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Previous/Next – Say No to Additional Loaded Pages!

The Previous/Next Magento extension is the best solution for the dilemma of loading additional pages and handy navigation when browsing between product pages.

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The Previous/Next module enhances the usability of your online store and makes the buying process extremely comfortable. Three controls allow customers to navigate between Product pages with one click and then come back to the Category page only when it is necessary.

Today we release the newest 1.2 version of the Previous/Next Magento extension! The following bugs have been fixed:

  • incorrect previous/next links with Flat Catalog Product enabled
  • use Categories Path in URLs problem
  • incorrect previous/next links when URLs saved before were opened
  • incorrect reduction of product name in cyrillic symbols

Find the extension demo and complete list of features on the Previous/Next page.

Treat each customer as your beloved child

Every online business owner knows that a web store has to be efficient, effective and easy to use. A truly successful e-commerce experience is a synergy of usability, power, and easiness. Through balancing these forces, e-tailers fulfill business goals and create a joyful user experience, so customers want to return again and again.

But what should you do to enhance your business? The answer is: act like a solicitous parent and treat each customer as your beloved child.

Make your Magento store more eye-catching and user friendly

We constantly upgrade our extensions to be compatible with Magento Here are the newly fledged updates.


Browse from one item to the next with just one click with Previous/Next extension for Magento. The extension offers customers three types of control that enable them to visit the ‘Next’, ‘Previous’ or Category page links without loading additional pages. Easy – as it should be.

The current 1.1 version is compatible with the latest Magento

The following minor bugs have been fixed in Previous/Next v.1.1::

  • Optimized code for using on big stores
  • Default value for configurable field ‘Truncate product name to (characters)’

Try the extension demo on the Previous/Next page.

The Pop-up+ module offers a perfect opportunity to promote your products, news, ads, or special events through attractive popup window. It can be displayed on any page with background-fading effect making your offer more eye-catching.

Pop-up+ v.1.0.3 is compatible with Magento

In the latest version 1.0.3 the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Popup window shows ordered and unordered lists with default list style type
  • Lifetime of extension cookies goes from global Magento settings now

Find more information about this Magento module on the Pop-up+ page.


How to make your Magento website navigation efficient

The key element of a website design, which relates directly to its success, is navigation. Over complicated and over designed menu (especially changing its placement, typography, or colors from page to page) doesn’t raise clickability. Website visitors get frustrated and won’t hang around such a site very long – they are more likely to go to your competitors.

We are ready to share the secrets of effective website navigation with all Magento-based store owners. Three basic principles are the following:

1. Make the navigation easier
Proper menu style is a fundamental pillar while creating accessible and usable websites. So the critical importance of intuitive, easy to find and use navigation cannot be overestimated. If the links are not obvious, your store visitors will click away never to return. Select the menu style suitable for your store design and allow your visitors flow through your site and find the required information as quickly as possible.

2. The less clicks the better
A website must respond instantly to its visitors’ instincts. While travelling around your site, users should get to the required pages quick enough. A necessity to come back to the category page each time to visit the next product page is rather time consuming and really annoying. Make your store content reachable within fewer clicks and your visitors will surely stay longer on your website.

3. Provide convenient search
The advanced search through the site is not just a useful tool but essential component of website navigation. According to Double Jump Media research, the percentage of website visitors who purchase after using on-site search is a significant 37%. It’s rather convincing to ignore the search functionality as an important factor for web users when making a purchase. Set up the advanced search for your site and achieve the same or even better results!

We hope that these tips will help you make your website navigation really efficient and be ahead of your competitors.

Previous/Next 1.0.1 – now with multistore support!

The Previous/Next extension from aheadWorks allows you to avoid additional pages loading when browsing between Product pages. With a single click of the “Next” or “Previous” link, customers can navigate between products with one click and then come back to the Category page only when necessary.

The new updated version of the software has multistore support what means that now Previous/Next works with reference to product settings for separate store view. Thus you can specify different product names for each store view and be sure that this aheadWorks module won’t display default value of the item title – it will show proper names instead of the #PRODUCT# variable.

Please find the complete changelog of the latest version on the Previous/Next page.

New Extension – Previous/Next!


Enhance your store navigation and avoid additional pages loading with the Previous/Next extension from aheadWorks! Now your customers can shift from one Product page to another with 1 click of the Next or Previous link!

The Previous/Next extension greatly improves your online store usability and makes your store navigation more convenient than you could even imagine. Forget about the necessity to come back to Category page every time you want to view next product. Now you can navigate between Product pages with just one click – the extension adds 3 controls which allow you to visit next/previous Product page or come back to the Category page only when YOU want!


Intuitive navigation

The Previous, Back, Next controls let you navigate between Product pages with just 1 click and come back to Category page only when it is required.

Configurable controls

  • With a possibility to use predefined variables you can use not only text for controls but also product and category names. Just insert the #PRODUCT# or #CATEGORY# variable in the link text and the required product or category name will be displayed automatically


  • Don’t want to use text for the link? Upload any image which will be displayed instead


  • Loop previous/next product name and Product pages will be displayed in cyclic order
  • Product or category names are too long to be displayed properly? Truncate them to the length you want and use three dots or any ending you like after the truncated name

2-ways navigation

You can navigate between Product pages either clicking Previous/Back/Next controls or using keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+left, ctrl+up, ctrl+right).

Customizable links position

The Previous/Next extension allows you to place controls anywhere on the page.

Easy set up, trusted aheadWorks product quality and support

  • Easy 2-minute installation
  • 100% open source
  • 30 day money back – satisfaction guaranteed
  • Lifetime bug free guarantee
  • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility
  • Free upgrades at least in current version branch
  • Our excellent support team is waiting to hear from you each business day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm GMT

To find more information about Previous/Next, please visit the extension page.