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aheadWorks Widens Product Lines with Partners’ Extensions and Themes

aheadWorks always strives to deliver high-quality products and only excellent services.

Our development strategy is based on mutual profitability with our customers. Amid this, we constantly improve in-house products and widen our catalog offering extensions and themes from our partners. It goes without saying that we carefully choose these modules and ensure their advanced functionality and seamless Magento integration.

Next few months we’ll put in front of you our partners’ products, which will be placed in our store. These extensions cover different areas of Magento functionality, and enable you to make the store even more effective and profitable.

The Visual Catalog Manager Magento extensionVisual Catalog Manager

The Visual Catalog Manager extension allows Magento administrators to manage categories and products within them in a new, highly-effective manner, which makes possible mass product actions and saves tons of time during Magento catalogs editing.

The module provides two modes of editing: “Visual Merchandiser” and “Smart Category”.

The Visual Merchandiser mode arranges products inside categories using drag-and-drop positioning of products. Other products automatically re-arrange their lines replacing removed or replaced items.

The Visual Merchandiser mode

The Visual Merchandiser mode

The Smart Category mode filters products by multiple attributes and allows you to assign these products to a new category or delete these products from an existing one. Furthermore, you can easily switch from the Smart Category to Visual Merchandiser mode and manage positions of products within newly created categories.

aheadWorks Extensions, Which Improve Native Magento Checkout

Editor’s note: Checkout page is the last thing that separates customers from their purchases and merchants from revenues. How to prevent customers from cart abandonment? The only rational answer is to improve checkout process constantly.
According to numerous statistics, customers abandon their carts because of several reasons:

  • Registration before checkout;
  • Numerous checkout steps;
  • Slow checkout;
  • Unclear delivery details;
  • High shipping costs;
  • Hidden charges.

It’s clear that people want to make a purchase quickly and easily, and checkout process plays here a very important role.

We have several extensions in our portfolio, which greatly enhance native Magento checkout functionality.

One Step Checkout Magento Extension1. One Step Checkout

It is a must-have extension for any Magento store. It reduces the number of steps necessary for checkout. This extension contains multiple features, which will make checkout simple and quick.

  • Checkout on a single page

This is the main feature of this extension. During the checkout process customers see the full checkout page. They do not need to press annoying “Continue” button when filling the form. Six native Magento checkout steps are transferred into single checkout operation.

  • Login/registration option on the checkout page

Registered customers are able to log in on the checkout page. Unregistered customers can fill a registration form directly during the checkout. However, customers can easily make their purchases without any registration.

  • Ability to save address in address book. Auto-fill billing and shipping addresses for logged in customers

Customers are able to save billing or shipping addresses in the address book and use them for further purchases. For logged in customers corresponding fields are filled automatically.

Top-10 aheadWorks Extensions of 2012

Year 2012 didn’t fade into obscurity and be sure we didn’t cover up the results of the year and its accomplishments. Let’s open the calendar and take a look at milestones that defined the past 12 months for aheadWorks team. Amazing thing – this “apocalyptical” leap year turned out to be really successful and rich in pleasant events for us and our partners and customers.

As one of the leading providers of Magento extensions, aheadWorks joined the conferences in the USA, Germany, France, Ukraine, the UK and Poland. In most of them we were entitled to Silver Sponsorship.

We are not used to rest on laurels and 2012 proved it right. As many as 9 new extensions were released, including your favorite One Click Checkout and Magento Affilate. A lot of existing extensions were updated as well as 6 significant themes that are compatible with Magento CE v. and v.

We are also proud of a new service, aheadCommerce, an innovative solution for creating tablet storefronts, released in 2012.

To complete the picture of the previous year, we display the Top-10 bestselling aheadWorks extensions of 2012. This top-listing also includes the quantity and quality of extensions feedback, written by our customers. The most interesting reviews accompany the modules below.

Improve your Magento site – make users’ life easier

No matter what kind of store you’re running, or what kind of goods you’re selling – turning visitors into customers is the main goal of every online business owner. So if you’re getting enough targeted traffic but aren’t making many sales, it’s time to try to identify the potential hot spots and improve your site. What always works – is to make user’s life easier. The more difficult it is to use a web site, the less people buy.

How to Skip 6-Step Checkout Process and Optimize eShop for Mobile Devices

One Click Checkout

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The One Click Checkout extension for Magento allows customers to checkout directly from the product page or shopping cart page with just one click, skipping the annoying checkout steps. Buyers will not have to click the tiresome ‘Continue’ button, expediting the checkout process. All they need to do is login to their account and take advantage of one click ordering.

Today we are happy to release One Click Checkout v.1.1 which supports Ajax Cart Pro aheadWorks extension and is compatible with Magento PE/EE reward points.

In this new version, multibyte strings problem in One Click Checkout block has been fixed.

Learn more about the extension features and find the One Click Checkout demo to play with on the product page.


Nowadays it’s really trendy to have mobile-friendly versions of web stores. No wonder the iPhone Theme for Magento has become one of the favorite extensions among our clients.

This extension automatically detects the OS used for browsing your website and switches your store to the required theme – desktop or mobile.

Today we released the iPhone Theme v.1.4 which supports Windows Phone and iOS 5.

The new iPhone Theme version is enriched with the “Back” button added in customer account area.

The following minor bugs have been fixed:

  • Translation issues
  • Incorrect width calculation in catalog

Try the iPhone Theme demo on the product page.

iPhone Theme

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Checkout with a Single Click

The One Click Checkout extension for Magento allows customers to checkout directly from the product page or shopping cart page with just one click, skipping the annoying checkout steps. Buyers will not have to click the tiresome ‘Continue’ button, expediting the checkout process. All they need to do is login to their account and take advantage of one click ordering.

The One Click Checkout module doesn’t replace the standard Magento ‘Add to cart’ button. Instead it adds an additional ‘One Click Checkout’ button with the ability to choose billing and shipping addresses right on the product page.

When you click the ‘One Click Checkout’ button on any product page or cart page, a special pop-up window is invoked where you choose a payment method. You can also see the available number of reward points and use them during checkout, but it requires the Points & Rewards Magento extension installed on your store.

The One Click Checkout extension is super easy at installation and configuration. It will take you no more than a couple of minutes to configure the module to display the button to different customer groups and choose the available payment methods.