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Use Automated Price Match Request Approvals and Save Your Time

The Price Match Magento ExtensionPrice, of course, is the most convincing argument for customers while purchasing.

The Price Match extension allows you to bring prices in line with the prices offered by competitors. Your price changes for certain or all customers are based on the information they provide you and thus, you can not only retain clients but also carry out competitive analysis.

Price Match v.2.1 has several new and valuable features, which will considerably save your time and give you even more insights.

 New Features

Automatically accept requests within a selected interval
Price match functionality is beneficial for both sides: merchants and customers. But if price match requests are numerous, manual management and approval can take much time. This feature allows you to set acceptable discount intervals within which price match requests can be automatically approved.

Magento Price Match

Automated Price Match Requests Approvals Configuration

‘Customer Groups’ column in the ‘Price Match Requests’ table
This feature will help you take a more reasonable decision as you see the group of customers who send requests. Thus, you will confidently understand if this request deserves your approval or not.

Magento Price Match

‘Customers Groups’ column

“I’d like to pay for it” field
“I’d like to pay for it” field allows customers to input the price for the product they are ready to pay in your store. This price may differ from the competitors’ price due to non-price factors customers take into account.

Customers Say Your Prices Are Higher than Those of Competitors? Offer A Good Bargain with Price Match 2.0

Price Match 2.0 Release

You are already familiar with the type of customers who wander around your website and in the end leave with no words and no purchases. It’s highly possible they have visited nearby store around the corner (your competitor’s marketplace) and now assess a price difference for the same products not in your favor. What to do in this situation? Match prices!

The Price Match extension allows customers to inform you about lower prices on the same items in other webstores, so you can provide clients with the hottest discounts and lowest prices at just the right time.

You can’t set a wise and flexible marketing strategy without playing with prices. Updating Price Match to 2.0 version, you are welcome to define, activate and send discounts to customers, based on rivals’ current price levels. And there is much more coming with this update I intentionally hid inside the post.

Be competitive among your business rivals

Price Match 1.1

The Price Match extension helps your Magento store be competitive among your business rivals by letting real customers inform the administrator about lower prices on the same products in other web stores.

The updated 1.1 version of Price Match is ready for use. Since the latest update, JavaScript spam protection was embedded and the new and notable features were implemented:

  • ‘Price Match’ button label in configuration settings
    This feature allows store administrators to specify custom button text encouraging more visitors to match prices.
  • Compatibility with special price, taxes, custom and configurable options
    If this option is enabled, the extension takes into account product price configuration when matching the price.
  • Additional variables in email templates
    Create more personalized and informative notification emails using extra variables added to this updated version.

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Beating your competitors with our Price Match Magento extension

The Price Match Magento extension allows you to be ahead of competitors with the help of your customers, reporting about lower prices on your products in other stores.

Now you can provide your clients with the hottest discounts at just the right time. BUY PRICE MATCH NOW

Simple and easy.

Put a special button on the product page and your customers will inform you about lower prices on the same products in other web-stores, thus you’ll beat any advertised prices right away, always keeping your own prices competitive and up-to-date.

You can customize the Price Match form, specify whether this form appears in a popup, a separate window or a product page.

The Price Match form provides all the necessary information to be defined:

  • Your name and email address
  • Telephone
  • Product name
  • Competitor’s product link and competitor’s price
  • General information field

After all the required fields are filled in and the Submit button is clicked, the message is sent to store admin, where it gets to the list of pending price match requests, waiting for an approval.

In all, the Price Match Magento extension allows sending email notifications to both customer and administrator after a price match request submission, so you’ll never slip the chance to outgo your business rivals.