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aheadWorks Extensions, Which Improve Native Magento Checkout

Editor’s note: Checkout page is the last thing that separates customers from their purchases and merchants from revenues. How to prevent customers from cart abandonment? The only rational answer is to improve checkout process constantly.
According to numerous statistics, customers abandon their carts because of several reasons:

  • Registration before checkout;
  • Numerous checkout steps;
  • Slow checkout;
  • Unclear delivery details;
  • High shipping costs;
  • Hidden charges.

It’s clear that people want to make a purchase quickly and easily, and checkout process plays here a very important role.

We have several extensions in our portfolio, which greatly enhance native Magento checkout functionality.

One Step Checkout Magento Extension1. One Step Checkout

It is a must-have extension for any Magento store. It reduces the number of steps necessary for checkout. This extension contains multiple features, which will make checkout simple and quick.

  • Checkout on a single page

This is the main feature of this extension. During the checkout process customers see the full checkout page. They do not need to press annoying “Continue” button when filling the form. Six native Magento checkout steps are transferred into single checkout operation.

  • Login/registration option on the checkout page

Registered customers are able to log in on the checkout page. Unregistered customers can fill a registration form directly during the checkout. However, customers can easily make their purchases without any registration.

  • Ability to save address in address book. Auto-fill billing and shipping addresses for logged in customers

Customers are able to save billing or shipping addresses in the address book and use them for further purchases. For logged in customers corresponding fields are filled automatically.

Simplify the Checkout Procedure with One Step Checkout Magento Extension v.1.1

When a customer made a decision to buy a product, the last thing to do is to pay for it. Sometimes this action becomes the most complicated one. To simplify checkout procedure, merchants implement a wide range of methods and tools.

The One Step Checkout extension improves the standard Magento checkout page, allowing customers to process their transactions quickly. All necessary checkout steps are available on one page. Checkout fields can be filled without numerous page reloads.

One Step Checkout reduces the number of steps customers need to pass at checkout. As a result – products and services can be bought in one simple click.

One Step Checkout

Today we announce the release of the One Step Checkout extension version 1.1. Look at new features we have implemented.

Boost the Effectiveness of One Step Checkout with 7 Magento Extensions

Recently we have released the One Step Checkout Magento extension. As you have probably guessed (or know), this must-have module reduces the number of checkout steps and allows customers to buy products in one simple click.

Besides a lot of cool features, One Step Checkout has one more great advantage – it is compatible with 7 aheadWorks extensions for Magento! Together they make shopping in your store much easier and faster for customers. Keep reading to learn all the details!

AJAX Cart Pro

Everybody knows how cross-sells and up-sells can boost sales. The Checkout page is a great possibility to stimulate your customers to spend more. The One Step Checkout extension doesn’t remove the related products block, so your customers can always add something else to cart until they click the Place Order button.

Nevertheless, there is one important “but” – interested in related product, customers leave the checkout page and can never come back! They can be distracted by various product options or change their mind, or… anything else can prevent them from completing the order. It means that all your efforts to reduce the number of abandoned carts are in vain!

The AJAX Cart Pro extension from aheadWorks can rescue you and your business in these situations. No annoying redirections, no distracting moves. With AJAX Cart Pro installed, your customers can add related products to cart and select all required options directly on the checkout page.

One Step Checkout + AJAX Cart Pr

Increase Your Sales Conversions with the One Step Checkout Magento Extension

Merchants who run e-commerce websites regularly face the problem of abandoned carts. Customers regularly refrain from placing the orders due to several reasons. Check-out complexity is one of the main.

This issue is especially serious for Magento. Its native checkout process is really long and takes around 6 pages. While opening numerous pages during the checkout, different problems may occur: Internet may fall down, customers can be distracted or just tired from browsing through infinite number of fields.

With the One Step Checkout extension, the standard Magento checkout process will be simplified greatly. Customers will get quick and rapid processing of their transactions and this convenience will result in an immediate sales increase on your e-commerce website.

One Step Checkout