sale + Product Labels and Featured Products extensions, or consider buying them revise the new features added to the modules.

The On Sale + Product Labels extension for Magento

On Sale + Product Labels

The On Sale + Product Labels module adds visually-appealing labels to product images and provides multiple options for their configuration. Attractive labels make product images exclusive and more informative.


Labels & variables! Perfect combination for my store. Great support as always. Thx.

Review by Mack

On Sale + Product Labels v.2.5 Features

Price on the label with tax support
If the product price has tax, the label price will also include it.

Add product quantity conditions to extension rules
One more condition was added to the rules – product quantity. Now you can create rules triggering labels if the quantity of the product is X or less.

Product Quantity Conditions

Product Quantity Conditions

Store view multiselect in rule edit page
Assign rules to different store views (English, French, etc.) and select multiple store views simultaneously.

Store View Multiselect

Store View Multiselect

Prepare your Magento Store for Valentine’s Day and Make the Most of this Event

Valentine’s Day is one of the major events on the retail shopping calendar and one of the largest spending holidays following winter shopping season. According to Statistic Brain, the average annual Valentine’s Day spending is $13.19 billion.

To attract the attention of your customers and make the most of this holiday, you have to start preparing your Magento store right now.

Consider the following ideas for your To Do List, which, by the way, show great results for our own store too.

Big promotion on homepage

Make sure visitors know you have something they will be interested in right from the home page. Prominently displayed Image Sliders on your site is a sure-fire way to boost sales and attract holiday shoppers. Configure the animation, speed, and effects of banners rotation and let this Magento module do the whole job for you.

Image Slider

Image Slider

Grab your visitors’ attention with a limited time offer

You may also want to consider putting in a countdown promotion showing how much time longer the sale/promo is going to last. The visitor will see an eye-catching timer on Home page or any product pages with a small description and call to action text, e.g.: ‘Hurry up, this knock out offer only available for 24 hours’. Countdown has proved to be a great ready-made solution that will do this for you.

Countdown on aheadWorks home page

Countdown on aheadWorks home page

Notify Customers about the Stock Status of Your Products and Accelerate Their Purchasing Decisions

Recent researches discovered that many customers save products in their carts for further consideration and do not purchase immediately.* These customers are in a situation of choice and mostly need some incentives proceeding their purchases. But they will certainly hurry with the decision, either positive or negative, if get a notification about a low stock of the product they intent to purchase.

* According to SeeWhy.com study.

Of course, some of customers need other convincing reasons: price cut, special offers or casual sales, but we understand that we can’t leave them alone with their hesitations. So, aheadWorks provides you with several really useful extensions which help you automatically notify customers about products stock status, product updates, and other product related changes held in your store.

Magento Product Updates NotificationsProduct Updates Notifications

The Product Updates Notifications Magento extension automatically sends price and stock changes notifications to your customers. The subscription is absolutely simple: logged in visitors just need to click the “Notify me about updates” link to subscribe and guests need to enter their name and e-mail.

Features for store owners:

  • Ability to manage your subscribers with ease;
  • Ability to place the “Notify me about updates” link in any place of your store;

Category Page Notifications

  • Allows you to configure notification defaults;
  • Reinforces key marketing messages with the option to include message signatures;
  • Macro fields contain all product attributes;
  • Fast-loading AJAX layer with a subscription form for guests;
  • You can include any content that Magento CMS can involve;
  • Transactional email templates;
  • Subscribers statistics.