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Aheadworks Products Made and Updated in August

Here comes the next business year and we’d like to tell our customers about the work that have been done by our team in August.

Aheadworks Products Made and Updated in August

Today we’ll present a new product and latest extension updates of Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions.

Marketplace Theme for Magento 2

What is the ultimate goal of any Magento store? You may say that they are multiple, and will be be just right. However, if expressed in two plain words it’s something like ‘excellent look and great performance’. And that’s exactly what the new Marketplace Theme by Aheadworks is made for.

3 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

Each retailer would certainly like to retain customers and keep them happy with his brand as long as possible.

Today marketers have a chance to use multiple ways and approaches to implement this willing into life, but among those innovative and sometimes extraordinary methods we should not forget about traditional loyalty and reward programs.


These programs are usually closer to customers as they mostly offer discounts and other tangible benefits useful for all customer categories.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are effective and profitable for most merchants.

Retailers with a loyalty program, on average, are 88% more profitable than competitors who do not.” Source: Deloitte Research study: “Serving the Networked Customer.”

Today most retailers combine the pure idea of reward points with the multi-level membership granting customers special benefits, including better prices and discounts, exclusive offers and other special terms.

Searching for successful examples of effective loyalty programs used by some outstanding companies we stumbled upon a fashionable makeup boutique established by Petra Strand – Pixi by Petra.

Its Reward Policy is simple enough to be taken and appreciated at seconds and pretty beneficial to be involved to. It has tree levels depending on the number of customer orders, which provide 2, 3, or 5 points (pixi dust) for each spent $ accordingly. So it’s just simple and obviously beneficial. Great!

HOW TO: Create Effective Loyalty Programs with Magento Points & Rewards

Pure sales are no longer the only marketing goal for merchants, as the sales funnel starts far beyond the checkout or even pages of you site, and a low price is no longer the only incentive for customers. Brand awareness, retention of customers, and continued loyalty – these are the greatest values for sellers nowadays.

The Points & Rewards Magento extension by aheadWorks provides you great functionality to achieve the objectives mentioned above persuading customers to purchase more from you using their earned points. The universal nature of points is truly beneficial as they can be spent on any product, in contrast to free products or gifts.

Effectiveness of Customer Rewards

Create Clear and Exclusive Rewards
Reward programs and loyalty systems have passed a long way since their first implementations offline and today are used almost by each and every retailer. As the competition is great and customers usually have plentiful options to choose, the rewards you offer should not only be beneficial, but original as well.

It may come either from exclusive rewards or unique approach to offer the loyalty program. Originally designed and arranged rewards attract customers and make them feel your high-quality service and appreciative attitude.

The same time, a rewarding policy should be clear and simple without any confusing issues or potentially unfair clauses. Merchants should place their Reward System Statements in a close access for each customer and the main or a most popular landing page, perhaps, is the best location for the link to it.

Announce and Promote Your Reward Policy
Since you have an advantageous and original reward program you should promote it among your customers any way you can: on site, while customer service rendering, via emails, etc. Customers should know about it, evaluate its benefits, and get involved, which is especially required when customers just not redeem the points or coupons they already have.

Reward Consistent Loyalty
Attracting new customers is of high importance for each business and widely intensified by numerous incentives for new shoppers, but manifold studies state that existing clients are more inclined to purchase from you and worth even more attention.

Precisely Define the Audience for Your Rewards

Customers’ loyalty is the greatest prize in the “online sales” game. 

Points & Rewards and Market Segmentation Suite integration provide extremely flexible and powerful functionality for promotional incentives and creation of sustainable relations with your customers. Continue reading to learn how to create rules and assign reward points to any customer segment.

The Points & Rewards Magento extension

Reward points can turn customers into your adherents and encourage them to purchase from you. The powerful referral program of Points & Rewards allows attracting new shoppers and keep them happy providing with multiple bonuses. Great user facilities, such as advanced notifications and balance tracking in the “My Account” area, make this extension absolutely transparent and handy for customers.

However, sometimes we need to promote our products among certain audiences and the Points and Rewards extension is also helpful in this case. Additional bonuses and reward points are available via flexible point and reward rules. These rules allow you to reward customers who e.g. purchased a certain amount of products or items from the defined category. These rule conditions include product and shopping cart attribute combinations, but this functionality can be even further extended.

The Market Segmentation Suite Magento extensionAlong with product and shopping cart attributes Magento admins can use customers’ attributes for rule conditions. It becomes possible with the Market Segmentation Suite module integration.

The MSS extension segments customers by a wide range of attributes and condition combinations. Using these modules together, you will be able to assign reward points to any customer segments defined by the required attributes and purchasing history.

Segmentation opportunities in this case are almost unlimited and will help you to carry out pin-point promotions. Bellow you will find some illustrative examples of such rules.

Market Segmentation Suite Rules

Rule conditions primarily based on order attributes

Example 1. Rule conditions primarily based on order attributes

Top 10 aheadWorks Bestselling Extensions of 2013

Editor’s note: 2014 is here, and at the beginning of each year we are used to sum up the results of the previous year and make plans for the future. Today we highlight the most successful aheadWorks extensions of 2013 and give you their following characteristics: MC star rating, number of reviews, and updates frequency.

Magento Follow Up Email extension

Follow Up Email

  • Magento Connect star rating: 4.6 (4.6/5)
  • Reviews: 95 (44 in 2013)
  • Version: 3.5.8 (ver. 3.5.2 – 3.5.8 released in 2013)

New features added in 2013:

+ SKU limit of 255 characters was eliminated;
+ Option to disable triggering of duplicate events;
+ Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) locale added;
+ Abandoned cart emails can contain cross sells block.

Useful Solutions to Prevent Cart Abandonment

Editor’s note: Cart abandonment is one of the most disturbing problems for online merchants and the most complex one. Its solution is based on numerous practical experiments and at the same time requires substantive analysis and statistics to be successfully resolved. In this article we’ll highlight some modules you can use to reduce cart abandonment in Magento-based stores.

Abandonment rate constantly increases. The aggregated data from several sources shows the following trend:

Abandonment Rate
Source: Baymard Institute

As you see, for seven years abandonment rate increased by 11.47% and seems to continue growing. Average abandonment rate really disappoints when you get the insight that customers abandon nearly four of the five shopping carts.

According to statistics customers mostly abandon their carts due to price issues (see the diagram above). Almost all of these issues are aside from the particular ecommerce software functionality and depend on specific pricing policy of every single online store.

However, aheadWorks offers some effective solutions for Magento-based stores which will mitigate customers’ perception of price and prevent them from abandonment.

Top-10 aheadWorks Extensions of 2012

Year 2012 didn’t fade into obscurity and be sure we didn’t cover up the results of the year and its accomplishments. Let’s open the calendar and take a look at milestones that defined the past 12 months for aheadWorks team. Amazing thing – this “apocalyptical” leap year turned out to be really successful and rich in pleasant events for us and our partners and customers.

As one of the leading providers of Magento extensions, aheadWorks joined the conferences in the USA, Germany, France, Ukraine, the UK and Poland. In most of them we were entitled to Silver Sponsorship.

We are not used to rest on laurels and 2012 proved it right. As many as 9 new extensions were released, including your favorite One Click Checkout and Magento Affilate. A lot of existing extensions were updated as well as 6 significant themes that are compatible with Magento CE v. and v.

We are also proud of a new service, aheadCommerce, an innovative solution for creating tablet storefronts, released in 2012.

To complete the picture of the previous year, we display the Top-10 bestselling aheadWorks extensions of 2012. This top-listing also includes the quantity and quality of extensions feedback, written by our customers. The most interesting reviews accompany the modules below.

Reward your customers, induce them to buy more

Points and Rewards
Learn More
The Points and Rewards Magento extension makes your site attractive and extraordinary. One of the best ways to interest your customers is to reward them for being loyal and choosing you.

Flexible rules of the module allow your customers to earn different number of points while buying products from a certain category, at a certain price, or according to any other item attribute.

Points and Rewards v. 1.3 is being released today.

The new version of the extension includes the ability to convert P&R coupon codes to points.

The following bugs have been fixed in Points and Rewards v. 1.3:

  • Incorrect points round up at checkout
  • Float values in points amount at checkout

Get more information about the Points and Rewards extension for Magento on the product page.

More Info
The latest version of the extension is perfectly suitable for the stores planning to build a loyalty  program on Magento 2.  The Magento 2 Loyalty Program Extension allows you to segment customers by their lifetime sales and create efficient tired loyalty programs. Different points earning rates motivate customers to rich upper loyalty levels and purchase more. If you need more information on the described functionality, please visit the product page of the extension.

Bulk Updates of Magento Extensions


The Sociable extension is a perfect solution for social bookmarking your products and store pages. This Magento bookmarking extension allows sharing links to any page from your store on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any social networking site.

Today we are excited to release Sociable v.1.1.1 which supports new Google code that speeds up the +1 button via an asynchronous code snippet. The code allows a web page to load with the +1 JavaScript code in parallel.

The following bugs have been fixed in Sociable v.1.1.1:

  • Integration with bit.ly doesn’t work
  • Some errors in W3C validation
  • Google+1 button clicks are not counted
  • Incorrect display of more than one Google+1 buttons
  • Missing services in the administration grid

Find the extension demo and features on the Sociable page.

The Market Segmentation Suite Magento module takes the concept of customer segmentation to a whole new level. Whether you choose to target your customers on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis, you control with precision who sees what and when based on what you know about them, so that you can plan and execute marketing and merchandising strategies with pinpoint accuracy.

An updated Market Segmentation Suite v.2.1 includes a number of new rule conditions that merchants will find beneficial:

  • ‘Subtotal’ condition is added to ‘Shopping cart’ price rules block
  • ‘Category’ condition is added to ‘Products’ rules block
  • ‘Store’ condition is added to ‘Orders’ rules block

Also the following bugs have been fixed in Market Segmentation Suite v.2.1:

  • Impossible to delete ‘Advanced Newsletter Subscription’ condition
  • Incorrect titles in administration panel

Learn more about all extension features on the Market Segmentation Suite page.

Market Segmentation Suite