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Beta Testers are Wanted!


We had a great experience of our Magento extensions beta-testing by our community. Right now we are developing a new powerful service and searching for Magento-based store owners to test it. Here is a brief description of our new project.

The aheadMetrics service from aheadWorks gives Magento-based store owners an ability to see their sales and customers reporting in a simple, attractive and easy-to-understand way. With our service, you get various report types which allow you to analyze your online sales from ANY side you can only require as well as solve ANY reporting task.

If you want to generate the up-to-date and comprehensive reports of your business situation for FREE, join aheadWorks team and become a beta tester of our new reporting service. Everything you need to apply is to write to support@aheadmetrics.com

Attention – Phishing Web Sites

We detected some phishing web sites tricking you into believing you’re at a legitimate aheadWorks store. Often the web address of a phishing site looks correct but actually misses a letter or contains a common light misspelling.
Please, be attentive when purchasing products! The proper link to our website is https://ecommerce.aheadworks.com.

If you’re not sure about a web site, do not purchase anything there. The safest thing to do is to close and then reopen your browser, and then type the URL into your browser’s Address bar. Typing the correct URL is the best way to be sure you’re not redirected to a spoofed site.

If you accidentally bought a product from a phishing site, claim your money back on PayPal or Skrill.

Please feel free to contact us at helpdesk@aheadworks.com if you face any problems or have any questions.

aheadWorks Won’t Phase Out Extensions for Magento Professional Edition

As you already might know, on February 1, 2012 Magento announced the end-of-life of Magento Professional.

Here is the quote from an article posted on the official Magento blog:”Following an extensive review of our current solutions and projected customer needs, we are making an important change: we are phasing out the Magento Professional Edition.

While Magento Professional was embraced by a significant number of merchants, we have seen much greater demand for our Enterprise and new Enterprise Premium offerings.”

aheadWorks won’t phase out its Magento PE extensions

aheadWorks, on its part, wants to assure all our Magento Professional customers that we are not going to phase out the PE extensions. We will continue to work with our Professional customers and provide them with the best eCommerce solutions and custom support.

If customers running PE-based stores see the value in upgrading to Magento Enterprise or downgrading to Community editions, we are happy to offer a 50% and 25% discount correspondingly for all our Magento extensions and Themes.

All you have to do is contact us and get a personal coupon code.

Become a volunteer to test our new Magento extension and get a discount


We are just about to release our new Magento extension which will help your customers easily track their orders from their mobile devices as well as PC’s. Our QA department has already tested it carefully and the extension is on the final stage of preparing for final release.

Now we are looking for some volunteers from the Magento community to finalize our tests. Every volunteer will get a significant discount after the extension official release.

If you run Magento CE 1.5+ or PE/EE 1.11 and have DHL, FedEx or UPS installed and configured, please contact Peter Samoilov at samoilov@aheadworks.com for further details.

aheadWorks store is temporarily unavailable

 aheadWorks store temporarily unavailable
We are sorry, but aheadWorks store is temporarily unavailable due to moving of our server to a new location in the data center. Please try again in a couple of hours.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Server software glitch


Recently, we have experienced a number of hacking attempts which caused a minor misbehaviour of our server software. Some of you could probably receive fake emails regarding your store points balance update. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. Please be sure that your store credit and personal details are secure and haven’t been compromised. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.


Celebrate with us and get 35% Off everything!

Two years ago, aheadWorks web development company launched a new branch of business, which soon became its core one – we started developing powerful extensions and fancy themes for Magento, a feature-rich, professional open-source eCommerce platform. We’ve established ourselves as a recognized leader in this space owing to the unmatched quality of our products, high professionalism and dedication of our team, and brilliant customer support.

We are proud to be Magento Official Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Partner and a supportive member of the global Magento community.

Today we invite all Magento devotees to celebrate aheadWorks Two-Year Anniversary. We offer 35% off the first 100 orders made since January 19, 2011.

Please use the discount code 2Y35OFF and save up to $350* for a single aheadWorks product!

Don’t let your competitors be ahead of you – start shopping and saving right now!

*when you buy the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension for EE

Have a quote request? Submit it to aheadWorks!

We are glad to share that aheadWorks team increases constantly, and in this connection we can accept more quote requests for any custom development.

If you need any customization, a new extension development, store upgrade service, consulting services from aheadWorks’ techs, migration to Magento from any other platform, or performance optimization, you are welcome to request a quote for Magento project.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

New Extension Configuration Service from aheadWorks

Now there’s no need to spend your time learning configuration habits of each our Magento extension. Just let us know how you would like it to operate, and we’ll configure it and make sure it works for you!

The Extension Configuration Service includes:

  • Configuring one of your extensions
  • Configuring Magento options that affect the extension functioning (if necessary)
  • Setting up a cronjob
  • Testing the extension to make sure it works properly

To find more information, please visit the Extension Configuration Service page.

aheadWorks at Bargento 4 in Paris!

We are happy to announce that aheadWorks continues to build personal relationships with Magento community. We strongly believe that face-to-face communications give more confidence and better understanding between parties, leading to new partnerships and strengthening existing ones.

On the 28th of May we’ll be attending Bargento in Paris, and are happy to meet our existing and prospective customers, partners, developers and enthusiasts, merchants and all people interested in Magento. Don’t lose your chance to meet Artyom Rabzonov, aheadWorks CEO – the person who is totally aware of all processes inside the company and is competent to discuss any questions regarding the company activity and has all privileges to make strategic decisions.

We encourage all interested parties to find Artyom and discover new opportunities for our cooperation. He will be there from 27th to 29th May, so it’s possible to schedule an off-event meet up on those dates, please contact Artyom directly by email rabzonov@aheadworks.com beforehand.

See you in Paris!

New aheadWorks service – Migration to Magento

Tired of your current platform or lack functionality which Magento or the extensions already have? aheadWorks experts are ready to help you with your migration tasks – we can move your store from any platform to Magento.

aheadWorks programmers and system administrators can analyze your installation, estimate migration timeframes, consult on the migration tasks, move many types of data and perform all other related services. The basic service includes migration of:

  • catalog with product descriptions, images, categories, prices, cross sells, up sells, and other product data
  • customers with profile information, orders history, etc.
  • orders information, including products purchased, financial information, etc.

Upon your request we can move:

  • extensions/modules/add-ons and their data
  • customizations
  • 3-rd party code and data

Pricing starts from $2,000 and depends on the number of custom options you need to be moved to your new platform. Please contact us now with description of your assignment and get a quote in 2 business days.

aheadWorks is Proud to Announce: Qualified Magento Developers are Available for Hire Now!

Due to the great number of requests aheadWorks has selected and trained a special team of Magento developers oriented on custom projects, migrations, integrations, custom module development and other on-demand assignments.

If you have anything to be done and in doubt whom would you like to work with – do not hesitate to select #1 Magento extensions provider. Be sure, we understand your needs, concerns and problems. Being one of the leading players on Magento scene, we have implemented a great number of in-house and custom projects, earned invaluable experience and now are ready to share it with you!

Please send your project descriptions to our support department – helpdesk@aheadworks.com, get a quote and start working with Magento professionals!

Learn more about our Magento Custom Development services.

Magento World Newsletter (July 9, 2009)

Hope you’ve gladly appreciated new features of our products last month. This time we are to make you happier than before! Below you’ll find the summary of our month’s thorough work. As you know every month we release new products for a wide range of Magento ecommerce sites. So to stay well informed, please don’t forget to check product page of the extensions that might interest you — FAQ, changelog, demos, – or subscribe to our blog if you haven’t done it yet.

New Extensions


“Blog” version 0.5.9 created by “Lazzymonk” is a notable extension valuable for the community. The considerable number of downloads vividly demonstrated its’ relevance and importance. We have come to a conclusion to concentrate a part of our efforts on the community sphere and have agreed with the previous developer on moving the ownership rights to our company. According to our heart-warming tradition the extension remains FREE! Taking into consideration this extension popularity we have made the upgrade compatible with your old version.

What’s in the new release?

  • Excerpt field
  • Ability to show blog menu on blog page only
  • Settings menu shortcut
  • .html rewrite added to post link

Especially we’d like to emphasize the main features complemented by aheadWorks Co.:

  • Switchable WYSIWYG. Rich Text Editor (RTE) a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” interface aims to reduce the learning curve associated with users trying to express their formatting directly as valid HTML markup.
  • Tags. Tags help describe an item and allow it to be found again by browsing or searching. Tags are chosen by the Magento store owner informally and personally by the item’s creator or by its viewer.

You are welcome to estimate new FREE version of the “Blog“. This is not a beta — the release is stable and for live stores use. We would likely receive and take into consideration all your advices over “Blog” improvement.

Booking & Reservations

Are you a hotel/restaurant/theatre owner? Do you sell any kind of tickets? So our first extension is exactly for you! “Booking & Reservations” is a new product type, which allows you to create all kinds of bookable products — tickets, tours, attendances, seminars, all kinds of scheduled services, rentals, workshops, lectures, hotel rooms etc.

Here the main features turning your store to a powerful solution for any e-shop operations:

  • Day or hour billable periods
  • Date/time/date and time based products, e.g. hotel room/consulting attendance/rental
  • Specify available time frame, e.g. 8 AM – 6 PM, all reservations can only be in this period
  • Specify date period of product availability
  • For admin: instant orders review on the product edit page using the calendar widget; separate orders page with all bookings and reservations

To get more information about this extension please have a look at “Booking & Reservations” page.

Grid Manager

Are you tired of numerous useless columns in a table in store administration section? We have a perfect solution of this problem! “Grid Manager” is a nice helper for store owners and administrators. All available columns for any standard grid are at your disposal — any displayable data can be selected and inserted into a grid. You can view all your customized tables in one place with ability to reset the changes to the default table view.

“Grid Manager” is up for you in:

  • adding/removing columns
  • opening it without page reload
  • exploring grid data source
  • designing on-the-fly column

Find out more features of “Grid Manager“!

Updated Extensions

Please don’t forget to check complete changelog on the product pages.

Help Desk Ultimate

Help Desk Ultimate (HDU) is an integrated Magento customer support solution by aheadWorks Co. This useful extension has an optional feature to convert initial e-mail messages sent to parser mail box into new support tickets. We’d like to distinguish the main features of Help Desk Ultimate here if by some reason this extension has slipped from your attentive view.

Current version: 2.4.4
Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions, highly recommended for non-English speaking customers
Upgrade cost: free for all versions
What’s new:
+ Departments stats on a separate page
+ Ticket Notes
+ Link tickets to orders
+ Tickets tab at customer edit
+ Include name and email of customer in ticket reply email template
+ Added number of ticket messages
+ “Assign to customer” with search autosuggest
+ Auto-setting status to “open” when undetected address is used
+ aheadWorks updates feed support
+ New e-mail template sent when ticket is reassigned
* Minor bugfixes
* Improved filtering by date
* Interface improvements

Checkout Promo

This extension entices your customers to spend more to receive this or that benefit.


  • Multiple configurable blocks positioning on checkout and shopping cart pages
  • Rules priority, start and expiration dates
  • Websites and customer groups based rules
  • Customizable blocks defined in CMS Static Blocks section
  • Multiple promo blocks on page

Current version: 1.0.3
Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions
Upgrade cost: free for all versions
What’s new:
* Fixed creating table during module installation
* Coupon functionality improvements

Advanced Menu

The extension makes your store menu looks as you wish in just 2 clicks. You can have a look at “Advanced Menu Demo”.

Current version: 1.7.4
Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions
Upgrade cost: free for all versions
What’s new:
+ AW All 2.0 extension integrated
* Native menu style affecting fix
* Left folding menu type top categories without children now clickable

AJAX Cart Pro

“AJAX Cart Pro” extension allows customers to do shopping without page reloads. Items can be added instantly with animation effects.

Current version: 1.4.4
Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions
Upgrade cost: free for all versions
What’s new:
+ Confirmation dialog hides when redirecting to checkout
+ Configurable confirmation dialog
+ Add-remove functionality on cart page
+ AW All 2.0 extension integrated
* Internet Explorer compatibility improved
* Non UTF-8 characters support
* JS performance optimization
* HTTPS support improvements

Featured Products

“Featured Products” is a wonderful possibility for original displaying of your Magento store products. Any products of your choice will be displayed statically or with animation effects and draw visitors attention.

Some essential features:

  • One product can be added to multiple categories
  • Added option to display product slideshow only on main page
  • Shows warning message if no products found
  • Ability to use custom image instead of the product image

Current version: 2.2.3
Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions
Upgrade cost: free for all versions
What’s new:
* Import no more crashed with aw_fp_category attribute
* Bundle products displayed with correct price
* Disabled products are not shown

Product Questions

“Product questions” module bonds you and your visitors by means of questions page added to each product. The idea is simple — visitors ask questions regarding the product, then store administrator reviews and answers the questions. Approved questions and answers appear on the product questions page enriching your site content and providing it with additional information about your products. Observe the whole list of “Product Questions” features.

Current version: 1.0.11
Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions
Upgrade cost: free for all versions
What’s new:
* Updated e-mail templates to be more compatible with Help Desk Ultimate

Promotion of the Month!

This month we have a special bonus offer for you! Enrich your store content pack with 4 best selling modules and get 45% off:
Product Questions
Review Rotator
RSS Reader
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The offer expires 15 July 2009! No time for doubts. Hurry up!

That’s all what were going to inform you about. Do not forget stay in touch, leave ratings and all kinds feedback, we are always happy to hear your thoughts. If you need a new feature in our product – just let us know – it has good chances to be implemented.

Thank you for being with us and good luck to your business,
Sincerely yours,
aheadWorks Magento department

News and Updates feed launched!

aheadWorks news and updates feed launched! It will deliver extensions news and updates directly to your store on daily basis.