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Monthly Updates – August 2019

At the edge of the season, with changes in mind, it is time to analyze the past and see prospects for the future. August review of monthly updates to Aheadworks extensions prompt change!

August monthly updates to Aheadworks extensions

Each monthly review of extensions updates makes it evident, that here at Aheadworks we spare no effort to keep our radars up to the latest developments in the field. Furthermore, we always look into your feedback with a close eye and project wisely for the future of our extensions. With the wheels turning, we gear your business towards success!

This summer, when speaking about updates, we focused on:

  • code refactoring;
  • improving UI and UX;
  • enhancing native Magento functionality;
  • detecting and fixing bugs;
  • and of course, empowering our modules with new features.

The vibrant energy of summer at Aheadworks was generously given to:

Two Days Left Before St. Patrick’s Holiday! Steal Our Ideas How To Boost Sales on This Occasion

St. Patrick’s Day, primarily observed as an event of Irish and Irish American culture, is celebrated in many other places far from Ireland and the USA including Russia, Japan and Australia. Dressed in green, people eat either organic or green-colored food and sometimes go so far as throwing green dinner parties on this day.

Merchants use this occasion to introduce breathtaking sales for their customers. Stores filled with numerous pictures of a shamrock and Irish leprechaun draw clients’ attention to big promotions. Our On Sale extension gives a hand to everyone who wants to make his store a part of this bright event and announce sales in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

On Sale allows you to add visually-appealing labels to any product images in your store. They will be attached to your product pictures with a fast 3-minute setup. We’ll file no lawsuit if you steal from us the below-mentioned ideas :).

On Sale v.2.4 Allows Adding Rules to Control Label Positions

On Sale
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Numerous promotions are effective in marketing your products and services. But it’s usually rather complicated to attract your visitors’ attention to special products. The situation becomes even worse when the sale seasons come.

The On Sale Magento extension allows you to add graphical labels to your special or new products images with fast 3-minute setup. These labels can be displayed in catalog view as well as in product. You may use a label that comes into the package or upload your own one.

Today we are pleased to announce the release of On Sale 2.4 with such a significant feature as the rule system of label control. I will tell you how to create and apply rules to manage label positions with the help of three simple screenshots.

Make your Promotions Eye-Catching and Store Search Extremely Fast

Advanced Search

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Advanced Search is a perfect solution for search through Magento-based stores. This extension replaces an external search engine Sphinx so search works much faster, the server load is decreased, and the results become more trustworthy.

Some of the key improvements in Advanced Search v.1.1 include:

  • CMS pages index
  • Support of customer search terms
  • Sphinx 2.0.3 compatibility

Also the following bug has been fixed:

  • Incorrect attributes source

See the Advanced Search comparison table and play with the extension demo on the product page.

The On Sale Magento extension allows you to attract customers’ attention to any product by adding visually-appealing labels.

Only 10 items are left? New product is out? Inform your customers about it. You can specify two different label images and call-to-action text for each item on the Product and Category pages, and also set the number of days for the label to disappear.

Today we are excited to release the new 2.3 version of On Sale which is compatible with the Ajax Catalog aheadWorks extension.

The following bugs have been fixed in On Sale v.2.3:

  • Issues with multiple inquiries in database
  • Minor bug fixes
On Sale

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See the extension in work on the On Sale product page.

Welcome new versions of top aheadWorks extensions

On Sale v.2.2.1

With the On Sale module for Magento stores, making visually-exciting label images and call-to-action texts is practically effortless.

Since the 2.2.1 version released today, the On Sale extension allows mass attributes update. Thus now you can add labels to several products a time through native Magento action.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • incorrect export
  • incorrect image path
  • product label visibility for product images with no zoom in Magento EE

Find more on the On Sale page.

Z-Blocks v.2.2.5

The Z-Blocks Magento extension allows you to create an unlimited number of static blocks and content items. Best of all, you don’t need to manually change your template and layout files every time you want to add an advertising banner or other applicable information.

In the 2.2.5 version of Z-Blocks, the staging websites compatibility has been implemented for Magento Enterprise Edition.

Also, the following bug has been fixed:

  • schedule issue

Please learn more on the Z-Blocks page.

On Sale 2.2 – now with new label positions

Today we released a new version of the On Sale extension. In 2.2, three more label positions have been added: middle-left, middle-center, and middle-right. Now you can select the most appealing and eye-catching place for your label.

Implemented in On Sale v.2.2 is a new live preview label position selector that lets you hover your mouse over any of nine predefined positions and see where the label will be placed in reference to product image.

Since tables are loaded and rendered slower than blocks, we decided to make our extension more SEO-friendly and used the block markup instead of the table one in On Sale v.2.2, so that search engine spiders could easily crawl through your website.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Overrides Native Product “New” Period option works incorrectly
  • Multi-currency problems

To find more details about this aheadWorks extension, please visit the On Sale page.

On Sale 2.1.2 released

The On Sale extension from aheadWorks allows you to add visually-appealing labels and call-to-action texts to any product images. It is an easy-to-use tool intended for everyone conducting seasonal discount campaigns or inventory clearances.

Today we are happy to announce the release of the new version which makes On Sale more stable as the following bugs have been fixed:

  • adminhtml.xml file missed
  • Same CSS definition is repeated on category page
  • Product and Category Label attributes are Global
  • On Sale label error for bundle product
  • On Sale category label should be linked to the product details page
  • #CA:custom_attribute# predefined tag doesn’t work correctly
  • An error occurs when image path doesn’t exist
  • WAMP incompatibility

Please find more information on the On Sale page.

On Sale – new version 2.1

Good news – the On Sale extension has become more flexible! Add label images much faster – with an ability to use an existing image you can avoid constant images uploading and add them by mere entering their path!

One more advantage you gain updating On Sale to version 2.1 is discount labels threshold – now you can set the minimum discount threshold for labels to be displayed. Manage labels displaying more efficiently!

And the last novelty of the new version is that IE moves description below the image no more.

Find the On Sale features, screenshots and complete changelog on the extension page.

On Sale 2.0.1 released!

On Sale v.2.0.1 includes a new feature making “New” product label more customizable!

Now On Sale can take native Magento “Set Product as New from/to Date” fields into account when deciding to display “New” label or not. You can also override this period by number of days specified in the “Product/Category New Label” tabs of the On Sale configuration page.

Thus the period of “New” label displaying can be defined by 2 ways – using native Magento fields of the Product Information page or from On Sale configuration page.

Besides, the following minor bugs were fixed in this version:

  • Configurable products
  • Clipped label in IE8

Find more information about the extension – screenshots, User Guide, Demos – in the On Sale page.

On Sale Magento User Guide

On Sale User Guide will teach you how to attract more customers’ attention to any product using the On Sale extension. The Guide includes the illustrated description of setting up any types of labels – for products with special price, new products and any custom-defined product. Those users who are experienced in CSS can find the information how to change label text style in .css files.

The Guide is worked out in such a way that the detailed description of each step is given for every label type settings, thus you can open the required chapter and find all the necessary information there without coming back to the extension general configuration.

You can download the Guide on the On Sale page.

On Sale 2.0 released

Only 3 phones are left? New product is 3 days on the market? Inform your customers about it by adding a label to the product. On Sale allows you to attract customers’ attention not only to the products with special price but to any product you like! You can add a special label to a new product and set the number of days for the label to disappear.

The On Sale extension adds 2 sections in the Product information page in the backend – Product Label and Category Label – what allows you to specify different label images and texts for every product.

New features:

  • Customizable label for each product
  • Specific label for new products
  • More variables for label text
  • Possibility to insert any product attribute in a label text by the attribute code
  • CSS styles become more specific

Find more details on the extension page.

On Sale 1.0.1 released

Release features

  • Clickable labels in catalog view mode
  • Extension CSS layout change

Magento On Sale

On Sale Magento Extension Released

On Sale Magento Extension

This extension allows you to add graphical labels to your special products images.

Attract your visitors to special items – the labels can be displayed in catalog view as well as in product. The label image and text are easily customized: you can use a label that comes into the package and upload you own; you can not only write your text on the label but also use the following variables: Discount Amount (calculated automatically), Regular Price, Special Price, Save Amount (calculated automatically). So it’s possible to label your products with texts like “Save $10 on this item today”, or “Buy for $29 save $10!” – all price values are calculated for each product individually. Label appears only when there is a special price for the product.

This way you save a lot of time when running e.g. seasonal discounts campaign, with a simple 3-minutes setup you can put labels on a category or the whole store.


  • Separate catalog and product view labels setup
  • Ability to upload your own images for catalog and product labels
  • Labels appear when special price is set
  • 6 predefined label positions Product Page View
    • Top-Left
    • Top-Center
    • Top-Right
    • Bottom-Left
    • Bottom-Center
    • Bottom-Right
  • Special variables to use in your label texts
    • DA – Discount Amount
    • RP – Regular Price
    • SP – Special Price
    • SA – Save Amount (RP-SP)
    • NL – New Line
  • Ability to disable labels for catalog or/and product
  • Compatible with all major browsers (IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari, Opera, FireFox 2, FireFox 3, Google Chrome)
  • Separate CSS files for catalog and product labels

For more information and demo visit product page – https://ecommerce.aheadworks.com/extensions/on-sale.html